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August 2016

HP Elite x3 to receive HP 12C financial calculator and other new features with firmware update?

Microsoft has started taking pre-orders for the beastly HP Elite x3. Priced at $799, the Windows 10 Mobile build that ships with the phone will not allow you to run the fingerprint scanner. Once you install the Anniversary Update, you will gain use of the fingerprint scanner on the phone. To download the update, you will need to use the Insider Program’s Release Preview ring.

Meanwhile, HP is said to be working on a firmware update for the phone that includes some cool new features. One is the “HP 12C Financial Calculator for X3,” which resembles a real HP 12C. Turn your phone to landscape … – Source

Watching Deadpool’s Creator Freak Out About Toys Is the Best

I’m not sure I love anything as much as Rob Liefeld loves pop culture. The famous comic artist is extremely passionate not just about comics, but also about movies, TV, toys, pretty much everything. It all comes exploding out in this wonderful video.

– Source

Garmin releases its first luxury smartwatch, the Fenix Chronos

Garmin has just announced the Fenix Chronos, an amazingly elegant smartwatch with all the features of their standard GPS exercise watches – the Vivoactve, for example – with a case and aesthetic that would be at home in a fine watch shop. That’s right: this is the first fancy smartwatch that you could wear in the boardroom, bedroom, and gym. Oh, and it costs $1,499.99 for… Read More

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Why Uber Is Losing Money Faster Than Any Tech Company Ever

Uber is losing money faster than any technology company ever, and it’s largely because of an essential component to the company’s operations: the drivers.

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Google is working on an insane navbar customizer, currently hidden in 7.0

The System UI Tuner was only introduced in Marshmallow, but it’s already got quite a few features, with one graduating to a fully-fledged feature (and others causing quite a bit of controversy). The next thing Google seems to be working on for it is a navigation bar customizer, allowing quite extreme customization of the now standard back-home-recents navbar.

The navbar customizer is currently hidden in Nougat’s code. Google’s first commit containing the code was on January 22nd – it then removed the feature on February 24th because it ‘wasn’t ready’ according to the GitHub comment.

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Google is working on an insane navbar customizer, currently hidden in 7.0 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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ScribbleLive acquires SEO company LinkDex

Content marketing company ScribbleLive announced today that it has acquired Linkdex. In a blog post, ScribbleLive’s Geoffrey Gualano said the deal will combine his company’s content marketing platform with Linkdex’s capabilities in search engine optimization: This acquisition streamlines content marketing and SEO software to empower an all-in-one marketing platform.… Read More

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CrunchBase launches its official app for iOS

CrunchBase, the database of startups, announced today the launch of its iOS app. The app allows users to look up information about companies, acquisitions, investors, funding rounds and business news, just as the website does.
“Now our users have the fastest way to search for innovative companies and leaders, read the CrunchBase Daily, and see what’s trending right at their… Read More

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Amazon wants to sell a cheaper music subscription service that will only work on its Echo devices

Music subscriptions are all the rage now – most people I know use either Spotify or the services offered by Google and Apple. Not mentioned as much is, erm, Amazon, and its oft-forgotten Music service that acts as a locker for music purchased on and through Amazon. According to Recode, the company plans to reinvent it by introducing two music streaming services with different aims.

The first is similar to what you’d expect: $10 a month for all-you-can-stream music, akin to Spotify or other offerings.

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Amazon wants to sell a cheaper music subscription service that will only work on its Echo devices was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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As network revenue dips, Telenor looks at ad market

Norway’s Telenor will set up a separate business unit to claim a share of the rapidly growing mobile advertising market in Asia, chief executive Sigve Brekke told Reuters. – Source

YouTube opens a Creator Store retail shop at Google’s London offices

There’s more than one way to monetize your online video content. Sure, you can go the old fashioned route, making ads and clicks and such — but just wait until your preferred platform opens a one-off store front where you can pedal your wares for the real money to roll in. Following the recent unveiling of a space in the UK that provides YouTube stars with a place to record and… Read More

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Here’s why restaurants are backing out from food tech startups like Swiggy and Shadowfax

While some restaurateurs said high commission fee of up to 25% on the price of an order charged by delivery platforms has made it unsustainable, restaurants also blame delayed pickups. – Source

John Mayer enlightens us on his lengthy night-time skincare routine

John Mayer’s beauty routine is a wonderland.

On Wednesday night, the singer showed fans another side of himself by posting an unexpected tutorial detailing his night-time beauty regimen to Snapchat.

“You know, a lot of people ask me, ‘John, what are some of your skincare secrets?’” the singer shared on his Snapchat story. “And I always say, that’s an odd question to ask me, and they always say you literally just asked me to ask you that.”

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Mayer then kicked off his tutorial by sharing his groundbreaking skin care secrets, which we’ve listed here for your convenience. …

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Ari Shaffir: Why I ditched my smartphone

A recent report by UK regulator Ofcom claimed that 59% of Brits consider themselves to be “hooked” on their handsets – but not everybody is a slave to their smartphone, reports Zoe Kleinman. – Source

FCC expedites 5G development

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is trying to get companies started on 5G technology quickly. In its latest press release, the FCC signed an agreement that would expedite 5G deployment for testing sites of the possible successor to 4G LTE.

The document’s title says the deployment will be “streamlined” to reduce time and cost barriers to 5G small cell rollout. “The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau signed an agreement to eliminate historic preservation review for small facility deployments across the US that do not adversely impact historic sites and…

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‘The Night Of’ knocks the good boy out of Naz

By letting the characters get comfortable, The Night Of delivers its best episode yet.

The pieces of the plot have settled, and every side has chosen the best course of action. And without that initial drama of who will be Naz’s lawyer and how will he survive in prison, the characters can stretch out into their established lanes and show us what is possible in each. That turn showed us a scary transformation in Naz.

The competing lawyers side plot cleaned up pretty easily as Chandra enlisted John Stone to work with Crowe’s much more established law firm. From a story perspective, it was the easiest way for Stone to believably keep working this case. As we know from his adopting the cat, he can’t turn away from a stray. …

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Influencers Beware: The Feds Are Cracking Down on Paid Social Media Posts

Sponsored posts from celebrities—or worse yet, “influencers”—are terrible in any form, but they’re especially bad when it’s not clear they’re actually ads. That’s why, according to a report from Bloomberg, the Federal Trade Commission wants to crack down on these fuzzily-labeled posts.

– Source

MikMak mobile video shopping platform raises $3.2m seed led by VaynerMedia

MikMak, the service that creates and distributes short-form ‘mini-mercials’ so users can shop via video, has today announced the close of a $3.2 million seed round, led by VaynerMedia, with participation from SLOW Ventures, UTA Ventures, BRaVe Ventures, and MX Investments. As part of the round, Gary Vaynerchuk will be joining MikMak’s Board. MikMak launched back in May of… Read More

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Man flies to China, waits 10 days to meet online girlfriend who never shows up

No one likes to be stood up, especially not for 10 days.

Alexander Pieter Cirk made news headlines when he was hospitalised for exhaustion after spending 10 days waiting for his online girlfriend at Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China. The woman, identified only by her surname Zhang, never showed up.

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According to CCTV News, the 41-year-old Dutchman flew 4,500 kilometres to China to see the 26-year-old Zhang, two months after meeting online.

Cirk waited for Zhang for 10 days.

Image: cctv news/facebook …

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What if ‘Stranger Things’ was an 80s sitcom? – CNET

The hit Netflix show has been given the remix treatment, based on the popular TV shows of the 1980s. – Source

Here are all the new emoji coming with iOS 10

Apple dropped a new iOS 10 beta today. I was expecting a bunch of bug fixes, and at best a couple of tweaks. But it became clear after just a few minutes that the iOS 10 developer beta 4 isn’t your average beta. Apple packed a nice surprise with the update. With the release of iOS 10 in September, Apple is introducing a groundbreaking technology breakthrough. iOS 10 will get over a… Read More

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