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5th September 2017

How to run smarter with the right tech accessories

Finding the right mix of tech to get the most out of your training runs.

Summer is winding down, and by sticking to my nutritional goals and making an effort to fit more walking into my day, I’m already at the halfway mark to reaching my weight loss goals. After battling through a late summer cold that slowed me down, I’m ready to power through Autumn with a running routine supported by a few pieces of tech.

The Moov Now fitness tracker

If you’ve been following along with this column, you’ll know that I previously advised against buying an expensive fitness tracker if you’re only looking for something to track your steps, and I stand by those comments.

But the Moov Now fitness tracker is different, in that it’s more of a coaching tool than a purebred fitness tracker. When you wear it on your wrist, it performs the basic functions of an activity tracker by tracking how active you are throughout the day via the Moov Now app. I like it especially because there’s no distracting screen, no need to charge it nightly, it’s comfortable enough that I can forget I’m wearing it, and it’s waterproof enough for tracking swims or just wearing in the shower.

But the real fun begins with the in-ear coaching. Moov offers a selection of workouts and activities that work with the Moov Now to monitor your body’s movements and provide instant coaching feedback via your headphones. By strapping the Moov Now to your ankle, it’s able to not only monitor your time and distance progression, but also specifics related to your stride and how your feet land as you run.

Moov offers a selection of workouts and activities that work with the Moov Now to monitor your body’s movements and provide instant coaching feedback via your headphones.

There are several different training modes for running and walking, which help you to train different aspects of your stride. There are programs for improving your form and run more efficiently, improve your pace and distance, or work on sprint intervals to burn fat. The feedback it provides is surprisingly accurate and helpful, offering quick tips on maintaining a steady breath, feedback if you’re stepping too heavily or landing on stepping heel first, or encouragements to pick up the pace a bit. As someone who’s definitely injured himself because of bad form in the past, it’s nice to have a subtle piece of tech looking out for me.

It doesn’t track calories or offer advanced metrics, but Google Fit still does a decent job of that for me. Plus, since it’s an ambient fitness tracker I can comfortably wear it to sleep and get statistics on my sleeping habits as well. Plus, at $60 you can afford to buy two, which opens up the ability to do shadow boxing training.

See at Amazon

Other necessary apps for a solid run

Beyond Google Fit and – Source

Samsung left ‘without a captain,’ China slows cryptocurrencies video – CNET

In today’s big tech news, Samsung’s co-CEO raises leadership issues, China steps up cryptocurrency regulation and Hillary Clinton’s tweets create a stir. – Source

LG V30: should you upgrade from the LG V10 or V20?

The LG V30 is here and, quite frankly, it’s an eye-grabbing phone. Beautiful design, huge display, tiny bezels. LG nailed the 2017 flagship trends and finally outed a phone that has this year’s processor (zing). You’d be right to be asking yourself “Should I be upgrading right now?”. Either that or you are already throwing money at the screen. In any case, let’s see if the V30 is worth an upgrade.

If you are coming from the original LG V10, you will definitely appreciate the new design and materials. Yes, the V10 was hitting some nails on the head with … – Source

Scientists use molecular ‘sieve’ to purify water

Researchers have taken a major step forward in making previously undrinkable water drinkable, therefore tackling one of the biggest challenges faced by the planet — some 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water (a number which is set t… – Source

This could be Samsung’s take on the “edge-to-edge” design trend

Samsung already has a few so-called “bezel-less” smartphones in its lineup. The company took the wraps off the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus back in March, while the Galaxy Note 8 was announced last month. All of them feature what Samsung calls an Infinity Display that is surrounded by extremely thin bezels.

However, it looks like the tech giant might take things to the next level soon. came across a design patent the company filed with KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) in May 2016, which gives us a glimpse into what future Galaxy smartphones might look like.

As you can see above, the patent is for a smartphone that features an edge-to-edge display that basically has almost non-existent bezels. In addition to the display, the only other thing the front of the device sports is a small notch at the top that presumably houses the camera and speaker, among a few other things.

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Unfortunately, there’s no word on which device this might be. It could be the Galaxy S9, but it also might be a totally different smartphone that will be part of a new Galaxy series. We also have to consider the fact that it just might be a concept that will never make its debut. Companies always file for various patents and they end up never bringing their ideas to market. Of course, we hope that this won’t happen to Samsung, as an all-screen smartphone is something we really want to see and would potentially be a hit among consumers.

The already thin bezels will get even smaller as time goes on.

The already thin bezels will get even smaller as time goes on, allowing companies to equip their devices with even larger displays, without making them a lot bigger at the same time.

We have already seen a bunch of bezel-less devices this year including the Essential Phone and the recently announced LG V30. More will be released in the near future including the Huawei Mate 10 as well as the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. The former will, according to the latest rumors, have one of the thinnest bezels of any smartphone, although they still won’t be quite as thin as the ones shown in Samsung’s patent.

Would you like to see a Samsung device with even thinner bezels than the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know in the comments.

– Source

Hurricane Irma: This monster storm is perfect in the most alarming ways

(Note: This post will be updated throughout the day as more forecast information becomes available.)

Hurricane Irma became one of the strongest hurricanes on record in the Atlantic basin on Tuesday, when it reached high-end Category 5 intensity, with maximum sustained winds of 180 miles per hour. Meteorologists are marveling at the storm’s presentation on satellite imagery, as it’s as close to a textbook definition of an intense hurricane as one could get.

These same forecasters, namely those at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, are raising alarm bells that anywhere from the eastern Gulf Coast to portions of the East Coast, particularly Florida, could see major impacts from Hurricane Irma by this weekend. …

More about Science, Florida, Extreme Weather, Hurricane, and Hurricane Irma – Source

‘Destiny’ gets a blockbuster musical send-off from our favorite fan choreographers

If you played Destiny at all over the past three years and never came across a creation from Husky Raid, it’s time to correct that.

These talented players haven’t just mastered Destiny; they’ve used it as a platform to create — think choreographed music videos featuring hit songs from the likes of Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, and Michael Jackson. With Destiny 2 literally just hours away from launching on Sept. 6, Husky Raid had one last show to put on.

This is it. Everything this crew picked up after three years of using Destiny as a filmmaking tool culminates in a musical tour through some of the game’s familiar spaces. Bravo, Husky Raid. See you in Destiny 2. …

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“OK Google, send a Google Voice message” command is coming soon to help those with Google Voice numbers

Some of you exclusively use their Google Voice (GV) numbers, some have differentiated between friends and colleagues by giving their regular number and GV number separately to each set of contacts, and some might use the GV number occasionally for a few contacts only. Regardless of your case, sending texts from that GV number has been pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to Android Auto, Android Wear, and Assistant. But that should be fixed soon.

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“OK Google, send a Google Voice message” command is coming soon to help those with Google Voice numbers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

[Update: Now $77.78] Deal Alert: Samsung’s first-gen Gear 360 is down to $89.10, an all-time low, on Amazon

Update 1: 2017/09/05 6:24am PDT

Here’s a new all-time low: $77.78. The Gear 360 has been free-falling in price on Amazon and the latest we’ve spotted is $77.78. That’s easily one of the cheapest and

The first-generation Gear 360 camera may not be the newest kid on the block anymore (the new model will be called the 360 Round, and it’ll be announced at IFA), but it still gets that 360-degree image/video job done.

Read More

[Update: Now $77.78] Deal Alert: Samsung’s first-gen Gear 360 is down to $89.10, an all-time low, on Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Magic Leap is experimenting with light-bending nanomaterials

Mixed reality company Magic Leap is cagey with its tech, to say the least. However, it has released a research paper in conjunction with Berkeley Lab that hints on what it’s doing. The team developed new materials that can take in light from more ang… – Source

Fall movie preview: What to watch if the Oscars are your Super Bowl

This week, we’re running our 2017 fall movie preview. On Monday, we started with our superhero picks. Today, we’ll dig into the awards hopefuls.

In another couple of months, we’ll all be sick to death of talking about the Oscars. We reach that point every year, and we’ll reach it again this year. When we do, we’ll look up to realize we’ve still got months to go before we’re done. (This train goes all the way to March, folks.)

But you know what? That’s tomorrow’s problem. Right now, the thought of filling up on awards-worthy drama still fills us with gleeful anticipation.


More about Movies, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Mudbound – Source

The new Open Beta for the OnePlus 3/3T adds some stability fixes, UI changes, and more

OnePlus hasn’t forgotten about its 2016 flagships just yet. Its Open Beta program is still going strong with new fixes and features for users to test before they’re pushed to the official channel. This time around, beta testers can expect several adjustments, some UI changes, and other goodies, which you can find in the changelog below.


Added Shot on OnePlus watermark. You can add your name in the watermark


Redesigned lift up display UI. Read More

The new Open Beta for the OnePlus 3/3T adds some stability fixes, UI changes, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Meizu has sold more than 200,000 M6 Notes

Since announcing the M6 Note on August 23 and beginning its sales on September 1, Meizu has reportedly sold more than 200 thousand units through its online and offline channels.

The maker is urgently trying to replenish stock so that it can continue to sell the popular M6 Note.

The Meizu M6 Note is priced reasonably at 1,699 CNY (€220) for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage model, 1,299 CNY (€165) for the 3GB+32GB model and 1,099 CNY (€140) for the 3GB+16GB model.

The Meizu M6 Note has a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 625 and a dual camera setup consisting of a 12MP main snapper and…

– Source

At times during Harvey, the European model outperformed humans

Enlarge / Which model did the best job of forecasting Harvey has a hurricane? The European model, of course. (credit: NOAA)

As a resident of Houston and a meteorologist, I closely tracked the development or Hurricane Harvey for much of the month of August. As part of that, I watched every new cycle of forecast model runs to determine which one handled the track forecast best.

For a long time, the big question with Harvey concerned what the storm would do after it moved inland into the central Texas coast late on Friday, August 25. Would it stall for one or two days and then move south? Would it stall for three or four days? Or would it slowly drift to the east-southeast, out into the Gulf of Mexico and then move up the coast?

Each of these particular solutions mattered for Texas, because whichever area lay to the northeast of the storm’s center would receive the heaviest rains. Ultimately the rain bullseye fell along a corridor along Interstate 10 from Houston to Beaumont, where more than 45 inches of rain fell during a period of about four days that led to catastrophic flooding.

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Lego—yes, even Lego—is laying people off and going digital

On Tuesday Lego announced that it plans to lay off 1,400 people — about 8 percent of its workforce — as it does that thing all companies are trying to do: Pivot to digital.

Yes, even a highly successful maker of children’s modular toys cannot resist the digital world.

SEE ALSO: New record-breaking LEGO Millennium Falcon has got it where it counts

The news comes as Lego reported its first fall in sales in more than a decade. The company also admitted it’s not too optimistic about the next couple years, setting expectations low for a return to sales growth in the immediate future.

“We have now pressed the rest-button for the entire group,” said Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, chairman on Lego,…

More about Lego, Business, and Consumer Tech

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Man catches rare translucent lobster, throws it back into the sea because it was such a pretty lady

Translucent lobsters might look cool, but face it: they just don’t make good lobster rolls.

Alex Todd of Chebeague Island, Maine, recently caught this very rare creature while on a fishing trip. Translucent lobsters are incredibly challenging to find: chances of nabbing one are quite literally one in a million.

“I’ve never seen a white one. This one was translucent with just a hint of blue in it,” Todd told ABC News.

According to the Maine Cost Fisherman’s Association, the lobster probably suffers from a genetic condition known as leucism. Unlike an albino lobster, this lobster only suffers a partial loss of pigment. …

More about Watercooler, Wtf, Maine, Lobster, and Culture – Source

Was the primordial soup a hearty pre-protein stew?

How proteins evolved billions of years ago, when Earth was devoid of life, has stumped many a scientist. A little do-si-do between amino acids and their chemical lookalikes may have done the trick. Evolutionary chemists tried it and got results by the boatload. – Source

Link found between cognitive fatigue and effort and reward

Injury and disease of the brain increase the likelihood of cognitive fatigue, which can be disabling. Researchers are studying the mechanisms of cognitive fatigue, toward the goal of developing effective interventions. – Source

Zika virus kills brain cancer stem cells

While Zika virus causes devastating damage to the brains of developing fetuses, it one day may be an effective treatment for glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer. New research shows that the virus kills brain cancer stem cells, the kind of cancer cells most resistant to standard treatments. – Source

Hop, skip, run, leap: Unpredictability boosts survival for bipedal desert rodents

Sometimes it pays to be unpredictable. A new study shows that when bipedal desert rodents called jerboas are being chased, sudden changes in direction, gait and speed help them elude hungry predators and likely give them a competitive edge over their quadrupedal neighbors. – Source

Discovery of dynamic seasonal changes in color perception

In many areas, the environment fluctuates greatly depending on the season, and animals living in those areas must adapt to the changing environment. A research group has found that color perception of Medaka, a small fish inhabiting rice fields and streams, varies greatly according to seasonal changes. – Source

HPE scoops up Cloud Technology Partners to boost hybrid cloud consulting

HPE has been mostly known in recent times for selling off pieces of its business, but it has quietly been on a little run this year buying up cloud companies in an attempt to build out a hybrid cloud business. Today, the company announced it was acquiring Cloud Technology Partners, a Boston-based cloud consulting firm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. With CTP, HPE gets a consulting firm… Read More

– Source

European Court Limits Employers’ Right to Monitor Workers

The ruling, which dialed back an earlier decision, has implications for labor law and workplace privacy. – Source

Sony backs Acutronic Robotics’ hardware robot operating system

Sony is investing in Acutronic Robotics‘ Series A round, via its Sony Innovation Fund. Sony will also adopt Acutronic’s Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS), for use in its own robotics division, the company says. This funding follows investment by DARPA in Acutronic’s platform, which aims to become an industry standard for robotics components from across hardware and… Read More

– Source

Pixelmator Pro is an AI-powered Photoshop alternative for your Mac

Pro image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop are vital in the creative world, but let’s face it: not everyone can justify paying $10 or more per month, every month, just to get more than rudimentary tools. You may not have to in the near future, tho… – Source

Apple bids farewell to Apple Music Festival after 10 years

Enlarge / Calvin Harris performing at the 2016 festival. (credit: Apple)

The London Roundhouse will feel emptier this September, as Apple is ending its annual music festival after nearly 10 years. The Apple Music Festival, which was called the iTunes Music Festival until 2015, has been held annually by the tech giant since 2007. London’s Roundhouse had been the festival’s home for most of its existence, but Apple confirmed to Music Business Worldwide that it will not host a festival at the UK venue in 2017.

The Apple Music Festival hosted many of the music industry’s biggest names over its tenure: Lady Gaga, Adele, Oasis, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and most recently, Elton John and Chance the Rapper in the 2016 lineup. Tickets were given to competition winners, and many performances were streamed live on iTunes and Apple Music. However, the festival has been scaled back over the years from a concert every night in September to just ten shows in total.

Apple gave no official reason for ending the music festival, but the move comes as the company focuses more on original content for its various services, including iTunes and Apple Music. Most of these moves surround video: Apple recently hired former Sony presidents Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg to lead its original content initiative, and they’ll have $1 billion at their disposal in 2018 to produce and acquire new shows and movies.

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– Source

[Deal Alert] Pick up a 64GB Moto Z from Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H for $399.99 ($300 off)

In light of the onslaught of 2017 phone announcements, it’s fairly easy to forget about yesteryear’s devices. Attempting to make us remember it (and to probably clear out inventory), Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H all have the 64GB Moto Z for $399.99, meaning that you can save $300 off of the MSRP.

The Moto Z marked the first of Motorola’s flagships under its new Lenovo overlord. Stepping away from the Moto X and what people loved about it, the Moto Z instead focused on mods and extreme slimness.

Read More

[Deal Alert] Pick up a 64GB Moto Z from Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H for $399.99 ($300 off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Moleskine’s next paper planner will automatically sync with Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal

I use a Hobonichi Techo Weeks as a daily planner. Like John found when reviewing planners, it’s the perfect size and has just enough space for my to-do list, appointments and a bit of journaling. But it doesn’t sync to my Google Calendar like Moleskine’s upcoming planner. I mean, my planner is just normal paper. The Moleskine version is a combination of a Livescribe pen… Read More

– Source

Higher learning and higher resolution: How VR is changing NYU

Picture a classroom where you can blast off through the roof and land on Mars. Or a play where you’re able to become part of the action. Or a project that allows you to see through the eyes of the locals.

This isn’t just the future of education – it’s happening right now at NYU thanks to a collaborative environment of arts and sciences and the energetic use of virtual reality.

At NYU it becomes clear that the future of STEM is STEAM, where science, technology, engineering, and math combine with the arts to produce VR experiences that transform how students learn and interact with the world. In fact, it was recently announced that NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering has been selected to lead …

More about Supported, College, Virtual Reality, Vr, and Universities

– Source

‘Destiny 2’ gives Bungie’s online shooter the narrative it deserves

Bungie’s shared-world shooter is known for a lot of things. It has a dedicated community and excellent gunplay mechanics — but Destiny has never been known as a game with a great story. In fact, the original title’s story is notoriously vague, to th… – Source

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