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7th May 2017

Tiny, adorable baby animal rescued from imminent doom by hero Arizonans

A starving, struggling otter in Arizona was nursed back to health after utility workers plucked it from a canal on the outskirts of Phoenix.

The 4-week-old animal was dehydrated and covered with fleas when three heroes from Salt River Project noticed the otter struggling to escape the drying canal.

“He was calling for his momma, we assumed,” Craig Boggs, one of the utility workers, told the local Arizona news channel KPNX-TV.

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“It would go back under water and fight and come back up,” he told the station. “He was about to give up. He was pretty exhausted.” …

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Alien: Covenant May Be the Biggest Disappointment of the Summer

Here’s a sentence I’m just incredibly sad to type: Alien: Covenant is bad.

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Sonus Faber SF 16: The weirdest speaker ever? – CNET

The crazy, high-end Sonus Faber SF 16 is a wireless speaker with a unique pair of motorized arms – Source

This dystopia is completely ridiculous

We live in dark and darkly hilarious times. Our world has grown so bewildering and complicated, in no small part because of the finger jammed on technology’s fast-forward button, that many people have given up trying to make sense of it — or to make sense at all. That’s honestly my only explanation for some of the craziness out in the tech world these days.
I once saw Cory… Read More

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Man: border agents threatened to “be dicks,” take my phone if I didn’t unlock it

Enlarge (credit: Aaron Gach)

ALBANY, Calif.—As he sat in a darkened corner of a neighborhood bar, Aaron Gach, an artist and lecturer at a local art college, told Ars about what happened to him in February 2017 episode at San Francisco International Airport, where he agreed to unlock his iPhone and have it be searched by border agents rather than risk being detained and delayed further.

“I thought, in the moment, that if I gave in and turned over my phone that maybe they were being honest and wouldn’t take my other belongings,” he said, sipping a Death and Taxes beer.

He turned out to be right. After he unlocked his iPhone SE, agents took it out of sight for five to 10 minutes before giving it back and sending him on his way. Gach still has no idea why.

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Microsoft is putting AI everywhere it can

Today’s AI is tomorrow’s taken for granted.

It’s an insight you’d expect to hear from, maybe, Watson parent IBM, Alexa’s mom, Amazon, or even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talking about “M.” The source, however is Microsoft Corporate VP for Microsoft AI & Research Group Andrew Shuman who was trying to set the stage for what should be some significant artificial intelligence announcements next week at Microsoft’s annual Build developer’s conference.

Microsoft has been in the artificial intelligence game for a long time, Shuman reminded me, especially from a Microsoft Research Standpoint. They’ve used it to build speech processing and “We’re one of only two companies that created a world index of the web [Bing], which takes a lot of AI.” …

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Ben Heck’s Mini Pinball kit: Selecting a microcontroller

As the development of the Mini Pinball kit progresses, Ben and Felix split their focus between different areas of the build. Ben is finalizing the design of the flippers and how they’re controlled, while solenoids are being used to give the power… – Source

Get Mom $50 worth of flowers for $35

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Did you remember? You forgot, didn’t you?

It’s OK. Android Central Digital Offers has you covered.

$50 worth of flowers for $35Learn more

Ordering flowers online is the perfect way to surprise Mom this Mother’s Day, since Bouqs will have them delivered right to her doorstep. At Android Central Digital Offers, you can get a $50 credit for just $35 and send Mom a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers from the Bouqs Company. Registration with Bouqs is free and every purchase is backed by the Happiness Guarantee, so if you get some sad flowers, you’ll be taken care of.

The Bouqs Company gets all of its flowers from eco-friendly, sustainable farms, so you can purchase a bouquet for your mother or any other mothers in your life in good conscience. Flowers from some florists can cost you an arm and a leg and aren’t as sustainably sourced, but through Android Central Digital Offers, you can get a $50 credit for just $35.

$50 worth of flowers for $35Learn more

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Dakota Access Pipeline protest movement now focuses on the money

It’s been a tough few months for opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). First Donald Trump officially approved the $3.8 billion project. Then indigenous people were forced to clear out of the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone protest camps. And with construction done, oil has now begun flowing from North Dakota to Illinois.

But the opposition has not faded away.

In fact, it’s entering a new phase by moving from the plains of North Dakota into city councils and corporate boardrooms. And its indigenous leaders are scoring big victories. They’ve convinced cities to divest billions of dollars in their portfolios from Wells Fargo, which is financing about 5 percent of Dakota Access. Several major European banks have also dropped investments in the project. …

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How ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ raises the stakes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spoiler alert: Major spoilers follow for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

In a lot of ways, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 feels like familiar territory. We’re back with the same old a-holes we met in the first film, listening to more classic rock tunes while they save the galaxy a second time.

But Vol. 2 differs from every other Marvel Cinematic Universe in one major way – and in doing so, raises the emotional stakes of the franchise as a whole.

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The third act of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 throws just about every character into the action, putting them all in danger as they battle Ego for the fate of the universe. While most of them ultimately come out clean, however, Yondu diesReally dies, like gets-cremated-and-has-his-ashes-scattered-into-space dies. …

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Gritty 1940s photos record the dark and dangerous lives of Pennsylvania coal miners

Image: Library of Congress

In 1942, Office of War Information photographer John Collier visited the Montour No. 4 Mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Montour No. 4 was a mine for bituminous coal, one of the most volatile forms, requiring the miners to vigilantly monitor for the presence of flammable gases

Collier followed the miners as they moved underground through the near-horizontal drift mine, laying track for machinery, drilling and blasting with dynamite, all the while maintaining caution for possible collapses or explosions.

Image: Library of Congress

Miners prepare to ride down into the mine. …

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Weekly poll: do the contents of a phone’s retail box matter?

In recent years, we’ve seen a trend of cutting down the retail box to bare essentials – even for flagship smartphones. There are still a few devices that pack in extra perks, like Galaxy S8’s AKG headphones or LG V20’s B&O headset. Others come with just a USB cable and some manuals.

Is a well-stocked box a consideration when buying a phone? We certainly think a fast charger – as fast as the phone supports – is essential. But a $100+ pair of headphones is certainly welcome. And some USB adapters (e.g. micro to C) definitely made the transition to the new USB standard smoother. We rarely see…

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New 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster: German brute or exotic alternative?


Some serious model proliferation has been going on at Mercedes-AMG, and few enthusiasts will have a problem with that. What began a couple of years ago as a follow-up to the gullwing-door SLS has grown into a model line unto itself. The AMG GT is now seven models, including the base GT, the GT S, the GT R, the GT3 race car, the GT convertible, the GT C roadster, and the GT C coupe. There will shortly be a long-rumored four-door GT variant making the grand GT total eight. Let there be no doubt that the upper end of the sports car market is alive and kicking.

The latest version we test drove, the GT C roadster, is packed with power and attitude, and it loses nothing in the transition from closed-top coupe to open-top hedonist. From C coupe to C roadster, weight is up a mere 75 pounds (34 kg)—a rounding error in the grand scheme of 3,800-pound (1,724-kg) things. Additional fortification goes into the door sills, rear bracing between the wheel housings, the rear bulkhead, and up front, hidden beneath the dashboard.

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Nicki Minaj gives straight-A students a generous Twitter surprise

Fans of Nicki Minaj piled on with internet praise this weekend after the artist offered to pay college-related expenses for students with straight A’s.

Minaj responded to dozens of requests on Twitter from fans seeking hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay down student loans or cover the costs of books or online courses.

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People tweeted photos of their stellar report cards and explained their financial circumstances.

Show me straight A’s that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it. Who wants to join THAT contest?!?!🤷🏽‍♀️ Dead serious. Shld I set it up?


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Add a slim case to your Moto G5 Plus for just $6

If you’re looking for a relatively slim Moto G5 Plus case that doesn’t take away from the look of the phone too much, you’ll want to check out Cruzerlite’s Fender case. The case has a clear back and you can pick between a few different colors for the bumpers, and today you can grab one for $6.

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Counterclockwise: monster-sized screens, the early days

Last week we traced the upwards trajectory of phone storage, let’s do the same but for screen size. Note that we’ll focus only on phones – that is no PDAs.

With that in mind, get ready for some Nokia domination. Hailing from the distant 1996, the Nokia 9000 had a 4.5″ 640 x 200px screen and a graphical web browser to surf the web at a blistering 0.0096Mbps. It was a true smartphone (running GEOS, a predecessor of Symbian) on a 33Mhz processor.

This phone spawned a multitude of successors, all of which featured its unusual laptop-like design – easily accessible screen outside, big…

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How to fix your chaotic nightmare of an email inbox

We’ve all been there. Missing that one important email because your inbox is cluttered with garbage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Thankfully, there are numerous tricks you can use to make sure that you see the emails you want to see, when you want to see them. While the specifics of your digital streamlining will vary depending on your email provider of choice, that’s OK! We’re here to break it all down for you, nice and easy like.


Google’s Gmail offers up numerous options to flag important incoming emails, and even employs one of them by default. The default flag is called an “…

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Amazon’s Most Popular Devices Are Back On Sale For Mother’s Day

If you haven’t yet picked out a Mother’s Day gift (or just want to treat yourself to something nice), Amazon’s running a big sale on many of its most popular gadgets.

– Source

Amazon’s Most Popular Devices Are Back On Sale For Mother’s Day

If you haven’t yet picked out a Mother’s Day gift (or just want to treat yourself to something nice), Amazon’s running a big sale on many of its most popular gadgets.

– Source

Samsung Galaxy C10 to be the first Samsung phone with a dual camera setup?

Earlier this month, we told you that there was speculation that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would NOT be the first Samsung branded phone to carry a dual camera setup. Instead, the buzz around the water cooler was that a new Samsung handset in the Galaxy C line would be first across the finish line with the dual snappers, which would be vertically positioned on back. Today, that phone’s name was finally revealed in a pair of tweets disseminated this morning.

According to a source out of China, the first Samsung handset to carry a dual camera setup will be the Samsung Galaxy C10. The model … – Source

Sex-positive YouTubers are giving kids the sex talks we wish we’d had

When mum and dad’s “bird and the bees” talk causes you to have more questions than answers and when your school sex education classes don’t seem to cover all the bases, who can you turn to?

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Adolescents are increasingly turning to the internet to fill in the gaps. While it’s a great resource, it can be difficult to navigate when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some teens turn to porn to provide the answers, but porn is often filled with unrealistic portrayals of sex. Googling one’s queries tends to lack the care and wisdom of a teacher whose presence can put a worried mind at ease. …

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Top 10 trending phones of week 18

It’s been six consecutive weeks now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has led our interest chart. The Korean flagship is also showing no signs of slowing down, having nearly twice the daily hits of the second placed handset, which this week is the Galaxy J7 Prime.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 lost some of its initial hype and rolled down to fourth, so the Samsung mid-ranger was able to snatch the silver medal this time. Somewhat surprisingly the Redmi Note 4 is the third device on the podium both the Mi 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ since last week.

The Galaxy S8+ has actually lost two positions and is now…

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“Mechanical” puzzler Zip-Zap is the free iOS app of the week

From now until next Wednesday comes to a close, you can grab puzzle game Zip-Zap for free from the Apple App Store. After all, it is currently the free iOS app of the week, which saves you $1.99 when you download the app right now. There is a Mouse Trap/Rube Goldberg type of feel with the game, which uses levers and hinges that are placed on the screen by tapping on the glass. There are more than 100 levels that you need to complete.

While the game is currently free on the iOS platform, it can be purchased for Android users from the Google Play Store for $1.99. Both the iOS and Android … – Source

Windows 10’s upgraded mapping helps you plan elaborate routes

You likely know that Microsoft packed a lot of improvements into the Windows 10 Creators Update, but there are still a few surprises left… particularly if you use Windows’ built-in navigation app to get from A to B. Microsoft has detailed Creators’… – Source

‘SNL’ pokes at a ‘missing’ Kellyanne Conway in Carmen Sandiego tribute

After a few media missteps, the once ubiquitous Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway has all but vanished from TV.

So Saturday Night Live tasked a couple of precocious young children with answering the question, “Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?”

Time to find Kellyanne#SNLLiveCoastToCoast

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) May 7, 2017

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“She hasn’t been seen in weeks; no one knows where she is or what she’s up to,” Sasheer Zamata opened as the iconic Chief, Lynne Thigpen.

And the Carmen Sandiego sendup was complete with Rockapella, featuring Chris Pine. …

More about Snl, Saturday Night Live, Kellyanne Conway, and Entertainment – Source

Watch Chris Pine’s sexy lip sync battle on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live taught the world tonight that hunky superhero tough guy Chris Pine can sing.

But apparently he can lip sync, too.

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Pine, Bobby Moynihan, and a few other SNL regulars play grease monkeys coming to terms with their love of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The hammer comes down, though, when the conversation shifts to Lip Sync Battle. Pine challenges Moynihan, and, well, IT’S ON.

​Fortunately for the viewing public, the battle, featuring a lip sync to an Erika Jayne song (she’s apparently a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills!), ended with some delightful booty shaking by Pine. And, I mean, Moynihan too, but Pine. …

More about Snl, Saturday Night Live, Chris Pine, and Entertainment – Source

Google Now and Google Play Store run into problems thanks to Google’s server-side testing

To test how changes to the Android UI would go over, or how new features added to the platform would be received by users, Google randomly uses server-side tests to get the lay of the land. The only problem is that these tests can sometimes lead to some unexpected results. Currently, there are two tests being done that ended up breaking Google Now and the Google Play Store.

The test to the Google Play Store removes everything from the home page. Yes, you can still search for apps, install them, and manually update them too. But the Play Store’s home page is blank, and there is no workaround … – Source

‘Alien: Covenant’ leaves too much space between thrills – CNET

Michael Fassbender shines in Ridley Scott’s latest extra-terrestrial adventure, but it doesn’t deliver the sustained thrills of the original “Alien” movies. – Source

F-Droid 0.103 is finally out of alpha, brings a snazzy new design [APK Download]

F-Droid has just released its latest lovely layout to stable. The old three-tab design has been replaced, along with new visual changes to app listings and category navigation. In addition to the UI changes, there are a few other new features like new notifications and translations. F-Droid has been working on the redesign for the last six months and released it for testing in early April. But as of today, it has left alpha.

Read More

F-Droid 0.103 is finally out of alpha, brings a snazzy new design [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Google explains how it’s preventing future email phishing scams

That massive Google Docs phishing attack from May 3rd was more than a little disconcerting, but Google is trying to set minds at ease. It just outlined how it responds to this email trickery — including how it intends to prevent incidents like the… – Source

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