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4th September 2017

Jaguar’s steering wheel of the future revolves around AI

The steering wheel as we know it doesn’t have a bright future — in fact, it might disappear altogether as self-driving cars hit the road. Jaguar Land Rover, however, has an idea as to how it might survive. The British automaker has unveiled a conc… – Source

This fearless artist was lifted by 20,000 balloons for 9 hours

What does an extreme fear of happiness look like? If you just pictured 20,000 party balloons lifting a human from the ground, you might be on the money.

Performed over nine hours on Sunday at the Sydney Opera House, artist Noëmi Lakmaier’s piece Cherophobia saw the artist tied to a frame and lifted from the stage using 20,000 multi-coloured helium balloons — Pixar’s Up-style.

SEE ALSO: This design studio creates giant moving sculptures that are suspended in midair

Open free to the public inside the iconic venue’s Concert Hall, the live installation formed the cornerstone of brand new Sydney talks, ideas, and politics festival …

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Huawei has removed all EMUI images for its phones from its official website

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has removed all EMUI images for its smartphones from the official EMUI website. If you visit the site, you are greeted by the following notice:

“SD card update packages are no longer supplied.By this time,all the SD card upgrade packages will be removed from the website and the download page will be closed.”

If you dismiss the notice, and try clicking any of phone images, the website displays an empty page, confirming that the ROM images as well as the respective download links have indeed been removed.

The reason behind the move isn’t…

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to the 207th Android Apps Weekly! Here are the biggest headlines from the last week:

Google is trying for more standalone Android Wear apps. A big change this week makes standalone apps compatible with Android Wear 1.0. It was available only on Android Wear 2.0 previously. The change also affects iOS with Android Wear. Hopefully this motivates developers to make more Wear apps. The pickings are a little thin. The change will take affect in January of 2018.
The Walking Dead: Our World was announced earlier this week. The game is an AR experience. Players can slaughter zombies in the real world wherever they are. There are cameo appearances from the show. They show up to help you kill zombies. There’s no release date just yet. However, it should be sometime soon. Season eight is just around the corner.
The Google Play Indie Game Festival finalists were announced this week. Some of the finalists include Crashy Cars, 7 Pin Pool, Star Vikings Forever, Slayaway Camp, Storm Wars, and Topsoil. There are just shy of two dozen total finalists. The event itself takes place on September 23rd. Thus, we only have a couple of weeks until we find out the winners.
Amazon Alexa and Cortana have some big updates coming. Namely, they will soon talk to each other. The idea works like this. You can use Windows 10 to tell Cortana to talk to Alexa and vice versa. This collaboration won’t make either better than the competition individually. However, the two combined is definitely the best personal assistant experience out there. That’s assuming they do it right.
Google Assistant may be getting a huge feature in Android Oreo. There is code that suggests that third party apps can open Google Assistant. That means you can have the experience without leaving whatever app is open. There are a laundry list of requirements. The app has to work on Oreo, the phone has to be on Oreo, and then developers can add Google Assistant integration.

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GyroscopePrice: Free / $9.99 per monthDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYGyroscope is a new fitness tracker app. It claims to be an all-in-one type of service. It features support for a variety of other fitness tracking apps. That includes Fitbit, Google Fit, and several others. You can also add manual data. It then charts your fitness, weight, and other health metrics. The free version comes with the basic stuff. The subscription service adds things like sleep tracking, more in-depth analysis, and more. It’s not bad for what it is. It’s also in beta so the bugs – Source

Telegram 4.3 adds better replies in groups, a new contact invite system, and more [APK Download]

I’ve come to expect great things from every new Telegram update. Each one seems to enhance the quality-of-life for the users, and the latest brings some of those. Version 4.3 adds a much better group mentions and reply system, an overhauled UI for inviting contacts to join Telegram, and other minor improvements.

Here’s the changelog:

Groups with unread mentions and replies are now marked with an ‘@’ badge in the chats list. Read More

Telegram 4.3 adds better replies in groups, a new contact invite system, and more [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Red floating ‘It’ balloons are appearing near drains and we’re fine, you’re fine, everyone’s fine

Blissful folks thinking they’d enjoy a casually murder clown-free Monday morning were in for a rude awakening today.

Red balloons popped (sorry) up in Sydney’s CBD, as part of a widespread and undeniably budget-conscious marketing campaign for the release of Stephen King novel turned movie It this Thursday.

SEE ALSO: This toddler dressed up as the creepy clown from ‘It’ will haunt your dreams forever

Apparently all you need is some helium and red balloons to scare the shit out of locals, who immediately recognised the floating doom indicators as the mark of homicidal (yet fictional — absolutely, thankfully fictional) clown Pennywise. Tweets were highlighted by …

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LG G Pad X2 8.0 Plus launched for $240

Less than a month after it was spotted listed on T-Mobile’s website, the LG G Pad X2 8.0 Plus tablet has been launched. A quick look at T-Mobile’s listing for the device reveals it’s being offered for $240.

The tablet is powered by an SoC with octa-core, 1.4GHz processor, and sports an 8-inch Full HD display. While RAM is unknown, storage is 32GB. The camera department is handled by a 5MP main shooter and a 5MP selfie unit. The device runs Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

A 2,900mAh battery is there to keep the lights on. The G Pad X2 8.0 Plus also comes with a Plus Pack…

– Source

Alibaba debuts ‘smile to pay’ facial recognition payments at KFC in China

China is streets ahead when it comes to digital payments. The latest leap is facial recognition technology that allows a customer to pay by literally flashing a smile. Alibaba’s Ant Financial affiliate launched the ‘smile to pay’ service in Huangzhou, the location of the company’s global HQ, where it is being trialled with KFC. As the video from Ant below shows, the… Read More

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Camera lenses literally melted during the solar eclipse

Will people ever learn?

A camera rental company found its cameras and lenses severely damaged after people took them to shoot the solar eclipse last month.

This, despite warning users not to point their cameras directly at the sun.

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Online rental shop LensRentals told renters that solar filters had to be attached to lenses to protect them and camera sensors during the eclipse.

Naturally, some people didn’t listen.

Here are the results, from burnt shutter systems:

Image: lens rentals

To damaged sensors:

Image: lens rentals

This Nikon D500 saw its mirror melt: …

More about Science, Cameras, Eclipse, Canon, and Lens – Source

VR throwback ‘Duck Season’ arrives September 14th

Stress Level Zero’s Duck Season caught our eye for a number of reasons. It’s not just a VR callback to the NES hit Duck Hunt, it’s a broader celebration of ’80s culture… with a horror twist, to boot. And now, you’ll get to see whether or not it’s… – Source

Google Photos will save you data by caching videos you’ve watched

The latest update to the Google Photos app brings ‘performance improvements’ – show us an update changelog that doesn’t say that. This one, however, adds a neat feature – Photos will now cache videos you watch so you can replay them later without using up your data allowance.

Since these videos need to be saved somewhere, they’ll eat up into your storage, but storage is cheap and data traffic isn’t. Also, clearing your cache doesn’t seem like that much hard work, should you need to free up space. Now, having a toggle to enable/disable the caching could have been even better, but no, not…

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Meet the Galaxy J7 Plus: Samsung’s second dual-camera smartphone

As you probably know, the recently announced Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s first smartphone with a dual-camera setup. However, it’s no longer the only one, as the company has quietly unveiled the Galaxy J7 Plus in Thailand.

Those of you who have been following Samsung-related rumors have already heard about the device, as its specs along with a few images have leaked last week. It’s a mid-range handset with its biggest feature being two cameras on the back that allow you to capture those bokeh images everyone seems to love so much these days.

The setup features a 13 MP sensor with an f/1.7 aperture and a 5 MP sensor that has an f/1.9 aperture. Samsung’s latest smartphone also offers a 16 MP selfie snapper with LED flash, which should help you capture better photos in low-light conditions.

The Galaxy J7 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD resolution and is powered by the MediaTek Helio P20 chipset. It has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage that you are able to expand for an additional 256 GB with the help of a microSD card.

See also:Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 might be revealed in JanuaryReport: Samsung Galaxy S9 might be revealed in January3 days ago

The device packs a 3,000 mAh battery, a combined fingerprint scanner/home button below the screen, and ships with Bixby on board, which made its debut on the Galaxy S8 series. It also has an aluminum body, an always on display, and runs Android 7.0 Nougat with Samsung’s custom user interface on top.

The Galaxy J7 Plus is already up for pre-order in Thailand where it retails for THB 12,900, which is around $390, and comes in three color options: black, gold, and pink. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when or if the smartphone will be available in other markets across the globe, as Samsung hasn’t shared any details with the public regarding this yet.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s second dual-camera smartphone? Would you consider getting if it becomes available in your country? Let us know in the comments.

– Source

Confirmed: All HMD-made Nokia smartphones to get Android 8 Oreo

All Android-powered Nokia smartphones will get updated to Android 8. HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, made things more or less official on Twitter, by assuring users that even the low-end Nokia 3 will be joining the Oreo club:
All of our smartphones will upgrade to Oreo, Nokia 3 included. No comments yet on timing so that I don’t get into trouble.— Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) September 2, 2017
This piece of news might not be too surprising to some, as Google mentioned that current Nokia manufacturer HMD Global and other companies are “scheduled to … – Source

Huawei officially confirms October 16 unveiling for Mate 10 series

Last month, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei outed a teaser image revealing October 16 unveiling for a new smartphone. While it wasn’t difficult to guess that the company is teasing the Mate 10, a recent report revealed the device’s name, launch date, as well as event location.

An now the company itself has officially confirmed all the key details.

Unlock your full potential with #HuaweiMate10, powered by #Kirin970. Coming soon. #HuaweiMobileAI #IFA2017— Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) September 2, 2017

The tweet also officially confirms that the…

– Source

China has banned ICOs

It is looking like a new era is coming for ICOs, at least those in China for now. In the U.S., the SEC has issued official warnings around the risks of ICOs, also known as token sales, but the Chinese government looks set to beat it to implementing regulation around the rapidly growing fundraising option. A notice from a committee led by China’s central bank [link in Chinese] today… Read More

– Source

Nokia 8 UK pre-orders are now live, free smartwatch included

We already knew that the Nokia 8 will be launched in the UK on September 13 and now you have the chance to book your unit. Carphone Warehouse has started accepting pre-orders for the phone at £500.

The retailer is offering the silver and blue color options, and those pre-ordering will also get a free Nokia Steel smartwatch worth £120. The wearable is capable of tracking steps, distance, and calories. It’s also waterproof up to 50m.

For more information, head to the Source link below.

Source | Via

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Sony XA1 Plus Hands On

Sony’s back in the mid-range field and ready to take on some
stiff competition in the higher end of that category. The XA1 Plus has been
announced alongside their latest flagships. Retailing for $379.99, we take a
first look at whether the device itself is premium for a mid-range, or just the
price.Design and Display

The XA1 Plus is a hybrid of sorts between the XA and XA
Ultra. In fact, the 1080p screen size is smack-dab in the middle of the two,
sized at 5.5 inches and delivering 403 pixels per inch. Keeping in the trend of
its predecessors, the Plus … – Source

Consumer internet startups go mainstream outside of Silicon Valley

In the past year, New York has reached a tipping point as consumer-facing startups proliferate and similarly Los Angeles is gaining notice with the success of Snap and Dollar Shave Club among others. Read More

– Source

[Deal Alert] Brexlink Galaxy S8 5000mAh, S8+ 5500mAh battery cases are just $29.99 ($10 off) on Amazon

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have pretty good battery life out of the box, but sometimes, you just need some extra juice. For those occasions, you have two options: a portable battery or a battery case. Portable batteries usually offer more power for your money, but they’re also rather cumbersome. These battery cases for the S8 and S8+ are just $29.99 apiece, which erases much of the cost issue, and at 5000mAh+, they’re pretty beefy as well.

Read More

[Deal Alert] Brexlink Galaxy S8 5000mAh, S8+ 5500mAh battery cases are just $29.99 ($10 off) on Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The reborn Lily drone isn’t what you were expecting

To say that Lily drone backers were disappointed would be an understatement. They were promised a cutting-edge machine only to watch the $34 million crowdfunding campaign go up in flames, and only some contributors have received their funds so far. H… – Source

Bits: Farhad’s and Nick’s Week in Review: Uber’s New Boss and Amazon’s New Supermarket

Two tech reporters analyze the week’s big tech news, including Uber’s surprising new C.E.O. and how Amazon might change Whole Foods. – Source

Amazon keeps hiring engineers in a bid to keep Alexa on top

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has had quite a year. Besides powering the leading smart speaker in the world in the Amazon Echo, smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, HTC and now Motorola have made room on certain of their handsets to include Alexa right alongside Google. And as other companies seek to make their own personal assistants more competitive, Amazon is willing to shell out the cash required to keep Alexa on top in 2018 and beyond.

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is moving money and people off of other divisions and is moving the cash and hundreds of engineers … – Source

Security Think Tank: Strategies for surviving a cyber attack

What key things should organisations be doing in terms of cyber defences to ensure they are resilient? – Source

How are smartphones affecting teenagers?

A generation who have spent their entire adolescence with smartphones are feeling the effects. – Source

Here’s how Xbox One games will handle mouse and keyboard support

Microsoft has been promising mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox One for ages, but it’s finally getting close. As part of a PAX West panel, the company’s Mike Ybarra revealed that the first Xbox One games to support these peripherals are coming “s… – Source

Only Australian lamb is fit for this very holy, good ol’ spring barbecue

If you threw a dinner party for Jesus, Ganesha, Moses, Zeus, Buddha and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, what would you serve?

Lamb, obviously.

Australian Lamb wants you to go straight for the sheep, with their new spring ad bringing the world’s religious figures together for a casual barbecue — serving lamb, of course.

No stranger to a viral ad campaign, Australian Lamb clocked up 1.3 million views for their …

More about Watercooler, Australia, Food, Religion, and Lamb – Source

Tutorial: How to force Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube, Google Maps, Duo, and others

One of Android Oreo’s best features is Picture-in-Picture mode for phones and tablets. When you press the home button while playing media (on an app that supports PiP), the video collapses to a floating window that you can move around the screen. YouTube is one of the few apps that support this feature already, but it’s only enabled if you pay for YouTube Red. Thankfully, there is a way to force PiP mode for any app that supports it, including YouTube and Google Maps.

Read More

Tutorial: How to force Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube, Google Maps, Duo, and others was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Amazon encourages ‘influencers’ to shill even in our post-Fyre Fest world

Influencers don’t always know what’s best.

On Instagram, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and other models once encouraged people to attend Fyre Festival. Yeah, we’re talking about the music event that ended up featuring no music and landing itself seven fraud and class action lawsuits.

Even with high-profile scams like that one, this type of influencer marketing is on the rise. Now, Amazon is taking a bigger bite into the industry. The e-commerce giant …

More about Marketing, Youtube, Amazon, Social Media, and Twitch – Source

Sixth-generation Apple iPod nano is no longer supported by Apple

On August 30th, Apple officially placed the sixth-generation Apple iPod nano on its internal list of “vintage and obsolete products.” In other words, the aforementioned device is no longer supported by Apple. A written memo to this effect has been sent to Apple Stores and authorized service centers. Apple released the product in September 2010 and stopped selling it two-years later. Typically Apple supports a discontinued item for an additional five years after it no longer is available, and that brings us to September 2017.

With its square design and small size, the sixth-generation iPod … – Source

Everything you need to know about using Instagram’s archive feature

Instagram released its Archive feature in June, but you might not know what it’s for or how to use it.

Archive lets you hide photos and videos from your profile without completely deleting them. That way, you can bring them back later if you want to do so.

SEE ALSO: Apple’s Instagram account reeks of desperation

Instagram phrases it as giving you the flexibility to represent how you evolve over time, but Archive is really just a way to hide embarrassing selfies or videos that didn’t get enough likes. Because we’ve all seen the classic “felt cute, might delete later” post.

had one of my friends take this picture so you know i just had to post it! lol i felt so cute, might delete later

— whatsapp ricky (@CHERRYBOMBMENA) …

More about Instagram, How To, Smartphones, Photos, and Selfies

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