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14th May 2017

Toyota ‘backs flying car project’ in Japan

The Skydrive car uses drone technology, and has three wheels and four rotors. – Source

Long-term aspirin use doesn’t lower risk of stroke for some a-fib patients

New study found that using long-term aspirin therapy to prevent strokes among patients who are considered to be at low risk for stroke may not be effective as previously thought. – Source

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender review – CNET

The high-end KitchenAid Pro Line blender brings the power, but it’s also too fussy. – Source

Third Eye Blind celebrates eponymous debut album 20 years later – CNET

We sat with Stephan Jenkins before an intimate hometown show to kick off the upcoming “Summer Gods” tour, where 3EB will play its “Third Eye Blind” album front to back. – Source

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R gets one more approval before release

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is clearly coming to market, but if you hope to grab one, you’ll want to pray to the fortune gods since the South Korean company won’t release it worldwide.

Two places where you will certainly be able to purchase the Galaxy Note 7R is China and South Korea, but other than that the list of markets where the smartphone will be available it’s a well-guarded secret.

The good news is the refurbished version of the last year’s flagship smartphone is close to being introduced in those two markets we’ve mentioned. The Galaxy … – Source

Melissa McCarthy’s funniest ‘SNL’ moment had nothing to do with politics

Long before she bowled us all over with her jaw-droppingly perfect Sean Spicer impression on Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy had proven herself as a master of physical comedy.

While the temptation must have been high for SNL writers to give “Spicey” an outsized presence during McCarthy’s May 13 hosting gig, they showed restraint. Spicey’s play date with Alec Baldwin-as-Trump paled next to this game show sketch, which put a fresh spin on one of comedy’s oldest props: the cream pie.

McCarthy’s hapless contestant took multiple pies to the face as the game turned against her — and it is comedy gold Every. Single. Time. …

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‘SNL’ comes up with a new Amazon Echo, just for the olds

Amazon Echo Silver responds to dozens of names that sound like “Alexa,” tolerates rambling anecdotes without argument, and is programmed to carefully sidestep casual racism.

Saturday Night Live had some fun with Amazon’s cylindrical talking speaker, turning the Siri-like voice interface into an eternally patient caretaker for “the greatest generation.”

The punchline here — “LOL aren’t old people lame and adorably hateful?” — is questionable, but SNL’s talented cast capably milks it for some memorable zingers, at least. …

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Week 19 in review: OnePlus 5 and Refurbished Galaxy Note7 leak as HTC U 11 teasers keep coming

Week 19 of 2017 was a busy one with leaks coming from all directions. OnePlus was easily the company to make the most headlines as the pieces of the company’s upcoming 5 flagship puzzle start to fall into place.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing to relaunch the infamous Galaxy Note7 as a refurbished device, while the iPhone SE is also likely to get an updated 2017 version.

The only major announcement came from Qualcomm, which introduced its latest mid-range offerings – the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630. The first of those promises to bring premium performance to mid-range phones,…

– Source

Learning the rules of antibiotics to make old drugs work on new bugs

Enlarge (credit: Getty | BSIP)

Bacteria come in two flavors: Gram-positive and Gram-negative. Gram is a violet dye, named for its discoverer, that is more readily taken up by some microbes (the Gram-positive ones) than by others (you guessed it, the Gram-negative ones). Gram-negative bacteria are surrounded by two cell membranes, and the outer one is really tough to get across. In addition to keeping out the Gram dye, this outer membrane also keeps out many commonly used antibiotics.

We are desperately in need not only of new antibiotics, but of new types of antibiotics. The last new class of antibiotics effective against Gram-negative bacteria–including bacteria that cause Whooping cough, Legionnaire’s disease, typhoid fever, and bubonic plague-was last introduced in 1968. And this is not for lack of trying. In 2007, GlaxoSmithKline reported screening 500,000 compounds for activity against E. coli and came up with a grand total of none.

Now, a team of researchers may have figured out a way of getting antibiotics that normally don’t work on Gram-negative bacteria inside those cells. Once inside, the antibiotics seem to be as effective as drugs specific to Gram-negative bacteria.

Read 6 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

Pattern recognition

I helped work on a thing last weekend that I can’t write about, yet, and then last week I found my way to San Jose for Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, and fine, all right, OK, I’m convinced: now that the smartphone boom is plateauing, AI/deep learning is the new coal face of technology — and, at least for now, Nvidia bestrides it like many parallel colossi. I use… Read More

– Source

Melissa McCarthy’s ‘SNL’ monologue was the cutest moment in the show’s history

Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live on May 13, the evening before Mother’s Day 2017. And since she didn’t have her own mom there at the show, McCarthy treated Joan, a random audience member (also, a mother,) to a tour of the show’s backstage area.

It’s funny, sure, but more than that: it is adorable. McCarthy ferrying a visibly overwhelmed Joan through the hustle and bustle of a live TV show’s working area — llama and all — has to be one of the cutest moments in the weekly comedy series’ 42 seasons. …

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Cyber-attack: Firms ‘must patch before Monday morning’

Europol director Rob Wainwright said there was an escalating threat worldwide. – Source

Meet the 20-somethings who stopped a worldwide cyberattack

Two 20-something cyber experts helped bring down the widespread ransomware attack that infiltrated networks at hospitals, banks, and government agencies in multiple countries.

A 22-year-old British researcher unintentionally found the so-called “kill switch” that authors of the malicious software left in the code. Later, he teamed up with a 28-year-old engineer in western Michigan to ultimately halt the infections, the Associated Press reported.

SEE ALSO: NSA tools at center of ransomware attacks hitting UK hospitals

The unprecedented outbreak, which began last Friday, locked up computers and extorted users for large Bitcoin payments in nations as diverse as the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, and India. It also hit the U.K.’s National Health Service, affecting computers in hospitals and doctors’ offices. …

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Ben Heck finally gets the Nintendo-PlayStation prototype working

It feels like a long time has passed since the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2016 where the team first encountered the Nintendo-PlayStation SFX-100 portable. Now it’s time to see the highlights of Ben working on the rare console from past episodes, a… – Source

Access geo-restricted content from anywhere with this lifetime subscription for just $39

Ever go to watch a show or stream music only to find out that it isn’t available where you live? There is nothing worse, right? Whether it is something on HBO that you want to check out, or some music you want to stream on Pandora, not being able to access it because it is only available in a different country is completely annoying. There are ways around it, but some are difficult, and others are expensive. It doesn’t have to be this way though!

Get a lifetime subscription now! Learn More

Meet Unblock All, one of the easiest ways to access geo-restricted services from anywhere. Whether the Netflix content you want isn’t available by you, or Pandora isn’t accessible, with Unblock All you’ll be able to gain access. You can change your location from Canada to the UK, or Australia to the U.S. all with just one click.

Some of the other features include:

Access blocked content from anywhere in the world
Change your location to the US, Canada, UK, or Australia w/ one click
Browse faster than w/ a VPN or Proxy thanks to no traffic limits & equal security
Use on an unlimited amount of devices

Save 81% right now! Learn More

Normally a lifetime license to the service would run around $215, but right now you can pay much less than that. For just $39 you can get the lifetime of access, or if you just want to check it out for a year, you can for only $19. If you want to access content that isn’t normally available in your area, you’ll want to check out Unblock All now!

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Check out SNL’s hilarious ad for the Amazon Echo “Silver”; it’s the smart speaker for the elderly

If you’re planning on buying your parents or grandparents a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, you need to view this gut busting funny satire of the product that appeared on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. Called the Amazon Echo “Silver,” this fake product is said to have been co-developed with AARP and is made for the elderly. Because of memory issues that arise with this generation, it is specially designed to respond to any name that sort of sounds like Alexa, including “Excedrin.”

The ad features a running gag about users’ loss of hearing, but there are also other funny … – Source

Weekly poll results: accessories matter

People want a solid bundle when they buy a new phone – nearly half of voters expect a good quality charger and headphones to come in the box. That is for high-end phones, of course, low-cost handsets can squeak by with a basic package, but expensive phones have to justify their cost.

Some – a third of voters – go even further, they want to get a additional extras. History shows that a solid bundle is a good way to draw in a crowd. We remember the Nokia 5800, which came with a whole sack of goodies, but bundles can be strategic too. Samsung paired its Galaxy flagships with a Gear VR…

– Source

Grab a Micro-USB to USB-C adapter for just $8 today

If you recently switched to a phone that charges over USB-C you may have a lot of Micro-USB cables laying around that are now useless. This handy adapter from Amzer will make all of those cables useful again, and right now you can pick one up for just $8.

– Source

From Leia to Ripley: Happy Mother’s Day to sci-fi moms we love – CNET

When your son turns to the Dark Side, that can make for an uncomfortable Mother’s Day brunch. – Source

Honeywell recalls fire alarm gateway that can’t detect fires

Tech-savvy fire alarm systems aren’t without their share of problems, it seems. Honeywell is recalling its SWIFT wireless gateway after learning that the smoke detectors connected to the gateway (usually found in apartments, hotels and offices) won’… – Source

7 terrifying scenes from Stephen King’s ‘It’ we badly hope are in the movie

Warning: Contains spoilers for Stephen King’s novel It (and possibly spoilers for the upcoming film adaptation, too).

For rampant Stephen King fans like myself, 2017 is set to be a year of glorious, clown-filled happiness.

We now have two trailers for Andrés Muschietti’s upcoming adaption of It, and so far things are looking promising. We’ve seen the iconic opening sequence with Georgie chasing his paper boat through the streets of Derry, and the beginning of a nicely creepy journey into a murky storm drain. We’ve even had our first proper glimpse of Pennywise.


More about Film, Scary, Stephen King, It, and Novel – Source

Kuo: Apple’s Siri-powered smart speaker to be priced higher than the new Amazon Echo Show

As you probably know by now, Apple is rumored to be introducing its own smart speaker next month at WWDC. The latest word we have about this device is that Apple is putting the finishing touches on the product, which will feature a speaker made by Beats, and the Siri virtual personal assistant. Amazon, who created the category with the Amazon Echo back in 2015, has raised the bar with its introduction last week of the Amazon Echo Show. This model, which resembles an office intercom, comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display, and adds a 5MP camera. It also will be able to make phone calls between … – Source

Yes, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes on ‘SNL’ is perfection

The wonderful thing about Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL this week is we knew she was going to bless us with another turn as White House Press Secretary Sean “Spicy” Spicer. But things got a little… weird.

The sketch began with Aidy Bryant as deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders greeting the press in lieu of Spicer, who she said was fulfilling some Naval Reserve duties (but who was totally hiding in the bushes outside the press room).

The press took the opportunity to beg Sanders to take over briefing duties full time.

“You are clearly articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish—” and will spray you with a fire extinguisher, apparently. …

More about Saturday Night Live, Melissa Mccarthy, Sean Spicer, and Entertainment – Source

How to protect yourself online

The BBC’s Chris Foxx has three tips to keep you and you information secure. – Source

SNL just came up with a hilarious version of Alexa designed for senior citizens

While the White House was definitely the focus of tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the show managed to fit in a great sketch on Amazon’s Alexa. The sketch was an advertisement for a (faux) device called Alexa Silver, touted as the only smart speaker built specifically for “the greatest generation“.
The device’s main feature? It’s super loud and… Read More

– Source

Guess Who Comes Up When You Google The President of the United States?

President Trump isn’t going to like this. Journalist Patrick Züst noticed something funny when he googled “donald trump office.” Can you spot it? It’s not exactly subtle.

– Source

Top 10 trending phones of week 19

It was a relatively calm week in our top 10 chart with the top three remaining unchanged. That means the Samsung Galaxy S8 tops the list for the 7th week in a row, while the Galaxy J7 Prime and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 complete the rostrum.

The larger member of the new Samsung flagship duo – Samsung Galaxy S8+ surged to 4th, overtaking the Xiaomi Mi 6 in the process.

The entry-level Xiaomi Redmi 4a claimed 6th, ahead of the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – all three gaining a spot thanks to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium which fell off the top 10.

The two-and-a-half…

– Source

Renault And Nissan Plants Hit By Massive Ransomware Attack

French auto giant Renault became the first major French company to report being affected by Friday’s ransomware attack that affected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 countries across the world, reports Automotive News. An English plant of Renault’s alliance partner Nissan was also hit by the attack.

– Source

Intel ends its dreams of replacing the x86 chip in your PC

When Intel launched its first Itanium processor in 2001, it had very high hopes: the 64-bit chip was supposed to do nothing less than kill off the x86 architecture that had dominated PCs for over two decades. Things didn’t quite pan out that way, how… – Source

Next cyber-attack could be imminent, warn experts

Computer experts warn a follow-up to the global ransomware outbreak could hit by Monday. – Source

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