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July 2016

Google Maps adds multi-stop feature to iOS version

Already available on the Android version of Google Maps, multi-stop directions is now a feature for those using the app on an iOS device. With this feature, iOS users are now just a tap away from receiving directions to multiple destinations. Once you enter a location, you can add additional stops by clicking on “Add stop” in the corner. And you can change the order of your trip by customizing the order of the destinations on your list.

When you’ve finished adding all of the destinations, click on “Done” and you will experience the usual smooth navigation from the first stop on your list … – Source

How to stay calm while playing phone tag with a recruiter

If a recruiter were to call you while you were driving, what would you do? Well, if you’re anything like me, you might be tempted to cross four lanes of traffic and pull over as quickly as possible so you could take the call and (hopefully) land the job you’ve wanted forever.

While you’re probably more level-headed than this, I’m willing to bet that seeing an unknown phone number go to voicemail during a long job search has made you lose your cool on at least a few occasions.

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It’s totally understandable to feel anxious when this happens, but here are a few smarter alternatives to consider whenever you happen to miss a recruiter’s call. …

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AMD announces Radeon RX 470 and RX 460

After launching the $200 Radeon RX 480, AMD is continuing its assault at the lower-end of the consumer graphics card market. The company announced two new budget graphics cards based on the new Polaris GPU, the Radeon RX 470 and the RX 460. While the 480 is meant for budget VR gaming, the 470 is for 1080p 60fps ultra setting gaming while the 460 is primarily for 1080p 90fps gaming at High settings in e-sports titles.

The RX 470 uses a Polaris 10 GPU based on the GCN 4.0 architecture. It has 32 compute units with 2048 stream processors, down from 36 CU and 2304 SP on the RX 480. It…

– Source

Bits: Facebook Casts a Giant Shadow Over Twitter

Facebook’s quarterly revenue is up 50 percent and its monthly users 15 percent, versus Twitter’s 20 percent growth and 3 percent rise in users. – Source

Galaxy S7/S7 edge demand pushes Samsung to record profit in over two years

Samsung has announced its financial results for Q2 (the quarter ending June 30), revealing a revenue of KRW 50.94 trillion (around $45.2 billion) and an operating profit of KRW 8.14 trillion (or $7.22 billion). The revenue was up 5% y-o-y, while operating profit rose 18%.

This is Samsung’s best quarterly performance since early 2014.

The South Korean company’s mobile unit accounted for more than half of the total revenue as well as profit. “Samsung’s earnings improved QOQ thanks to strong sales of its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones,” the firm said in a press…

– Source

Facebook Profit Nearly Triples on Mobile Ad Sales and New Users

The social media company also said it was looking ahead to what it hopes will be a driver going forward: video and video advertising. – Source

Tech Fix: Alexa, What Else Can You Do? Getting More From Amazon Echo

Making Amazon’s voice-activated speaker smarter is not intuitive, but with a little tinkering, consumers can expand its skills. – Source

Prisma to bring video editing in several weeks

Prisma is one of the most popular photo editing apps recently, using smart algorithms and powerful cloud processing to turn your photographs into various styles of art.
The tens of effects included for free with this app and the nice job that it does with images is certainly a factor in Prisma’s success, but the company developing it, will not settle with photography only.
Prisma is currently working on a new tool that would apply similar visual effects to short videos, according to Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov.
Prisma … – Source

Brand new Peanut M&M’s flavor is sure to delight caffeine lovers

Great ideas often start with coffee, and this is no exception.

Thanks to a 2015 campaign which allowed fans to choose their dream Peanut M&M flavor, Mars, Inc. is giving the beloved candy classic a twist by introducing a brand new Coffee Nut flavor.

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Fans purchased and voted on the Peanut M&M varieties from March 1 to June 17, and on July 25 Veep actor, Tony Hale excitedly announced the results to his close personal friend, Yellow M&M.

Hale shared that the brilliant coffee nut flavor will officially be joining the original Peanut M&M’s. …

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Cortana’s iOS app updated with ability to add photo to reminder

Microsoft has pushed out a new update to Cortana’s iOS app that bumps it to version 1.9.5. The update brings along a couple of new features including the ability to add a photo to a reminder.

To use the feature, all you have to do is to say something like “Hey Cortana, remind me to pick this up at the store,” and just add the photo of the product you want to get reminded about. Aside from this, Cortana can now remember whatever it is being told and can recall it on demand, across all your devices.

Head to the Source link below to download the updated app.


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4 new Christina Grimmie music videos will be released next month

Beginning next month, fans will be able to remember Christina Grimmie with four never-before-seen music videos, which the singer filmed months before her tragic death at age 22.

The videos are for songs off her February EP Side A — “Snow White,” “Anybody’s You,” “Deception,” and “Without Him” — and together form the mini-series titled The Ballad of Jessica Blue.

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Christina’s longtime manager, Brian Teefey, said in a statement on Monday that the series follows Jessica Blue “on her journey to find her voice and her path in life only to find they are one in the same.” …

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Now, a robot therapist to treat muscle strains

Suffering from back pain? A robotic massage therapist developed by a Singapore-based start up may help relieve muscle strains and injuries. – Source

Survey Monkey: Pokemon Go has peaked in the U.S.

You knew it couldn’t last forever. After a record setting first week in the App Store, and a strong first two weeks on iOS and Android, Pokemon Go is on the wane. At least that is the word from Survey Monkey. The online survey platform says that interest in the AR game is declining in the states. That seems to contradict the anecdotal evidence. With players still roaming the streets like bands of zombies, Pokemon Go seems to be as popular as it was two weeks ago.

The data from Survey Monkey shows that July 7th, the day the game was launched in the U.S. for iOS and Android, was the date with … – Source

Oppo F1s with 16MP selfie shooter, to be unveiled on August 3rd

Just the other day we told you about the Oppo F1s. The “s” probably stands for selfie since the handset features a 16MP front-facing camera. With the selfie snapper comes special filters and features aimed at the selfie fanatic. The Oppo F1 sports an 8MP front-facing camera. The manufacturer might have felt the need to beef up the snapper on the front of the F1s in order to grab business from those who like to take quality self portraits.

Oppo is apparently sending out invites right now to an event taking place on August 3rd. During this event, the Oppo F1s will be introduced. The handset … – Source

Limited Edition Olympic Apple Watch nylon bands to be available in Rio only

Soon to be available only from Barra da Tijuca’s VillageMall Apple Store, the company will be offering special Olympic nylon bands for the Apple Watch. The store is just a 15-minute drive from Barra Olympic Park. At the store starting next month, you’ll find the straps with the colors of 14 different countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.S.A.

The bands will be offered for $49 apiece, and are available for a limited time only. The straps are sure to become a collector’s … – Source

T-Mobile will provide free, high-speed, unlimited 4G LTE to their customers for Rio 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games may not have everyone’s backing, with the Zika virus and claims about unclean water causing concern, but T-Mobile seem to be firmly in the ‘support’ camp, announcing that it’s going to give users free, unlimited, “high-speed” internet for the duration of the Games.

Not only that, but calling to and from Brazil is also free, as is texting worldwide. T-Mobile estimates 100,000 Americans alone will be in Rio to watch the world’s biggest sporting event, so this will be a big boon to customers of the carrier.

Read More

T-Mobile will provide free, high-speed, unlimited 4G LTE to their customers for Rio 2016 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Donald Trump watching Ted Cruz’s speech gets a well-deserved Photoshop battle

Donald Trump and his family are making Photoshop battles great again.

When Ted Cruz declined to endorse Trump on the third night of the Republican National Convention, this lovely photograph of a very unhappy Trump family was captured.

On Wednesday, Reddit user belisaurius posted the photograph on r/photoshopbattles and the world eagerly responded with some top-notch Photoshops.

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Though Ted Cruz was booed, we have his speech to thank for these brilliant works of art.

Image: What_No_Cookie/imgur

Image: skyparavoz/imgur …

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Meizu MX6 is now official with 5.5″ screen and Helio X20

Meizu MX6 was made official today at a dedicated event in Beijing. The phone leaked numerous times in the past few weeks, so we knew pretty much everything, but at least we can now confirm its specs.

The MX6 bets on the metal unibody (7.25mm thick), and uses the refined antenna bands we saw on the Meizu Pro 6. As expected, the MX6 has a 5.5″ Sharp-made display of 1080p resolution, covered with a 2.5D glass to boost its looks.

The MX6 is powered by the Helio X20 chip with a deca-core processor (2x A72@2.3GHz, 4x A53@2.0GHz, 4x A53@1.4GHz), Mali-T880MP4 GPU, and 4GB of RAM….

– Source

India has great expertise in IoT: Graham Budd, COO, ARM

BENGALURU: ARM has over 500 engineers in India, a fifth of its global engineering base. In an exclusive interaction with TOI on a recent visit to Bengaluru (well before the announcement of ARM’s acquisition by SoftBank), Graham Budd, the mobile chip designer’s chief operating officer (COO), talked about the future of mobile devices and the opportunities for India in internet-of-things (IoT), where everyday objects are connected to the internet. – Source

Old white dude convinced white Christians contributed more to civilization than anyone else

The 2016 Republican convention hit controversy again Monday, after one congressman wondered aloud on live TV which “sub-groups” of humankind have contributed as much to civilization as western Christian people.

The comment from Iowa Representative Steve King came during an interview on MSNBC after a day of gaffes at the GOP gathering in Cleveland that included Paul Ryan supporting the wrong football team, journalists kicked off the floor during a “Never Trump” protest and lots of very special dancing.


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New Report Confirms That the Russian Government Ordered Olympic Doping

In May, …

– Source

How Drake can help you understand your business

As a founder or someone working in a startup, the main priority is always staying alive. Every ounce of your budget needs to be spent efficiently. It’s all about difficult decisions, and some of them can be messy and complex. With options coming from every angle, you need to find ways to make them as simple as possible. This is where our good friend Drake comes in. Read More

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Netflix launches Flixtape so you can make ‘mixtapes’ of your favorites movies and shows

Just in time for the weekend, Netflix today announced the launch of a new service called Flixtape, which the company describes as a way to make short playlists of your favorite Netflix titles. “It’s like a mixtape, but for Netflix,” the site explains. The new tool lets you create these lists based on a genre or theme of some sort, then share them with friends or family… Read More

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2016 Volkswagen Golf TSI S review – Roadshow

Even with its Paleolithic Era transmission, the Volkswagen Golf is a good drive and a sensible purchase. – Source

Huawei Maimang 5 is official in China, might be called G9 elsewhere

As we told you last week when it first leaked, the Huawei Maimang 5 has become official today. This is the successor to the Maimang 4 – and since that model went on sale outside of China as the Huawei G8, we assume the new handset might be known as the G9 in other countries. A G9 lite has already been outed, so this would complement that nicely in the company’s international portfolio.

The Maimang 5 has a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD touchscreen, a 16 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash and 4K video recording support, an 8 MP selfie cam, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 at the helm (with a 2 GHz…

– Source

Google’s gets land for its futuristic headquarters, thanks to LinkedIn deal

Ron Amadeo / Google Maps

Here’s a rough outline of the current Google and LinkedIn territories near the company’s two headquarters. LinkedIn is trading both of the blue parts here to Google. The bottom blue portion isn’t actually office space yet—right now it seems to be a shopping center.

9 more images in gallery

Google and LinkedIn have worked out a deal that will see the Mountain View neighbors swap a few million square feet of real estate. Silicon Valley Business Journal reported the deal, which should help alleviate both companies’ space problems and give Google room to develop its futuristic “canopy” campus.

Google will receive all of LinkedIn’s existing Mountain View territory, which consists of LinkedIn’s 370,000 square feet headquarters and almost 8 acres of land LinkedIn had planned on turning into office space. LinkedIn will move a few miles across town into four office buildings currently owned by Google, which come out to about 750,000 square feet of office space. LinkedIn instantly gets to double its office space while avoiding a costly “five to six year” construction project, and Google gets the space and building rights it needs to build its crazy indoor/outdoor spiderweb canopy utopia.

For a very rough idea of what is going on, the above gallery shows the current territory layout at Google and LinkedIn headquarters. (Google might actually own more area than this, we just based this off of “buildings that start with ‘Google'” on Google Maps, which might be incomplete). In the first picture, LinkedIn’s headquarters is the blue area in the top right, while the bottom blue area is a shopping center LinkedIn wanted to turn into office space. All of that space is now going to Google. In the second picture, you can see the Google office buildings LinkedIn is moving to, just a few miles away.

Read 2 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

All the Secrets of the Star Wars Galaxy Revealed in Aftermath: Life Debt

Another major Star Wars novel is out, and that means even more revelations about the nascent Star Wars canon that Disney is building for the galaxy far, far away. We’ve read Life Debt, Chuck Wendig’s sequel to Aftermath, and broken down what it means for the state of the Star Wars galaxy.

– Source

Honor 8 with 12MP dual cameras and Android Marshmallow launched in China

Huawei under its Honor brand has launched its latest flagship Honor 8 in China. It succeeds the last year launched Honor 7 and features dual cameras with 12MP resolution. – Source

Creating life through generative design

We have been shaping the organisms that live around us for a long time. Take as an example the changes we forced on wolves to become our best friends. Traditionally, we accomplished it by selecting organisms with special traits (“Let’s keep that wolf, it doesn’t bite as much”). In the last 20 years we have gone further by modifying the genetic programming of… Read More

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Lyft introduces ‘Premier’ rides. Roll to your destination in luxury and style

Today, ride-sharing app ‘Lyft’ is offering a new way to ride. To compete with the likes of Uber’s BLACK car service, which picks riders up in cars like a BMW 5-Series, Infiniti Q70, Audi’s A6 through A8, or Hyundai Genesis with other requirements that the car needs to have a black exterior and black interior.

Lyft is going to offer a similar option to its riders starting today and the company doesn’t require eligible cars to be black.

If you’re one of the many Lyft passengers who has told us you want a more stylish arrival for business trips and special nights out, we have a…

– Source

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