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NASA probe Juno captures Jupiter’s poles in glorious detail

In August 2011 NASA sent a probe the size of a basketball court into space on a mission to observe Jupiter. Now, five years later, the $1 billion dollar probe has something to show for it’s 415 million mile journey. Named Juno, the probe has managed… – Source

This sand-free mat will put an end to your gritty beach trips

The ‘…

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Congress just dismantled FCC rules protecting web browsing history: What it means

Republicans in Congress just voted to strip away guidelines protecting web browsing data for consumers, in a landmark victory for ISPs including AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. – Source

The 8 main excuses Hollywood uses for racially insensitive casting – and why they’re BS

Between Iron Fist, Ghost in the Shell and that first Death Note trailer, it’s been a banner month for racially insensitive casting.

But while the problem may be getting extra attention right now, it’s not new — and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, either. In fact, with each passing controversy, the excuses have just started to sound more and more familiar.

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Hollywood’s racial bias comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s “whitewashing” — casting a white actor to play a character who was originally conceived of as non-white, like the Major in Ghost in the Shell or Light in Death Note. (John Oliver has an excellent primer on the industry’s long history of whitewashing …

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Someone designed a jacket that doubles as a tent to help refugees in need

The ‘…

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“Couple Workouts” Are the Answer to Exercising with Your Partner

Working out with your partner isn’t always easy, especially if you’re at different levels of fitness or what you want to focus on isn’t the same. These are both reasons why I don’t usually work out with my boyfriend, but this weekend we gave a bodyweight couples workout a try and it was really successful!

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How to use Google Maps offline

Download maps so you can access them even when you’re offline.

Google Maps has an offline mode that lets you download maps and get directions even when you’re not connected to the internet. If you’re traveling abroad or heading to a location with limited internet connectivity, a good option is to save that particular area offline so you can get driving directions and view points of interest and routes.

How to use Google Maps offline

Search for the area you’d like to save offline from the Search here textbox. In this instance, I’m searching for New York City.
Pull up from the bottom of the screen to access additional options.

Tap Download.

Select the area you’d like to download by zooming in or out. Larger the area, the more space it’ll take up.
Hit the Download button to start saving the area offline.

Once the area is saved, you’ll be able to use navigation options and look up locations even when you’re offline as long as they’re in that particular area.

Saved areas expire in 30 days, after which you’ll have to update them to continue navigating them offline.

The feature is great for driving directions, but you won’t have access to public transit information or walking directions, as both of those services rely on an internet connection to work. That said, taking areas offline is a good way to save data if you’re on a metered plan or are navigation to a location with little to no internet connectivity.

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Military Officials Say We Need to Prepare for Space War

What’s old is unfortunately new again: Recently, two military officials said that we should be getting ready for a war in space, a sentence I am ashamed to write in the year 2017. Their advice was seemingly bolstered by a Hill article penned by two national security experts this week, which reminded Americans that…

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How ’13 Reasons Why’ is different than other YA adaptations

When Divergent’s Allegiant installment flopped at the box office last year, many in Hollywood began questioning whether young-adult adaptations could remain popular.

After all, not every young adult book can translate into a Hollywood hit like the adaptation of John Green’s Fault in Our Stars, which ended up amassing more than $300 million at the worldwide box office in 2014.

But Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, an adaptation of the young adult novel by Jay Asher, serves as a reminder that there is a way to make an adaptation about teens resonate with more than just one audience.


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Microsoft to shut Skype office in Sweden

Stockholm base sees 120 jobs put at risk as tech giant seeks to reduce its geographical spread – Source

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7: best of the best

Did you know we have an extremely convenient Rivals tab within our specs pages? For example, if you check out the Galaxy S8 specs page, the second tab on the top is Rivals. This page ranks all the biggest Galaxy S8 rivals based on the number of times our readers have compared it with other models. Going into this comparison, I honestly expected the iPhone 7, Apple’s current top mainstream phone, to be if not the first (biggest rival), then maybe the second one there.

It turns out, at least for the time being, fans of Samsung’s latest … – Source

Today’s Best Deals: Amazon Jeans Sale, Razer Blowout, Ecobee3, and More

A one-day sale on jeans, a Razer Gold Box deal, and your favorite affordable vacuum lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Deals: Amazon Jeans Sale, Razer Blowout, Ecobee3, and More

A one-day sale on jeans, a Razer Gold Box deal, and your favorite affordable vacuum lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web.

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Facebook’s fundraisers now help you raise money for yourself and friends

If you’re hoping to raise money for a good cause, but it isn’t tied to a specific organization, Facebook just changed the game.

The social media giant has expanded its fundraisers tool, now letting users create personal fundraiser pages to raise money for themselves, friends, and people or things not on Facebook. Previously, users could only raise money for a registered nonprofit on the platform.

SEE ALSO: Facebook creates Community Help tool so users can aid each other after disasters

But to stick to social good, the new personal fundraisers can only span six categories: education (like tuition and books), medical (like procedures and treatments), pet medical, crisis relief (like natural disasters), personal emergency (like house fires or theft), and funeral and loss. As the product rolls out, however, Facebook hopes to include more categories and evolve them over time. …

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Freeze! New Dodge SRT Demon teaser promises serious cooling – Roadshow

I’m beginning to think these teasers will never stop, even after the car debuts. – Source

Facebook opens up donations for personal needs

Last year, Facebook announced a tool to help you create fundraisers for 501c3 nonprofits verified by the company. The social network even extended those donations to live videos. Today, Facebook is giving you the chance to raise money for causes that… – Source

Meizu giving away five M5 Note units

The Meizu M5 Note is a decent mid-ranger with an attractive design, and now you have the chance to get one for free by participating in the company’s giveaway that will see five units get new owners.

The rules are rather funny – you have to write your name on a sticky note, add #MeizuNotes and stick it on someone else’s back. Then just take a picture or video and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or all three, if you prefer) with the hashtag #MeizuNotes.

The company will give five M5 Note devices to five lucky participants.

The campaign was announced on Meizu’s…

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64GB is the new storage standard in 2017 (and Apple is behind the curve again)

For the vast majority of 2016, Apple offered its flagships with a depressingly tiny storage allowance: just 16 GB of on board storage with no microSD card slot to expand on that.

I have a few friends that bought a 16GB iPhone 6s and a year on, each and every one of them is complaining about the storage situation, while perfectly content with pretty much everything else on the phone. It was a short-sighted move with no worthy explanation from Apple, one that especially hurt as great devices at half the price of the iPhone (cough, OnePlus … – Source

How broadband subsidy cuts will make it harder for millions of low-income Americans to find jobs

The FCC says it will end its legal battle to expand broadband subsidies for low-income people. This reverses the Obama White House initiative to expand broadband to poor families. – Source

Samsung will throw in a free Gear VR if you preorder the Galaxy S8

Enlarge / The Samsung Galaxy S8. Check out those bezels.

Preorders for Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones are available now, and the company is throwing in a gift if you pledge your money before the handsets launch on April 21. When you go to Samsung’s website and preorder either smartphone, you can get a free Gear VR headset and the new motion controller Samsung developed with Oculus.

We mentioned this yesterday when the Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced. It’s a good deal because you’re getting a $170 bundle (the $130 Gear VR plus the $40 motion controller) for free. If you do choose the free gift, you’ll also get a content bundle from Oculus that you can redeem as a digital download when you receive your order. Samsung’s pricing for the Galaxy S8 isn’t surprising: the website says the handsets start at $650, but the base models you can preorder from each major carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) place the S8 at about $750 and the S8+ at about $840. Currently you cannot preorder an unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+ from Samsung’s website.

If you want to splurge, Samsung is also offering a $99 “Gear VR Immersive Bundle,” which includes a Gear VR headset, the motion controller, a pair of AKG headphones, and a 256GB microSD card. All those items separately would cost about $530 total, so getting Samsung’s bundle for just $99 is a good deal as well. You’ll only be able to pick one of these additional gifts if you preorder the S8 or S8+ before April 20.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: what’s new, anyway?

I could probably end this article right here and right now. All I need to say is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is superior to last year’s model, the Galaxy S7, in every imaginable way. But I guess one can arrive at the same (and maybe not quite accurate) conclusion without ever having seen either of the two phones. So let’s approach this comparison from another angle – by highlighting the key differences between the two, and explaining why they matter. Shall we begin?

Design and display
Unbox your phone – that’s the theme around which the … – Source

This $13 portable battery from Aukey can charge most phones nearly three times

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an even more affordable way to carry lots of extra power with you!

Whether you have a hard time making it through the day on a single charge or you like the security of having some extra power with you at all times, a portable battery is the way to go. Aukey’s aluminum 10400mAh is a great option and right now you can pick one up for just $12.99 with coupon code AUKEYPOW, which drops it down to around its lowest price. One of the best features of this battery pack is its size, which is around the same as just a pack of cards.

It also has Quick Charge 2.0 built-in for faster charging of compatible phones, and the LED indicators will show you how much power is left at just a glance. Don’t get caught in a situation where you don’t have enough battery to make it through your next meeting, and instead be sure to carry one of these around with you! If you need some extra charging ports at your desk, be sure to check out RAVPower’s discounted desktop hub right now!

See at Amazon

For more great tech deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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[Deal Alert] Here are some free and discounted apps from the last few days

We’re back again with some more free and cheap apps for your enjoyment and perusal. I’ve taken great care to note how much longer the free ones are… free, so pay attention. Remember that adding the freebies to your Google account means they’re permanent, unless you uninstall in the usual refund window.

Free Apps
Speedometer GPS Pro

My very first car had a speedometer that didn’t work. I was constantly doing math in my head and matching the flow of traffic to keep from getting a ticket.

Read More

[Deal Alert] Here are some free and discounted apps from the last few days was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Gizmodo Jeff Bezos Had a Good Ass Day | The Slot George W.

Gizmodo Jeff Bezos Had a Good Ass Day | The Slot George W. Bush Thought Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech Was Some ‘Weird Shit’ Too | Deadspin Golden Knights Owner Wishes Las Vegas Didn’t Spend $750 Million On The Raiders | The Root The War at Morehouse |

– Source

PSA: Talk to Your Grandparents About Phone Tax Scams ASAP

Tax season is in full swing, which means tax scams are in full swing. The IRS just released an alert for seniors to watch out for phone scams, specifically. If you have grandparents or aging parents, you may want to let them know.

– Source

VorpX is amazing for playing non-VR games in VR

How do I use VorpX to play games in VR?

VorpX — it sounds like the name of an alien entity that wants to wrap itself around your head and not let go. Well, it’s close. It works with the thing that wraps around your head, and you won’t want to let it go.

The volume of questions surrounding VR and its link to the gaming community continues to expand at an incredible rate, and many questions involve VorpX. It’s exciting, it’s enabling, it’s a work in progress. Intrigued? We’re here to answer your questions about VorpX and its link to the emerging world of VR gaming.

at VR Heads!

– Source

Kotaku Rockstar Releases Busted GTA Online Car That Costs Nearly A Million In-Game Dollars | io9 Mor

Kotaku Rockstar Releases Busted GTA Online Car That Costs Nearly A Million In-Game Dollars | io9 More Details on a Mysterious Landmark in Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Jalopnik The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has An Insane Cooling System No Other Car Has | Two Cents It’s Not Very Common, But Yes, Student Loans Can Be…

– Source

New dinosaur species sheds light on evolution, provides facial makeover for tyrannosaurs

Scientists have discovered a new relative of T. rex that is the geologically youngest species of the lineage called Daspletosaurus, the ‘frightful lizards’. The new species of dinosaur, Daspletosaurus horneri, evolved directly from its geologically older relative, D. torosus. The excellently preserved fossils reveal that the face of tyrannosaurs was covered by a mask of large flat scales, with smaller patches of armor-like skin and sheaths of horn. The arrangement of scales suggests D. horneri had a crocodile-like pressure sensing snout. – Source

Original Aunt Viv actress was seriously not happy at that ‘Fresh Prince’ reunion photo

Everything is not cool in the kingdom of Bell-Air.

It’s not a secret that Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Viv for three seasons before being replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid, does not have a lot of love for her former cast mates. A year ago, while slamming Jada Pinkett Smith’s decision to boycott the Oscars, she taunted Will Smith about not getting a nomination from the Academy for his movie Concussion.

SEE ALSO: Balloon Boy Meets The Fresh Prince on Facebook

Well, Aunt Shade has returned after Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) …

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LeEco faces more problems as its $2 billion acquisition of Vizio gets stalled

LeEco’s acquisition of TV manufacturer Vizio has hit another stumbling block. The deal was set to be finalized recently but new reports from LeEco’s home nation suggest it has been stalled.

According to the China Money Network — whose logo looks like a Poké Ball — domestic restrictions in China regarding the “movement of capital” have caused the move to be delayed.

LeEco announced the Vizio TV deal last summer, after two years of negotiations, but a string of problems have followed it. It was rumored that cash problems at LeEco could affect the deal in November, before a wait for the Chinese government’s approval halted proceedings in December. Vizio was then fined $2.2 million for illegal data collection in February which cast doubt over the purchase. All of this occurred alongside other reports of problems at LeEco (really, the above has only scratched the surface).

In a comment to Tech Crunch, a LeEco spokesperson said that the “deal is still pending regulatory approval,” but there’s no indication of when it will pick up again. Variety states that “the deal may have to be abandoned or cancelled.” We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Though it is worrisome for the Chinese manufacturer, this isn’t exactly a huge scandal like Samsung’s boss being arrested and, at this point, LeEco is probably used to adversity; when things start running smoothly for the company it’s going to be newsworthy in itself.

– Source

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