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March 2016

New Galaxy S7 edge ad featuring Lil’ Wayne pouring a bottle of champagne on his phone

One of the main reasons Samsung has been so successful alongside Apple in the past several years was by matching Apple’s advertising campaigns and promoting the crap out of these phones. Samsung has already been promoting the Galaxy S7 a lot even before it launched today.

Samsung started by throwing in a Gear VR with a pre-order of the new phone. Then, Samsung USA released three new ads a couple of weeks ago, next, a man with a jetpack flew alongside the Dublin River in a stunt coordinated with Samsung Ireland to promote the Galaxy S7.

And finally today, Samsung released three new ads all featuring Lil’ Wayne, the most notable of which shows Lil Wayne pouring a bottle of champagne all over a Galaxy S7 and then dunking it into a fishtank. Samsung really wants to make sure viewers KNOW this phone is fully submersible in water.

Check out the ads released today featuring Lil’ Wayne:

And in case you missed them, check out the other bunch of ads that came out a couple of weeks ago. My favorite ads of the bunch are “Water” and “The Dark”.

I have to say after seeing the previous bunch of ads, they are all really good. The ads do a great job of building up a point and then slapping you in the face with the reality of why you need to get the Galaxy…

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The case for reading the fine print before buying online

Unless you’re an avid dollhouse collector, you probably don’t need — nor do you likely want — doll furniture.

But that’s what you might end up with if you’re not careful while shopping online.

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Take, for example, this desk lamp from Reddit user bolthead88.

And for skeptics who don’t believe these mistakes actually happen, fellow Redditors shared their own teeny furniture mishaps in the photo’s comments.

“I get an email a couple days after delivery, and he tells me that he thought he was buying an actual croquet set,” writes …

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The ghost of VR past: The long history of tech’s latest love affair (pictures) – CNET

We might be getting excited about virtual reality in 2016, but it’s not the first time we’ve been ready to welcome VR into our homes…

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