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11th May 2017

Sony shows off its stunning 960fps slow-mo camera in the Xperia XZ Premium

With the Xperia XZ Premium’s release date approaching, Sony took to YouTube to release a video highlighting the amazing power of its so-called Motion Eye camera.

The video was shot entirely using the Xperia XZ Premium by journalists at Sony’s press event in Lisbon. Directed by film-maker Chris Cairns, 120 smartphones captured the stunning scenes using Sony’s new Motion Eye camera system. This camera carries with it astounding specs, including the ability to shoot slow motion video at 960fps.

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Sony shows off its stunning 960fps slow-mo camera in the Xperia XZ Premium was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Apple iPhone SE (2017) rumor round-up: design, specs, features, and expectations

It’s been more than a year since Apple paid some serious attention to the compact smartphone segment it once ruled. It did that by releasing the iPhone SE – a 4″ device that combined the iPhone 6s’ hardware prowess inside an iPhone 5s’ body. This recipe turned out successful – the iPhone SE still remains one of the best ultra-compact phones you can buy.
Although it’s not that long in the tooth yet, the iPhone SE will reportedly be succeeded by an improved iPhone SE, a new entrant to the compact scene. Although not much is known about this one, a bunch …
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Oh, no! Google’s Play Store icon losing its iconic shopping bag wrapper

Oh, no, modern design guidelines, why you do this to us! Google is apparently on the eve of ditching the iconic shopping bag that the Play Store triangle has been stamped on in the respective Android icon since, well… forever.
This tote bag has been a staple on our home screen for a while now, but with the latest Play Store APK, the design if the icon has been greatly simplified, it seems, as well as the store sign in the update notifications.
If you are impatient to try out the new design, sideload the APK below, or just wait …
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Clove halts pre-orders for Nokia devices despite high demand

Back in March, UK retailer Clove listed the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and 3310 on its website along with expected release dates. A month later, it became the first — and only — UK retailer to start accepting pre-order for the devices. It now looks like the company jumped the gun, as you can’t pre-order the upcoming Nokia handsets anymore.

They are still listed on the website, but you can only enter your email address to get notified when they become officially available. In a statement given to Nokiapoweruser, Clove explained exactly what had happened. HMD, the company now behind the Nokia brand, reached out to the retailer and asked it to remove the pre-order pages. Those apparently went live way too early.

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Why you don’t need the Nokia 3310
March 25, 2017

Clove also added that the demand has been very high so far and that it will start taking pre-orders again in a few days time, probably over the weekend.

Nokia took the wraps off the 3, 5, and 3310 handsets at Mobile World Congress in February. At the same time, it announced that the Nokia 6, which made its debut in China in January. That device, with model number TA-1039 has recently hit the FCC and will make its way to other markets around the world as well. All of them are expected to be available soon, as HMD has said that it plans on releasing the smartphones in 120 markets at the same time sometime in the second quarter of the year.

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‘Alien: Covenant’: Do I need to watch ‘Prometheus’ first? – CNET

This spoiler-free guide will help you decide whether to watch the 2012 sci-fi mystery before heading into “Covenant”. – Source

Verizon outbids AT&T for 5G wireless spectrum

AT&T was planning to acquire Straight Path Communications for $1.6 billion. This company holds licenses to use the high-frequency radio waves used for the 5G network. Verizon, however, jumped in the negotiations and offered $3.1 billion in stock for the company. AT&T declined to match the offer, effectively passing up the opportunity.

Straight Path started acquiring wireless spectrum 15 years ago, and currently holds 735 mmWave licenses in the 39 GHz band and 133 licenses in the 28 GHz band. These licenses cover areas around the United States, including all of the top 40…

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Verizon reportedly wins the bidding for Straight Path with a $3.1 billion offer

The intense bidding competition for Straight Path Communications has come to an end. The wireless spectrum holder could become property of the “mystery bidder” which offered $2,3 billion a few days ago, topping AT&T’s initial $1,6 billion offer. But ultimately, the final value of the deal amounts to approximately $ 3.1 billion, аnd, according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, the multi-national telecommunications company that won the bid is, indeed, none other than Verizon Communications.

The supposed identity of the winner is not a big surprise, however. A few days ago, industry … – Source

Russian Who Played Pokémon Go in Church Is Convicted of Inciting Hatred

Ruslan Sokolovsky filmed himself playing the smartphone game in Yekaterinburg. He received a suspended sentence of three and a half years. – Source

Stephen Fry uses psychology to take down Donald Trump

Ever wondered what drives Donald Trump’s decisions? Or what makes some people support his often controversial policies?

Well, Stephen Fry may have the answer. In the animated video above created by Pindex, Fry talks through things like cognitive bias, and uses facts to highlight just how ridiculous some of Trump’s priorities are.

SEE ALSO: Even Trump’s Earth Day message was anti-science

“When Trump raises fear of immigrant terrorists,” says Fry. “Keep in mind that since 9/11, no one has died in a terrorist attack by immigrants from the countries he wants to ban.”

Meanwhile, Fry explains, Trump has slashed the Environmental Protection Agency budget even though air pollution is responsible for 200,000 early deaths in the U.S. …

More about Uk, Environment, Donald Trump, Budget, and Environmental Protection Agency

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Europe’s top court leaning towards dealing Uber a big regulatory blow

Europe’s top court appears to be leaning towards calling a spade a spade by judging Uber’s business a transportation company, rather than just an enabling tech platform as the company prefers to think of itself, ie. as a way for the on-demand ride hailing app to work around the (stricter) licensing regulations that can be applied to traditional taxi firms. Read More

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You’re wrong, media: There’s plenty of diversity among the 13 white men working on healthcare

On Tuesday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price correctly lambasted the media for failing to notice the diversity among the 13 straight white male senators recently tasked to work on healthcare.

The idea was “absolutely offensive,” Price said on The Mike Gallagher Show — and boy, was he right.

SEE ALSO: Give Trumpcare a break: Here are all the pre-existing conditions it will cover

Below are the 13 senators recently chosen by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to be in a healthcare working group. Sure, there’s no women or people of color tasked to work on a bill that would disproportionately affect the communities they represent, and three of them are named John. …

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How to turn off Galaxy Apps notifications on the Galaxy S8

No, I don’t want to hear about your promotions.

Having the Galaxy Apps store installed on you Galaxy S8 or S8+ alongside the Play Store isn’t ideal, but it’s the only way to update some of your phone’s core services. What isn’t necessary at all are its notifications, which can be useful sometimes but are often just promotional pushes you may not care about.

You can turn off the notifications for the app entirely, though, and it only takes a couple steps. Here’s how to get it done.

How to turn off Galaxy Apps notifications.

Open Galaxy Apps from your home screen or app drawer.
Tap on the overflow menu button in the top-right corner.
Tap on Settings.
Tap on the toggle for Push notifications to turn off promotional notifications. These are the non-critical notifications about sales, deals and promotions from Samsung.
Tap on the toggle for Show updates … to turn off app update notifications. You don’t necessarily need these turned on so long as you have “Auto update apps” turned on above it.

With both of these toggles turned off, Galaxy Apps won’t bother you at all anymore. So long as you keep the automatic updates turned on it will still update some core services periodically, and you won’t ever have to open Galaxy Apps unless you want to.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy S8 and S8+ review!
Galaxy S8 and S8+ specs
Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8’s cameras
Get to know Samsung Bixby
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10 of the best things you can do with the Amazon Echo – CNET

There’s a lot Alexa can do — here are 10 reasons why we love her. – Source

5 things we learned from Snap’s first earnings report – CNET

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel isn’t afraid of Facebook. He really believes in the power of puppy face filters. – Source

Ubuntu 17.04 review: Don’t call it abandonware, per se

Enlarge / Finally made it to the end of the alphabet with…. Zesty Zapus. We had to use this German children’s book (Bilderbuch fur Kinder) to learn about this “meadow jumping mouse” (bottom right). (credit: Florilegius/SSPL/Getty Images)

Last month, it finally happened. Six years after its tumultuous switch from GNOME 2 to the homegrown Unity desktop, Canonical announced it was abandoning work on Unity. Going forward, the company will switch the default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME beginning with next year’s 18.04 LTS release. This means Canonical is also abandoning the development of the Mir display server and its unified interface of Ubuntu for phones and tablets. The company’s vision of “convergence,” as Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth termed it, has officially died.

Shuttleworth posted that news just a few days before Ubuntu 17.04 arrived, which took a considerable amount of wind out of the sails for this update to Canonical’s flagship Unity-based Linux desktop. To be fair, however, the last few Ubuntu desktop releases haven’t had much wind in their sails to start with. There have been a few feature updates and some work on bringing in more up-to-date GNOME and GTK elements, but by and large they’ve been maintenance releases.

While Ubuntu 17.04 offers a few new features, bug fixes, and improvements over its predecessor, it qualifies as a significant release because it will likely be the last version of Unity that Canonical ships. Technically Ubuntu 17.10 will come later this year, but it seems unlikely the company is going to put much effort into developing a desktop it is abandoning.

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Watch the highlights of NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference keynote

Under NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang’s iconic leather jacket is one of the tech industry’s sharpest CEOs — a man who can not only talk eloquently about GPU architecture, machine learning and the limits of Moore’s Law, but do so for hours without a stri… – Source

Lighthouse Interactive Assistant Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

This connected cam uses 3D sensors to watch and learn what’s going on in your home. – Source

Chinese hackers must pay $9m over insider trading scam

The men stole confidential information that helped them profit on the stock market, prosecutors say. – Source

‘Avocado hand’ is real and can turn your dream brunch into an ER nightmare

Avocados can kill.

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OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but an improper use of the knife to cut the fruit’s hard outer casing before meeting the inner stone can seriously mess up your hand and cause life-changing tendon and nerve injuries.

Meryl Streep warned us. Jamie Oliver instructed us.

But we didn’t listen, and now the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) has raised the alarm to literally stop a collective haemorrhage.

Simon Eccles, secretary of the association and former president of the plastic surgery section of the Royal Society of Medicine, told …

More about Brunch, Avocado, Chefs, Avocado Hand, and Avocado Injury

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At Tribeca, VR is something you have to feel to believe – CNET

Of the best virtual reality at the Tribeca Film Fest, some of the top projects hinged on creating an experience you can’t duplicate at home. – Source

Stephen Colbert explains how we know the exact reason Trump fired Comey

In the wild aftermath of James Comey’s firing from the FBI, it might look like Trump just wanted to get rid of the man investigating his ties to Russia. And, according to Stephen Colbert, that’s exactly right!

“I’m pretty confident,” he said on Wednesday’s Late Show. “One thing we’ve learned from the last two years of Donald Trump is that what it seems like he’s doing is exactly what he’s doing.”

Wait, does this mean we can cut down on all the thinkpieces? …

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Put on Some New Pants With Amazon’s One-Day Premium Denim Sale

You need jeans. Everyone needs jeans. Right now, get some from premium brands like 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, Joe’s Jeans, AG Adriano Goldschmied, and more for a lot less during Amazon’s one-day sale. The best part is that these pricey premium brands are mostly marked down to under $100.

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Put on Some New Pants With Amazon’s One-Day Premium Denim Sale

You need jeans. Everyone needs jeans. Right now, get some from premium brands like 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, Joe’s Jeans, AG Adriano Goldschmied, and more for a lot less during Amazon’s one-day sale. The best part is that these pricey premium brands are mostly marked down to under $100.

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Trump’s website wanted to collect your location data

A redesigned version of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign website debuted on Tuesday morning, and with it came a new and problematic set of Terms & Conditions. According to CBS News, part of the new terms stated that the website “may… collect other… – Source

Sony has the best phones for epic slow motion videos and here is a video to prove this

These days, it’s hard to find many phones with unique features: there are very few that stand-out. We have the Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, the ‘infinity display’ Galaxy S8… and now, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium enters this hall-of-famers club with its unique 960 frames per second slow motion video recording.

The feature comes as part of Sony’s new Motion Eye camera and it is available on both the Sony Xperia XZ and the Xperia XZ Premium. The latter is the one to score another feature that no other company except for Sony has: a 4K … – Source

Lighthouse tells you what happens in your home when you’re not there

A thief, your kids skipping school or paranormal activity? That’s the question that Lighthouse aims to answer with its new interactive assistant. By combining sophisticated sensors with computer vision technology, the Lighthouse team hopes to deliver an experience that brings more day-to-day value than a mere home security solution. Coming out of Stealth today, the company is… Read More

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ZTE’s upcoming device challenges the ‘ugliest phone of all time’ title

A ZTE smartphone with the model number C501 has recently been certified by TENAA in China, which means it will likely be announced in the near future. I’m not going to lie, this is one ugly-looking smartphone. Although design is subjective, I find it hard to believe that anyone would say that the C501 is a beautiful device. Just look at it! But who knows, stranger things have happened.

The rugged body does serve a good purpose though. This smartphone can really take a beating and is aimed at industrial workers and others looking for a super durable device. Its specs, on the other hand, are nothing to write home about. It sports a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and is powered by an unspecified processor clocked at a 1.1 GHz.

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It has 2 GB of RAM and offers only 16 GB of storage that can be expanded with a micro SD card. You’ll find an 8 MP camera on the back, while the front-facing selfie snapper has an 2 MP sensor. The smartphone will ship with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and will be available in a few different color combos: green and black, army green and black, army blue and black, yellow and black, and black.

As of now, there’s no word on exactly when the ZTE C501 will be released or what it will officially be called. I’d go with “bag of smashed crabs” but maybe that’s just me. Given the fact that it has already been certified in China, we probably won’t have to wait for long before ZTE announces it. If you feel the need for some other ugly AF phones in your life, take a look at these golden oldies.

What do you think about the design of the smartphone? Do you like what you see? Share your opinion with us down below.

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The high-end features mid-range phones could get this year

We’ve seen a number of major flagship releases already this year, and there are still plenty more to come, especially from the more affordable mid-tier. Just in time for their arrival, Qualcomm has unveiled its latest Snapdragon 660 and 630 mobile platforms, which will likely be powering a number of handsets that appear in the second half of the year.

Qualcomm’s latest platforms are packing much more than just processing power improvements though, and therefore give us a pretty good idea about mid-range handset features we may see going forward.

Qualcomm’s latest platforms give us a pretty good idea about mid-range handset features coming this year.

Perhaps most importantly, the two platforms share a wide range of features even though one is designed for the super mid-tier and the other is likely to be priced more cost effectively. This means that we could see many of these features appear even in low cost octa-core smartphones, such as the upcoming Moto G6, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note range, and HTC’s Desire series, among other low cost models.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 630 isn’t targeting the most budget models, but will likely power some very cost efficient mid-tier products later in the year. Bringing faster LTE, the latest fast charging, and powerful image processing capabilities with it.

Despite their differences in processing capabilities, both the Snapdragon 660 and 630 mobile platforms boast Qualcomm’s in house Spectra 160 Image Signal Processor and X12 LTE modem, which offers 600 Mbps peak download, 150 Mbps up-speeds, and 3 x 20MHz carrier aggregation capabilities for LTE-A networks.

Not only does this mean potentially faster data speeds that match last year’s flagship smartphones, but, perhaps more importantly, it also means better carrier aggregation and support for higher quadrature amplitude modulation signals which should improve roaming capabilities at the cell edge. This means a stronger signal and faster speeds while further away from cell towers and less time spent relying on 3G coverage. Mileage will, naturally, vary depending on your network.

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As for the Spectra 160 ISP, this upgrade not only continues to support dual camera sensors like Qualcomm’s previous mid-range Snapdragons, but it also supports a wider range of sensor options and can offload more complicated processing tasks from the main CPU clusters. The 14-bit ISP handles up to 24 MP single ISP images with zero shutter lag and can handle 4K video capture at 30fps. Smooth digital zoom and fast autofocus are also supported.

In terms of dual camera options, the Spectra 160 ISP is compatible with Qualcomm’s Clear Sight camera module. Clear Sight features two cameras with different sensors, one color and one black and white to absorb additional light. This technology can improve low light imaging results, offer up superior contrast, and less noise than a single sensor solution. The Snapdragon 660 is capable of supporting two 16 megapixel sensors, while the Snapdragon 630 taps out at two 13 megapixel sensors.

The Snapdragon 660 and 630 offer better camera setups to the mid-range, – Source

Nvidia Tesla V100: First Volta GPU is one of the largest silicon chips ever

Enlarge (credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has unveiled the Tesla V100, its first GPU based on the new Volta architecture. Like the Pascal-based P100 before it, the V100 is designed for high-performance computing rather than consumer use, but it still provides a tantalising glimpse at what the future might hold for Nvidia’s consumer graphics cards.

Volta, which has been on Nvidia’s public roadmap since 2013, is based on a dramatically different architecture to Pascal, rather than a simple die shrink. The V100 chip is made on TSMC’s 12nm Fin-FET manufacturing process and packs a whopping 21.1 billion transistors on a 815mm² die. By contrast, the P100 manages just 15.3 billion transistors on a 610mm² die and the latest Titan Xp sports a mere 12 billion transistors on 471 mm².

Suffice it to say, V100 is a giant GPU and one of the largest silicon chips ever produced, period.

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– Source

Huawei Nova 2 could arrive later in May

New mid-ranger tipped for May 26 unveiling in China.

The Huawei Nova series landed in late 2016, bringing metal-clad designs, long battery life and dependable cameras to a price point below the premium Huawei P series. And although the Nova and Nova Plus haven’t yet reached their first birthday, it appears successors may already be on their way.

GizChina highlights a teaser for the new Nova 2 phones, with the slogan “That’s one small step for self-shooter, one giant leap for the value of the device” and a May 26 launch date. The poster also references the Nova 2 “series,” so we should be in for a one-two punch of Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus devices, like last year.

The Nova 2 appears to have already passed through China’s TENAA, where images from the certification body reveal a metal design based on the Huawei P10, complete with dual camera setup — a first for the Nova series.

Hardware specs remain a bit of a mystery, though it’s been suggested the Nova 2 could be one of the first phones to debut Qualcomm’s new mid-range champion, the Snapdragon 660. The original Nova phones were among the first to use the Snapdragon 625, another important mid-range milestone in terms of performance and battery life.

Pair that with Huawei’s new, more palatable EMUI 5.1 interface, and you’ve got an intriguing little handset.

A Western launch for the Nova 2 series could also come earlier than expected. Huawei has scheduled a press conference for May 23 in Berlin for the launch of new “flagship” products, and given the close timing between that presser and the Chinese launch, we wouldn’t bet against seeing the Nova 2 announced for Europe.

– Source

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