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15th May 2017

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 puts the Tacoma on watch video – Roadshow

The ZR2’s Multimatic suspensions turns the mid-size truck into a dust-making, jump-flying, corner-carving machine. – Source

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Release Date, Price and Specs – Roadshow

Chevy’s new off-road wonder truck offers the best ride on the pavement and the dirt thanks to its innovative damping technology. – Source

Africa Roundup: Cameroon’s #BringBackOurInternet succeeds, Nigeria’s raises $5M

Cameroon’s #BringBackOurInternet movement achieved its demand. After 94 days of a state imposed web blackout, on April 20 the country’s government turned the net back on. The three month outage forced the hand of Africa’s largest telecom (MTN), halted operations of its leading e-commerce startup (Jumia), and created digital refugees. The disruption also prompted the… Read More

– Source

How Google hopes to finally solve the Android update problem with Treble

Google has announced a significant change to Android that is intended to make pushing updates easier for device manufacturers. – Source

Ransomware WannaCry kill switch engaged video – CNET

Ransomware that affected more than 70,000 computers is halted after a duo finds a cheap solution to a big problem. – Source

How I accidentally stopped a global Wanna Decryptor ransomware attack

I’ve finally found enough time between e-mails and Skype calls to write up the crazy events that occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off. You’ve probably read about the Wanna Decryptor (aka WannaCrypt or WCry) fiasco on several news sites, but I figured I’d tell my story.

I woke up at around 10am and checked onto the UK cyber threat sharing platform where I had been following the spread of the Emotet banking malware, something that seemed incredibly significant until today. There were a few of your usual posts about various organisations being hit with ransomware, but nothing significant… yet. I ended up going out to lunch with a friend, meanwhile the WannaCrypt ransomware campaign had entered full swing.

When I returned home at about 2:30, the threat sharing platform was flooded with posts about various NHS systems all across the country being hit, which was what tipped me off to the fact this was something big. Although ransomware on a public sector system isn’t even newsworthy, systems being hit simultaneously across the country is. (Contrary to popular belief, most NHS employees don’t open phishing e-mails, which suggested that something to be this widespread it would have to be propagated using another method.)

Read 29 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

Toyota wants flying cars in time for the 2020 Olympics

Toyota has joined the flying car craze by backing a group working on a drone-like vehicle that would soar 10 meters (33 feet) above the ground at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph). The “Skydrive” is being developed by Cartivator, a startup with around 3… – Source

Watch The Disrupt NY Day One live stream right here

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our Day One coverage of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017. We have an incredible line-up for you today, including a chat with Derek Jeter and Jaymee Messler of the Players’ Tribune, the NYT’s Mark Thompson, Yahoo’s Bob Lord, and Adam Neumann. Plus, we have panels on investment (with Stuart Ellman, Maha Ibrahim, and Amish Jani) and e-commerce… Read More

– Source

Fidget Spinners Are Good

We all fidget. We swing our headphones, we peel twigs and tear cardboard coasters, we flip pens around our thumbs and split the ends of our hair. Do we really need to explain, rationalize and lend science to the newest fidget toy?

– Source

OnePlus 5 mock-ups show two different dual camera layouts

New mock-ups for the OnePlus 5 have appeared and they look… sketchy. There’s this first one that follows the leaked sketches, then there is another that does not. Design A shows the dual camera arranged vertically along the centerline of the phone, which is very reminiscent of the original OnePlus One.

OnePlus 5 mock-up: a design that matches the sketches

However, Design B moves the dual camera in the upper left corner and rotates it 90°. That’s more “iPhone 7 Plus” than “OnePlus”. The resolution of this dual camera is all over the place as well.

We’ve heard 2x 12MP, 23MP and…

– Source

Yellow blush is the latest beauty trend taking over Instagram

Contouring is dead. It’s all about “yellow blush” now, apparently.

SEE ALSO: Contouring is dead: The English rose is this summer’s hottest men’s grooming look

This latest beauty trend is taking Instagram by storm, and beauty bloggers are posting their interpretations of the look in their droves.

Wow Lovely 😍😍 #trends #trendalert #yellow #yellows #yellowblush #instagraphy #instashopy #instagay #insta❤️ #instame #instablogging #pakistaniblogger #bloggerswanted #makeupshakeup #makeupartist

A post shared by Mahilicious (@mahilicious101) on May 12, 2017 at 6:31am PDT

Allure magazine …

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Top six tips to help avoid ransomware

Here are some amazing tips to help you and those you love (and the National Health Service) avoid ransomware. Read More

– Source

LG G6 emerges victorious over the Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, and the Pixel in our blind comparison

A week or so ago, we let you take part in a quick blind camera comparison that had the Galaxy S8 and the G6 wage war on the true-and-tested iPhone 7 and Google Pixel. We compared the four devices in a 6-scene shootout and it was your job to decide which phone performed the best… without knowing which phone took what picture, as is tradition.

Anyhoo, we know you’re eager to know the results, so here goes!

Scene 1: Memorial bust
In our first scene, the LG G6 got 1st place by a wide margin with 3,896 votes, followed by the Pixel with …

– Source

Katy Perry unveils details about new album and upcoming tour

It’s time to get excited, Katy Perry fans: a new album and a new tour are both officially on the way.

SEE ALSO: ‘I stand with you’: Katy Perry’s emotional speech for LGBTQ equality

On Monday, Perry shared the news about her new album “Witness” with some excitable posts on Twitter and Instagram:


A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on May 15, 2017 at 4:02am PDT

“With Witness, Katy reflects on the changes in her own life and in the world around her, delivering songs that both challenge and inspire,” reads a …

More about Katy Perry, Tour, Album, Announcement, and Witness

– Source

With This App, You Can Finally Trust Photos Again 

In a world where sophisticated Instagram filters enhance photographs and Snapchat filters can add on a full face of makeup, how does someone know when an image is doctored or when it’s unaltered? It’s tough, but one app is here to fight photo fraud by giving its stamp of authenticity for untouched content.

– Source

One X-Men Star Won’t Be Part of the New Mutants Movie After All

Woody Harrelson continues to tease his Han Solo character. Supergirl talks about Cat Grant and Superman’s return. A Star Wars legend could be coming to Rebels’ final season. Plus, crazy new pictures from Gotham and Flash, new peeks at Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman, and Riverdale has found its new Reggie. Spoilers!

– Source

Announcing TechCrunch Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield 2017

Who are the next wave of early-stage disruptors? TechCrunch is excited to announce the 19 startups pitching in the Startup Battlefield for TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2017. Over the next three days on the most prestigious tech stage in the world, the Battlefield teams will compete for $50,000 and the coveted Disrupt Cup. Read More

– Source

What’s in Andrew’s gear bag for Google I/O 2017?

This is everything I’m packing to Mountain View.

Every time there’s a launch event or conference, it offers us an opportunity to reevaluate the gear we carry that helps us do our job. CES and MWC gave us two chances to tune things up, and now we have Google I/O 2017 down in Google’s own backyard — Mountain View, California.

What I’m carrying to I/O this year hasn’t changed a ton from my pre-CES gear bag evaluation, but a few key parts have been swapped out and I’ll have some extra gear with me specific to this event. As I get everything packed up, let’s take a look inside my gear bag.

The bag: Timbuk2 Classic Messenger

I picked up my Timbuk2 Classic Messenger (size large) over two years ago, and I’ve been very happy with it as both a daily carry bag and for traveling. Most of the bag inside is just open space to use as you please, minus a divider in the back to fit a laptop. You get two internal side pockets that are great for bigger items, plus two zipped pockets for small things and a couple more open pockets for essentials.

The bag can go anywhere and take a beating.

Most days I have the external straps tightened down, which collapses the bag for a slimmer profile since I don’t have much to carry. But you can also loosen those straps out and fit a weekend’s worth of clothing and gear or a full set of camera equipment for a day of shooting. The versatility of the big open bag is great, even if I’m carrying the same things most of the time.

The bag has held up to years of travel, but you just can’t beat Timbuk2’s warranty, particularly if you have a store where you live. You’ll never have to worry about being caught without a bag or being charged for replacements if manufacturing-related issues arise.

See at Amazon

Also inside: Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert

I use this bag for photography gear on a regular basis, so I also invested in a Timbuk2 “Snoop” camera insert; and I went for a medium size for my large bag so that I have extra room for non-camera gear.

This is a fully-contained zip-closed camera bag with two movable dividers and a soft cloth interior that can easily hold my camera, two extra lenses, cables, batteries, and usually another phone or two. It has a handle on it so you can quickly yank it out of your bag, and because it’s self-contained it means I can quickly turn my messenger back into a standard carry-all bag in a snap.

See at Amazon

And finally: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip came as a recommendation from several people, and I just don’t carry a camera without it anymore. It’s a simple and secure way – Source

Google Home and Assistant one year later: What now? – CNET

Does the search giant have enough firepower to overtake Amazon? We’ll find out this week at Google I/O. – Source

Nintendo reportedly working on a ‘Zelda’ smartphone game

This just in from Captain Obvious: Nintendo’s Zelda series is headed for smartphones.

It’s still just a rumor for now, so there aren’t many details to share. But a mobile device leap for one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises — which also happens to be extra-hot right now thanks to Switch and Breath of the Wild — is a no-brainer.

SEE ALSO: Nintendo games were used to smuggle spiders. Sweet dreams, gamers.

The rumor comes via unnamed sources speaking to …

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Samsung pushes the boat out with Pirates of the Caribbean edition Galaxy S8

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Samsung has launched a special edition version of the Galaxy S8 inspired by the movie. Pictures of the device were uploaded to Chinese social site Weibo, while news.mydrivers provided some details on the unit.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has teamed up with Disney on a product, as it has previously produced an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 in 2015 (Marvel Entertainment is owned by Disney.) Unlike the Iron Man Galaxy S6, however, the Pirates of the Caribbean version of the S8 is just the regular edition of the phone with a smart case.

Similar to the Iron Man version, though, the Pirates of the Caribbean S8 will have access to a custom UI. This, it seems, would be applied automatically when the case is clipped to the device thanks to an NFC chip inside.

The special edition S8 is said to ship (no pun intended) in a custom box along with a (presumably fake) gold ring and other Caribbean themed accessories.

The Pirates of the Caribbean S8 will cost the same as the regular device plus 300 yuan (about $44). It looks like it will go on sale in June in China but we don’t know if something similar will be made available in the west.

What do you think of this limited edition S8? Let us know in the comments.

– Source

GM expands Maven car sharing to NYC

GM’s car sharing service Maven is expanding to the largest city in the U.S., the company announced Monday. The expansion is one of many for the company, which originally began operating only in January 2016, and is now available in 17 different markets across North America. Maven now includes three service offerings, including City, which is on-demand short-term rental; Home, which… Read More

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Snapchat launches a bunch of snazzy new ads

Snapchat is hustling to stay one step ahead of Facebook — and that means some snazzy new advertising features.

Snapchat announced on Monday three new advertising offerings, including lenses that take advantage of the company’s efforts to move the feature beyond the user’s face.

Snapchat helped pioneer lenses — computer-generated visuals that augment whatever a user is shooting through their smartphone’s camera — which have primarily been used for things that alter a user’s appearance, such as the famous puppy filter.

More recently, Snapchat introduced “…

More about Advertising, Snapchat, and Business

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Woman washes vagina with mint and tea tree shower gel, instantly regrets all her life choices

A woman has shared a hilarious rant after using mint and tea tree shower gel, which promptly set her vagina “ablaze”.

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Her rant — posted on her Facebook page I Know, I Need To Stop Talking — has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, gaining 147K shares and 116K likes.

In the post, the anonymous blogger said she had run out of her usual bottle of shower gel, so she grabbed the nearest thing to hand, a bottle of Original Source tea tree and mint shower gel

She said all was going well in her “positively first class bathing experience” until something rather unusual happened.

“Oh. Dear. God. MY VAGINA WAS ABLAZE. For a moment, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. Had I repeated the never to be forgotten error when I managed to apply hair removal cream which was strictly not for front bottoms to my front bottom?” she …

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Exynos-powered Galaxy S8 Plus with two SIM slots available in the US via eBay

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that’s available in the US is powered by the Snapdragon 835 and comes with a single SIM slot, while the international version (G955FD) comes with the Exynos 8895 chipset and two SIM slots. Those of you who want to get your hands on the second option are in luck. A reputable retailer on eBay is currently selling it for $804.99.

The device is unlocked and compatible with GSM networks. You can choose between the Midnight Black and Maple Gold color option, while the Arctic Silver model is listed as out of stock.

For comparison reasons, the unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 Plus with the Snapdragon 835 chipset and a single SIM slot that’s up for pre-order in the US will set you back $824.99 and only comes in black. However, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung is still giving out the Entertainment Kit for free with every purchase, which includes three things: an S-View cover, a 64 GB Samsung EVO+ microSD card, and a six-month subscription to Netflix ($150 value). But the deal won’t be available for much longer, as it expires tomorrow, May 16.

See also:

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases
3 days ago

Aside from the different processor and an additional SIM slot, the Galaxy S8 Plus on sale on eBay is exactly the same as the standard US version of the device. It sports a 6.2-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels and has 4 GB of RAM. The waterproof smartphone (IP68) is equipped with a 12 MP primary camera and a selfie snapper that has an 8 MP sensor.

Other features worth mentioning are a 3,500 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner located on the back, and Samsung’s own Bixby digital assistant. The device ships with Android 7.0 Nougat on board with a custom user interface on top. Those of you interested in getting the Exynos-powered version of the Galaxy S8 Plus can do so by clicking the button below.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Source

FTC looks to shut down fake tech support scams with Operation Tech Trap

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced new efforts to end scams that target consumers through fake security alerts. Here’s how to spot them and stay safe. – Source

United flight attendant accidentally leaked cockpit security codes to public website

United Airlines recently alerted staff that cockpit access codes has been posted online, raising concerns about the chain of ownership for sensitive data. – Source

How to use Oculus Touch like a Vive Tracker

Can I use my Touch controllers like a Vive Tracker?

HTC’s Vive Tracker, unveiled at the beginning of 2017, promises to bring pretty much any real-life object (as long as it fits in your house) into VR. Attach the Tracker to a golf club or a baseball bat and do your best impression of an athlete, or attach it to a fake gun and get real tactical real fast.

To compete with the Vive Tracker, Oculus has included a mount with their Touch controllers. It’s not nearly as exciting, but it sort of delivers the same experience. Officially branded with a Rock Band VR logo, it’s primarily intended to work with the plastic guitar accessories required to play the game. In our testing, it worked really well, and it got us thinking about what sort of other things we could track by attaching a Touch controller.

at VR Heads!

– Source

Get your own endoscopic camera for only $17.50

Typically when you hear the word endoscopic camera it’s being said by a doctor for the purpose of looking inside a patient. But these bendable snake cameras can be used for many everyday things beyond medical applications.

Get your very own endoscopic camera for only $17.50! Learn more

The versatility of an endoscopic camera can allow you to investigate what’s clogging a drain, peer inside the tight spaces of your car, or give you an inside look at any tough to reach areas of your home. The camera head is adjustable and waterproof, making it perfect for inspecting underwater areas, gaps or holes.

Best of all, you can get your very own endoscopic camera for just $17.50 via Android Central Digital Offers! This camera plugs right into your Android phone’s micro USB port and lets you view everything your camera sees on your phone.

Typically, endoscopic cameras like this are sold for $139, but you can get yours and save 87%! What a deal!

Save 87% on this handy endoscopic camera! Learn more

So what are you waiting for? You never know when you may need a versatile endoscopic camera to get you out of a jam. But act fast — this deal won’t be around forever!

– Source

Moto X returns in Motorola’s leaked 2017 phone lineup

Motorola is going to have a very busy 2017, if you believe tipsters. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has obtained a presentation photo that purports to show the Lenovo brand’s phone roadmap for the year, and there will be no less than nine devices by t… – Source

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