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4th May 2017

GE’s Alexa lamp is called “Sol” and it costs $200 – CNET

Expected to ship in September, GE’s funky-looking lamp with voice-activated Alexa smarts will cost more than the Amazon Echo. – Source

Dell EMC, Microsoft partner on hybrid cloud platform to boost digital transformation

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is a turnkey platform that makes it easier for businesses to build and share cloud-native apps. – Source

BlackBerry KeyOne Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

Here’s what I think after some time with the BlackBerry’s ambitious keyboard phone. – Source

This Amazon Sale on Darth Vader Comics Is Impressive. Most Impressive.

If The Hallway Scene rekindled your Darth Vader love affair, all four volumes of his new comic series are on sale on Kindle today. The first three volumes will only set you back $5 each, while the fourth is marked down to $10. Once you purchase, you’ll be able to read them on basically any device via Comixology.

– Source

23andMe study focuses on why we experience pain differently

We all experience pain differently, and what’s excruciating for you might not even be worth mentioning for another. There are studies that looked into the difference in pain tolerance between individuals and some even found associations between peopl… – Source

Snapchat makes it way easier for brands to buy ads

Prepare to see more brands advertising on Snapchat.

Snap, the company behind the platform, announced a new self-serve advertising tool on Wednesday that will make it much easier for marketers to buy full-screen placements.

The company has been easing into this model for months. The launch of its long-awaited API (application programming interface) last fall let third-party partners sell ads on Snapchat’s behalf for the first time, and an update in January gave brands even more control of the process.

The latest feature, which won’t fully launch until June, will cut out the middleman entirely, allowing brands to place their own ads without working through one of the company’s partners. …

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Sony Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra go on sale in Europe

The Sony Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra are now on sale in Europe – we found them in several stores across several countries. The smaller XA1 costs €280 while the Xperia XA1 Ultra is priced at €380.

In Germany, you can get visit MediaMarkt, which promises to ship your XA1 today or an XA1 Ultra in 11-12 days. Amazon will be slower, you can get an XA1 by May 12-15, but the Ultra won’t be available for a month or two. Otto claims it can ship either phone in 3 weeks.

Some of MediaMarkt’s other European stores also have units. The Dutch store has the Xperia XA1 ready to ship now in…

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Oldest orchid fossil on record identified

A newly published study documents evidence of an orchid fossil trapped in Baltic amber that dates back some 45 million years to 55 million years ago, shattering the previous record for an orchid fossil found in Dominican amber some 20-30 million years old. – Source

A first-ever find in Egypt: 4,000-year-old funerary garden at tomb entrance

Scientists have discovered a 4,000-year-old funerary garden- the first such garden ever to be found- on the Dra Abu el-Naga hill in Luxor, Egypt. – Source

Imagination Technologies will resolve its licensing issues with Apple using a dispute resolution procedure

The negotiations for a new licensing deal between Imagination Technologies and its biggest customer Apple have obviously reached a dead end. As a result of this failed attempt to resolve the latest controversy with Apple, related to intellectual property, Imagination starts a dispute resolution procedure, Reuters reports.

Imagination Technologies didn’t actually say what the dispute was about, but, considering the latest news from the companies, we can assume that it concerns the future use of their GPU designs by Apple, the intellectual property related to them and the financial details … – Source

Controversial surgeon aims to perform the first human head transplant but experts are skeptical

Scientists, including the controversial doctor Sergio Canavero, have transplanted the head of a rat onto the back of another, ahead of a plan to carry out the world’s first human head transplant later this year. …

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Feast your eyes on Microsoft’s ‘Phantom Dust’ remaster

After three long years, Microsoft has finally released more details about Phantom Dust HD. While the publisher announced a remaster of the 2004 cult-classic during E3 2014, it has been quiet about the up-rezzed card battler ever since. With its uniqu… – Source

Xiaomi’s new recycling program can get you a discount off your next purchase

Xiaomi India has announced an e-waste recycling service in partnership with TES-AMM that rewards recyclers for doing the right thing. The company will collect various electronic products including smartphones, power banks, speakers, and headphones, among others, from consumers and then recycle them. The service is available for non-operational products regardless of their brand. You can learn more about the recycling process by checking out the video below.

Recycling e-waste with Xiaomi’s help is quite simple. All you have to do is fill out a form on the company’s website and wait for an authorized e-waste recycler to contact you, which normally takes up to seven days. After that’s done, someone will come over to your house to pick up the products within the next 15 days. You also have the option of dropping the e-waste at one of the company’s service centers.

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Xiaomi Redmi 4A and Oppo F3 launched today in India
5 hours ago

The service is free of charge. Those of you who decide to recycle your smartphone and other products will receive a ₹100 coupon for every pickup request, which will be added to your Mi account within two weeks from the pickup date. You can use the coupons for purchases made on Xiaomi’s online store with a minimal value of ₹1,000 — accessories only.

– Source

Red bathing suit spams Instagram and backfires completely – CNET

Social Cues: A company tries getting free advertising by giving away a red bathing suit. Here’s how it blew up in their face. – Source

Unfortunate minister throws up during bride’s beautiful wedding vows

There the things that could go wrong on your wedding day that you can plan for. And then there are the things that could go wrong that you never in a million years would have seen coming.

Your minister vomiting right in the middle of your wedding vows would be one of the latter.

For this poor bride and groom, that’s exactly what happened. It was clear no one was quite sure how to proceed, and the bride looked resolute that nothing was going to spoil the day, so she just continued with her vows.

Somebody get that minister a glass of water and see if she’s OK. …

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Whirlpool acquires Yummly, the recipe search engine last valued at $100M

Some consolidation in the world of subject-specific search and social networks, as a legacy player from the world of white goods makes a play for a wider audience. The Whirlpool Corporation — the world’s largest home appliance maker, founded back in 1911 — has acquired Yummly, a visual and semantic recipe search engine and aggregator with 20 million users, which also let… Read More

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‘Unlock iPhone’, says judge in US sextortion case

A reality TV star accused of extortion may face jail if she does not give officials access to her phone. – Source

Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android

Following the widespread phishing scam that affected Google Docs and Gmail users this week, Google says it’s now rolling out a new security feature in its Gmail application on Android that will help warn users about suspicious links. This feature may not have prevented this week’s attack, however, as that attack involved a malicious and fake “Google Docs” app that… Read More

– Source

What Those Spray Paint Marks on the Street Actually Mean

Walking around your city, you might have noticed spray paint markings on the street and sidewalk. Clearly they’re there to mark something, but what? Turns out, construction workers aren’t just doodling for fun—those marks are there to protect you.

– Source

The Midwest Looks Absolutely Drenched in This New Image From Space

Several states across the American Midwest are experiencing intensive flooding in the wake of unusually vigorous storm system that passed through earlier in the week. Images taken from above and on the ground show the extent of the record-breaking floods, which now threaten areas downstream.

– Source

The Alta Redshift MX brings electricity to the dirt track

It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden anything motorized on dirt, but I do remember the noise. The growl of the ATC I rode as a kid, the dirt bikes that sounded like lawnmowers with the muffler replaced with a megaphone. That racket is such a funda… – Source

Pornhub is giving moms a very unusual Mother’s Day gift this year

When you think Mother’s Day gifts, VR porn probably isn’t at the top of your list. But maybe it should be?

That is exactly what Pornhub is suggesting you send to dear old mom this year. They’re running a special initiative called “Mommy’s Special Glasses.” (Which, haha, ewww?) The deal is you order a pair of free VR glasses from them, and send them to mummy dearest. She’ll then have access to a site filled with specially curated VR adult content.

The glasses come packaged in pretty pastels and housed in an innocent-looking greeting card. You just slip your phone into the card and start watching. It’s really quite an experience. …

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Should you use a tempered glass screen protector for your Galaxy S8?

Choosing the right screen protector for you can be a difficult call.

At this point, just about everyone has done some kind of damage to their phone screen inadvertently, whether by dropping your phone and cracking the screen or dropping something onto your phone that caused issues from the impact. This problem becomes larger with the Samsung Galaxy S8 because you have a much larger screen. That’s why we’re taking a hands-on look at a tempered glass screen protector to see whether it’s worth it!

Getting started with a tempered glass screen protector

For plenty of folks, a screen protector is one of those accessories you buy right after picking up a new smartphone. However, the days of flimsy plastic screen protectors are going the way of the Dodo, with tempered glass emerging as the new standard for top-end screen protection.

We tested out an LK Tempered Glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Before you get started with the installation, you’ll need to thoroughly wipe and clean your screen so that no dust or oils affect its ability to adhere to your Galaxy S8’s screen. Next, you’ll need to line up the protector onto your screen. This is a pretty easy process if you use the cutouts around the top as a guide for placement, although it might take a few tries to get it lined up correctly if your hands tend towards shaking.

Once you’ve got that screen protector on, you’ll get a sense of how it feels on your phone and in your hand. The first thing you’ll realize is that unlike plastic screen protectors, tempered glass does add a bit of heft — it is tempered glass after all. Once it’s adhered, you’ll notice that the protector actually creates a small lip on the top of your screen.

For the most part, the tempered glass feels pretty decent on top of your screen. There are no issues using capacitative buttons on your screen through the tempered glass. It does take a few minutes to get used to but it doesn’t feel terrible against your hand. For some folks, the feel of the screen can be a bit off-putting though.

There is one other big thing to remember with a tempered glass screen protector — it’s likely to add some serious glare once you’ve got it on there. While this may not be a huge problem in most scenario, if you spend a lot of time outdoors the glare from the sun may cause some issues. You can definitely help this by upping the brightness of the screen, but in some cases you’ll probably still end up with some reflective glare.

See the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8!

How well does it fit the screen?

Samsung Galaxy Note5 on Verizon gets new security update

Verizon has started pushing out a new update to Samsung Galaxy Note5 units on its network. Arriving as software version N920VVRS3CQD1, it’s a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of April.

Going by the details provided on the handset’s Software Update page on the carrier’s website, nothing else is included in the update – no new features anyway, but some bugfixes are to be expected.

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Editors’ Picks: $35,000 new SUVs and crossovers – Roadshow

Here’s how the Roadshow by CNET would spec their ideal $35,000 new utility vehicles, right down to the options and paint color. – Source

TuringSense scores $3 million to build fitness trackers smart enough to train athletes

TuringSense announced today that it’s closed a $3 million early funding round, an investment that brings the Bay area-based sports tracker startup’s total investment to $6 million. The company’s entering a crowded space, dominated by the likes Zepp, which has scored some high profile partnerships with major league sports and high profile players like Mike Trout and David… Read More

– Source

The KeyOne is the phone BlackBerry should have made 10 years ago

The KeyOne is a device from an alternative timeline where BlackBerry didn’t completely whiff and miss the touchscreen revolution. In that parallel universe, Biff Tannen wasn’t elected president and nobody forced devoted thumb-typers to abandon their beloved QWERTY keyboards. It’s tempting to imagine a history where the device arrived on the scene in time to save… Read More

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Despite setbacks, Soylent drinks up $50 million in fresh funding

Soylent, a four-year-old, L.A.-based company that’s centered around what it calls a meal replacement drink, has taken its licks in recent years, no pun intended. But a group of investors is betting Soylent’s best days are ahead of the company; they just provided it with $50 million in fresh funding in a round that brings Soylent’s total funding to $74.5 million.… Read More

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Going to the battery life Olympics? Might want to check the Vernee Thor E out!

This story is sponsored by Vernee. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!Disclaimer

Nowadays, the trend in flagship-class smartphones is to try and wow you with a slim and light design and some form of incredible camera improvement. Midrangers, on the other hand, know that they can’t win the fight in the performance or camera department, so they do another trick — they try to dazzle you with an extreme battery life, and possibly … – Source

Transport Canada recalls the AT-AT walker for poor cold weather performance

Today is May the 4th, which has become an international day for recognizing the mega franchise we all know and love and recognize with our dollars almost continually lately anyway via movie ticket and product purchases. It’s also a day that can be truly fun, especially when staid government agencies get in on the gag, as Transport Canada has done with a recall notice it issued today for… Read More

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