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April 2017

These shoe inserts could help you reach your running goals

Storelli Sports created ‘…

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Will Ferrell tore Trump apart in a ‘Full Frontal’ revival of George W. Bush

Will Ferrell swaggered onto the “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” stage on Saturday night, a cigarette clutched between two fingers and an impish grin adorning his face.

Stamping the butt out on the lush carpet stretched across the stage, Ferrell’s pitch-perfect George W. Bush clone appealed to the cheering audience: “How do you like me now?”

The 5-minute bit turned out to be the highlight of Samantha Bee’s live Full Frontal special, with Ferrell reviving his beloved Saturday Night Live impression for a good, old-fashioned Trump roasting. The comic laid into 45’s unbecoming behavior and tawdry tastes, presenting them as a counterpoint to Bush Jr.’s own oafishness in and out of office. …

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Ben Heck’s logic gate board game: Fun with LCD displays

With Karen’s laser cutting design skills and Felix’s soldering, the team has created a prototype of the logic board game using Karen’s magnetic clasp design. Now it’s time to give the concept a test run with help from The Game Craft proprietor JT… – Source

Learn to code in 2017 with this amazing bundle of courses!

You have decided to embark on a new career in web development, but the problem is you don’t know where to start. You could go to a four-year college and get a degree in computer science; but that means spending four years of your life as a student — you don’t have time for that!

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You could also attend a short intensive boot camp program, but once again, moving your life to a new city for several weeks, spending several thousand dollars, and coding every day all day is not ideal for everyone either. There is a third option — learn to code from the comfort of your own home and at a pace that fits your busy lifestyle.

But where do you start? There are so many online courses to pick from, it can be a little daunting, but Windows Central Digital Offers is here to help!

Skip the debt, and jump on this great deal. The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle includes 10 courses that will help you build important skills to be successful in the industry. Learn and explore the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, and then move up the ladder to more advanced concepts with languages like Ruby, Python, and learn to create real-world cross-platform apps. You can get unlimited access to all these courses for just $59, that’s a saving of 95%!

Here’s a breakdown of the courses you get in this great bundle:

The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5
Javascript Specialist Designation
Python for Beginners 2017
Java from Beginner to Expert
The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course: Build Professional Websites
Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide
Learn Xamarin by Creating Real World Cross-Platform Apps
iOS 10 & Objective-C: Complete Developer Course
Learn Fundamental SQL Programming With SQL Server
Practical Web Programming 101

Get 80+ hours of multi-faceted programming education for $49! Learn more

Whether you need to learn a new coding language, or want to improve the skills you already have, The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle is sure to help you be more successful in your career.

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NuAns NEO Reloaded with Android 7.1 Nougat and interchangeable covers is up on Indiegogo

Japanese company NuAns announced back in February that it will drop Windows Phone platform for Google’s Android operating system. Their new smartphone project, NEO Reloaded, is an Android handset with a twist.

Unlike regular Android smartphones, NuAns proposes customers a different formula that might or might not be as appealing as the company hopes. The NEO Reloaded features interchangeable panels, so users will be able to change the back side of the phone.

The back cases don’t just look different, but they also feel different since they mimic various textures … – Source

‘Daily Show’ correspondent was asked to not slay Trump at WHCA Dinner, did so anyway

“I think he’s in Pennsylvania because he can’t take a joke.”

Hasan Minhaj didn’t skimp on the humor during his 25-minute address at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Although he was asked to avoid ribbing the new administration — since Trump broke with tradition in not attending and the rest of his royal court followed suit — the Daily Show correspondent couldn’t help himself.

Minhaj served up his many jabs at Trump and the attending news organizations with a side of Real Talk. As a Daily Show correspondent — an arbiter of actual, intentional fake news — he brings a uniquely outsider perspective to the apparent disconnect in 2017 between the news media and its audience. …

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Get to know Finland’s new feminist sports craze: hobby-horsing

Finland’s latest sports craze involves ballerina-like leaps, expertly executed jumps, a strong dose of athleticism — and a fake horse head.

Hobby-horsing, a sport made up mostly of Finnish teen girls, mimics traditional equestrian events, such as show jumping and dressage. But rather than ride an actual horse, competitors straddle a horse head on a long stick, replete with glued-on eyes and manes.

The sport has spawned a social media subculture among young Finns, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

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YouTube and Instagram are filled with videos and photos of hobby-horsing competitions, training videos, and horse-head making tutorials. Online discussion boards help foster a sense of community and provide a place for swapping tips. …

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Jaime Lannister on his family: ‘If they lose the crown…they’re probably going to lose their heads’

Six seasons into Game of Thrones, you have to wonder: How many of these characters even care about the Iron Throne anymore? Aren’t they busy enough just trying to stay alive?

Yes and no, according to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister. The actor, who appears in Netflix’s Small Crimes (now streaming), told Mashable that his character is only invested in the crown because it keeps him alive.

“I think he cares about it not being someone that the Lannisters can’t control,” he said of the fate of the Iron Throne. “I think [Jaime] understands there’s no question that if they lose the crown, obviously they’re probably going to lose their heads.” …

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Rovio to launch new Battle Bay mobile game on May 4

Rovio, the owner of the Angry Birds franchise, plans to launch an entirely different game next week, Battle Bay. If you’ve been bored by the Finnish company’s Angry Birds games, then you’ll be pleased to know Battle Bay has nothing to do with the popular series.

In Battle Bay, players will face real opponents in real-time battles where they will try to sink each other’s boats. Choose a ship, add some guns to it and search for a worthy opponent. The game allows for large scale battles where teams of five players will face each other.

The game includes a wide … – Source

Rarely seen photos record World War II in brilliant, immersive color

December 1942

An Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) ‘spotter’ at a 3.7-inch anti-aircraft gun site.

Image: Imperial War Museums (tr 453)

Though color photography was invented decades before World War II, it was still a rather niche process, more complicated and expensive than black-and-white photography.

The scarcity of color film was compounded by the hazards of shipping in wartime and the difficulties of reproduction and printing.

Nevertheless, thousands of color images were created during the global conflict. 3,000 of those were assembled by the British Ministry of Information and eventually ended up in the collections of the …

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If you want to find real love, find yourself someone who loves HGTV

Forget the questions you’re meant to ask about potential soulmates, “Does she have a good sense of humor?” “Does he like cats?” Who cares!

The only real question you need to be asking yourself if you want to find a solid life partner is “Do they watch HGTV?”

Why, you might wonder, does this help me? What about being a devoted viewer of our country’s very best cable channel makes someone a better life partner? Well, let me tell youuuuuuuuu.

First and most importantly, a love of HGTV proves that you are curious and care about other people. House Hunters (and it’s more escapist cousin House Hunters International), Love It or List It, Beachfront Bargain Hunters, Caribbean Life, Log Cabin Living. They’re all about other people’s lives. …

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Wilson’s Heart is Oculus’ most interesting VR misfire yet

When will a VR system finally get an honest-to-goodness adventure? Early adopters and curious onlookers continue to ask this question, wondering when they’ll get their own unique, hours-upon-hours mix of story, puzzles, battles, and thrills.

The closest answer up until now remains the incredible and memorable Resident Evil 7. However, that’s a bit of a cheat, since it launched primarily for normal TV displays with an optional, albeit awesome, VR mode attached. Thus, the hunt’s still on—and the folks at Oculus have been crowing for months about how their upcoming game Wilson’s Heart would do the trick.

I’m not just here to inform you that Oculus’s high-budget, high-production-value attempt missed the mark—especially for those readers who don’t own an Oculus and high-end PC to match. Rather, I’m interested in exploring just how this week’s new game, which once looked quite promising, slammed to Earth with melted wings on its back—and what that says for the current state of VR gaming.

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Microsoft Teams for iOS updated with video calls support, ability to create new channels

A significant update has just hit Microsoft’s Teams app for iOS devices. As the title says, the update brings video calls support into the mix, as well as other new features.

If you’re using Teams on your iOS device, upgrading to the latest version will allow you to connect face to face using the newly added video calls feature. Also, you can easily add or remove team members.

Another notable change included in the update is the ability to create new channels. Moreover, Teams users can now rename group chats and add new members to existing conversations.

The image viewer has … – Source

Ridley Scott Thinks Aliens Are Real and They’ll Probably Kill Us

Ridley Scott is at the helm of a nearly 40-year franchise of films about killer aliens who are smarter and deadlier than us. It’s not a coincidence, since Scott thinks that could happen in real life.

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DEAL: Pick up the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $480 from Best Buy

So maybe you’re not mesmerized by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. If finding a high-end handset that fits your budget is at the top of your to-do list, you might want to consider Best Buy’s sale on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Yes, we know that the number 7 comes before 8, but we also know that $480 comes well before $720. And with this deal, you will be paying $240 less for a handset that is still powerful enough to handle all tasks thrown at it.

If you’re a Verizon or Sprint customer, you can now snatch a 32GB Galaxy S7 for $19.99 a month over 24 months. If you pay AT&T monthly … – Source

Sunday’s Best Deals: Fitbit, Game of Thrones, Nonfiction eBooks, and More

Game of Thrones seasons 1-6 on Blu-ray, deals on nonfiction eBooks, a 40″ refurb Vizio sound system, and more lead Sunday’s best lifestyle deals.

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Sunday’s Best Deals: Fitbit, Game of Thrones, Nonfiction eBooks, and More

Game of Thrones seasons 1-6 on Blu-ray, deals on nonfiction eBooks, a 40″ refurb Vizio sound system, and more lead Sunday’s best lifestyle deals.

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Secure Messaging App Showdown: WhatsApp vs. Signal

So, you’re interested in secure, encrypted chat apps. You have a few different choices, but as with any chat app, what all your friends are using is important. To that end, Signal and WhatsApp are easily the most popular. Here’s how they compare.

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After Math: Keeping it 100

As America’s least likeable plutocrat rounds out his first 100 days in office, we’re taking a look at other centennial achievements from the world of technology. Google and Facebook were named as victims in $100 million scam, Instagram now boasts 700… – Source

A farewell to kings? New ideas on the vanishing monarch butterflies

Enlarge (credit: US Fish and Wildlife)

Everybody loves monarch butterflies. Author Anurag Agrawal refers to them as “the Bambi of the insect world.” They are specifically bred to be released at weddings; their image has been pressed into service as the symbol of environmental organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Non-GMO project.

This popularity makes them a great research system for two reasons. First, funding is abundant and easy to drum up. And, unlike other darlings of conservationists—like polar bears, which look like cute, cuddly stuffed animals—monarch butterflies are bugs. So animal rights activists don’t really get worked up when scientists breed them and experiment on them, then sacrifice them and grind up their bodies for analysis.

Regular donations and a lack of harassment from PETA, however convenient though they may be, are hardly the only reasons why Agrawal has devoted his life to studying monarchs or why he has written a book about them called Monarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution. Monarches and their sole food source, the toxic milkweed plant, provide a great example of coevolution.

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‘The Godfather’ fans will love watching this amazing Tribeca Film Fest panel

There was a moment sometime in 1971 when Al Pacino turned to Diane Keaton on the set of The Godfather and foretold doom.

“We’re gone. It’s over. This is the worst film ever made,” Pacino recalled saying to his on-screen wife.

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The absurdity of Pacino’s pessimistic view becomes especially sharp almost five decades later, when he’s sharing the anecdote from a Tribeca Film Festival stage. The Godfather star looked back on his work in Paramount’s legendary mob movie during a panel discussion alongside other key players at New York City’s annual celebration of filmmakers and their creations. …

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UE Wonderboom review: It’s waterproof, sounds great, and is rather adorable

This little guy is the UE Wonderboom, the newest speaker in UE’s product line. It’s half as tall, and almost twice as fat as its more expensive and elegant big brother, the UE Boom 2. At $50 less, it’s nearly as loud and sounds almost as good. The catch? It’s missing a few of the features of its older siblings. However, if the missing features are ones you don’t care about, it’s a better bargain.

Read More

UE Wonderboom review: It’s waterproof, sounds great, and is rather adorable was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Lost kitten finally found hanging out in tissue box

Kittens are ideal pets for anyone who loves the intense dread of having misplaced a beloved helpless animal.

Small, quiet, and obsessed with tight, dark spaces — kittens are the car keys of the animal kingdom. They were built to be lost.

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Twitter user @Britneydortiz can attest to that, after losing her rescue kitten Chanel.

After an hour of frantic searching throughout the house, Chanel was discovered hanging out in a full tissue box.

We just spent a hour looking for

— Britney Diane (@Britneydortiz) …

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Kind strangers keep feeding Mark Zuckerberg

Poor Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO spent the weekend wandering America, scoring free meals from kind strangers, who no doubt took pity on a 32-year-old man unable to afford anything but gray T-shirts and hoodies.

The first family to feed him were the Moores of Newton Falls, Ohio, who learned only 20 minutes beforehand who their dinner guest would be.

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The Zuck reportedly told his staff that he wanted to dine with a family of Democrats in a swing state who voted for Trump—which is totally something that a person …

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Swelling Batteries Prompt Extension On Apple Watch Warranty

Apple is pretty great about honoring its warranties and even recently changed its policy on fourth generation iPads to allow for an upgrade if something’s wrong with the device. Now, the Cupertino computing giant is giving customers an extra two years of coverage in case that expensive watch face pops off.

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Huawei admits its response to P10 and P10 Plus memory chips controversy was arrogant

In a letter to employees, which was later published on Weibo, Huawei’s mobile chief Richard Yu admitted the company’s response to the memory chips controversy was arrogant and completely inappropriate.

If you’ve been following our news feed, then you already know that Huawei uses different memory chips inside its P10 and P10 Plus flagships, which provide different performances.

The Chinese company tried to address consumers’ complaints with an official statement that claims the experience shouldn’t be impaired due to the use of different memory chips because … – Source

Arrow Launcher gets Android for Work apps support, improved search function

Microsoft recently released a new beta version of its Arrow Launcher for Android devices, which brings a couple of new features and improvements on board. The most important one seems to be Android for Work apps support, which is not yet available to those who use the stable version of Arrow Launcher.

If you participate in the beta program, then you can definitely try Android for Work apps support, as well as the new features implemented by the developers in the latest update.

So, in the latest version of Arrow Launcher beta, users can create app shortcuts. … – Source

The Fitbit Flex 2 that exploded did so due to external factors, company says

Few days ago, a Fitbit Flex 2 allegedly exploded on a wearer’s wrist, sparking an investigation into the accident. Fitbit is done investigating and announced that no device malfunction is to blame. The unit in question was tested by a “leading third-party failure analysis firm.” Together with Fitbit’s own analysis, the conclusion is that damage caused by “external forces” is to blame.

The company isn’t offering any specifics as to what said forces can be. It also hasn’t received any similar complaints. Overall, it’s a sketchy situation, but at least other people … – Source

Your next computer could be in a data center

Most of the apps on your phone already rely on a server component to store and process your data. When you post a video on Facebook, it gets re-encoded into multiple formats on the server so that other users can stream your video in SD, HD, etc. But I think this trend is going to become even more important in the coming years, with all your devices acting as a simple screen into your stuff… Read More

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The world is a bad reality show right now so we imagined GOP politicians as MTV’s ‘Next’ contestants

2017 has been a bona fide hellscape of a year. Donald Trump is President of the United States, there’s a very extremely real possibility of a nuclear war breaking out over a tweet, and there’s a revolving door of Presidential Cabinet members who are constantly being forced to resign. It feels like a bad, feebly-produced reality show scripted by the world’s laziest writers.

Which reminded me of the greatest worst reality show of all time: Next on MTV.

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Sitting in a room and yelling “NEXT!” whenever a member of his staff has to resign because of Russian ties or committing perjury feels exactly like how Donald Trump treats his hiring process. …

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