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August 2017

Sony shares list of Xperia devices that will get Android 8.0 Oreo

Today was certainly Sony’s big day — at its pre-IFA event earlier today, the company unveiled three new smartphones: the Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact, and XA1 Plus, along with a slew of other consumer electronics not related to smartphones. And while the flagship XZ1 duo stands out from the rest of the crowd in several key areas, one of their most important features is that they’ll ship with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.
And sure, this is great and all, but what about the rest of the company’s lineup? Well, Sony Mobile has just published the list … – Source

Amazon’s new multi-room audio is a Sonos competitor — if you don’t care about quality

So Amazon Echo — or, more specifically, the OG Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show — can now do multi-room audio. That is, they can all play the same music at the same time, in different rooms.

That’s a big deal. If you sell multiple speakers, you need to be able to do multi-room playback. Amazon’s nearest direct competitor in this sort of thing — that’d be Google and Google Home — has done this for some time now.

So, too, has Sonos. But this needs to be made abundantly clear:

For as good as the Amazon Echo and Echo Show are, they’re not Sonos. They’re not a Play:1, the least expensive of the Sonos stable at $199. And they’re definitely not of the quality of the Play:3 ($299) or Play:5 ($499).

If you’re comparing Amazon Echo’s multi-room audio to a @Sonos, you’ve obviously never used a Sonos.

— Phil Nickinson (@mdrndad) August 29, 2017

Start with the actual speaker hardware. The original Echo is decent, especially if you can get it at the current sub-$100 sale price. The Echo Show isn’t awful either when it comes to audio. It fills a need in the kitchen, where things tend to be a little noisy a lot of the time.

But neither the OG Echo nor the Echo Show — or Google Home, for that matter — can hold a candle to the stock audio quality of the Play:1. (Which I also keep in the kitchen because — well, it doesn’t matter why. It’s not normal to have this much stuff in one place, but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt.)

Three speakers, one obvious winner: Sonos.

And that’s before you get into the whole Sonos TruePlay thing, which individually tunes each speaker for improved sound in whatever room it’s in.

How do you make an already-great speaker even better? This is how.

That’s something that neither Amazon nor Google currently do with their speakers.

Echo continues to grow by leaps and bounds, but Sonos is in another class of its own.

I haven’t mentioned Apple’s HomePod speaker yet. And that’s because, save for SEO purposes, there’s no real reason to worry about comparisons. You can’t yet buy one. And it’s not expected until later in the year anyway, so any mention until then is moot. Same goes for the Harmon Kardon Invoke, which will sport Microsoft’s Cortana assistant. You can’t buy it yet.

So yes, Sonos and Google are the only current “competitors” for Amazon’s multi-room audio. But they’re just not on the same playing field. Not by a long shot.

And that’s something you need to keep in mind as you read headlines that pose Amazon’s new multi-room as some sort of Sonos competitor. For one, it’s way cheaper. But the sound quality from Sonos is exponentially better.

And in that sense, Amazon ain’t competing at all.

Amazon Echo

Tap, Echo or Dot: The ultimate Alexa – Source

Duolingo brings its flashcard learning app to Android

Duolingo launched an app called Tinycards last year to help you out on subjects other than languages. Unfortunately, it was an iOS exclusive until it came to the web a few months ago. Now, the flashcards app is finally available on Google Play, givin… – Source

Tech Tip: Apps to Provide Peace of Mind With a Teenager Behind the Wheel

Keeping tabs on a young new driver is easier than it used to be, thanks to several new apps and services intended for nervous parents. – Source

FCC “apology” shows anything can be posted to agency site using insecure API

(credit: Wired UK/Shuttershock)

The Federal Communications Commission’s website already gets a lot of traffic—sometimes more than it can handle. But thanks to a weakness in the interface that the FCC published for citizens to file comments on proposed rule changes, there’s a lot more interesting—and potentially malicious—content now flowing onto one FCC domain. The system allows just about any file to be hosted on the FCC’s site—potentially including malware.

The application programming interface for the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System that enables public comment on proposed rule changes—such as the dropping of net neutrality regulations currently being pushed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai—has been the source of some controversy already. It exposed the e-mail addresses of public commenters on network neutrality—intentionally, according to the FCC, to ensure the process’ openness—and was the target of what the FCC claimed was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. But as a security researcher has found, the API could be used to push just about any document to the FCC’s website, where it would be instantly published without screening. That was demonstrated by a PDF published with Microsoft Word that was uploaded to the site, now publicly accessible.

FCC has released a statement regarding Ajit Pai and net neutrality. @FCC @AjitPaiFCC #NetNeutrality @Lucky225 @Hak5

— JON JOLLEE (@h3apspray) August 31, 2017

Other researchers reproduced the vulnerability on August 30, posting about their findings to Twitter. Because of the open nature of the API, an application key can be obtained with any e-mail address.

Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC is the world’s largest microSD card

The SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-1 card will retail for $249.

SanDisk has rolled out the world’s largest capacity microSD card at IFA. The 400GB card can store 40 hours of Full HD video content, and transfers files at up to 100MB/s. SanDisk’s parent company Western Digital was able to double the capacity of the 200GB card — which made its debut two years ago — by turning to a new production process.

SanDisk’s card also meets the SD Association’s Application Performance Class 1 (A1) spec, hitting a minimum random read/write speed of 1500 and 500 IOPS respectively. What that essentially means is that you’ll be able to use SanDisk’s 400GB card to run apps.

The card is also waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and resistant to temperature changes. SanDisk is also rolling out a ten-year limited warranty.

And now for the price — the SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-1 card will retail for $249.99.

See at Amazon

– Source

Everything you didn’t want to know about Jon + Dany incest on ‘Game of Thrones’

Let’s just get this out of the way: Yuck, and also yuck.

We acknowledge and understand the revulsion you may be feeling toward taking a dive into this topic, even if it is just Game of Thrones. But we had to know. So did you, apparently.

SEE ALSO: The ‘Game of Thrones’ world must abandon the patriarchy, or die

Let’s get right into it: Just how incestuous is Jon + Dany, according to science, law, and social mores?

In the case of pure human biology, it’s a pretty cut-and-dried case, though potential effects on offspring are poorly understood. As far as the law and social acceptance, well, depending on where you live, aunt-and-nephew sex ranges from totally not a big deal to … punishable by death. …

More about Television, Hbo, Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen

– Source

Adorable dad stranded by Harvey tags along to daughter’s grad school classes

The aftermath of Harvey continues to impact Texas and because of the flooding and rainfall, some folks are having a hard time returning to their homes in Houston.

One dad who found himself in this situation decided to make the most of it. In a hilarious tweet that went viral, his son shared that his father ended up taking refuge at his sister’s university and was showing up to classes alongside her.

SEE ALSO: Man wishes daughter happy birthday with a dad joke, wins the heart of the internet

“My pops can’t fly back to Houston cause of the hurricane so he going to grad school with my sister [and] she pissed,” Omete’s …

More about Twitter, Hurricane Harvey, Culture, and Web Culture – Source

LG V30 vs LG G6 quick look: LG has finally hit a groove

What used to be Samsung’s stomping grounds is now being taken over by LG. In the absence of the Note 8, which launched in New York earlier this month, the talk of IFA 2017 is, without doubt, the new LG V30.

See also:LG V30 hands on – a mobile photography powerhouseLG V30 hands on – a mobile photography powerhouse8 hours ago

We had the opportunity to use the LG V30 for several days ahead of its launch in Berlin this week, and one question we wanted to answer during this time was “How good is the V30 compared to the LG G6?”

Is the V30 LG’s real 2017 flagship? Is it worth shelling out for the V30 if you already own the relatively new LG G6? Let’s take a look in our LG V30 vs LG G6 comparison!

LG V30 vs LG G6: Design

First off, let’s talk size, and we have to give it to LG here for making the 6-inch V30 a few grams lighter than the 5.7-inch G6.

Gone is the bulkiness of the V20. At 158 grams, the V30 is incredibly light for a 6-inch device, and it also feels very light and thin, thanks to the rounded edges of the screen and the glass back.

Whereas the LG V30’s sides are curved and smooth, the G6 has an “edginess” to it that you may or may not enjoy personally. The flat edges definitely make it grippier, which is not a bad quality to have on a glass-made phone.

Kudos to LG – the V30 is incredibly light for a 6-inch device

Both phones feature the curved screen corners that have come into fashion this year, but the G6 feels much flatter compared to the V30. Indeed, the V30 looks and feels a bit like the Galaxy S8 Plus, even if it doesn’t have the curved edges of the Samsung flagship.

As you’d expect, the V30 and the G6 share some design similarities. The dual cameras and the circular fingerprint sensor stand out on the back, and the V30 features the same shiny glass construction as the G6.

Even if it’s not fully metallic anymore, the V30 is said to be highly resilient to shocks, as the phone is certified to the MIL-STD-810G standard. Still, drop it at your own risk.

LG V30 vs LG G6: Specs and features

Both phones have 18:9 FullVision displays, which make them much more portable than their diagonal size would otherwise suggest.

The underlying technology is different however, as LG switched from LCD to plastic-based OLED on the V30. That’s a first for LG’s flagship lineup, if you don’t count the G Flex experiment.

Go in depth: What’s the difference between P-OLED and AMOLED?

OLED is the future of high-end smartphones and LG has poured billions into R&D and manufacturing facilities to catch up with Samsung.

The switch offers clear benefits on the LG V30, which is brighter than the G6 and also features a slightly more pleasant – Source

Short prequel for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ links back to original – CNET

“2036: Nexus Dawn” is one of three short films that will act as a bridge between the original “Blade Runner” and the sequel, set for release in October. – Source

Tesla drops the price of its most expensive EVs

The prices of Tesla’s top-of-the-range vehicles dropped overnight thanks to efficiency improvements in the way the brand’s 100 kWh batteries are made. Better efficiency means lower production costs, and Tesla is passing its savings straight on to you… – Source

The first ICO unicorns are here

It was always like to happen, but the speed in which the first ICOs worth more than $1 billion have arrived is surprising. Today both Omise GO (OMG) and Qtum passed a $1 billion market cap today, according to, a site that tracks the value of crypto tokens. In doing so, they became the first ERC20 tokens — subtokens that are built on the Ethereum network and sold… Read More

– Source

How reading and writing with your child boost more than just literacy

Children who read and write at home — whether for assignments or just for fun — are building long-term study and executive function skills, according to a new article – Source

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact hands-on review: First impressions

So, you want an Android power-house that won’t rip your pockets, at least not in the literal sense, that is? Sony’s Compact line has traditionally been one of the first places to turn. The choice beyond that is limited to say the least. That being said, while most of us around the office can’t exactly relate to the issues of small form factor fans, we can definitely understand some of their feelings for last year’s Xperia X Compact.

– Source

New Nest Thermostat swaps stainless steel for plastic, lowers price to $169

Alphabet’s smart home division, Nest, has an all-new smart thermostat. The Nest Thermostat E takes a cost-cutting pass on the smart thermostat guts and software, sticks it in a plastic case, and lowers the price to $169. Most of the functionality and features survive, but without the super-premium stainless steel body of the regular Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest is willing to cut the price from the usual $250.

Just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean Nest hasn’t obsessed over the design. The all-new look uses a frosted glass display and a white body, which aims to look less “techy” and blend into the wall. The motion-sensing tech—which the thermostat uses to detect if someone is home—has been integrated into a new “Nest pill” located on the front of the thermostat. The app for the Nest Thermostat E gets a similar frosted look.

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– Source

Boss emailing you on vacation? Respond with this.

I sat with my head propped up in my hand at one of those cramped hotel computer desks, listening to my boss ramble endlessly on the other end of the phone about something she needed—yet was apparently unable to locate herself.

My family stood eagerly by the hotel room door, trying their best to be patient while simultaneously gauging just how much longer I’d be stuck there. Considering the fact that we were attempting to enjoy a family vacation, they were excited to get down to the pool—which was being delayed by yet another needless conversation with my supervisor.

Here’s the thing: My manager knew I was out of the office. My …

More about Work Life, Business, and Work Life

– Source

Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact: All you need to know

By now, you’re probably aware that Sony just refreshed its smartphone lineup with the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact.
To sum these two in a couple of words, Sony is once again going the evolutionary path and totally skipping the revolutionary approach; to be frank, this has been the company’s way of doing things for years now, and it comes to no surprise that the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact are pretty similar to their predecessors in terms of looks.
Luckily, the hardware and the features are pretty much up there with the contemporary rivals … – Source

Can I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS?

Want to use your Samsung Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS? No problem!

Many MetroPCS users often ask if they can use a particular third-party device. In the case of using the Samsung Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS, you should have no problems. MetroPCS does offer the Galaxy S7 as one of their options if you choose to buy direct, but you can certainly bring your own Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS as well.

If you haven’t already purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S7 for MetroPCS, you can get one directly from its online store. The bonus to buying direct is that you’ll know that the phone will work with MetroPCS service, and you’ll also be able to receive more thorough support if you don’t have a third-party device. Activating the S7 on MetroPCS will also be a much smoother process.

If you already have a Galaxy S7 or will be picking one up elsewhere, you don’t have to worry about bringing it to MetroPCS. It will work just fine with the service providing you get a compatible model.

When activating your Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS, if you run into any issues, you may have to take a few more steps to get up and running. The easiest solution is to add the phone to your account in order to fully utilize MetroPCS service. To do that, you can swing by a retail store or call customer service directly to get squared away. It should be as easy as providing the IMEI from your S7 in order to get things straight on your account. Once that’s done all the proper signal should pick up and you’ll be all-in with MetroPCS — including Wi-Fi & HD calling and VOLTE.

That’s really all there is to it! One of the beautiful things about MetroPCS is that you can use your own device and not just one that Metro offers directly. So if you want to use your Samsung Galaxy S7 on MetroPCS — go for it!

Shop Galaxy S7


MetroPCS Buyer’s Guide
Best MetroPCS Phones
How to contact MetroPCS
How to add a line to MetroPCS
Where can I buy a MetroPCS SIM card?
How to activate at MetroPCS phone

– Source

‘Game of Thrones’ fans, meet the beautiful man who plays Jon Snow’s dad

Warning: This article contains jaw-dropping Game of Thrones spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Game of Thrones finale contained the scene we’ve all been waiting for — the highly anticipated revelation of Jon Snow’s true parentage.

SEE ALSO: How ‘Game of Thrones’ created the epic wight scene in the season finale

Through his ability of sight, Bran went back in time to witness the marriage between Jon’s birth parents, Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

While the big reveal addressed the mystery of Jon’s identity, it also created a whole new set of questions. One very important question from the fans was: who was that attractive dude playing Rhaegar Targaryen? …

More about Watercooler, Uk, Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow, and Lyanna Stark – Source

Inside the LG V30’s new display – POLED vs Samsung’s Super AMOLED

The LG V30 is shaping up to be a compelling flagship phone for many reasons, from its promising new camera to the range of multimedia software options present. It’s also the first time the V series had opted for an OLED display panel. It’s LG Display’s latest Plastic-OLED panel to be precise, which also means that Samsung Display and the Galaxy Note 8 have a direct competitor, in terms of display technology, for the first time.

For us hardware enthusiasts, this is a rather exciting development. LG’s previous flexible plastic OLED experiments might not have been a commercial success, but now that LG Display is matching Samsung Display when it comes to resolution, panel size, and support for HDR content, we might have some more interesting choices to make it comes to picking out the smartphone with the best display.

A quick recap of the tech

Before we go any further, we should sort out what differences, if any, there are between LG Display’s OLED, POLED, or P-AMOLED, and Samsung’s Super AMOLED or Infinity Display as the company now likes to call it. As there are numerous terms floating around these days.

The short answer is that the basic underlying technology is very similar, baring some lower level manufacturing choices and, of course, how software configures and handles the display. Both are OLED displays, which means they are built from a matrix of organic light emitting diodes. Both are also built on active matrix technology (the AM in AMOLED), so that each pixels can be driven individually. The LG V30, Galaxy S8, and Note 8, are also all designed with a swanky looking curved edge, revealing that these panels are also build on a flexible plastic rather than a rigid glass substrate (the P in POLED or P-AMOLED).

See also:POLED vs AMOLED – what is the difference between these OLED technologies?POLED vs AMOLED – what is the difference between these OLED technologies?2 weeks ago

Essentially, both LG Display and Samsung Display are basing their latest smartphone panels on plastic OLED designs. The differences boil down to manufacturing materials and methods, sub-pixels layouts, calibration, and software. But even these smaller hidden differences can make panels look quite unique.

To get to the bottom of what these smaller differences mean for you and me as phone users, we’ve conducted some preliminary tests on both of these OLED display technologies. To gather some results, we grabbed hold of the new LG V30 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus, which features pretty much the same panel as the new Note 8.

Display test results

Diving right on into the most instantly noticeable feature of any display, color temperature, and we can see that in the move over to LG OLED from LCD (V30 compared with G6) there’s been a notably cooler shift in tones. The V30 appears to be a tad cooler than the G6, and is also far cooler than Samsung’s AMOLED display, which clocks in – Source

Pizza Hut employees use kayaks to deliver free pizza to Harvey victims

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In Sugarland, Texas, a local Pizza Hut sprung into action after hearing that families were locked in their homes and running out of food.

Store manager Shayda Habib told KPRC that they did their best to whip-up and deliver as many pizzas as possible, even with a limited crew.

THANK YOU to our Oak Lake Pizza Hut team for their out-of-the-car response to deliver hot pizzas all day to the community they

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) August 30, 2017

“When I heard there were families in need, I knew we needed to act fast. I called my husband and asked him to gather up kayaks and meet me at the restaurant,” said Habib. …

More about Watercooler, Texas, Kayak, Pizza, and Pizza Hut

– Source

[Update: LG V30 too] Netflix enables HDR playback on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Update 1: 2017/08/31 7:51am PDT

Well, the good news keeps on piling up for LG’s new and hot V30. The device will be one of the few that support Netflix’ HDR playback. Netflix’ support page

The good news keeps piling up for owner of Sony’s latest badass-est flagship, the Xperia XZ Premium. Not only did they discover it’s one of Sony’s most durable phones to date, but they can also benefit from better AOSP ROM development on it thanks to the Open Devices program, and now they’ll also be able to watch Netflix content in HDR on its beautiful display.

Read More

[Update: LG V30 too] Netflix enables HDR playback on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

SanDisk crams 400GB into a microSD card

SanDisk just unveiled a 400GB microSD card, which it claims is the world’s biggest. Really, it was only a matter of time until something of this stature arrived. Especially, now that we’re capturing every aspect of our daily lives in glorious 4K, in… – Source

Researchers developed soft, self-healing skin for robots

More about Tech, Technology, Mashable Video, Research, and Tech Utility – Source

20 ways to get your home clean without harsh chemicals – CNET

These DIY solutions will get your home sparkling. – Source

[Update: It’s official] Gboard Beta 6.5 adds support for Bitmoji and stickers [APK Download]

Update 1: 2017/08/31 7:59am PDT

After a short beta test, Google has officially announced sticker support in Gboard and clarified that it only works for your selfie sticker pack in Allo (that’s why I

Last year, Gboard was updated with the ability to insert GIFs directly into any supported app. This initially only worked on Android 7.1 or higher, but was soon expanded to older versions as well.

Read More

[Update: It’s official] Gboard Beta 6.5 adds support for Bitmoji and stickers [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Smartwatches surge in sales with Apple leading the way – CNET

According to the latest wearables report from IDC, advanced wearables like watches are finally coming into their own as mass market devices. – Source

Toshiba launches a tiny TV for the ultimate ‘Star Wars’ fan

Is your room full of lightsabers, Darth Vader posters, and Yoda plush toys? Well, you can now adorn it with another Star Wars-themed gadget: A 24-inch Toshiba TV.

The company partnered up with Lucasfilm for the quirky TV, decked out with a black and white frame that sports a ton of X-wings and a Star Wars logo.

SEE ALSO: Why Apple’s not going to sell an OLED TV

The TV only comes in one size, 24 inches, so it’s probably not something you’d want to use as your primary TV in the living room. A Toshiba rep told me it’s more of a second room TV, though I think it’d best fit into a kid’s room.

The TV also displays a Star Wars logo when you turn it on, as well as a First Order stormtrooper, accompanied by a lightsaber sound, every time it’s shut down. To complete the experience, the TV comes in a Star Wars-themed box. …

More about Gadgets, Tv, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode 8, and Ifa

– Source

Sphero’s awesome R2-D2 robot does the one thing no other’s done before

More about Gadgets, Robots, Toys, Robot, and Star Wars – Source

Razer’s Blade Pro gaming laptop can now be had for $1,700 less

When Razer redesigned its Blade Pro laptop late last year, it finally had a flagship notebook that lived up to its name. The 17-inch Blade Pro had a gorgeous 4K display, a screaming fast processor, top of the line NVIDIA graphics and even somehow man… – Source

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