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29th August 2017

Mark Zuckerberg tells new daughter to play outside

The social media titan has written about the magic of childhood in a letter to his newborn daughter. – Source

Nintendo to close Miiverse social network

Players’ drawings and posts on the “chaotic” social network will disappear in November. – Source

Turing letters found in old filing cabinet

The letters reveal more of Turing’s academic research work on AI, computing and mathematics. – Source

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch introduces blood oxygen sensor

The much-anticipated wearable will run third-party apps and measure blood oxygen levels. – Source

Bunch wants to be ‘Google Analytics for company culture’

Bunch, a newly-launched startup operating out of Berlin, is aiming to be something akin to a “Google Analytics for company culture”. It offers a SaaS to let companies and company teams quantify internal company culture, and then use this data as the basis to screen job candidates to help ensure that they will also be a good fit. Read More

– Source

Ford and Domino’s to deliver pizza using self-driving cars in new test

Ford and Domino’s are teaming up on a research trial that will see Ford cars equipped with self-driving tech delivering pizzas to regular consumers, as a way of figuring out how everyday people will react to, and interact with, autonomous service vehicles in the future. Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars will be used in the test, outfitted with pizza containers created by… Read More

– Source

Amazon slashes prices for its Music Unlimited service for students

Amazon has a gift for the back-to-school set in the form of drastically reduced prices on its subscription music service. Amazon Music Unlimited (for students) is available in the U.S. starting today for the low-low price of $4.99 per month. That’s less than the $7.99 per month that Amazon charges its Prime Subscribers or the $9.99 per month for non-Prime customers. For students who… Read More

– Source

iOS 11 Developer Beta 8 / Public Beta 7: Here’s what’s new

Just as we informed you earlier today, Apple just released a new beta of iOS 11 – it’d be the 8th developer-centric and the 7th public one to hit us over the course of two months or so. With the announcement of Apple’s next iPhones heavily rumored to take place on September 12, it’s only natural to see iOS 11 getting more polished and readying itself for official rollout. With that said, we ought to check out what’s new and improved in this latest beta as it will most likely make it to the final release of the OS.
Here are the notable changes and bug fixes:

Tweaked … – Source

Neighborly is partnering with California to return bond financing to individual investors

Looking to increase local participation in public financing, the State of California is partnering with early stage startup Neighborly to make municipal bond investments available to any and all backers. Over one hundred years ago, when the Golden Gate Bridge was just a glimmer in an urban planner’s eye, residents from all walks of life banded together to buy municipal bonds to support… Read More

– Source

Samsung expects to sell more than 11 million Galaxy Note 8 units

Samsung’s most recent flagship, the Galaxy Note 8 is likely to hit the shelves on September 15, the South Korean company announced. However, pre-orders for the most important phablet of the year have already opened globally, so customers can purchase the Galaxy Note 8 and wait for it to arrive next month.

According to Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh, his company expects to sell more Galaxy Note 8 units than the previous model, the Galaxy Note 5. He also confirmed that Samsung sold 11 million units, so the target would be to sell more than that number.

Still, … – Source

Apple iPhone 7s and 7s Plus dimensions leak may be bad news for current case owners

It is understandable that the vast majority of leaks and rumors so far have been focused on the shiny new iPhone 8 concept, but some news are slowly starting to trickle down about the eventual iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, too. Apple should be unveiling three handsets – one unorthodox iPhone 8 to hint at where the phone maker is going, and two more legacy-oriented upgrades that are meant to satisfy those used to the current hardware paradigm.
Today’s portion of iPhone 7s rumors corroborates previous speculation that it will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 7, … – Source

5 best hurricane tracking apps for iPhone and Android (2017)

As hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc in coastal Texas, the threat of natural disasters seems more and more realistic. To help you stay safe, you can use a hurricane tracking application on your smartphone, and we have selected the best hurricane apps for iPhone and Android.
Apps to track and monitor hurricanes, and find shelterWe are looking for a few things in a hurricane tracking app: detailed satellite images, push notifications and integration with Twitter that often turns out the best source of information during times of emergency.
Another … – Source

BunkerEx is an online marketplace for shipping companies that need to buy fuel

BunkerEx is a newly-funded startup out of London that is building an online marketplace to change the way shipping companies buy fuel, or ‘bunkers,’ to use the correct industry term. Read More

– Source

Xiaomi’s Android One smartphone rumored to be called Mi A1, to sport full screen display

We already know Xiaomi is working with Google on an Android One smartphone. It’s also being said that the device in question would be a Xiaomi Mi 5X variant running stock Android. And now, we have some more information about the handset.

Reports say the phone will carry the ‘Mi A1’ moniker, and according to a new rumor, it will feature a full screen display. The rumor came in the form of a Weibo post, which also included the following images.

The first image above makes it clear that the Mi A1 moniker at-least is officially confirmed. Sadly, no more information is currently…

– Source

After multiple false alarms, the Moto X4 may finally make its official debut on September 2

These days, the Moto X4 feels more like a particularly vivid fever dream than a real device that’s coming out soon, thanks to the numerous rumored launch dates that have come and gone, with no device in sight. First there were murmurs of a June 30 release, but then that was allegedly pushed back to August 24. Later, we heard that the device will be hitting the store shelves in Q4 2017. But now we’ve got another possible launch date, and also one that is mere days from now.
Motorola Philippines will be hosting a particularly curious event on September … – Source

Apple’s ARKit could change the way we order food, make restaurant menus a thing of the past

Fancy ordering a special dish in a restaurant? Don’t worry asking waiters about the menu, just open your phone and see all the dishes in realistic, extremely detailed 3D view on the plate right in front of you.
This is the future of Apple’s ARKit, as an early demonstration of one possible use of ARKit, developed by Alper Guler, shows right above.
And it’s impressive: the detailed food models not only look delicious, but they also rotate and you can take a look at them from all sides and get a realistic idea about the … – Source

iPhone 8 announcement, pre-order, and release dates revealed by leaksters

So, by now we all know that there’s a very special iPhone coming our way in mid-September. Aside from the “regular” iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which would be a natural evolution of the currently available models, there will be a third handset revealed. One to celebrate the iPhone’s anniversary and push Apple’s phone into the next generation of nearly-bezel-less smartphones. Right now, we are calling it “iPhone 8”, but many different names are being thrown around — iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro, and so on.

We’ve heard from a few different sources now that the date for Apple’s keynote … – Source

Why are some OEMs still shipping phones with micro USB?

When Apple decided to do away with every port on its new MacBook – including the power port – apart from a single USB Type-C, the internet balked that it had gone too far.

‘USB Type-C is the future!’ Apple protested.

‘Yes,’ said everyone else, ‘but we still need more than one!’.

And thus began dongle life for many a tech nerd.

Despite this aggressive and frankly bad choice, Apple is right in stating that USB Type-C is the future. In fact, it’s very rapidly becoming the present. In the last few months, USB Type-C powered devices have begun to clutter up my home (a Galaxy S8, a GPD Pocket, the Nintendo Switch) and I’m rapidly finding less and less use for my old micro USB cables.

My recent ‘long-haul survival kit’. A lot of USB Type-C there!

We’re definitely at a turning point and in fact we’re already at the stage where micro USB is starting to feel a little old-hat. And that’s because USB Type-C is demonstrably superior, with faster transfer speeds, quicker charging, greater universal compatibility and a convenient symmetrical design.

So, given all this, why is it that many manufacturers are still opting to forego the transition and force us to use this outmoded method for charging and data transfer? Especially given the fact that a new smartphone should last you a good couple of years? I just reviewed a Nokia 5 which was guilty of this and I had to keep steeling my wife’s S6 charger! (Sorry, that should be “had to” with air quotes. She disagreed.)

Here are three reasons your new handset might be stuck using an old port.

Reason 1: Familiarity

You and I are noticing the inevitable approach of USB Type-C because we are tech enthusiasts and early adopters. Most people are not. None of my three USB Type-C devices are things that the average user is likely to own.

You and I are noticing the inevitable approach of USB Type-C because we are tech enthusiasts and early adopters. Most people are not.

Most people do not upgrade their handset every year, nor do they necessarily shell out for the latest handset when they do. They spend their money on other, more sensible things. Like clothes? I guess. I don’t know.

And thus we have a somewhat warped view of just how ubiquitous USB Type-C is right now. In reality, most people just don’t care. In fact, they’d probably prefer to use a plug that they’re familiar with, and that they already have a bunch of chargers for. So, when an OEM makes a mid-range phone aimed at the casual market, the motivation just isn’t there to use anything else.

Reason 2: Compatibility

Another reason that some manufacturers avoid USB Type-C right now is that they don’t think the world is quite ready. And it’s true that most accessories and gadgets you plug into your PC right now are probably going to use USB-normal, necessitating an adaptor of some kind. That’s a bit of a pain.

And it’s enough to ensure that some people would still – Source

Chinese scientists say pig organ transplants may be 2 years away – CNET

If the Chinese government says yes to clinical trials, the first pig-to-human organ transplants could be ready soon. – Source

Indian states block internet access ahead of guru’s conviction – CNET

The Indian states of Punjab and Haryana were cut off from the internet this weekend amid violence following an Indian cult leader’s rape conviction. – Source

Here is why Samsung made the Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was an ill-fortuned device with a faulty battery that caused multiple devices to explode and it all ended up in a total recall for the Note 7 series, but not too long ago, nearly a year after that unfortunate Note 7 release, Samsung brought back basically the same device and called it the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.
But WHY did it launch the Note Fan Edition, mere weeks before the launch of the new and more powerful Galaxy Note 8?
First, one has to understand the whole decision-making process at … – Source

Watch LG’s V30 IFA 2017 event livestream here

On Monday, LG officially confirmed that it’s going to announce its V30 smartphone on August 31 – just as expected. What you may not know is that LG will be streaming the V30 event live.

You’ll be able to watch the V30 being announced in real time both on Facebook and YouTube, via LG Mobile’s official channels – see the source links below. The event will take place in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday, August 31, starting at 09:00 a.m. CET (Central European Time). For the US, this means 03:00 a.m. ET (Eastern Time), or 12:00 a.m. PT (Pacific Time) – if you’re an LG fan, you’ll just have to stay … – Source

First Words: In Our Cynical Age, No One Fails Anymore — Everybody ‘Pivots’

From Silicon Valley to the White House, changing your narrative is as easy as announcing your intention to do so. – Source

10 Tours to Turn Travelers Into Photographers

The boom in photo-sharing apps and technology means that we are all traveling with a camera in tow. Here are tour operators that tell us how to shoot. – Source

China’s fake Yeezy store looks really slick, TBH

Looks like China’s beaten Kanye West to it.

An unofficial Yeezy store has opened in the Chinese city of Wenzhou — and it’s filled with knockoffs.

SEE ALSO: Kanye’s sneakers appear in the most unexpected place: ‘Splatoon 2’

The store’s clearly not afraid about trademark violations, and is proudly displaying the word Yeezy in bold on its storefront, according to multiple social media posts from passers-by.

Image: fake大王/Weibo

Not going to lie, the inside looks like a pretty nice sneaker shop:

Image: fake大王/Weibo

Image: fake大王/Weibo

@KimKardashian All of these are fake yeezy, But they registered the name of the yeezy trademark, opened a store to sell fake in China

— KaKa-sneaker (@Shinhwalam) …

More about Yeezy, Kanye West, Shoes, Sneakers, and Michael Jordan

– Source

Sophie Turner celebrated the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale with the ultimate Instagram post

After Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale, any remaining doubt as to just how badass the Stark kids are has been totally eradicated.

SEE ALSO: Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are too adorable on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

They’re literally the MVPs of Westeros. If for some reason you’re still not convinced by this fact, though, Sophie Turner posted further proof on her Instagram feed:

In honour of the Thrones finale out tomorrow night, and of 6 mill followers on instaaaa… here’s da reel roadmans of westeros

A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on Aug 26, 2017 at 2:32pm PDT

Do not mess with the Stark kids. …

More about Uk, Instagram, Funny, Game Of Thrones, and Sophie Turner – Source

Cosplayer nails the Night King’s piercing eyes in his amazing homemade costume

Imagine seeing this very realistic Night King coming down the hall your way.

For his chilling homemade costume of the Game of Thrones villain, a Filipino cosplayer rightfully took Best Costume over the weekend, at the AsiaPOP Comicon 2017.

SEE ALSO: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 finale smashes ratings records

Xidge Evangelista’s amazing outfit was made with rubber and leather strips, stitched and glued to make the armour, skirt, and arm wraps.


The most elaborate part of the outfit, his mask, was sculpted out of clay and latex, and took about a week to detail, with the help of two friends, Evangelista told Mashable. …

More about Tv, Game Of Thrones, Philippines, Comicon, and Night King

– Source

Uber to end controversial post-trip tracking as part of privacy drive

Uber is set to reverse a controversial decision to collect users’ location information after their trip ends, Reuters reports, with the privacy u-turn coming first to the iPhone app — expected to get the update this week — and subsequently to Uber’s Android app. Read More

– Source

Huawei P9 updated with Live Photo feature; Verizon Moto G5 Plus getting new update as well

Huawei has started pushing out a new update to its P9 smartphone that brings a handful of new features. Arriving as version EVA-AL10C00B396 and weighing in at 464MB, the update includes the Dynamic/Live Photos feature.

Other major changes the update brings along are scanning questions, sweep parity, wonderful moments, and new Student Mode desktop shortcuts. Several optimizations (related to apps as well as camera) are included as well.

Aside from the Huawei P9, the Motorola Moto G5 Plus on Verizon is also getting a new update, which reportedly brings along fixes related to call…

– Source

The Galaxy Note 8 looks hot in Star Pink, but it’ll never be yours

Given the current congestion observed in the smartphone market, it’s a bit baffling to see most manufacturers still going for dull, uninspiring hues for their high-end handsets. Samsung has been one of the few companies out there that have capitalized on this color monotony by introducing flashy new shades that do a pretty good job of boosting sales in some regions.
The Korean tech giant is now preparing to release a “Star Pink” version of its new Note 8 that is going to be exclusively sold in Taiwan. This makes perfect … – Source

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