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15th April 2016

One couple’s love story told entirely through Lego

When a Lego genius known for stop-motion brick films gets engaged, an all-brick love story is in order.

In this 73-second clip, the animator shares the sweet story of falling for a coworker despite what his gut tells him about dating a colleague. In the ensuing story, sparks (and bricks) fly ending in a sweet Lego marriage ceremony.

There’s even a surprise wedding crasher.

1-day-old baby goat can’t quite figure out this whole jumping thing

Jimmy Fallon tests out his finest Trump impression on serious actor Ted Cruz

Just a litter of kittens cuddling a pony while a capybara watches

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By 2021, wearables for healthcare will hit $17.8 billion in annual revenue

The wearables industry is going to get (no pun intended) a shot in the arm from the healthcare business. Research firm Tractica predicts that by 2021, healthcare wearables will bring in $17.8 billion in annual revenue. Worldwide shipments of healthcare wearables will soar from 2.5 million units this year to 97.6 million in 2021.

Fitness trackers that can monitor your exercises, vital signs (like heart rate) and your sleeping patterns are just the beginning. Wearables for chronic conditions, pain management and remote patient monitoring are expected to soon be employed throughout the world. … – Source

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