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Canon’s entry full-frame dSLR flips out – CNET

The 6D gets an articulated touchscreen LCD. – Source

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

It’s the company’s first full-frame dSLR with a movable LCD, which is kind of sad. – Source

Canon’s smallest dSLR grows a little – CNET

It’s a little bigger than its predecessor, but the EOS Rebel SL2, but with four years of essential updates to cram in, it’s not surprising. – Source

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

It’s a little bigger than its predecessor, the SL1, but it includes the most necessary updates. – Source

Mysterious Frankenstein-like R2-D2 sells for $2.6 million

As C-3PO might say: R2-D2, what are you? What are you?

A mystery seller just auctioned off a version of the famous Star Wars droid — one that was assembled, Frankenstein’s monster-like, from parts used in separate Artoos in five separate George Lucas-made movies — to an anonymous buyer for $2.6 million.

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That’s $1.6 million more than the starting price, and $600,000 more than the expected maximum.

But questions about the legitimacy of this particular droid have been raised by members of the international R2 Builders Club, the organization of droid lovers that …

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Kaspersky Lab may face US military ban over Russia concerns – CNET

Senators worry the Moscow-based cybersecurity software company may be vulnerable to “Russian government influence,” Reuters reports. – Source

This laptop sleeve says it can charge your computer, phone, and tablet at the same time

One of the most stressful parts of leaving home is wondering if your laptop and smartphone will die when you need them most.

LAER, a Bluetooth-enabled laptop sleeve currently raising money on Indiegogo, thinks it’s the solution to that problem.

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The premise of the product is pretty simple — it claims it can charge your laptop (PC or Mac), smartphone, and tablet all at the same time. This way, you don’t have to bring all of your chargers with you and attempt to find a plug wherever you’re at. And it simplifies the need for multiple portable chargers for those of us with a lot of devices. …

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‘The iPhone will fail’ and other hot takes on the original iPhone

One of the reasons I hate it when people “call bullshit” on technology that still hasn’t played itself out in the market yet (cough, VR, cough), is that it’s just too easy.

Most new products fail. So when journalists “boldly” say that something sucks, is stupid, or won’t work with consumers (before most have even touched it), it’s usually not insightful courage, it’s just a simple thing called “playing the odds.”

Which brings us to the debut of the iPhone in 2007.

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Oh, yessss… How sweet it is to look back upon the doubters. No, I didn’t write a review at the time, but I was an early iPhone believer. And unlike the four establishment techies who were …

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Coins flung at plane engine for ‘good luck’ cause 5-hour delay – CNET

Coins vs. jet engine. Coins win. – Source

New Asus Zenfone 3 Laser update brings Android 7.1.1

Asus has started pushing out a new update to its Zenfone 3 Laser (ZC551KL) smartphone. Arriving as version V30.41.12.1, the update brings along Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It’s worth mentioning the phone first received the Nougat update (Android 7.0) in April.

Sadly, the update’s official announcement doesn’t say what else is included, although some usual improvements/enhancements and bug fixes could well be there. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it might take some time for the update to hit your device.

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Amazon Prime Day returns July 11 to take all your money – CNET

The annual worldwide sale comes to Mexico, China and India for the first time this year. – Source

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ (international variants) receive price cuts

The international variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones have received solid price cuts. Amazon has the devices listed on its website for as low as $666 and $747, respectively.

If you compare, this translates into a discount of around 25% in case of both handsets. As these are international models, they can be used with any GSM carrier around the world, meaning if you are on AT&T or T-Mobile in the US, you are in luck.

While the S8+ is in stock, the S8 is not (shipments will begin July 3 onwards). No information on when the deal ends. For more information on…

– Source

Shiny Pikachu coming to Pokemon GO to celebrate first anniversary of the game’s launch?

So how do you celebrate the first anniversary of Pokemon GO’s launch? According to a report published on Wednesday, Niantic will use the anniversary to release a rare version of the most famous of all Pokemon, Pikachu. The Shiny version of Pikachu, which has been in the game’s code for some time, will soon be part of the game. Shiny Pikachu will be just as hard to find as Shiny Magikarp is, and will sparkle when it appears in all its glory for players to catch.

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since the launch of Pokemon GO. The release of the game led to the appearance of groups … – Source

Telegram registers in Russia after ban threat – CNET

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov registered the company so it works in Russia’s “legal framework,” but won’t succumb to pressure to hand over user data. – Source

LG G5 drops to $250 in US

Just last week, we told you about an LG G5 deal where-in you could purchase a unit for $260. Now you can grab the device for an even lower price: $249.99.

Multiple retailers including B&H and Amazon have the handset listed on their respective websites at this discounted rate. The model on offer is the unlocked, US variant (RS988) which was officially being sold by LG for $650.

There’s currently no information on when the deal ends (or, whether or not it’s a permanent price cut). So those interested in availing it may have to act fast.

Via | Amazon | B&H

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Recent ‘NotPetya’ attacks might not be ransomware at all

The companies and agencies hit by a cyberattack in the Ukraine, Russia, the US, parts of Europe, Asia and Australia might never be able to recover their data. See, some security researchers, including Kaspersky Lab, believe that the malware that inva… – Source

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ win “Best Smartphone” award at MWC Shanghai

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ took home the “Best Smartphone” award at this year’s Asia Mobile Awards (AMOs) held each year at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. This is perhaps the most prestigious accolade granted to the 2017 flagship pair to date, as the two handsets could not compete at MWC Barcelona due to being announced at a later stage.
MWC 2017 Shanghai has been organized in collaboration with GSMA, and it runs from June 28 through July 1. The Asia Mobile Awards were held on the first evening of the ongoing event. In a press statement … – Source

ZTE nubia NX907J with octa-core CPU and 13MP camera clears TENAA

A new nubia smartphone has received certification from Chinese telecommunication authority TENAA. Listed as NX907J, the device is powered by 1.4GHz octa-core processor, and sports a 5.5-inch HD display.

RAM is 2GB, while internal memory is 16GB. The handset features a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front shooter. Measuring 155.3×77.2×7.95mm and weighing in at 163g, the NX907J runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box and packs in a 2,900mAh battery.

Color options include black and platinum. Pricing and availability information is currently not known. The device seems to be a…

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Binary Capital is being sued by a former employee for harassment

Troubled Silicon Valley venture firm, Binary Capital, whose co-founder resigned earlier this week after allegations surfaced of Justin Caldbeck’s predatory behavior towards women, is being sued by a former employee for harassing and defaming her after she resigned from the firm, Bloomberg reports. Read More

– Source

Watch Elizabeth Warren save Samantha Bee from falling into an abyss of despair

Senator Elizabeth Warren may #persist, but the rest of us are ready to give up ASAP, thanks.

Still, the senator did her best to keep Samantha Bee sane on Full Frontal. And with a little coaching, together they walked away from the “ledge of the death of democracy.”

Watch and experience a passing pang of hope. …

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A biohacker named Meow-Meow implanted an Opal card into his hand. That’s all.

Public transit can be a nightmare. Endless amounts of people and fumbling with your transit card are pretty much unavoidable, and that’s before you even get on that crowded train.

Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, an Australian molecular biologist and the founder of citizen scientist lab Biofoundry, literally took matters into his own hands to find a solution to this problem.

SEE ALSO: Manspreading is now banned on public transit in Madrid for the good of humanity

Meow-Meow uses the Opal card — the equivalent of London’s Oyster card — to get on public transit in Sydney. Instead of remembering to bring the physical card with him every day, Meow-Meow decided to get a little bit creative. He had the chip from his card professionally implanted beneath the skin in his left hand. …

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Nougat roll out for Xperia XA and XA Ultra has been paused, Sony confirms

Nougat for the Sony Xperia XA and XA Ultra started rolling out a couple of weeks ago. But what went largely unnoticed is that the roll out was stopped shortly thereafter. Now, the company has officially confirmed the development, saying it’s a temporary pause due to issues with their OTA delivery system.

The Japanese company says it is aiming to restart the rollout process “as soon as possible.” Here’s the full statement that Sony has issued:

We’ve temporarily paused the Android 7.0 upgrade for Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra due to minor performance inconsistencies related to the…

– Source

IT expert reinvents the tree to beat pollution

A team of German designers has reinvented the tree to clean up urban air pollution. Using the natural power of moss, they hope to make city air safer to breathe. – Source

Inmarsat’s European short-haul wifi spacecraft launches

The UK’s biggest space company takes the next step in its project to boost wifi in planes over Europe. – Source

Eero’s new mesh WiFi system packs more power in a pretty package

The first-generation Eero was a game-changer. With a mesh network that blanketed your home in WiFi, it finally offered home wireless that doesn’t suck. It pledged to rid my home of dead spots and, for the most part, it did. Since then, however, Eero… – Source

The Eero Beacon is the perfect addition to its family of mesh WiFi products

Since launching two years ago, wireless networking startup Eero has sought to make it easier for consumers to blanket their homes in strong WiFi. With the its newest hardware products, Eero took a step forward in that goal, in part by introducing a small-footprint Beacons that can be placed nearly anywhere in a person’s house or apartment. Read More

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Canon’s lightweight Rebel SL2 has a much-improved sensor

If you prefer a DSLR’s true optical finder to the EVF of a mirrorless, but don’t want to lug a heavy camera, there aren’t many options. Canon does have one worthy of consideration, however: the EOS Rebel SL2. It replaces the four-year-old Rebel SL1 a… – Source

Canon’s full-frame 6D Mark II is a solid upgrade with a catch

Nearly four years after it first launched its original EOS 6D budget full-frame camera, Canon has unveiled a successor. The EOS 6D Mark II improves on the past model in nearly every way, offering more connection options, resolution, much faster autof… – Source

Just a few more weeks to apply for Startup Battlefield Africa

Startups in sub-Saharan Africa, your time is running out. You have just a few short weeks to apply for TechCrunch’s inaugural Startup Battlefield Africa competition, so those looking to participate in the competition should apply soon. Startups can apply to one of three categories: social good/productivity and utility/gaming and entertainment. Read More

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Samsung released a “Walk Mode” app, and it’s terrible

Recently, Samsung’s Indian R&D released a new app called Walk Mode. It’s advertised as notifying you if there is a danger present as you go about your business using your phone while walking. Safety is quite a noble endeavor for Samsung to be pursuing, and I’d like to say that the company’s efforts paid off, but I would be lying.

This particular app release may have flown under your radar, as so far it is exclusive to India.

Read More

Samsung released a “Walk Mode” app, and it’s terrible was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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