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28th August 2017

The silencing of a Yemeni social media star

Hisham al-Omeisy’s detention has raised concerns about freedom of speech in war-torn Yemen. – Source

Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X to be available next month, won’t be cheap

As you might already know, Jolla and Sony have partnered to bring the Sailfish OS to Xperia devices. A heads up related to the progress was given last month. And now, Jolla has announced that Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X – or Sailfish X, as it’s officially called – will be available on September 27.

The company notes that some of the features aren’t officially supported yet, including Bluetooth, new sensors (e.g. barometer, step counter), fingerprint, and FM-radio. It’s not that these aren’t included – they are there, but expect issues and beta level experience.

Installation isn’t…

– Source

Australia to launch beach-protecting, AI-powered shark drones – CNET

The Little Ripper drones use artificial intelligence to distinguish sharks from dolphins and surfers in real time, warning swimmers of what lies beneath. – Source

Xiaomi Mi 5X set to escape China next week

Xiaomi will hold a product launch event next week. The company’s official Twitter account has started teasing the global launch of a Flagship Dual Camera smartphone.

RT if you know which product we will launch! #FlagshipDualCameraSave the date: 5 September, 2017 #XiaomiGlobalLaunch— Mi (@xiaomi) August 28, 2017

On its official website, the Chinese company has confirmed the event will be held in India’s capital city of New Delhi.

Given that the company is talking about flagship dual camera and a global launch, it’s likely that the Mi 5X will be the…

– Source

The top 5 features we want to see in a Google Pixel notebook video – CNET

Reports say Google will introduce a new Chromebook. Here’s what it needs to be great. – Source

LG V30 gets pictured up close and personal, shows off sleek curved design

As you’re probably well aware by now, LG has a new high-end smartphone coming out in a couple of days. And it’s fair to say that the V30, as it’s called, isn’t exactly a well-kept secret — the company itself has been tirelessly teasing us with writeups on its features for the past month, while the device itself got its very public visual debut thanks to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
But as we’re inching towards the V30’s official unveiling, it’s no surprise that the leaks start getting ever more frequent — case in point, we’ve now got possibly … – Source

Note 7 owners can get a big discount for the Note 8, here’s everything you need to know

Are you a former owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? If the answer to that question is “yes”, you might want to know that Samsung has an interesting offer for you.
At the Galaxy Note 8 announcement event on Wednesday, the tech giant declared its intentions of giving a discount to those who bought the exploding handset and subsequently had to return it during the recall.
Eligible customers will be able to trade in their current handset and get up to $425 off for the new Note 8. Given the $930-$960 … – Source

Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact, and X1 rumor review: specs, software, price and release date

There’s no one quite like Sony on the current smartphone landscape, thanks to the combination of great functionality and unique and quirky looks found in its handsets. Still, for whatever reason, the company hasn’t been grabbing as big an audience as many of its direct competitors lately. Why this is the case is the subject of a different article, though: what we’re here for today is quite a bit more fun.
Rumors! Leaks! We’ve got a whole bunch of those right here, right now, as Sony is set to release a trio of new devices at this year’s IFA, following … – Source

Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images, video

We already know that a version of the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) with dual camera is incoming and it will be called Galaxy J7+. We also know that it’ll be made official soon, with Thailand becoming the first market to get it. And now, some live images and hands-on video of the handset have leaked, giving us a clear view of its design.

The design revealed by the leak is inline with what we’ve already seen. Here are some more images:

Some of the phone’s key specs include octa-core CPU, 5.5-inch display with Full HD resolution, 4GB/32GB memory, and a 3,000mAh battery….

– Source

What to expect from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 after that bonkers finale

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 7, titled “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

Game of Thrones ended its Season 7 finale with a bang — quite literally, as a large chunk of the Wall that has held the White Walkers at bay for thousands of years came tumbling down, potentially taking the resilient Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion down with it.

(Then again, history has proven that if you don’t see a killing blow on this show, chances are your favorite character will probably make a miraculous reappearance.)


More about Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow, David Benioff, Daenerys Targaryen, and Game Of Thrones Season 8 – Source

LG talks V30 audio: here’s what you can expect from the new Quad DAC

What makes the LG V series interesting is how much LG tries to pack into its phones. As well as an innovative, dual-screen design, last year’s LG V20 offered a sturdy build, microSD card support, a removable battery, dual-cameras, and a powerful Snapdragon processor — it was even the first smartphone to run Android 7.0 Nougat.

Another area where the V20 excelled was audio, featuring a Quad DAC sound system that we said would “delight audiophiles” in our original LG V20 review. Ahead of the unveiling of the LG V30 on August 31, LG sent out a press release earlier today to provide some details about the improvements it has made to the sound system for its new handset.

LG has implemented a “32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC” powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P tech in the LG V30, which provides two features that the LG V20 didn’t include: “digital filters” and “sound presets.” Instead of specifically aiming for a truest-to-real-life audio experience, LG says, this time, it’s deliberately making this DAC more customizable.

The digital filters will come in the form of four presets: “Enhanced,” “Detailed,” “Live,” and “Bass.” Bass will, ostensibly, amplifiy the frequencies at the low-end, while Live will emulate the sound of being in a physical location (more on that in a second). What enhanced and detailed will offer specifically isn’t completely clear from the name, but both are likely to provide some general frequency cuts or boosts to “improve” the overall experience (see the image above, middle).

In relation to these presets, LG says: “Even with ordinary equipment, LG V30 users can experience much of the high-quality audio enjoyed by listeners using expensive headsets.”

See also:What is the LG V20’s “Quad DAC” and how does it affect audio quality?What is the LG V20’s “Quad DAC” and how does it affect audio quality?September 5, 2016

This is a big claim, and honestly, if LG has found a way to achieve this, the implications would be huge — and not just for smartphones. If the output device (i.e. the type of headphones or speakers that the audio is played back through) ceased to be so heavily tied to the overall audio experience, that kind of innovation could have an application in many audio systems. As it stands, I’m skeptical of LG’s claims, but we’ll be able to investigate this further soon.

LG also states: “The Hi-Fi Quad DAC controls left and right audio signals separately, adjusting balance in such detail that listeners will feel as if they are standing in the center of a concert hall.” Though it’s not explicitly stated, I guess this is tied to the Live sound preset. Obviously, not all music is suited to/would benefit from the tonality of the concert hall, so applying this by default would be weird.

Possibly the most interesting claim about the new DAC arises from

Lost Alan Turing letters found in university filing cabinet

A huge batch of letters penned by visionary British cryptographer Alan Turning has been found at the University of Manchester. Professor Jim Miles was tidying a storeroom when he discovered the correspondence in an old filing cabinet. At first he ass… – Source

A burger place decided to run a 15-cent meal deal, and people went absolutely ballistic

It was a scene of complete and utter pandemonium as people shoved, pushed and screamed their way ahead — all for a 15 cent burger.

Thousands showed up at Zark’s Burgers, a popular burger chain across the Philippines, after the store announced that it was selling its trademark burgers for 15 cents (8 pesos), in celebration of their 8th anniversary.

SEE ALSO: This is the fanciest McDonald’s burger box we’ve ever seen

Zark’s burgers are originally priced at $2.84 (145 pesos), so this amounted to a discount of nearly 95 percent.

The catch? Only the first 80 customers in line could get their hands on the deal — so naturally, people went absolutely ballistic. …

More about Philippines, Burger, Hamburger, Manila, and Discount

– Source

Honor V9 Mini allegedly leaks in live images

Huawei released the Honor 8 Pro in April with 64 GB storage. Then the company doubled the gigs and relaunched the phone as Honor V9 in China with 6 GB RAM. And now, according to recent leaks, a smaller version of the phone is also coming under the name Honor V9 Mini.

The mysterious device is placed under an Honor 8 Pro for scale. The images don’t reveal much but show enough to know this isn’t an already launched Honor device.

There are stereo speakers on the bottom with an USB post in between. Some might think this is the Honor 6C but the fine details (read the screws on the…

– Source

Samsung Galaxy J7+ live pictures leaked ahead of official reveal

One of the two Samsung smartphones that pack a dual-rear camera, the Galaxy J7+ hasn’t been made official yet. However, we have trustworthy information that suggests the device will be launched in Asia very soon.

A couple of press pictures confirmed some of the phone’s specs such as the dual-camera setup, as well as the dedicated Bixby button. Now we have several live images that prove the Galaxy J7+ is real and ready for prime time.

The smartphone is said to feature a 5.5-inch display with full HD (1080p) resolution and a generous 3,000 mAh battery. … – Source

Who is new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi?

Uber’s search for a replacement for its former co-founder CEO Travis Kalanick looks to have reached its conclusion.
Dara Khosrowshahi, the current CEO of Expedia, has been officially offered the job, multiple sources close to the company confirmed to TechCrunch.
Unlike higher-profile Uber CEO candidates Meg Whitman of HP and Jeff Immelt of GE, Khosrowshahi is fairly under the radar. Read More

– Source

The Morning After: Monday, August 28th 2017

Hey, good morning! Over the weekend, we capped off a week of games coverage from Europe’s biggest video-game conference, and saw a Hyperloop pod hit over 200MPH. Uber, meanwhile, now has a new CEO. – Source

Chinese internet users will no longer be able to post online anonymously

More bad news for folks in China.

Chinese internet users will no longer be able to post comments online anonymously as of Oct. 1.

SEE ALSO: For China’s censors, livestreaming is a huge headache

The new ruling is the latest in the government’s move to tighten control over internet usage in the country.

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, sites like social networks and discussion forums will have to verify the real identities of registered users before they can be allowed to post anything on their platforms.

Comments on news stories will also have to be reviewed by the website before they can appear online, according to a report by the …

More about China, Internet, Censorship, Comments, and China Anonymous Posting – Source

Get Galaxy Note 8 apps for any rooted Samsung device on Android Nougat

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched last week after many long months of anticipation and we’ll likely be talking about it for many more months to come. This is the latest major flagship from the South Korean manufacturer, arriving with a bunch of new and improved features, including the latest editions of Samsung’s apps.

If you’re a Samsung fan excited to find out more about these, you may not have to wait until next month — and hand over around $1000 — to check them out; thanks to one of the devs over at the XDA-Developers forums, you can now install a number of the Note 8’s apps on any rooted Samsung device running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

See also:Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note Fan Edition quick lookSamsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note Fan Edition quick look3 days ago

A total of 17 apps have been ported by developer AlexisXDA so far, though you’ll need a custom recovery to flash the .zip file they’re included in. Doing so will also trip the Samsung Knox security software, thus voiding your device warranty, so proceed with the installation at your own risk.

The apps included in the package are:

Phone and Contacts
Incall UI
TouchWiz Home
Edge Lightning
Task Edge
People Edge
S Finder
Samsung Themes Store
Smart Manager
Live Messages

Samsung’s new camera app and the always-on-display are notably missing from the list, but AlexisXDA notes that this is due to bugs and could be addressed at a later date. It looks like the app package has already been through two iterations since being posted last Friday, so there’s a chance they could arrive soon.

To get your hands on the files, head to the dedicated XDA forum page here. Installation instructions are included.

– Source

Apple now accepting Hurricane Harvey relief donations in the US

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating cyclones to hit America, with up to 50-inches of rain in some spots and extreme wind. Currently raging in the state of Texas, it is being called the worst disaster in the state’s history.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today that the company is accepting donations on behalf of American Red Cross through iTunes. Cook tweeted out a link, which can also be found on Apple homepage, that opens up iTunes and presents options ranging from $5 to $200, all of which will be donated to American Red Cross. No personal information of the donor will…

– Source

TEDGlobal: The computer that can smell explosives

A device that fuses neurons and silicon has been shown off at the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania. – Source

Ed Sheeran won Artist of the Year at the VMAs but didn’t know who actually voted for it

Ed Sheeran, ah bless him. He just can’t get a break these days, can he?

Despite taking home the Artist of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards, people have been focusing on his ‘clueless’ acceptance speech and claiming the other nominees were robbed.

SEE ALSO: TBH, Katy Perry had some terrible jokes at the VMAs

Here’s the moment Sheeran received the gong:

He took to the stage and began by saying: ‘Thank you’. Good start.

“This is only my second ever VMA and em, I’m, yeah, this is still mad,” he continued.

But then he looked over to his side and double checked who he should be thanking for the award. …

More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Uk, Ed Sheeran, and Vmas – Source

Huawei Mate 10: All the rumors in one place

In this post, which will be updated regularly, we take a closer look at the latest rumors surrounding the upcoming Huawei Mate 10.

The Huawei Mate 9 is a great device that hasn’t quite grabbed as much attention on the market as a lot of its rivals. This year, Huawei plans on changing that with its successor. Once again, the Mate 10 will fall into the phablet territory thanks to its large screen and will go head to head with the likes of the Galaxy Note 8 and the upcoming LG V30, Google Pixel 2 XL, and what will presumably be called the iPhone 8.

To have any chance of truly sparking consumer interest and competing against the smartphones mentioned above, the Mate 10 has to bring quite a few new things to the table. Just having the top-of-the-line specs doesn’t cut it in this day and age, which means Huawei will have to focus more on design, price, and unique, signature features that would make it stand out from the crowd.

In this post, we take a closer look at the likely Huawei Mate 10 specs, features, and design, to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Keep in mind that most of the things you’ll read down below are rumors for now, as they haven’t been confirmed by Huawei yet. As usual, the company likely won’t reveal any specific details about the upcoming smartphone prior to its reveal.

See also:Report: Huawei is ready to directly take on Samsung and Apple by teaming up with AT&TReport: Huawei is ready to directly take on Samsung and Apple by teaming up with AT&T3 weeks ago

Huawei Mate 10: Specs

Just like its predecessors, the Mate 10 will feature high-end specs that should be right up there with the best smartphones on the market. In an interview with Bloomberg, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, shared a few details about the upcoming device. He said that the Mate 10 will be more powerful than Apple’s upcoming flagship, and also added that we can expect to see a much longer battery life, a “full-screen display”, quicker changing speeds, improvements in the camera department, and many other features.

Starting with the screen, rumors out of China claim that the device will feature a 6-inch “Full Active” LCD display with a resolution 2,160 x 1,080 pixels that will be made by Japan Display. For comparison, the one on the Mate 9 is slightly smaller at 5.9-inches and has a Full HD resolution.

The display is said to be bezel-less so to speak with an aspect ratio of 2:1, just like the one on the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 (sort of), and a few other handsets. This will make the Mate 10 slightly taller as well as a bit narrower when compared to your average smartphone.

However, one thing worth pointing out here is that – Source

Enter for your chance to win* a Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker – CNET

The awesome grand prize includes two years of service, a doggie DNA test and an Amazon gift card! – Source

$1,000 for iPhone 8? Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out – CNET

A grand for a new iPhone sounds like a lot. But here are five reasons why it’s NBD. – Source

Uber drivers can now share their location with friends and family

It may have just snagged a new CEO in the form of Dara Khosrowshahi, but it’s business as usual for Uber when it comes to its app. The company is introducing another driver-oriented feature in the form of “share my trip.” If you’ve ever used the Uber… – Source

How to watch Samsung IFA 2017 event livestream

The upcoming IFA 2017 tech conference is right around the corner and Samsung will be one of the biggest companies to present new devices.
If you want to tune in live to the action, you can: Samsung will livestream its IFA 2017 keynote.
What do we expect to see? Samsung has just officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 8, but it is yet to show its newest wearables: we expect a brand new smartwatch and a fitness band to make their appearance. Do not expect the Samsung Gear S4, though: Samsung is more likely to introduce the … – Source

Uber’s new boss: What do we know about Dara Khosrowshahi?

Dara Khosrowshahi is Uber’s pick to be its new chief executive, so what do we know about him? – Source

‘Safer’ thorium reactor trials could salvage nuclear power

A Dutch nuclear research institute is conducting the first experiment in close to five decades on molten-salt nuclear reactors based on thorium. Long hailed as a potential “safer” nuclear power, thorium reactor research could provide clean, affordabl… – Source

Uber board has a surprise new CEO pick: Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi

Enlarge / Dara Khosrowshahi, chief executive officer of Expedia, Inc., attends the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference in July 2016. (credit: Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The board of Uber Technologies Inc., after meeting throughout the weekend, has chosen Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi as its new chief executive.

Khosrowshahi’s name wasn’t even on the public list of contenders for the job, but after today’s vote, he has been picked as the new boss, reports The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Reuters. HP Enterprises CEO Meg Whitman and former GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt were thought to be the top contenders.

Immelt withdrew earlier today when it became clear he didn’t have enough votes, according to the NYT. The board was leaning toward Whitman, “but matters changed over the course of Sunday afternoon,” the newspaper reported.

Read 6 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

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