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January 2017

Cops carry a pregnant woman to the hospital after walking 6 miles in snow, win hearts

In an act of sheer kindness, six policemen in India’s northern hill town of Shimla walked 10 kilometers (6 miles) through heavy snow carrying a pregnant woman on their shoulders, the Times News Network reported.

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23-year-old Kamini, a resident of Bhont village, had slipped into labor on the evening of Jan. 9 but heavy snowfall in the region cut her off from emergency ambulance services.

Her family was losing hope when some local policemen arrived with a cot, covered her with a blanket and ferried her to the nearest hospital. …

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Where to watch Nintendo’s Switch events

Nintendo’s New York storefront already announced that it be offering up a limited number of pre-orders to eager customers who sign up in person. But that’s apparently just the start of the Switch-related news we can expect over the next couple of days. Tonight at 8PM PT (that’s 1PM tomorrow in Tokyo), the company will be taking to the stage to announce some key information… Read More

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Hidden peat swamp in Central Africa stores 30 billion tons of carbon

A vast swamp forest in Central Africa contains enough carbon to equal two decades’ worth of U.S. fossil fuel emissions, scientists have found.

The Congo Basin peatland — an area larger than New York State — has accumulated around 30 billion metric tons of carbon over the last 11,000 years, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

The discovery makes the fate of this vast carbon sink an important consideration for climate projections and land conservationists.

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A team of U.K. and Congolese researchers spent three years roaming the Cuvette Centrale peatland to find samples of peat to test in their labs. They also analyzed satellite data to estimate the amount of carbon stored in the soil. …

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Parrot lays off 35 percent of its drone team

French company Parrot has had a rough year and missed its sales expectations. That’s why the company will lay off 290 employees who were working on drones. In total, Parrot currently has 840 employees on the drone team and more than a thousand employees in total. While the company isn’t just selling drones, it represents a good chunk of the business. But it looks like other… Read More

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Sony’s Koov is a fun way to get your kid into programming

Kids’ toys are getting the high-tech treatment at CES this year with the Sony Koov set.

Curious to see if your kid has knack for programming? You need something like Sony’s Koov, a vibrantly colored LEGO-like toy that enables kids to build things and then program them to come to life.

There are seven colors of translucent blocks. Once you’ve concocted your creation, you can “code” the assembled figure with the aid of a desktop application (programming through an iOS and Android app is in the works). The app uses “if-then-else” logic, which is relatively simple for anyone new to programming to learn.

Koov is part of the Sony Global Education, a major initiative on the company’s part to promote STEM education in the mainstream. The blocks are developed by a Japanese company called Artec Co., while Sony provides the software, tech, and marketing.

Unfortunately, Koov is only available in Japan and China for now.

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