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9th September 2017

Animated 3D emoji coming to iPhone 8 per iOS 11 firmware leak

Another iPhone 8 leak ahead of Apple’s fall event next Tuesday when it’s official expected to unveil its new flagships: 9to5Mac has been digging through the Golden Master build of iOS 11, and pulled out a few new nuggets of intel about the incoming top of the range iPhone (code-named D22). Read More

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Shades of Noir: My Hunt for an Eclipse Glasses Villain

As the first reports of eclipse eye damage emerge, a reporter attempts to get to the bottom of the shady shades fiasco. – Source

HP Omen (15-inch, 2017) review – CNET

Powered by a Nvidia GeForce 1060, the 15.6-inch HP Omen is one of the only 4K gaming laptops you’ll find south of $2,000. – Source

HP’s Omen is a gamer that’s not too gaudy – CNET

The 15.6-inch laptop isn’t as thin as a Razer Blade, but it still looks good. – Source

HP’s 15-inch Omen offers power and a beautiful 4K screen video – CNET

For under $1,600 you’ll get a 15-inch laptop with a Nvidia GeForce 1060 GPU and a 4K screen. – Source

Not enough cash for the Note 8? Buy these 8 phones instead – CNET

These alternatives don’t have all the Note 8’s tricks, but they’ll do what you need for much less. – Source

Huawei Mate 10 Pro (Blanc) and Mate 10 Lite (Alps) specs exposed ahead of official reveal

Huawei confirmed it will unveil its Mate series flagship on October 16, and promised that those who wait for its Mate 10 will not be disappointed. Rumor has it, Huawei will announce more devices next month derivative of the Mate 10.

Aside from the standard Mate 10, Huawei is expected to introduce two other smartphones, which haven’t been named yet. An improved version that could be launched as Huawei Mate 10 Pro has the codename Blanc, while the slightly less-powerful Mate 10 Lite (or whatever its name) is known as Alps.

The standard Huawei Mate 10 is only known by its codename … – Source

This sleep mask has built-in headphones—and it’s magic

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Insomniacs (and SO’s of loud sleepers) rejoice.

You’re about to receive a powerful ally in your eternal struggle for a good night’s sleep. The Sleep Eye Mask Headphones don’t just block out external light—they also allow you to listen to your favorite music, sleep tapes, or podcasts in total comfort. This combo will help to put your buzzing brain at ease so you can get the rest you need.

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The Sleep Eye Mask Headphones wrap around your head to completely block out light and ambient noise. And thanks to their ultra-soft memory foam construction and plush velvet covering, you can comfortably wear them overnight, on a long plane ride, or during a road trip. …

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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. We’re looking back at some of the week’s big stories — remember that time Equifax coughed up millions of social security numbers? — plus the latest news, like word of a new Futurama epi… – Source

How to manage notifications in Chrome

Cut through the noise and see what’s important by setting up your Chrome notifications.

Chrome, whether it be on your Windows or Mac computer or your Chromebook, has desktop notifications. While it can be handy to see when your favorite website has updated something, it can also be annoying when you enabled them accidentally. On your Chromebook, notifications also come from extensions and Android apps. Managing everything is easy once you know where to look!

How to manage global website notification settings on your Chromebook

Click the Notifications symbol inside the status area. That’s the bell in the bottom right corner where your account picture lives.
Click the Settings symbol (the gear), then click Advanced settings.
Click Privacy, you’ll see Content settings.
In the pop-up window that appears, scroll down to Notifications.

You can turn on a prompt that asks you each time a website wants to send you a notification by moving the switch.

How to manage global website notifications on the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The settings on Chrome for your computer are exactly the same, but getting there is a bit different. We got you covered.

Click the “overflow” button in the upper right. It’s the one that looks like three vertical dots.
Click the Settings entry.
Scroll down and click Advanced Settings.
Click the entry marked Privacy and Security.
Scroll down to Content Settings and give it a click.
You’ll see Notifications a few lines down. Click it.

For any websites that can send notifications, you’ll be prompted when you first visit if this setting is enabled. If you turn it off, websites will send notifications by default. You’ll also see two lists: a Block list and an Allow list. Sites in either will override this global setting.

How to manage individual website notification settings

You can also manage notifications that you’ve already allowed. You’ll find every website that can send you a notification listed here. Changing the settings is simple:

To change the setting for a site that’s listed, click the three dots in its entry in the list and use the combo box to choose Block or Allow.
To delete a site and fall back to the default global setting the next time you visit, click the X on its entry.
To create a new exception for a website or domain:

Decide if you want to add a website to the Allow list or Block list. This will override any global setting.
Click the ADD label on the right side of the page.
Enter the web address in the text box that opens.
Insert a star Shift 8 [*] before the domain name. It should look like this [*.] This would affect both and
You can also use an IP address or an IPv6 address instead of a hostname.

Once you’ve entered the website or domain and saved, every visit to this site will follow your Block and Allow list rules for notifications instead of using the default setting.

Managing notifications for app and extensions on your Chromebook

An app or – Source

How Starbucks made pumpkin spice into an insufferable global juggernaut

The leaves are falling from the trees, kids are back in school, and the pumpkin spice latte has reappeared on the menus of Starbucks all over the country.

Never mind that a few weeks of summer still remain. The beverage has become such an autumn staple that it has given Starbucks the de facto authority to declare the start of the season whenever its marketing department deems most opportune.

SEE ALSO: Oh sweet sugary god, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming soon … very soon

In the sickly sweet coffee drink, known in grating shorthand as the PSL, Starbucks has created a social phenomenon that transcends a relatively simple caffeinated concoction. It’s a derisive cultural cue for the …

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Here’s how to become a social media marketing guru for less than $35

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Internet history was made on May 22, 2005, when YouTube co-founder Steve Chen posted a video of his cat called “Pajamas and Nick Drake.” That 30-second clip was the very first cat video ever uploaded to the video-sharing site, according to The BBC, marking the beginning of a bona fide digital phenomenon that eventually spawned a handful of feline celebrities.

Pop on Instagram right now and you may run into the profile of a rescue cat named …

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7 best films about summer romance that aren’t by Nicholas Sparks

Can we all agree that there is something about the idea of summer romance that is just so damn desirable?

Maybe it’s the lack of clothing and the general lack of responsibilities. Or maybe it’s knowing that you will only have to commit for a few months before fall rolls around.

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Since not all of us are fortunate enough to meet the human of our dreams while vacationing at our big, fancy lake house, we have to live vicariously through film.

In no particular order, here are some of the best films that capture the joy (and sometimes heartbreak) of summer romance. …

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10 iPhone 8 rumors that are sure bets

More about Apple, Iphone, Ios, Smartphones, and Rumors – Source

Essential Phone is now available to purchase in US and Canada

Late last month, we told you that the Essential Phone will reach pre-order customers’ hands in the US by the end of the month. And now, it has come to light that the device is available on open sale in the country.

The company has the Black Moon color listed on its website for immediate shipping, and is asking $699 for it.

Aside from Essential, the device is also being offered by third-party several retailers. While Amazon, Best Buy, and Sprint have the phone listed on their websites, immediate shipment isn’t being offered by any of them at the moment. Sprint, however, mentions that…

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I’ve fallen in love with a laptop—the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

(video link)

When writing a review, whether of a computer game, a film, a book, or a piece of hardware, there is always a certain amount of pressure to be “objective,” to write from some kind of non-personal, neutral viewpoint divorced from any kind of emotional response.

I’ve never subscribed to this view myself. Here at Ars, we don’t try to review every piece of hardware that hits the market; our selection of review products is implicitly skewed toward those that we think are likely to be good, or if not good, then in some sense significant due to their profile, their positioning within the market, or whatever other factors we deem to be relevant. As such, someone reading the laptop reviews at Ars will always see a somewhat skewed representation of the market without being exposed to its full breadth. The same goes for laptop reviews virtually anywhere.

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IBM’s career re-entry program wants you back – CNET

Many women in tech leave midcareer. Now companies like IBM are trying to get them back. – Source

A century ago, the first Technicolor film was a total disaster – CNET

A look back at “The Gulf Between,” a fascinating but doomed moviemaking experiment that pushed the boundaries of tech. It could teach today’s 3D movies a thing or two. – Source

Will cell networks stand up to Irma? – CNET

Despite unprecedented flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, millions were still able to use their cell phones. Will Hurricane Irma victims be as lucky? – Source

Europe’s top court must rule on UK spies’ bulk powers, says tribunal

The oversight court for the UK’s intelligence agencies has said Europe’s top court should rule on the legality of powers that give the country’s security and intelligence agencies the ability to collect various forms of data in bulk (aka mass surveillance). Read More

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Equifax hack may affect up to 143M people, Google Drive changes coming video – CNET

In this week’s wrap-up, credit-reporting company Equifax says it was the victim of an enormous data breach. Meanwhile, Google lets the world know its plan to replace the Google Drive desktop app. – Source

Apple Watch 3: What we know, what we expect, what I want – CNET

Apple’s third-generation smartwatch may be announced Tuesday. Here’s how it could become a lot more useful. – Source

Lyft’s ambitious plans to win the self-driving wars

Enlarge (credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lyft)

On Thursday, Lyft announced a new self-driving car partnership with the Mountain View-based startup In the coming months, Lyft customers in San Francisco will occasionally have their hails answered by Drive’s experimental self-driving cars—albeit with a safety driver in the front seat.

On its own, this isn’t huge news. is not a well-known company and the deal will initially involve only a handful of cars. But the announcement illustrates how Lyft is positioning itself to win the autonomous vehicle wars of the coming decade.

Tesla and Uber want to be the Apple of self-driving cars

A technician sits in an Uber self-driving car on September 13, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (credit: ANGELO MERENDINO/AFP/Getty Images)

Many experts expect that ride-sharing will be a major part of the self-driving car business. With no need to pay drivers, ride-sharing services can be a lot more affordable than taxis are today. And a ride-sharing approach will allow companies more flexibility in when, where, and how they roll out self-driving technology.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) goes official with 8-inch display, 5,000 mAh battery

As expected, Samsung
quietly introduced its budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A (2017) tablet.
Despite rumors suggesting the slate will be launched on the market as
Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 S, the South Korean company chose another name,
at least in some regions.

Specs-wise, there are no
surprises if you’ve read out previous reports about the tablet. The
Galaxy Tab A (2017) is an entry-level slate that sports an 8-inch
display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution.

On the inside, the tablet
packs a 1.4GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, coupled
with 2GB RAM and 16GB expandable storage. … – Source

A 114-year old Mercedes has more in common with a Tesla than you think

I’m extremely nervous to be behind the wheel of the 1902 model (built in 1903) Mercedes Simplex 40. The controls and open air sitting position remind me more of a John Deere tractor than the cars that currently fill our cities and interstates. After… – Source

How we built a newspaper in 72 hours

Earlier this year, Impossible Labs was commissioned by Jimmy Wales, to try to come up with a platform that could help combat that problem. In 72 hours.
“I could have raised money from Silicon Valley and then engage in a year long massive investment in a priori thinking about a model that might not even be of interest to the public,” explains Wales. Read More

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Key questions about Hurricane Irma on Saturday

Enlarge / 5am ET official forecast track for Hurricane Irma. (credit: National Hurricane Center)

As of Saturday morning, Hurricane Irma is moving westward, with its center just inland over the northern coast of Cuba. It is nearing the western periphery of a ridge of high pressure, which should force it into a northwest turn soon. Although the forecast models have been struggling with precisely when this turn is likely to occur, we have pretty high confidence it will turn west-northwest today, and then northwest tonight. The Florida Keys will be hit very hard later today and Sunday.

The more westward track over Cuba has weakened the storm’s maximum winds to 130mph, and additional weakening is possible before Irma moves back into the Straits of Florida later today or tonight. This movement will also keep the center of Irma away from the greater Miami area, sparing the heavily populated southeastern coast of Florida from the worst effects of winds and storm surge. Hurricane force wind gusts are still likely, but they will probably not cause widespread damage in Miami.

With that said, Irma remains an extremely dangerous hurricane for parts of Florida, and it should restrengthen tonight and Sunday in the waters between Cuba and Florida. Here are some of the key questions that meteorologists are considering regarding the storm today; the answers will ultimately determine where its most devastating effects occur.

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The rock ‘n’ roll rebels of midcentury Switzerland

More about History, Lgbt, Retronaut, Switzerland, and Subculture

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Tonya Harding biopic ‘I, Tonya’ turns a portrait of a punchline into a mirror of ourselves

Toward the end of I, Tonya, an older Tonya Harding reflects back on her skating career. “I was loved for a minute, and then I was hated, and then I was a punchline forever,” she says.

I probably don’t need to tell you what, specifically, she’s talking about – the 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan made Harding that notorious, to the point that we’re making movies about it in the year 2017.

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But I, Tonya, written by Steven Rogers and directed by Craig Gillespie, isn’t interested in a simple play-by-play of the incident we’re all familiar with already. Rather, it’s about the “irony free, wildly contradictory, totally true” story of how Tonya got to that fateful moment and what happened once she got there. It’s interested in subjective truths, in class differences, in our national self-image, and in our cultural obsession with scandal and celebrity. …

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Motorola may launch an Android One smartphone soon, here is what it looks like

Google is not getting rid of the Android One project anytime soon. The search giant recently teamed up with Xiaomi for the launch of an Android smartphone, the Mi A1. There have been other Android One handsets launched by smaller companies in various countries, so it appears that the offering will continue to grow.

Motorola, the company that once belonged to Google, is expected to join the Android One project very soon. At least that’s what the latest picture leaked by Evan Blass suggests. A Motorola smartphone with a dual-camera setup and Android One branding is shown in a press render.

Not … – Source

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