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1st May 2017

May’s Money Challenge: Let’s Haggle

Happy May, money nerds—it’s time for our next challenge. This month, we’re bringing back a classic. We want you to flex your negotiation muscle and start haggling.

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Adapt or die: Behind the scenes of Blizzard’s Hearthstone – CNET

Hearthstone designer Mike Donais talks to CNET about card design, puns and finding the fun. – Source

Hit the Pavement With Amazon’s One-Day Sale on Saucony Running Shoes

You’ve probably been running outside for a few weeks now, but if you were looking for an excuse to pick up new running shoes, here it is. Amazon is marking down four styles (two men’s and two women’s) of Saucony running shoes to under $60. But you’d better pick up the pace, because these prices only last for today.

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Hit the Pavement With Amazon’s One-Day Sale on Saucony Running Shoes

You’ve probably been running outside for a few weeks now, but if you were looking for an excuse to pick up new running shoes, here it is. Amazon is marking down four styles (two men’s and two women’s) of Saucony running shoes to under $60. But you’d better pick up the pace, because these prices only last for today.

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Hacker steals and shares unreleased TV shows

Popular shows including Orange is the New Black are among titles reportedly stolen by the hacker. – Source

New episodes of “Orange is the New Black” released by hacker? video – CNET

The biggest stories of the day include the apparent early release of a Netflix original and the Turkish government banning WIkipedia. – Source

Donald Trump is going to circle up the tech titans again

And you thought President Donald Trump forgot about the cyber?

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No way. President Trump is planning to establish an American Technology Council, Axios reported Monday, that will help the government “deliver better digital services” and coordinate other strategies on tech policy.

The first meeting is expected to be early June and will include about 20 tech CEOs, according to Axios.

The effort is reportedly led by Jared Kushner and the White House Office of American Innovation. The council’s director is expected to be Chris Liddell, who serves as the White House director of strategic initiatives, and was formerly the chief financial officer of Microsoft and General Motors. …

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Apple has a record $250 billion in the bank

Enlarge / A customer buying a new iPhone in Russia. (credit: Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images)

When it reports its quarterly financial results on Tuesday, Apple will likely have a quarter-trillion dollars in cash in the bank.

That’s a greater hoard than any other company in recent US history, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported the numbers on Sunday. For comparison, Apple’s cash pile exceeds the market value of Walmart and Procter & Gamble. The sum is more than the foreign cash reserves of the UK and Canada combined.

Some 93 percent of the company’s cash and other liquid assets are kept overseas. The Trump administration has proposed a tax holiday to encourage companies to bring money back to the US, as well as a lower corporate tax rate, fueling more speculation about how Apple will use its money. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he’s interested in moving some of the company’s cash stateside, if tax conditions are right.

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Dark Phoenix Could Be Searching for a Younger Version of an X-Men Mainstay

Wonder Woman gets another new TV spot. It looks like Robert Zemeckis is definitely not directing The Flash. One major character will not be a part of any show in the Arrow universe next season. Plus, new pictures from Valerian and The Dark Tower, another Stan Lee cameo, and a new teaser for Twin Peaks. To me, my…

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Report: Despite cloud growth, on premise data centers still dominate enterprise compute

While most companies are moving some of their workloads to the cloud, 65% of workloads remain in enterprise owned and operated data centers. – Source

Verizon stakes a self-driving claim with investment in Renovo

Verizon (disclosure: Verizon owns Aol, which owns TechCrunch) has invested in self-driving software startup Renovo, which wants to become an autonomous operating system provider to leading automakers and fleet operators. The investment comes as part of a new $10 million round led by True Ventures, the Wall Street Journal reports, and boosts the total funding raised by the company to $14.5… Read More

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UK proposes fines for social networks slow to remove hate speech

A group of UK MPs is calling on the government to introduce “meaningful fines” for technology companies which fail to remove illegal content “within a strict timeframe.” The report, published by the Commons home affairs committee, slams Google, Faceb… – Source

Apple earnings are coming, but how about that iPhone 8? – CNET

The company is expected to post a modest increase in sales in its fiscal second quarter, but all eyes are already looking ahead. – Source

Band featured on the ’13 Reasons Why’ soundtrack speaks out against the show

Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, whose song “Oh! Starving,” appears in the second to last episode of 13 Reasons Why, has joined the chorus of voices criticizing the show for glorifying suicide.

In a series of tweets last night, Toledo discouraged young viewers from watching the show, writing, “Please don’t tell kids how to turn their miserable and hopeless lives into a thrilling and cathartic suicide mission.”

SEE ALSO: ’13 Reasons Why’ proves that good intentions aren’t enough when it comes to portraying suicide

as someone who contributed to the soundtrack for “13 Reasons Why”, I am obliged to tell you all that it’s kind of fucked

— car seat headrest (@carseatheadrest) …

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Why These ‘Revolutionary’ Phones Failed So Hard

Every year, gadget companies like to flaunt out their latest flagship smartphones and show off all of the “revolutionary” features that will make this slab of glass and metal different from the nearly-identical looking slab of glass and metal already in our pockets.

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SpaceX just provided views of a rocket landing all the way from 150km down

SpaceX webcast

On Monday morning SpaceX made its fifth launch of 2017, flying its first major national security payload into low-Earth orbit since becoming certified as a US military launch provider in 2015. Because of the classified nature of the spy satellite, the rocket company was only able to show footage of the launch until the second stage separated from the first.

However, this proved to be a real boon, as SpaceX was able to focus on the return of its Falcon 9 first stage to Earth. New footage showed the first stage all the way from when the second stage lifted away, during a period when it coasted up to 150km, and then finally the various burns as it flew back down to the ground. Along the way we got to see incredible views of the landing from on-board cameras, and also from ground-tracking cameras on a mostly clear Florida morning.

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SpaceX Just Performed Its Most Mysterious Mission Yet

After a literal last-minute cancellation yesterday, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket earlier this morning in Cape Canaveral, Florida. While the details on most of SpaceX’s missions are very public, this one was purposely shrouded in mystery: the rocket was ferrying up a spy satellite, the…

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Barbershop Books is using barbershops to inspire young black boys to read

Sometimes a book is just a hobby, a fun way to consume a new story. But sometimes a book is a powerful tool to advance social change.

The National Book Foundation announced the winner of the 2017 Innovations In Reading Prize on Monday. The prize is an annual award that honors individuals and organizations that are using literature to make a social impact on the world and comes with a $10,000 prize. The award was founded in 2009, and since it launched, it has honored a variety of organizations including Next Chapter Book Club and Chicago Books to Women in Prison.

This year, the winner of the Innovations in Reading Prize is …

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Maybe don’t watch the ‘It Comes at Night’ trailer at night

It Comes at Night just might be the next big horror classic.

A24 has just debuted the first full trailer for the new movie, and while it’s light on details, it’s heavy with dread and foreboding.

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Part of the fun of this movie is how tightly it’s being kept under wraps. The trailer hints at a conflict between two families out in the woods, who are clearly scared of something. But that’s all you really need to know at this point.

Well, that and the fact that the film just played to rave reviews at the Overlook Film Festival. If it’s half as good as the critics are saying, this’ll be one to keep on your radar. …

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Facebook promoted ads targeting teens with low self-esteem

It won’t shock you to hear that Facebook customizes the ads you see — in some cases, it’s vital. However, the social network’s Australian office appears to have pushed that personalization too far. The Australian has learned (subscription only) thro… – Source

Kim Kardashian couldn’t find a ‘KUWTK’ livestream to keep up with her own life

To be denied the basic human right of live tweeting Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday night is a damn shame that none of us should have to experience.

But friends, none other than Kim Kardashian West came very close to that fate last night – falling behind while trying to, well, keep up with the Kardashians – before barely escaping by the skin of her teeth.

See, relatable human Kim couldn’t find a good livestream.

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Can’t find a link. Not showing it live so keep me posted on what’s happening!!!

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) …

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How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog

Dogs are the best people, so it’s only natural to want to smother them with affection when you greet them. Most of them are too nice to say it, but this is actually a terrible way to introduce yourself to a dog. Here’s how to make a more appropriate first impression.

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Identity theft is alive and well–and fraudsters keep getting richer

Last year, cyber criminals netted 16 billion dollars in the US alone. Find out why fraudsters are so successful and what you can do to stay safe. – Source

HTC U 11 retail box leak corroborates previous specs rumors

We’ve heard many rumors about the upcoming HTC U 11 already, but this latest leak might be as close as we’ve come yet to official specs details. Gear has posted a shot of what looks like the features label for the HTC U 11 box which, if it’s legit, would confirm much of what we’ve heard previously about the device.

This includes the rumors of a 6 GB RAM model with 128 GB of storage, 16 MP front-facing camera, and IP57 rating for dust and water resistance, as well as the Snapdragon 835 processor. It also refers to some of the audio facets of the device such as Boomsound, 3D audio recording, Hi-Res audio, and HTC USonic tech — all of which were also seen on the recent HTC U Ultra (above). Check out what else you can expect in the image below.

The above also indicates that the 5.5-inch QHD display would come with Gorilla Glass 5, and the 12 MP rear camera would come with a f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

As for the validity of the image: it could have been whipped up using the rear of the HTC U Ultra box as an example, but I think the chances of this being the real deal is pretty likely at this point.

The HTC U 11 is set to be officially launched on May 16. For everything else we’ve heard about the HTC U 11 so far, view our dedicated rumor page here.

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Galápagos study identifies keystone predator in a complex food web

Years of experiments and careful observation along the shores of the Galápagos Islands have untangled a complex food web of sea lions, fish, urchins and algae, revealing who eats (or doesn’t eat) whom and what impact they have on each other. – Source

Thinking strategically about study resources boosts students’ final grades

College students who participated in a self-administered intervention prompting them to reflect about their use of classroom resources had final grades that were higher than their peers, according to new findings. – Source

Developing climate-resilient wheat varieties

Increases in climate variability have placed new emphasis on the need for resilient wheat varieties. Now climate-resilient wheat varieties with increased nutritional values are possible, report scientists. – Source

Predicting tumors that respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors early in treatment

A noninvasive PET imaging method that measures granzyme B, a protein released by immune cells to kill cancer cells, was able to distinguish mouse and human tumors that responded to immune checkpoint inhibitors from those that did not respond early in the course of treatment. – Source

Biomarker predictive of NSCLC response to drug

Among patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) fueled by ALK gene alterations who were being treated with crizotinib (Xalkori), a decrease in the number of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) harboring increased copies of the ALK gene over the first two months of treatment was associated with increased progression-free survival. – Source

Alcohol is associated with higher risk of breast cancer in African-American women

Alcohol consumption was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in a large study of African-American women, indicating that they, like white women, may benefit from limiting alcohol. – Source

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