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No magic pill to cure alcohol dependence yet

A new study has found no reliable evidence for using nalmefene, naltrexone, acamprosate, baclofen or topiramate to control drinking in patients with alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder. At best, some treatments showed low to medium efficacy in reducing drinking, but those findings were from studies with a high risk of bias. None demonstrated any benefit on health outcomes. – Source

Solar eruption ‘photobombed’ Mars encounter with Comet Siding Spring

When Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) passed just 140,000 kilometers from Mars on 19th October 2014, depositing a large amount of debris in the Martian atmosphere, space agencies coordinated multiple spacecraft to witness the largest meteor shower in recorded history. It was a rare opportunity, as this kind of planetary event occurs only once every 100,000 years. – Source

Tech Tip: Retiring the Google Drive Desktop App

While its current desktop app for Windows and Mac is headed off into the sunset, Google has new apps for backing up and syncing files online. – Source

Diamonds show Earth still capable of ‘superhot’ surprises

Diamonds may be ‘forever’ but some may have formed more recently than geologists thought. A study of 26 diamonds, formed under extreme melting conditions in the Earth’s mantle, found two populations, one of which has geologically ‘young’ ages. The results show that certain volcanic events on Earth may still be able to create super-heated conditions previously thought to have only existed early in the planet’s history before it cooled. The findings may have implications for diamond prospecting. – Source

Treating asthma or COPD with steroid inhaler increases the risk of hard-to-treat infections

Older people who use steroid inhalers for asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are more likely to suffer particular bacterial infections, according to a large study. – Source

New chatbots will help people accept death – CNET

“Hi, what comes after all this?” – Source

Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones with Google Assistant are now official for $350

A few days after image leaks of its retail packaging hit the internet, Bose has now officially announced its new QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones. These are the first headphones that have support for the Google Assistant digital companion and are priced at $349.95.

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Adding Google Assistant support to the QuietComfort 35 II allows owners of these Bose headphones to use their voice to order the headphones to play music, recite text messages from the owner’s phone, and get answers to questions. Activating Google Assistant is handled by pressing and holding on the headphones’ Action button. Even if you don’t use Google Assistant, the same button can still be used to adjust the level of the headphones’ noise cancelling levels.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II come in black and silver colors and are made in part of glass-filled nylon and stainless steel, in order to give them more ruggedness in case you need to take them outdoors. The ear cushions are made from a synthetic protein leather for extra comfort. The battery life is supposed to last up to 20 hours, and it supports fast charging that gives owners up to 2.5 hours of use after just 15 minutes of charging.

This is not the first such product we will see with Google’s digital helper. We will soon find Google Assistant support has been added to a number of upcoming third-party smart speakers in the coming weeks and months, and we will also see it added to smart appliances from LG in the future as well.

Buy at Bose
– Source

Whole food diet may help prevent colon cancer, other chronic conditions

A diet that includes plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits may contain compounds that can stop colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases in pigs, according to an international team of researchers. Understanding how these compounds work on a molecular level could be an initial step toward finding treatments for people with cancer, they added. – Source

Researchers discover new cattle disease and prevent it from spreading

Following genetic studies of deformed calves, research is able to uncover a previously unknown disease found among Holstein cattle. The breeding bull from which the mutation and thus the deformation originate has now been put down to prevent the disease from spreading further. – Source

Lightning-fast trappers: Biomechanics of suction traps in carnivorous bladderworts

New findings have been gained on the biomechanics and evolution of suction traps in carnivorous bladderworts. – Source

Astonishing time limit for ultrafast perovskite solar cells set

Researchers have quantified the astonishingly high speeds at which future solar cells would have to operate in order to stretch what are presently seen as natural limits on their energy conversion efficiency. – Source

Obese dogs helped by ‘effective’ weight loss trials

On average overweight dogs lose an average of 11 percent of their body weight when enrolled on a weight loss trial according to researchers who have conducted the largest international multi-center weight study. – Source

Scientists and farmers work together to wipe out African lovegrass

New research and collaboration could lead to the eventual eradication of the highly invasive African lovegrass threatening pastures and native grasslands Australia-wide. What they discovered is that local knowledge is the key to a successful management approach. – Source

Production of key diabetes cells can be improved

In the future diabetics might benefit from getting insulin-regulating beta cells transplanted into their body because their own beta cells are destroyed or less functional. However, according to new stem cell research, the current way of producing beta cells from stem cells has significant shortfalls. The beta cells produced have some features resembling alpha cells. – Source

Big herbivorous dinosaurs ate crustaceans as a side dish

Some big plant-eating dinosaurs roaming present-day Utah some 75 million years ago were slurping up crustaceans on the side, a behavior that may have been tied to reproductive activities, says a new study. – Source

Better rechargeable batteries coming soon?

Novel lithium electrodes coated with indium could be the basis for more powerful, longer-lasting, rechargeable batteries. The coating hinders undesirable side-reactions between the electrode and electrolyte, provide a more uniform deposition of lithium when charging, and augments storage in the lithium anode via alloying reactions between lithium and indium. Their success stems from the good diffusion of lithium ions along the interfacial layer. – Source

These are the best free apps for PlayStation VR

There aren’t many out there, but the free apps on Playstation VR are nothing to scoff at.

Sony launched PlayStation VR with a bang, including a ton of amazing games from nearly every genre. If you haven’t spent any time lurking through the PlayStation store since setting up your PlayStation VR, then you might not realize that there are a handful of free apps available for download right now. At the moment, the pickings are a bit slim, but that’s to be expected since we’re only a few short days past launch day. Well, don’t worry about searching through the PlayStation store because we’ve got the details on the best free apps on PlayStation VR.

at VR Heads

– Source

Apple’s little box is an expensive buddy for your big 4K HDR TV – CNET

With the capability to stream in 4K and high dynamic range, Apple’s latest TV box offers peak picture, for a high price. – Source

Bose’s Google Assistant-optimized QuietComfort 35 II headphones are now official

It’s been known for some time that Google was planning to release its own Google Assistant headphones (Bisto), and we also knew that third parties would be releasing headphones with similar functionality. Thanks to a couple of leaks, we knew that Bose would be launching the QuietComfort 35 II with the Assistant built-in, and today that news has been officially announced by both Google and Bose.

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Bose’s Google Assistant-optimized QuietComfort 35 II headphones are now official was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Lidar tells distance, radar tells velocity, this new sensor aims to do both

Enlarge / A new startup aims to make conventional lidars, like the two shown here, obsolete. (credit: Wired)

Silicon Valley is crawling with startups looking for a piece of the emerging self-driving car business. One of those startups, Aeva, just came out of stealth mode with a big write-up in The New York Times. Its breakthrough: building a single sensor that can determine both the position and velocity of surrounding objects.

Most experts say that the best self-driving cars need a trifecta of sensors: cameras, lidar, and radar. They need all three sensor types because each performs a different function. Cameras can tell you what objects look like but not how far away they are or how fast they’re moving. Lidar measures distance, while radar provides a precise estimate of velocity.

This is a bit of an oversimplification, of course. The physics of the situation makes it possible to measure either distance or velocity from either type of electromagnetic wave—there are lidar speed sensors and radar range finders. But in automotive applications, radars are mostly used for low-resolution measurement of vehicle speeds, while lidars are used to build a high-resolution three-dimensional map of the surrounding area.

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– Source

Celebrities are taking to Twitter to share their reactions to the Mexico earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico, killing and injuring hundreds. Hollywood stars used their voices on Twitter to share their condolences.

If you wish to help, …

More about Twitter, Celebrities, Mexico, Stars, and Earthquake

– Source

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5

There are many things to like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and very few reasons not to get one. It is big, it is shiny, and it is powerful. It comes with an S Pen stylus, and its dual camera is capable of actual 2X zoom and bokeh effects. But there is one noteworthy detail that could make you think twice before taking out that credit card – owning one will set you back around $1000. Yikes!

The OnePlus 5 cannot match the Note 8’s visual appeal, and it doesn’t have a fancy stylus either. Looking at its camera and hardware specs, however, it could give the Note 8 a run for … – Source

Google Assistant is definitely part of Bose’s new QC35 headphones

Last week, we reported that Bose’s QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones might include Google Assistant. Now, it’s confirmed. Bose has revealed that this pair of QC headphones is the first to have a Google Assistant integration. They retail for $35… – Source

Brain inflammation linked to suicidal thinking in depression

Patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) have increased brain levels of a marker of microglial activation, a sign of inflammation, according to a new study. Scientists have found that the increase in the inflammatory marker was present specifically in patients with MDD who were experiencing suicidal thoughts, pinning the role of inflammation to suicidality rather than a diagnosis of MDD itself. – Source

New hermit crab uses live coral as its home

A new hermit crab species can live in a walking coral’s cavity in a reciprocal relationship, replacing the usual marine worm partner, according to a new study. – Source

Broad swath of US deemed environmentally suitable for mosquitoes that transmit disease

Three-quarters of counties in the contiguous United States present suitable environmental conditions for at least part of the year for either Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquitoes to survive if introduced, according to researchers. The two mosquito species can transmit viruses that cause Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. – Source

After breach, SEC says hackers used stolen data to buy stocks – CNET

After accessing the Security and Exchange Commission’s nonpublic filings, hackers may have used the stolen data to pad their portfolios with tomorrow’s hot stocks. – Source

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War coming to Android September 28

Warner Bros. recently lifted the lid on its new Middle-Earth: Shadow of War game for PC and console, the sequel to the original Shadow of Mordor action RPG. What Warner didn’t divulge at the time, however, was that the company was planning a mobile version of the title also.

Shadow of War mobile was announced yesterday, a real-time action RPG that puts you in control of a host of legendary Lord of the Rings heroes in a fight against Sauron’s forces. This is not just a like-for-like port of the console and PC titles — it appears that there are going to be a number of mobile-specific changes to suit to the smartphone portrait format, touchscreen etc — but one feature that definitely will make the transition is the “Nemesis System.”

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The Nemesis System is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Shadow of Mordor that means certain foes remember your successes and failures, or decisions made when facing them in battle. It also reflects shifts in power in Sauron’s army and competition between rival in-game leaders. It added a great deal of depth to Shadow of Mordor and has been lauded since its original implementation — hopefully any changes to the formula in Shadow of War mobile don’t harm the overall experience.

Take a look at the upcoming title in the trailer below:

As for when the mobile Shadow of War title will be released, according to Pocket Gamer, you can expect to see it land next week on September 28. Until then, you can pre-register for the title via the Play Store button below.

Pre-register Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Source

Frightened baby tries her best to hide from her mother in a face mask

Mom…is that you?

In an adorable viral video, a frightened baby Jaimes doesn’t recognize her mom in a charcoal blackhead peel off mask and starts crying every time she looks at her, probably thinking “who are you and what have you done to my mother?!”

Jaimes does her best to hide in her mother’s arms despite the overwhelming conflict, and every time her mother lifts her up, she covers her face in fear. Don’t worry, you’ll see your mother soon and you’ll forget the whole thing ever happened. …

More about Watercooler, Parenting, Kids, Babies, and Culture – Source

Nvidia Shield TV gets a new, lower price ahead of Apple TV 4K launch

Nvidia’s Shield TV, an Android TV-based device that’s currently the best option available for 4K streaming fans, is getting a price drop with a new package that leaves out the included video game controller. Bundled with just the remote, the 16GB Shield TV is now $179 – $20 cheaper than the Shield TV bundle that also includes the joypad, and in line with the pricing of the… Read More

– Source

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