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February 2016

J.C. Penney will sell you things for a penny, but you have to go to the store every day to find them

J.C. Penney really wants you to come to its stores.

Starting on Sunday, the department store, clearly embracing the latter half of its name, will offer up items for just one cent.

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The campaign — cheekily called “Get Your Penney’s Worth” — will offer some items up for just a penny, while others items will only be eligible for the discount if you buy another item at full price.

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Bullish: LGBTQ People In Tech

Welcome back to another episode of Bullish! This time, I sat down with Lesbians Who Tech founder Leanne Pittsford to talk about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) inclusivity in the workplace. Although some tech companies have released data around people of color and female representation in their workforce, only one company, Slack, has actually released data around LGBTQ… Read More

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Ronda Rousey gets caught sharing Photoshopped picture of herself, apologizes

Ronda Rousey is fighting back against Photoshop — and we’re pretty sure we know who’s getting knocked out.

The UFC fighter, who appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, shared an image from the taping to her Instagram. But commenters quickly began questioning if the image had been digitally altered, mainly to slim her arms and face.

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Rousey, who has never shied away from speaking about body image, replied to fans on Friday with a heartfelt and frank apology, saying she wasn’t aware the image had been doctored. She then shared the original, un-edited picture from the taping. …

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Warning: Bug in Adobe Creative Cloud deletes Mac user data without warning

Enlarge (credit: Backblaze)

Adobe Systems has stopped distributing a recently issued update to its Creative Cloud graphics service amid reports a Mac version can delete important user data without warning or permission.

The deletions happen whenever Mac users log in to the Adobe service after the update has been installed, according to officials from Backblaze, a data backup service whose users are being disproportionately inconvenienced by the bug. Upon sign in, a script activated by Creative Cloud deletes the contents in the alphabetically first folder in a Mac’s root directory. Backblaze users are being especially hit by the bug because the backup service relies on data stored in a hidden root folder called .bzvol. Because the folder is the alphabetically top-most hidden folder at the root of so many users’ drives, they are affected more than users of many other software packages.

“This caused a lot of our customers to freak out,” Backblaze Marketing Manager Yev Pusin wrote in an e-mail. “The reason we saw a huge uptick from our customers is because Backblaze’s .bzvol is higher up the alphabet. We tested it again by creating a hidden file with an ‘.a’ name, and the files inside were removed as well.”

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Global warming policies we set today will determine the next 10,000 years

The decisions made in the next couple of decades about reducing greenhouse gas emissions will determine the severity of global warming — including potentially catastrophic sea level rise — for the next 10,000 years, according to a new study.

The study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, examines the “deep time” implications of emissions of global warming pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

The study vividly demonstrates how the lag effects that are inherent in the climate system affect policy decisions that today’s leaders must make through the middle of this century.

These lag effects — namely the ability of carbon dioxide to remain in the air for thousands of years, and the high sensitivity and long memory of global ice sheets to this temperature increase — will ensure that today’s policy choices will play out on a stage longer than the history of human civilization. …

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The World’s Smallest Optical Switch Uses Just a Single Atom

Turning off a light just became a much smaller task. A team of researchers has developed the world’s smallest optical switch, which uses just a single atom to control the flow of light.

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Female journalist groped during live broadcast in Cologne

A journalist was groped during a live broadcast as she was reporting about Carnival in Cologne, Germany, which has been on high alert after a string of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve

Esmeralda Labye, a Belgian journalist working for Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française, was covering Carnival when three drunk men made lewd gestures behind her on air before touching and verbally harassing her, CNN reports.

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At first, Labye was aware of the men’s presence among the thousands of people out celebrating the festivities …

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