The modern age has made it much easier for those who are religious. Especially those who want to study religious texts like the Holy Bible. Not long ago, you’d have to find a pocket Bible or figure out a why to carry that giant book around with you. These days you can just carry a copy of it on your mobile device for quick reference. Here are the best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android!

Do you have your own copy of the Bible? Here are some apps to help you read it. 15 best PDF reader apps for AndroidJanuary 10, 2017 15 Best eBook reader apps for AndroidJune 1, 2016
AudiblePrice: Free (books cost extra)DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYAudible is a popular audio book platform. It specializes in books read by a human voice. Luckily, they have a few different editions of the Bible that you can choose from. You can listen to the Bible pretty much anywhere you want. That includes your home, the car, or even while taking a walk. It won’t replace your physical copy of the book. However, it is one of the better companion Bible apps that we’ve found.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY
Bible App for KidsPrice: FreeDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYThe Bible App for Kids is exactly what you think it is. It’s a Bible app for kids. It’s one of many apps in the YouVersion Bible apps style that’s starting to get very popular. In this one, kids can play through an interactive adventure that teaches them more about the Bible, what happened in it, and the people from it. There are also challenges, fun cartoons, and other stuff. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases. That makes it great for those on a budget. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY
Bible by Life ChurchPrice: FreeDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYThe Bible app by Life Church is probably the best of all the Bible apps. It comes with a whole bunch of features. The app gives you offline access so you can read the Bible anywhere. On top of that, there are 1400 versions in a variety of languages. You can read whatever version you want. It also comes with a Verse of the Day, audio versions of the Bible, and more. Some of the versions it comes with include the King James Version, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation, English Standard Version, NASB, The Message, Yoruba, Zulu, and others. That makes it one of the more powerful Bible study apps also. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY
Bible Trivia Quiz FreePrice: FreeDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYBible Trivia Quiz is a simple little quiz game. As you can imagine, it asks questions about various stories in the Bible. You can play games of varying lengths including ten questions, 20 questions, or 50 questions. According to user reviews, the questions should all have correct answers. The instructions are also easy to follow. – Source