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2nd May 2017

WaveDash raises $6 million for its platform fighting game

Hearkening back to the old days of iconic Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros., Wavedash Games has raised $6 million for a vision of platform fighting games as the next big thing in social gaming. Taking platform fighter games beyond the game console, the Los Angeles-based company is looking to popularize the genre and bring the one-on-one fighter concept to the same level as a title like… Read More

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Red Hat launches, an online IDE for building container-based applications

Red Hat is launching today, its first major foray into offering cloud-based developer tools. As the name implies, sits on top of the company’s Kubernetes-based OpenShift container management platform and provides developers with the tools they need to build cloud-native, container-based apps. Read More

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OnePlus pushes out a new Open Beta for the 3/3T

May has just begun and we already have a new Open Beta for the OnePlus 3 and 3T. It’s certainly more exciting than the last one, bringing a changelog that includes more than bug fixes and optimizations (they’re still there, but whatever). As usual, I’ve posted the changelog below.

New dialer and incoming call interface
UI optimizations for Messages, Settings and Contacts
New action bar for Messages and Settings
Optimized high power usage notifications
Bluetooth optimizations
Night mode optimizations
Bug fixes

So I see a lot of everyone’s favorite word “optimizations” there.

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OnePlus pushes out a new Open Beta for the 3/3T was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Watch Microsoft unveil its Windows 10-based Chromebook competitor live right here

Microsoft is holding a press conference today in New York. The conference is about to start. This time, it’s all about the education market. While many schools have been buying a ton of Chromebooks and iPads, Microsoft is about to fight back. Rumor has it that the company is about to unveil a lightweight version of Windows 10 with fewer apps and a lot of cloud functionality. Just like… Read More

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‘Darksiders 3’ existence and details leaked in an Amazon listing

The long-suspected next chapter in the Darksiders series is finally confirmed. Sort of.

An Amazon listing for Darksiders 3 outs the existence of the not-yet-officially-revealed game — and then some. The product page includes story details, screenshots, concept art, platforms — PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One — and a vague 2018 release timeframe.

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Bear in mind: some of what you’re about to read may be subject to change. The listing is obviously real and the handful of specifics we get are probably locked, but nothing is truly confirmed until an announcement is made. …

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‘Humans of New York’ captured a precious moment between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Brandon Stanton, the brains behind the popular Humans of New York series, has a magical way of getting folks around the world to open up in ways that even celebrities are not immune to, no matter how many years of media training they’ve endured.

The photographer was on hand during the 2017 Met Gala once again this year, and the first image he’s shared with the world is of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Reynolds takes the opportunity to get really personal, and shared an honest side of the couple—married in 2012—that we normally don’t get to see of celebrities.


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‘An Embarrassment’: Scientists React to the NYT’s Climate Change Column

Bret Stephens unleashed a Category 6 hurricane on Twitter last week, when he penned a column for the New York Times espousing opinions on climate change that can best be described as… controversial. While acknowledging that human-caused global warming is a settled matter, Stephens argued that the risk climate…

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This is what the Galaxy S8 would have looked like if it had a physical home button

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ changed the brand’s design more than any other Galaxy before them. Not only that they went nearly bezel-less, but they’re also the first of the Galaxy family to get rid of the physical home button.

This made for an impressive jump in design, but this may not have always been the final plan for the Galaxy S8 and its bigger sibling. Thanks to a patent filed with the European Trade Mark and Design Network, we now have the chance to see how these two phones would look with actual, physical home buttons.

As you can see by the images below, the difference … – Source

Goose interrupting a rugby game has the fighting spirit of a thousand players

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Get a Samsung Gear Fit 2 for $86 – CNET

Originally $179, this beautifully designed fitness band and smartwatch is a steal at this price. Plus: a boatload of free ebooks. – Source

Microsoft launches Windows 10 S, its low-cost OS for education

Microsoft is tired of getting beat in the education market, so it’s pulling out the big guns: A custom version of Windows 10 streamlined for students.

And they call it Windows 10 S.

If you can leave aside the nagging question of why Microsoft didn’t go for “Windows 10 E,” this new operating system flavor makes a lot of sense.

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Over the last half decade Microsoft (…

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AirPods enjoy 98% customer satisfaction in user study

People love their new AirPods. The truly wireless earbuds by Apple scored a near-perfect 98% in a survey done by Experian and Creative Strategies.

942 AirPods owners participated in the survey out of which 82% were “Very Satisfied” and 16% were “Satisfied”.

To put the numbers in context the AirPods enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction for a new Apple product by Creative Strategies. The iPhone had 92% in 2007, the iPad 92% in 2010 and the Apple Watch a close 97% in 2015.

Here are some interesting questions in the survey and the customer satisfaction numbers.


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Microsoft takes on Chrome OS with new Windows 10 S

(credit: Johannes Hemmerlein)

NEW YORK—In a move to curtail Google’s growing presence in the education market, Microsoft has announced a new Windows variant: Windows 10 S.

Previously rumored as “Windows 10 Cloud,” the new Windows variant is defined by one specific design decision: it can only run and install applications that are obtained through the Windows Store. Both applications are built using Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Program (UWP) framework, and traditional Win32 applications ported to the Store using the Desktop Bridge (formerly known as “Project Centennial”) will be permitted, but Win32 applications that use their own installers will not function.

The S does not stand for anything officially, but it might reasonably be read as implying “school” or perhaps even “store.”

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Propagation research on rare trees expands species recovery potential

When seeds from a rare tree are difficult or impossible to obtain, what’s a conservationist to due? Grafting may be the answer to the protection of a species endemic to the southern Mariana Islands. – Source

DNA fingerprinting reveals how malaria hides from our immune system

DNA fingerprinting has revealed how the malaria parasite shuffles genes to create different strains and hide from our immune system. This trick allows the parasite to remain undetected and re-infect the same people, much like the flu. – Source

Domino effect in pharmaceutical synthesis

Chemists have made research into pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis more efficient, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly. They have developed a novel synthetic route towards antiviral quinazoline heterocycles that have not been described previously in professional literature. – Source

The courting cephalopods of the East China Sea

The oval squid are unusual in that they actively alter their skin’s patterning. With their body language too, they can communicate a variety of mating, warning and social signals. These have been documented for the first time by researchers. – Source

Fashion mannequins communicate ‘dangerously thin’ body ideals

The body size of mannequins used to advertise female fashion in the UK are too thin and may be promoting unrealistic body ideals, say researchers. – Source

The 2017 DDoS tsunami will cost companies millions

2.5 quadrillion bits of data are created every day. A new study by cybersecurity firm Neustar shows how weaponized data results in more powerful and frequent attacks. – Source

Microsoft takes on Chrome OS with Windows 10 S

Microsoft has already taken some potshots at Google’s Chromebooks in the past — Windows 8.1 with Bing, anyone? Now, though, it’s going for the jugular. The newly introduced Windows 10 S (not Cloud like the rumors suggested) is a stripped-back, educa… – Source

Motorola Moto G5 Review

In the past few years, the Moto G series has set a standard in affordable phones that few can match. This year, Lenovo has two G series phones: the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. The G5 Plus is the one that has gotten all the attention so far: it’s got the powerful and very battery-savvy Snapdragon 625 system chip, it’s got a fast Dual Pixel auto-focus camera, and it has a starting price of just $230.

And then there is the Moto G5 that we have up here for review. It’s a much different phone than the G5 Plus and this is important to know: it has a smaller, 5” display, it has … – Source

Your shows are safe: WGA reaches deal to avoid another writers strike

It went down to the wire, but the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached a new three-year deal in their contract negotiations, avoiding a possible writers’ strike that could’ve shut down production on countless projects and cost the industry millions. This is especially good news for fans of late night shows like Saturday Night Live, which would’ve been the first to have been affected by a work stoppage.

The negotiations stretched past the midnight deadline, with official word of a deal announced after 1 a.m. PT on Tuesday morning.

In a letter to its members, the WGA announced a “tentative agreement” with the AMPTP that they estimate will give the guild an additional $130 million over the three years of the contract. …

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Why 80% of consumers are excited about the way AI and machine learning will change their lives

Consumers are optimistic about technology developments in smart machines, AI, and robotics. Here’s what your business needs to know. – Source

J.K. Rowling Apologizes for Killing Snape and Harry Potter Fandom Promptly Self-Immolates

Since 2015, J.K. Rowling has made it an annual tradition to apologize on the anniversary of the fictional Battle of Hogwarts for killing off a Harry Potter character. This year’s selection was not met with the usual mourning.

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Amazon Kindle adds ComiXology Guided View, searches through your notes and highlighted text

There’s a small but neat little change in the Amazon Kindle app on Android: you can now not only search for words inside the book you’re reading, but you can also search for what you’ve personally added as a note (like in the screenshot above). Words included in sentences and paragraphs you’ve highlighted will also show on top of all search results (screenshot below). This makes it easier to find a sentence you’ve highlighted in the book or a note you’ve written about a specific section or sentence.

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Amazon Kindle adds ComiXology Guided View, searches through your notes and highlighted text was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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When Fans Take Their Love For Twitch Streamers Too Far

It was one in the morning when the Twitch streamer Ellohime heard a knock at his front door.

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How to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

I’ve lived in a lot of rentals, so I’ve had to get good at making temporary customizations to apartments to make them feel a little more like they’re mine. I know I’m not alone in needing to make a rental feel like home, so if you want to turn your place into something that welcomes you after a long day, here’s what…

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With $3M in funding, Morty is launching a marketplace of mortgage lenders

While there are now more options for homebuyers seeking to find a new place to live, the process of getting a mortgage is still mostly an archaic, offline process with lots of unruly paperwork. New York-based Morty is trying to change that, and has raised $3 million to make its mortgage marketplace available to users. Read More

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 will have ‘more horror’

If you recommended Stranger Things to friends with the missive “Don’t watch it alone at night,” you aren’t alone. After several episodes, we got used to the pulsing music and traces of the Demagorgon, but we’ll need our wits about us for Season 2.

“There are going to be some challenges the characters face that are real, that are disturbing,” actor Finn Wolfhard (Mike) told Emmy Magazine. “This season will be a lot more dark, a lot more horror-oriented. I think people are going to like it better than the first season.”


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Liam Payne and Cheryl finally chose a pretty interesting name for their son

Welcome to the weird celebrity baby name club!

Former One Direction singer Liam Payne and his wife, Cheryl, welcome their baby boy five weeks ago but decided to not give the child a name quite yet.

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After spending some time “getting to know their baby,” the couple have chosen to name their son Bear Payne.

We’re not sure what the new baby did to be named after a large, hairy mammal, but we trust the parents to know their son.

My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on Mar 25, 2017 at 1:25pm PDT…

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