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1st September 2017

Google reveals the top things people want to find out ‘How to’ do

Google has a new website compiled using search data and built by its News Lab, working together with Xaquin G.V., an interactive visual data journalist. The site uses data related to searches made by users about “How To” do things, which represents a massive amount of activity on Google, it turns out.
Xaquin explains in the visual essay that he was inspired by his own searches… Read More

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Equity podcast: The Uber saga, delayed IPOs and just what is an ICO?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a social experiment regarding how many acronyms an audience can endure before passing out. Each week we dive into the world of venture capital, looking to understand exactly what’s going on behind the money. This week Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley, and myself — Alex! — were joined by Samuel Angus, a partner on the corporate team of Fenwick and… Read More

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LG V30 – what’s new in Audio?

The LG V30 sports a number of impressive premium features, but the company has paid extra attention to the quality of the phone’s audio setup. Just like last year’s V20, there’s a mysterious Quad-DAC onboard promising a superior listening experience, along with high quality Bluetooth streaming, new voice recording capabilities, and a selection of new software options.

LG’s V series has built a solid reputation among the smartphone audiophile crowd, so here’s a closer look at what’s on offer for the audio enthusiast with this year’s V30 release.

High quality music playback

Starting with the most sought after requirement for music and audio enthusiasts, high fidelity playback. For those still listening over a wired connection, the LG V30 sports another 32-bit Quad DAC in place of the built in Snapdragon SoC solution – this time in all global markets. Ignoring that “32-bit Quad” marketing jargon for a minute, the DAC chip is ESS Technology’s ES9218P, a familiar chip in LG’s recent flagships.

Functional Block Diagram for the ES9218P

The chip features stereo quad parallel delta sigma converter channels with a 32-bit interpolation filter for a low noise conversion process, which ESS calls its HyperStream II architecture. For the spec insatiable audiophiles, the ES9218 boasts 2.0Vrms output, 130 dB SNR and -114 dB Total Harmonic Distortion, and support for up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM and DSD256 file formats. Of course, real world additional circuit performance, required drive from the amp, and input file type will affect these stats somewhat, but they’re impressive nonetheless.

While most of the specifications look the same between the V30’s ES9218P and the V20’s ES9218 chips, a dig through ESS’ press material reveals that the P version is missing DSD512 data support. Furthermore, this time LG has chosen to let the user select between the chip’s three output filters. We’ll talk more about those in a minute.

See also:What is the LG V20’s “Quad DAC” and how does it affect audio quality?What is the LG V20’s “Quad DAC” and how does it affect audio quality?September 5, 2016

For those who have moved over to wireless listening, LG is retaining its position as a leader when it comes to implementing high-quality wireless technologies. The LG V30 supports Qualcomm’s latest aptX HD Bluetooth codec, which vastly improves over traditional Bluetooth audio quality. Other smartphones to support aptX HD are limited to the OnePlus 3, 3T and 5, the LG G5, G6, and V20, and just a small selection of others from smaller brands.

LG is retaining its position as a leader when it comes to implementing high-quality wireless technologies.

In a nutshell, aptX HD supports high resolution 24-bit 48 kHz audio file formats over Bluetooth, up from 16-bit 48 kHz with classic aptX. Qualcomm targets a 4:1 compression ratio with its codecs, so classic offers a set 352 kbps bitrate while HD ups this to 576 kbps – a quarter of the bitrate of an uncompressed 24-bit 48 kHz file. – Source

Children’s book author tries to explain how boobs work and the result is very bad

I’m a 34-year-old woman, and for the life of me, I still can’t tell you why boobs exist.

But that doesn’t mean I’m about to turn to Growing Up for Boys, a puberty guide that recently went viral for its MRA-inspired description of women’s development, for answers.

SEE ALSO: 2 women entrepreneurs created a fake male cofounder to deal with sexism and, depressingly, it worked

“Girls have breasts for two reasons. One is to make milk for babies. The other is to make the girl look grown-up and attractive,” …

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Olympian shares a photo of his hands after Arctic row and OMG

Olympic level athletics at sub zero temperatures require sacrifices of the body and sometimes the side effects of are down right heinous.

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Alex Gregory is a highly decorated professional rower from Great Britain. The five time World Champion and two time Olympic gold medalist is part of a rowing expedition called The Polar Row.

The crew is rowing the waters of the Arctic on a mission to explore the Northern seas, collect environmental data, and raise money for charity.

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Gamers put together 48-hour marathon to raise money for Harvey relief

As flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey causes devastation in Texas, the gaming community is coming together to raise money for the Houston Food Bank.

Starting at 8 p.m. ET Friday, Games Done Quick is hosting a 48-hour marathon with 100% of donations going to the Houston Food Bank. During Harvey Relief Done Quick, gamers will be livestreaming themselves playing games as quickly as possible, a.k.a. speedrunning, nonstop throughout the weekend.

We’re proud to announce that we are partnering with @HoustonFoodBank for #HRDQ2017! 100% of your donations this weekend will support them!

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) …

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The new ‘OK Google’ announcements from IFA 2017 – CNET

In the race between voice systems like Alexa and Siri, here are the devices that have opted for Google Assistant. – Source

Perfect photobomb turns lady into a beautiful butterfly

Is it a bird? Is it a fairy? Is it a perfectly-timed coincidence?

Redditor Alsatianson shared a photobomb on Thursday that is almost too good to be true.

In the picture, a gorgeous butterfly landed on his shoulder, just as an elderly woman was passing behind him. The result is something straight out of a children’s mythical cartoon: a beautiful winged lady.

What makes this photo even better is the little kid looking at the butterfly lady through the magnifying glass.

If that child didn’t believe in magic before, they certainly must now.

WATCH: Cesar Millan explains doggy emotions

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Stop cyberattacks. Just add robots – CNET

At the Defcon and Black Hat confabs, security experts learn all the ways we may be hacked. AI could one day take charge of defenses, but we humans will still have our uses. – Source

Razer’s FPS-oriented mouse comes with a thumb ‘clutch’

Razer’s Basilisk, a high-DPI mouse meant for first-person shooter gaming, has an interesting new gimmick: a clutch. Positioned for your thumb, it lets you press and hold it to do tasks like change the DPI for more speed (the default setting), pick up… – Source

R2-D2 and BB-9E are available now, Same Day Prime delivery in some areas

Everyone’s favorite robot, and a sneak peek at something new.

Force Friday came with a special surprise from the folks at Sphero. Last time we were all amazed and excited by a Droid we could drive with our phone. This year for Force Friday, we got two new droids to play with. One is the eternally iconic R2-D2, and the other is an evil “upgrade” of the BB-8 we fell in love with during The Force Awakens. While we can speculate on how big a roll this BB-9E is going to play in The Last Jedi, we know for sure that it’s too cool to not own one.

And that’s the good news! Not only can you order R2-D2 and BB-9E from a bunch of different retailers right now, but Amazon is offering Same-Day Delivery in a lot of areas!

Each of these droids are available for $179, and the included app lets you do everything from drive around and pester your cat to watch your favorite Star Wars movies with your Droid and enjoy live reactions during the best scenes. Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery usually has a cut-off at noon, so if you’re looking to get these robots you better get on it now!

See R2-D2 at Amazon

See BB-9E at Amazon

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Which new Samsung wearable should you choose: Gear Sport vs Gear Fit 2 Pro vs Gear Icon X (2018) comparison

Samsung unveiled three new wearables at IFA 2017: the Samsung Gear Sport, the Gear Fit 2 Pro, and the Gear Icon X (2018).
And they are quite different: the Gear Sport is a round smartwatch, the Fit 2 Pro is a fitness band with more sporty look and a tinier display, and the new Gear Icon X are smart wireless earbuds. But they all do some things in a similar way, and all of them are actually able to help you in some way during a work-out.
So let’s look at the three and how they differ, not just in their obvious … – Source

Motorola Moto X4 size comparison versus the competition

So, there’s a new noteworthy mid-ranger on th block, and it’s the Moto X4.
With a rather good hardware set under the hood, the X4 is no longer a high-end profile handset but a rather well-equipped mid-ranger that promises excellent battery life. You can read more about the handset here.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the overall size and dimensions of the Moto X4. Standing at 5.84 x 2.89 x 0.31 inches (148.35 x 73.5 x 7.99 mm) and weighing at 5.75 oz (163 g), and having a screen-to-body ratio of 68.46%, the Moto X4 is not exactly a sleek handset, … – Source

Deal: eBay offers 20% of phones and smartwatches for Labor Day

eBay wishes a happy Labor Day to the US with a discount on smartphones, smartwatches and assorted accessories for those. From today until September 5 (at 8am PST), you can use the P20LABORDAY code to get the discount (applies to items priced $25 or more).

The discount is technically 20%, but eBay is using tricky math – the discount is capped at $50. Here’s an example: the $250 LG Watch Sport drops to $200. That’s the biggest discount you can get. The LG Watch Style is even cheaper – $108.

LG Watch Sport • LG Watch Style

The watches are new, but there are some interesting deals…

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AI writes Yelp reviews that pass for the real thing

On any given day, hordes of people consult online reviews to help them pick out where to eat, what to watch, and products to buy. We trust that these reviews are reliable because they come from everyday folk just like us. But, what if the feedback bl… – Source

Best Force Friday deals

Force Friday has returned with more deals than you can shake a lightsaber at.

Last year we saw Force Friday on September 1, a day filled with tons of great deals on Star Wars merchandise. It’s returning this year with tons of great new deals from retailers you already know and love. We took the time to find you the best deals out there, so you can snag the items you want without trying to find the best place to do it.

Keep reading for all the details!

Star Wars Boba Fett helmet backpack

Boba Fett is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, and now you can carry him around with you where ever you go. This backpack weighs about two pounds, and has adjustable straps so that you can get the perfect fit. Best of all it’s available for $59.99 which is $40 cheaper than it usually is.

See at Kohl’s

Star Wars Tie Advanced X-1 1/72 scale

When it comes to models, there are plenty of awesome Star Wars fighters and ships that you can choose from. Few are quite as memorable as the Tie fighter though, and on Force Friday, it’s more affordable than ever. This 1/72 scale model is available for $24.99 instead of its regular $29.99 price tag.

See at Gamestop

Star Wars alarm clock

Not everyone has an easy time waking up for work, or an early morning run. If you’re not an early riser, or you’re in the market for a new alarm clock, then feast your eyes on this glorious BB-8 droid built to make sure you aren’t late for work. It’s usually $29.99, but you can pick it up on Force Friday for $7.99

See at Best Buy

Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet

Plenty of folks have dreamed of being in the action of Star Wars, running from enemies, shooting back at your foes, and dressing up as storm troopers. If you’ve been looking for an amazing helmet for your collection, now is definitely the time. The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper helmet is a replica of the Storm Trooper helmets from Rogue One, and it includes a voice changer that will let you sound like one of those troopers. Usually available for $79.99, you can pick it up for $43.99

See at Best Buy

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Darth Vader

Mr. Potato head is easily one of the most recognizable toys on the market, and just about everyone has played with one at one point or another. Now you can snag a special Darth Vader potato head, complete with a full Vader get up and a light saber. Generally, this toy runs for $19.99, but you can pick it up Friday for $9.99

See at Best Buy

Star Wars cordless wall clock

While wall clocks are certainly – Source

Huawei is expected to launch the Kirin 970 tomorrow

Huawei is holding a keynote address tomorrow (September 2nd) at IFA in Berlin, during which it is expected that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, will announce the OEM’s next flagship System-on-a-Chip, the Kirin 970.

Although Huawei hasn’t yet officially released the details of the Kirin 970, the folks over at AnandTech spotted an exhibit on the IFA show floor all about the new processor. According to the notice on the exhibit, the Kirin 970 is built by TSMC using its 10m process. It is an octa-core processor, with a 12-core GPU, dual-ISP, and a high speed Cat 18. LTE modem.

There is also a dedicated AI computing unit, something that Yu had previously hinted about on several different occasions during the run-up to the show. The new AI unit will deliver 25x the performance, compared to similar CPU based AI workloads, with 50x more power efficiency. The idea is that smartphones using the Kirin 970 will be able to offer real time image recognition, voice interaction, and intelligent photography, all while using less power.

Although the internal specifics of the SoC haven’t been released, the rumor is that the octa-core CPU used is the same as the Kirin 960, with four ARM Cortex-A73 cores and four ARM Cortex-A53 cores, but this time clocked at 2.4 GHz and 1.8 GHz respectively. The 12-core GPU is expected to be the Mali-G72, the latest GPU from ARM, which was announced earlier this year along with the Coretx-A55 and the Cortex-A75.

The dual-ISP offers motion detection, low light photography enhancements, and support for HDR10 with 4K60 decoding, 4K30 encoding.

Stay tuned for more information once Huawei officially announces the Kirin 970 tomorrow. Until then, please let me know in the comments below if you are looking forward to the Kirin 970 and Huawei devices built around it?

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With Indian rocket launch failure, 2017 seeing a higher accident rate

Enlarge / The Indian satellite tried to separate from the rocket while inside the payload fairing. (credit: ISRO)

On Thursday the Indian space agency, ISRO, suffered a rare failure when its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle failed to launch a navigation satellite into its proper orbit. It was the first failure of the workhorse launch vehicle, capable of lifting about four tons to low Earth orbit, in two decades.

So far the Indian space agency has yet to say to too much about the cause of the failure. Officials have confirmed that the payload fairing did not detach properly from the rocket after launch. This is the protective shroud around the satellite that protects it during the ride through the atmosphere. During brief moments of the webcast, the satellite could be seen trying to separate inside the fairing.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle flies about half a dozen times a year, and in recent years operators of small satellites have booked flights on the Indian rocket due to its lower cost (approximately $15 million) and reliability. Earlier this year, for example, the Indian rocket launched dozens of small commercial satellites at the same time. The payload lost Thursday was the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System 1H satellite.

Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Deal: Samsung’s Level U Pro neckbuds are 56% off, grab a pair for $35!

ProductLocationItem ConditionCurrent PriceOffer ExpiresSamsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones, BlackAmazonNew$34.99 ($79.99)
56% offN/A
Looking to get yourself a nice and affordable pair of around-the-neck wireless earphones? If that’s the case, you might wanna check out Amazon’s latest offer for the Samsung Level U Pro. The e-commerce site is currently selling the neckbuds in black for $34.99, a discount of a solid 56% when compared to the price on the Samsung store.

The Level … – Source

Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 might be revealed in January

The Galaxy S8 series was revealed in March, with global sales kicking off a month later. According to a report from The Bell, things might be quite different when it comes to the Galaxy S9, as Samsung plan on speeding things up a bit.

The report claims that Samsung will take the wraps off its next flagship devices a lot earlier than expected, in January to be more exact. The smartphones will then likely go on sale sometime in February, two months sooner than the current Galaxy S lineup.

This info is based on rumors that Samsung Display will start shipping OLED panels for the upcoming devices to the company in November, which are, as the report claims, normally shipped two to three months before the assembly of the devices is expected to begin. For example, the displays for the Galaxy S8 series were supplied in January and as already mentioned, the smartphones were then announced two months later.

See also:Report: Samsung bringing dual cameras to its mid-range smartphones soonReport: Samsung bringing dual cameras to its mid-range smartphones soon1 day ago

Of course, this is pure speculation for now, as Samsung hasn’t confirmed the rumor about the early release date.

Of course, this is just speculation for now, as Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the rumor regarding the Galaxy S9 release date. However, the rumor does make sense in a way, as an early release date would possibly give the tech giant an advantage over a few of its competitors. A lot of companies announce their flagship smartphones at MWC in Barcelona, which normally takes place in February or March. At that time, the Galaxy S9 would already be available on the market, giving consumers a great option before they even know what competing smartphones will bring to the table.

A February release date would also be a great strategy for competing against the upcoming iPhone generation, as the launch of Apple’s and Samsung’s flagships would be closer together. The new iPhones will officially be announced on September 12, but some rumors do claim that the flagship of the series, presumably called the iPhone 8, might be released in October or possibly even November, due to supply shortages of AMOLED displays the device should come with.

Again, none of these rumors have been confirmed so far, so do take them with a grain of salt. This means that the upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphones just might be revealed at a later date, possibly in March, just like its predecessors.

One could argue that Samsung doesn’t really need to speed things up based on the fact that its flagship devices have been selling great so far. The company has reportedly already sold over 20 million Galaxy S8 units, with Samsung claiming that sales of the smartphones are around 15 percent higher than those of the Galaxy S7 series in the same time period.

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Try not to cry watching this emotional ‘Game of Thrones’ video about Jon Snow

Warning: This video is spoiler central. Consider yourself warned.

Jon Snow’s true parentage has been a focal point of Game of Thrones since Season 1 episode 1. Ned’s last words to Jon were a promise to finally tell him about his mother — a promise he was never able to fulfill.

SEE ALSO: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 finale smashes ratings records

This fan video about Jon’s true identity would have made Ned proud. It’s essentially an emotional supercut of Jon’s life — from his birth as the secret child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, to loathed bastard of Winterfell, then finally onto beloved King in the North. …

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Space Black BlackBerry KEYone is exclusive to AT&T and it launches today

The BlackBerry KEYone is available from AT&T starting today, priced at $16.67 a month for 30 months. The handset comes in Space Black, a color that is exclusive to AT&T. In the states, both Sprint and AT&T are the only carriers offering the KEYone. The handset features a 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass 4 protected display with a resolution of 1080 x 1620. Under the hood you will find the Snapdragon 625 SoC carrying an octa-core CPU running at a 2GHz clock speed, with the Adreno 506 GPU inside.

The physical QWERTY keyboard is not only among the best ever attached to a smartphone, … – Source

Gboard now lets you use stickers and Bitmoji

Gboard lets you install sticker packs and use Bitmoji with latest update.

The latest update to Gboard adds support for stickers and Bitmoji, giving you more ways to express yourself in conversations. Once you’re on the latest version of Gboard, you’ll see a tab for stickers in the emoji pane. You’ll be able to download stickers from the Play Store — there are both free and paid options available — and install the Bitmoji app if you don’t already have it on your phone.

Google has teamed up with its partners to make sticker collections available on the Play Store. These include the likes of Mickey Mouse, NBAmoji, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Star Wars, and more. You’ll also be able to create sticker packs with your own selfies, like with Allo.

You’ll be able to use the stickers and Bitmoji in any app that supports image pasting, and Google also mentioned that it will roll out new sticker packs in the coming weeks.

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Someone fired a crossbow arrow into a cricket pitch, forcing 1,000 people to evacuate

A tranquil County Championship cricket game between Surrey and Middlesex at The Oval, London was alarmingly interrupted when an arrow casually landed on the field, sparking a mass evacuation.

SEE ALSO: Cricketer’s unique celebration is a thing of bizarre beauty

If it sounds extraordinary, that’s because it is. “It could very easily have killed someone” said Surrey chief executive Richard Gould.

A quick inspection of the arrow in question should dispel any doubts over just how dangerous the incident was:

@SkySportsNews At The Oval and some maniac has fired an arrow onto the ground

— JeremyLawrence (@topmanjem) …

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The Morning After: Friday, September 1st 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to September! As news continues to flow from IFA 2017, we’re already looking ahead as Apple just announced the date for its big iPhone event. Still, don’t miss that new live-action Destiny 2 trailer or S… – Source

Action Launcher gains support for Oreo Adaptive Icons

Action Launcher has just cemented its position as one of the best and most versatile Android launchers even further. In its latest beta (v28, which is now live), Action Launcher adds native support for one of the cool features that debuted in Android Oreo – Adaptive Icons.

Android has traditionally lacked any rigorous rules about the size and shape of app icons, and this doesn’t really change in Oreo, but the latest version of the OS introduced a bunch of “masks”, or styles, that grants users the freedom to transform all the icons on their devices into one of four … – Source

Panasonic Movable Fridge + Sake Cooler Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

Panasonic wants to reimagine your smart home with a remote-control compact sake fridge. – Source

Apple’s AirPods are the best-selling wireless headphones despite supply bottlenecks

Reputable Apple analyst Gene Munster quipped not long ago that the AirPods may turn out to be bigger than the Apple Watch in terms of sales and profits, and it turns out that his opinion might have been prophetic. Research firm NPD reported yesterday that so far in 2017 there have been more 900,000 truly wireless headphones sold in the US. Despite the rich competitive landscape from the likes of Sony, Braghi or Samsung, Apple’s $159 AirPods have accounted for the whopping 85% of total US sales of wireless headphones here in the US.
Since they were released in December, … – Source

The top 5 Essential modules we’d love to see

A huge aspect of the Essential Phone is the concept of modularity. Sure, this idea has been adapted time and time again, but outside of OEM’s like Motorola we haven’t seen many companies follow through with their promises of vast selections of module adapters.

Essential is taking a bit of a different stance on these modules, putting the idea of the phone first and offering add-ons that can enhance the experience if the user chooses they want to. But with only one modular adapter released for the handset so far, we’re left dreaming of potential add-ons that could really make the phone shine.

So what are some of our top picks for potential modular add-ons? Stick around as we explore the possibilities.

A new kind of battery case

Because the Essential Phone uses inductive charging pins for its modular connections, it’s possible to create a new kind of battery case that doesn’t need to use the phone’s USB Type-C port. Though it would obviously add a bit of thickness to the device (as every battery case does), you wouldn’t need to obstruct the charging port and could use that for things like USB Type-C headphones or even for charging the phone and case themselves. Though this is just a re-design of an already available technology, having that port available is extremely useful and keeping the charging apparatus on the back of the case could allow the overall footprint to remain more compact.

An official inductive charging dock

The demo units we had the opportunity to play with at Essential’s Playground headquarters were seated on specialized docks with inductive charging pins built in. This made it so we could pick up the devices to play with them and set them right back down to let them keep charging. This was a much better implementation than keeping them plugged in, as it meant we were able to hold the devices properly and turn them around in our hands to check out all the features. Though this obviously wouldn’t work for carrier store use due to potential theft, it is the next best thing to wireless charging if you like setting your phone down and let it charge while you sleep, with no cables involved.

A reactive gaming case

In previous years we’ve seen companies like Motorola release gaming mods for phones like the Moto Z2, which uses an extra separate battery to power the controller while you’re playing. Unfortunately, if the battery died you were pretty much out of luck, as the controller wouldn’t be able to be powered on. With the Essential Phone’s pin connection you could theoretically charge the controller case with the phone itself, enabling extra features like rumble and LED lighting. Though it would probably be nice to have extra battery helping power the case, the idea of an ultra thin controller mod is quite enticing, as you could throw it in a pocket, bag, or just about anywhere.

A more feature-packed VR headset

Phone-based VR headsets are cool, but the only mainstream option that uses – Source

Sophie Turner totally shut down a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan who tried to defend Littlefinger

Warning: Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 7.

Don’t mess with Sansa. Just don’t do it.

This obviously applies in the Game of Thrones world, but from the looks of Sophie Turner’s Twitter feed it’s just as relevant in real life too.

SEE ALSO: When will ‘Game of Thrones’ return for its final season: Our prediction

Following the Game of Thrones season finale last Sunday, some fans began to discuss Sansa’s role in Petyr Baelish’s downfall.

Is this what you’ve interpreted from that heartbreaking scene where a broken man confessed his feelings?!!! Everyin knows it was fan service

— Hanna Loren (@HannaLoren11) …

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