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30th August 2017

Join the Honor/Huawei community incentive program to win great prizes!

Be an active part of the Honor/Huawei community and earn some great prizes for your participation!

Some prizes are really hard to win — ever tried to win one of those arcade claw games? — and others are mercifully easy. This year, Huawei and Honor want to make it super easy to win a great set of prizes just for participating in the Android Central community!

How to win great prizes

Here’s how it works: each month, we’re going to select three winners from the Android Central community based on engagement with the Huawei / Honor forums. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Honor 8 or Huawei Mate 9 — if you’re active in the community, you’re entered to win.

The person with the most interaction wins the grand prize each month and the next two will receive runner-up prizes.

What do we mean by interaction? Post a lot! Start new threads! Reply to other people in a helpful and honest way. Be a vital member of the community!

A few things to keep in mind:

Spamming the forums with low-quality posts will result in immediate disqualification from the program. You have to participate because you love Huawei/Honor!
It doesn’t matter which Huawei or Honor forums you’re active in, as long as you’re active!
Winners are immediately eligible again the following month. As long as you’re engaged, you can win!
We’ll have prizes from June through November. This is a long-term program!
Unfortunately, the program is for U.S. participants only. Sorry!
So what prizes can you win?

Thanks for asking!

List of prizes by month:

June: 1x Huawei MediaPad M3; 2x Honor Band Z
July: 1x Honor 6X; 2x Honor Band Z
August: 1x Huawei MediaPad M3; 2x Honor Band Z
September: 1x Huawei Watch 2; 2x Honor Band Z
October: 1x Honor 6x; 2x Honor Band Z
November: 1x Huawei Mate 9; 2x Honor Band Z
December: 1x Huawei Watch 2; 2x Honor Band Z

The Huawei MediaPad M3 is a great all-rounded tablet with amazing build quality. The Honor 6X is a fantastic mid-range smartphone with a metal build and a dual camera setup. The Huawei Watch 2 is a rugged, powerful Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch with GPS and all-day battery. The Honor Band Z is a terrific little fitness tracker. And the Huawei Mate 9 is one of the best big phones you can buy! Altogether these are some of the best devices on the market, and they can be yours — free.

Ready to start?

Jump into the Huawei or Honor forums and show ’em what you got! We’ll contact the winners through the email in your forum profile, so make sure it’s up to date!

Join the conversation in the Honor forums!
Join the conversation in the Huawei forums!
– Source

Google intro AR dev kit, Apple’s 4K movie pricing battle video – CNET

Today’s big tech headlines include Google’ introduction of its first-ever AR development kit for Android, Apple’s battle with Hollywood over the price of 4K movies and Uber’s elimination of a tracking feature that followed users after a ride was complete. – Source

Barbers, hair salons market cosmetic surgery on Instagram

The majority of providers advertising aesthetic surgery services on Instagram are not board certified-plastic surgeons, so patients who respond to the ads are putting themselves at risk, suggests new research. Social media has become the leading destination for consumers — especially young people — seeking information about plastic surgery. The ads particularly affect young people, who increasingly want to improve their appearance for social media channels, but often do not understand who is qualified to perform procedures. – Source

More TV, less physical activity ramps up risk of walking disability

Risk jumped three-fold for older people who watched more than five hours of TV per day and reported three or fewer hours per week of total physical activity, according to first-of-a-kind study. – Source

Executive interview: Stuart Tarmy on the technical challenges of GDPR compliance

It is a single line in GDPR, but the right to be forgotten has huge implications on corporate IT. Io-Tahoe vice-president, Stuart Tarmy, explains why – Source

Conservation hindered by geographical mismatches between capacity, need

Geographical mismatches between conservation needs and expertise may hinder global conservation goals, new research suggests. – Source

Fossil whales’ teeth shows what ferocious predators they were

The feeding habits of the whale — the world’s biggest animal — have evolved to filter feeding, shows new international research. Ancient whales appear to have been ferocious predators, investigators explain. – Source

Methane emissions tackled with gas-guzzling bacteria

Methane-oxidizing bacteria — key organisms responsible for greenhouse gas mitigation — are more flexible and resilient than previously thought, an international research has shown. – Source

Acer Predator Orion 9000 is a gaming behemoth with 18 cores and 4 graphics cards

More about Gaming, Computer, Computing, Acer, and Hardware

– Source

Galaxy S8 Active review: A really rugged, really expensive phone

The Galaxy S8 Active is the fifth Samsung S phone to bear the Active name, and it’s easily the most refined take on the concept yet. Currently, the S8 Active is only available on AT&T, and that’s the model we’ve received for review, but eventually, Samsung has less than subtly implied it will make its way to other carriers here in the US, as well to the unlocked market.

What’s new compared to the outgoing S7 Active?

Read More

Galaxy S8 Active review: A really rugged, really expensive phone was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Huawei Pay might arrive in Europe

More than a year after the launch of Huawei Pay in China, the service might expand to Europe as well. The manufacturer filed for a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) of the name “Huawei Pay” and of an accompanying logo.

According to a pdf at the EUIPO website that can be found in our Source link, the logo, and the name are referring to computer software and financial services, leading to the conclusion that the service may indeed arrive in Europe, instead of Huawei just securing a patent to protect the name of its in-house wallet.

Huawei Pay…

– Source

Amazon Echo review 2017

The original Echo has held up well over the years, even if it is (erm, or was) a little expensive. Now it’s only going to get better.

Ed. Note: We’ve reviewed the Amazon Echo a couple times now. First in February 2015, not long after it was first released. We took another look at it in November of that year, to see where things stood. Now that we’re expecting an updated Echo later this year, it’s time to take one last look back at the speaker that started it all. Also: We’re re-reviewing the venerable Amazon Echo Dot, as well.

“How long has it been?” That’s what I asked myself before I looked up our original Amazon Echo review. I know that it’s been a while, and the Echo — and Alexa — have been somewhere in my home every day since. But I was honestly surprised to see that it’s been almost two years since the Echo first sprung forth from Amazon.

And it’s probably even more surprising that other companies — Google, Microsoft and Apple, specifically — are only now figuring out smart speakers.

It had to happen eventually, of course. But the original Amazon Echo remains a strong choice — if you can get it at the right price.

See at Amazon

The design of the OG Echo mostly holds up, too, though I’m definitely looking forward to a refresh. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with the 9-inch black cylinder look — but I’ve never been a fan of the plastic that Amazon used. It’s got that sort of matte finish that picks up oil from your fingers any time you happen to touch it. And while I’ve probably moved my Echo around more than most folks, I (like a lot of you out there) also have kids who can’t help my touch it any time you they use it.

It was good enough for what it was at the time, and it definitely says something that the design has held up for this long. But it’s time for something new.

(And before you say “You should have gotten a white one,” remember that you couldn’t get that color until September 2016, some six months and change after my initial review. Time and SEO wait for no one.)

An updated Echo is almost certainly on the horizon, so don’t spend more than $100 on this one if you must.

Interestingly, Amazon has kept with the rotating top section for volume control, eschewing the physical buttons that the Echo Dot switched to. Either one is just fine with me — it’s just interesting to see a divergence. Will the dial live on in the next-generation Echo?

The real story of the original Amazon Echo in 2017 comes down to price. It’s still listed at $179, and has been for a while. But it’s also not been uncommon to see it discounted, most recently to a much more reasonable $99 or so. Sometimes – Source

Google is making it easier to find a good deal for your next vacation

In its quest to make our lives easier, Google has recently taken on the travel industry by giving us search tools for flights and hotels, as well as an app to help us plan and organize trips we’ve already booked. Google Search already shows when a slight adjustment to travel dates can save us money, but now it’s adding more robust tools for people whose travel dates are more flexible.

Tapping on the ‘Dates’ tab brings up a calendar view date combinations and their respective prices, from green for cheap to red for expensive.

Read More

Google is making it easier to find a good deal for your next vacation was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Domuso raises $3.1M to let you pay missed rent over time

Domuso, a property management system and payment portal that lets tenants in sticky situations pay late rent over time, has raised $3.1M in funding. This brings the total amount raised for the startup, which was part of the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017 Battlefield competition, to $5.8M. The concept for Domuso is straightforward – there are certain life events that sometimes get in the way… Read More

– Source

PSVR’s crazy ‘Headmaster’ soccer heading game is on PC

With VR going mainstream, families are going to be looking for titles that won’t give their kids nightmares. One of the best of those, Headmaster, has only been available on Sony’s PlayStation VR until now, but today it arrives to the Oculus Rift and… – Source

5 reasons you should switch away from AT&T

AT&T is a great carrier, but there are reasons to make a change.

Having phone service that’s cheap and good is important to us.

It wasn’t so long ago that you had very few choices when it came to good phone coverage most everywhere you wanted to go. Today, though, you have plenty of other choices when it comes to the company who provides your service. That means you just might be able to get exactly what you need and save some money every month. Everyone loves to save money, right?

There are a lot of folks using smartphones on AT&T. Some because it was the only company who gave the coverage they needed, others because only AT&T had the phone they wanted. Both things have changed and now is a great time to think about switching away. Here are a few reasons why you might want to try another company.


Coverage is always the most important thing to consider when you pay for service each month. You need to be able to use what you’re paying for.

AT&T offers great nationwide coverage. But now so do a lot of other companies. Verizon has eclipsed AT&T when it comes to rural coverage, and most every company offers service when you’re in a city or town. T-Mobile, Sprint or any of the numerous alternative carriers (MVNOs) have service as good or better when you don’t stray too far from the beaten path.

For a lot of people, only AT&T offers the coverage you need. If that’s the case, you should stick with what works. But be sure to check other options, because things have changed!



If the coverage is equal, there is no reason to pay more.

AT&T has one of the most expensive unlimited plans for people who aren’t DirectTV subscribers and also offer a throttled (3 Mbps maximum) plan to keep folks who aren’t into spending over $100 for a single line plan once fees and taxes come into the picture. If you want true high-speed data, you can save money if you find another carrier who offers comparable coverage.

Check your coverage, ask your friends, check the maps, etc. And when you check the prices you’ll like what you see.

AT&T’s unlimited plans: Everything you need to know!

Other devices

AT&T has this in common with all of the Big Four carriers in the U.S.: You can’t use the same plan you have for your phone on another device (except a car in AT&T’s case) without having a phone plan and spending more money.

Data is data, and the carrier providing it shouldn’t care what device you’re using. You’ll find smaller MVNO carriers that don’t care if you swap the SIM card out of your phone and put it into a hotspot or tablet or smartwatch. AT&T offers 10GB of tethering data on its more expensive unlimited plan, but you’ll need to make sure the phone you’re using is compatible. Many are (unlocked phones or – Source

Plaid delivers bank account integration to enterprise developers

Plaid, which is best known for helping financial services customers build applications with direct connections to their users’ bank accounts, announced today that they have released a new SDK to bring that same type of functionality to enterprise developers. “At a high level we are the middle layer between you and your bank,” Zach Perret, CEO at Plaid told TechCrunch. When… Read More

– Source

Women tech entrepreneurs need to become ‘visible figures’ – CNET

Commentary: As a woman of color, I hid my identity to get VC meetings. But I learned instead that embracing my true self would lead to the right meetings. – Source

Misfit Vapor smartwatch delayed until October

Bad news for those anxious to buy Misfit’s highly-anticipated Vapor smartwatch, as the company has just announced that its wearable device has been delayed by a month or so.

Unveiled early this year at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Vapor was supposed to hit the shelves sometime this summer. Unfortunately, Misfit confirmed that the smartwatch will now ship in October. On the flip side, Misfit Vapor’s specs and price remain unchanged, so you can expect to be able to buy it for just $199.

Misfit’s Vapor smartwatch features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and … – Source

A CNN reporter just rescued a man stuck in his truck on live TV

Sometimes a few seconds can mark the difference between life and death. But what if that moment is broadcast live on CNN?

SEE ALSO: Tropical Storm Harvey is the strongest to hit the US in 12 years

That’s exactly what happened to Jerry Sumrall, who accidentally drove his truck into a ravine in Beaumont, Texas, before being rescued by CNN’s Drew Griffin and the camera crew, on live TV.

“We’ve just literally rescued this guy,” says a clearly shaken Griffin in the video.

A man just drove his truck into a ravine in Beaumont, Texas and CNN’s @DrewGriffinCNN rescued him on live TV

— CNN (@CNN) …

More about Science, Cnn, Tropical Storm Harvey, Texas Flood, and Cnn News – Source

Google Assistant coming soon to more speakers, appliances and other devices

Google is hoping to catch up with Alexa’s reach by putting its Assistant on a wide range of third-party hardware. At IFA, Google announced that it’s going to be putting the Assistant on partner speakers, appliances, connected cameras, and much more. That’s likely to be good for both the voice-powered assistant market, as well as for Google’s ability to use its service… Read More

– Source

Meizu to use Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Exynos chipsets for future devices

Meizu has released a ton of smartphones so far that are powered by MediaTek’s chipsets. Additionally, the company announced the Pro 6 Plus at the end of last year that uses a Samsung Exynos chipset, while the recently revealed M6 Note features a Snapdragon SoC. This got people wondering about Meizu’s direction in the future, with some thinking that the company might mostly use Qualcomm’s chipsets from now on.

To avoid confusion, Meizu has now shared more details about its hardware plans, saying that it will work closely with all three chip manufacturers.

We will use all three major SoC OEMs for our future devices; Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and MediaTek. Each one offers a unique advantage, and will complement our products differently. — Ard Boudeling, Head of Global Marketing at Meizu

See also:Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus arrive, unique rear display in towMeizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus arrive, unique rear display in towJuly 26, 2017

So, there you have it. Meizu isn’t loyal to just one manufacturer and plans on using chipsets made by all three major players in the market. This does have a number of advantages, with one of them being minimizing the chances of experiencing any supply shortages.

– Source

Essential Phone phishing scam: Wrongdoers try to steal customers’ sensitive data through email

It seems that select to-be adopters of the Essential Phone have fallen victims to a lowly phishing scam. Wrongdoers, posing as Essential Products Customer Care, have tried to acquir pictures of official document—driver’s license, state ID, or passport— from customers, leading them to believe that said documents need to be presented in order to validate their Essential Phone orders.
The scam email has been sent from, which would seem like it would be a legitimate email of Essential. However, the company’s customer support … – Source

10 great photo apps to make the most of the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a brand new dual camera system featuring a telephoto lens with optical image stabilization, and it’s the first dual-cam phone system with stabilization on the zoom lens. But it’s also a powerful phone on its own, running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system chip, and equipped with 6 GB of RAM.
And chances are that people who buy it, will do so because of either the S Pen or the dual camera (otherwise, just go and get a Galaxy S8+, which is much cheaper and offers identical performance and design).
To … – Source

Is Cersei lying about her pregnancy? ‘Game of Thrones’ finale director addresses the fan theories

There are few things more dangerous than a woman scorned, which makes Cersei Lannister one of the most dangerous players left on the board in Game of Thrones.

How dangerous? Well, she’s prepared to risk the fate of the world and sit out the battle against the White Walkers in the hope that the Army of the Dead will murder her political opponents for her — that’s a plan so cold-blooded, it would probably give the Night King chills.

Fans are so skeptical of Cersei’s motives at this point, some are even convinced that she’s been …

More about Game Of Thrones, Game Of Thrones Season 7, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Jaime Lannister

– Source

Trevor Noah defends Melania Trump for traveling to Harvey disaster area in heels

Although there are many, many more serious problems plaguing the world, everyone can’t stop talking about Melania Trump’s shoes.

The Trumps made their way to Texas on Tuesday morning to assess the damage left by Hurricane Harvey. While Donald Trump donned a rain jacket and boots, Melanie wore high-heeled, black stilettos.

SEE ALSO: Melania Trump’s new hat helpfully reminds us that she is FLOTUS

Many people thought this outfit choice was inappropriate, given the fact that the two were visiting a disaster zone. However, one person defending Melania’s choice is The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. Although Noah is …

More about Watercooler, Melania Trump, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, and Heels – Source

Grab an LG V20 with both of its displays for just $350 at B&H

The folks at Thrifter are back again, this time with a sweet deal on LG’s popular V20 smartphone!

The LG V20 is one of the last flagship smartphones that allows you to remove its battery and swap in a new one. This is a feature that some people absolutely need in a phone, and if that happens to be you, you’ll be happy to see that B&H Photo is offering a great discount on one. Right now you can pick up the unlocked 64GB LG V20 for just $349.99, which is a savings of $100 from its regular price.

Being unlocked, you’ll be able to use this model (US996) on both CDMA and GSM carriers. It comes equipped with 64GB of internal storage, so you don’t have to worry about filling it up too easily taking pictures with its awesome dual-camera setup. The V20 also has a 5.7-inch main display, as well a secondary display above it that shows some useful information.

If you want to save a little more, and don’t mind picking up a refurbished phone, Daily Steals has you covered. Right now you can pick up an unlocked Verizon version (US995) for just $249.99 with coupon code LGV20UNLOCKED.

See at B&H Photo

More from Thrifter:

What does Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods mean for you?
Five free travel apps to help you save big on hotel stays

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

– Source

Alexa and Cortana will now be able to talk to each other to control your smart home

Two of the biggest tech companies on the planet, Microsoft and Amazon, have decided to allow their digital assistants to speak to each other, and it could be the beginning of a great new relationship.

On Wednesday, in the surprising turn, the companies released a joint statement announcing that you will now be able to issue commands like “Alexa, open Cortana,” or “Cortana, open Alexa.”

SEE ALSO: Alexa has a new skill to help you throw away less food (and money)

“Ensuring Cortana is available for our customers everywhere and across any device is a key priority for us,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, said in …

More about Microsoft, Amazon, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa

– Source

A look back at the auditions that transformed these actors into ‘Game of Thrones’ legends

Looking back at these audition tapes, it’s pretty clear just how natural a fit some of these actors were for their now-legendary Game of Thrones roles.

With only one season left, the tapes offer a blissful hint at what makes the show so irresistible. …

More about Mashable Video, Hbo, Game Of Thrones, Got, and Real Time Video – Source

B&O and LG made a TV you can move with a remote control

A partnership between Bang & Olufsen (B&O) and LG has long been in the offing, and now the fruits of its labor have been unveiled at IFA 2017, in the form of the BeoVision Eclipse. The AV lovechild blends B&O’s audio expertise and design… – Source

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