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11th September 2017

See the official camera samples from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3

Xiaomi’s new Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3 smartphones just broke cover. In terms of looks, the two handsets are worlds apart, but they do share some similarities in the specs department.
For example, both devices rely on image sensors which can be found on the Xiaomi Mi 6 – the Mi Note 3 borrows the full 12MP + 12MP dual-camera combo, while the Mi Mix 2 only features a single 12MP camera at the back.
The Chinese company did share a bunch of official photo samples taken from the two handsets, so … – Source

This guy went to an ‘IT’ screening and got a horrible, horrible surprise

If you’ve plucked up the courage to go and see the new IT adaptation, you’ll probably want to be surrounded by loved ones.

A friendly, packed audience. Relatives on either side. Plenty of emotional support.

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What you probably don’t want, is to find yourself in this situation:

Went to see IT, I’m first in the screen and this fucking guy’s just sitting

— Chris (@HG_Hohbes) September 8, 2017


Image: twitter/@hg_hohbes


Image: twitter/…

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– Source

The iPhone 8 will fuel Apple’s Upgrade Program, and that’s a bad thing

What is the best way to pay for a $1,200 iPhone? For many, the answer will be Apple’s official monthly installment plan. Just sign on the dotted line and shell out cash to the world’s wealthiest company every single month.

Though the iPhone Upgrade Program is ostensibly a way to pay for one iPhone over a period of 24 months, it’s designed to lock you in forever. That may be an agreeable prospect for anyone who imagines they’ll never want a smartphone that isn’t branded by Apple, but ceding more of your life to yet another gilded monolith in Silicon Valley — well, we wouldn’t recommend it.


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Here’s what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 looks like on the inside

Samsung’s Note 8 is an incredibly important phone for the company. It comes after the Note 7, which was pulled from the market after numerous reports of its battery overheating and, sometimes, catching fire.

So seeing the new phone from the inside, courtesy of iFixit’s latest teardown, is a good way to inspect all the ways in which Samsung made sure that won’t happen again.

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Samsung used a relatively small, 3,300mAh battery for the 6.3-inch Note 8, offering 6% less capacity than Note 7’s flame-prone, 3,500mAh battery. This is still an improvement, though, from Samsung’s revived Note 7 Fan Edition, which had an even smaller battery than the original Note 7. The Note 8’s battery is also centrally positioned on the phone, which is different from the Note 7, where the battery was on the the phone’s …

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Mi Note 3 from Xiaomi is official, with dual-cameras on the rear and a 16MP sensor on the front

In the shadow of the announcement for the handsome new Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi also introduced the Mi Note 3. It’s essentially a Mi 6 with a larger 5.5″ screen, and with a name like “Mi Note” there are no prizes for guessing which rival flagship it’s intended to compete with. The Mi Note 3 also packs dual-cameras, which seems to be the device’s key selling point. It has a regular 12MP sensor next to a telephoto lens.

Read More

Mi Note 3 from Xiaomi is official, with dual-cameras on the rear and a 16MP sensor on the front was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is coming to India ‘very soon’

Xiaomi may launch the Mi Mix 2 sometime next month in India.

Xiaomi’s bezel-less Mi Mix 2 is now official, and the company is looking to launch the device in global markets. With India being the second-largest market for the Chinese manufacturer, customers in the country looking to get their hands on the phone won’t have to wait a whole lot.

In an interview, Xiaomi global SVP Xiang Wang stated that the Mi Mix 2 will be launching in India “very soon.” Wang didn’t specify a timeline for the launch, only that the timing is a key factor.

That suggests we may see the device in the country sometime next month, which will allow Xiaomi the ability to capitalize on the festival season to push its latest flagship.

As a refresher, the Mi Mix 2 features a 5.99-inch 2160 x 1080 FHD+ display, Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM, storage variations of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, a 12MP camera at the back, 5MP front shooter, and a 3400mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0. It comes with MIUI 9 atop Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

It’s been a year and a half since Xiaomi launched one of its flagships in India, but that is set to change in the coming months as Xiaomi dedicates more resources to the country.

Wang also indicated that Xiaomi will be launching several of its ecosystem products in India in the coming months. With the company setting its sights on the offline segment, the Mi Home stores become a focus point of that vision, and Xiaomi wants to broaden the selection of products available for purchase at its retail stores.

READ: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 preview

Now for the question that matters most to the Indian audience: pricing. Xiaomi has done a fantastic job of ensuring that its Indian products retail at nearly the same cost as their Chinese counterparts. The variant of the Mi Mix 2 with 64GB storage retails for ¥3,299, which comes out to ₹32,700 ($505) .

We’ll have to wait until the launch event to find out the price of the Mi Mix 2 in India, but in the meantime, what do you guys think will be a reasonable price for the device in the country?

– Source

James Franco and Kendall Jenner competing for puppy love on Fallon will give you cuteness-rage

As if being international celebrities weren’t enough, film star James Franco and supermodel Kendall Jenner got to compete for puppy hugs by answering quiz questions on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel.

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The two stars have to answer genuinely challenging quiz questions – both verbally and written – while festooned with golden retriever puppies.

Raging jealousy aside, education has never been fluffier. …

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Bankin lets you save money on Yomoni

French fintech startup Bankin is partnering with another fintech startup, Yomoni. Bankin brings all you your bank accounts together in a single, unified interface. It’s a sort of Mint, but for the French market. Bankin also competes with another app that I covered just a couple of days ago, Linxo. Both of them want to become the definite financial hub to get an overview on all your… Read More

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Typeform, a platform for ‘conversational’ data collection, raises $35M

Filling out forms online and on mobile can be a tedious and bug-ridden — yet annoyingly necessary — experience. Today, a startup called Typeform has raised a significant round of capital to help fund its mission to change all that, with a platform that the startup claims gets its customers much better results because the interactive experiences created on it are more intuitive and… Read More

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Record pre-orders for Galaxy Note8 in the US, India sees 250,000 registrations

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 reports great pre-order numbers on all fronts. Samsung says that the new flagship broke the previous pre-order record for a Galaxy Note in the US. Interest is strong in India as well.

The relatively high price did not deter fans of the S Pen – the new model costs $930 SIM-free while the Note7 was $850. Samsung is already shipping phones to some of those who pre-ordered while general sales will start on September 15.

We have more concrete numbers from India – 250,000 people registered interest. Of that, around 150,000 are on Amazon. The country will get the new…

– Source

The Ars 10: We pick our favorite indie games from PAX West 2017

Ars Technica staffers began attending PAX West in 2007, when it was the only Penny Arcade Expo around. A lot has changed in 10 years, but the biggest difference has been the exponential growth of playable independent games on the massive show floor. Even if we didn’t have to wait in a single line, four days is simply not enough time to try out the hundreds of indie titles on offer at PAX today.

Still, we did our best, playing dozens of the most interesting games we could get our hands on during this year’s show. We’ve narrowed that list down to 10 you should definitely watch out for, along with a number of honorable mentions that piqued our interest. Consider this far-from-comprehensive effort our attempt to help you filter through the utterly ridiculous number of independent games floating around these days and seek out the best and most innovative for your playing time.

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The 5 Android Oreo features you’ll actually want to use – CNET

Goodbye Nougat, hello Oreo. Here’s how your life will get better once your Android gets the update. – Source

World’s first VR brain surgery film will satisfy your scientific curiosity

Warning: Some viewers may find the above video graphic.

Ever wanted to hang out in the operating theatre to see a brain surgery with your own eyes?

Then this immersive video is for you. The neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital have published the first 360 VR film showing a patient undergoing surgery to treat life-threatening brain aneurysms.

With a combination of 360 HD cameras and head-mounted GoPros, viewers can experience the surgery both from the point of view of the patient and the surgeon.

At the beginning of the film you’re the patient, being wheeled into the operating theatre for the surgery. Then, you join the medical team from the eyes of the surgeon. A virtual screen in the operating theatre shows details of the invasive procedure. It’s also possible to look around the entire room. …

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Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 is the most luxurious Chinese phone ever made—and it works in the US

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review: Come for the ruggedness, stay for the battery

Samsung’s ‘Active’ line continues to carve out its own little niche for fans of high-end rugged phones.

The quick take

Don’t think of the Galaxy S8 Active as a legitimate improvement over the standard GS8 — because it isn’t. Think of this as the best rugged phone choice for those who want something really tough but don’t want to compromise on performance, display, camera or other features. Yes, it has a massive improvement in battery life, but in the name of sturdiness, it also loses all of the design that makes the Galaxy S8 so desirable in the first place.

The Good

Complete Galaxy S8 experience
Great battery life
Can take a beating
‘Shatter-resistant’ screen
Flat screen can be preferable

The Bad

Too big and heavy for most people
No particular differentiation outside of casing
More expensive than standard GS8
Screen more susceptible to scratches
Exclusive to AT&T (for now)

See at AT&T

The internals

Tech Specs

Operating system
Android 7.0 Nougat
5.8-inch Super AMOLED, 2560 x 1440 (506 ppi)
Gorilla Glass 5
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
64GB (UFS 2.1)
microSD card
Rear camera
12MP Dual Pixel, 1.4-micron pixels, f/1.7, OIS
Front camera
8MP, f/1.7, auto focus
Fast charging
Fast wireless charging
Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO
Bluetooth 5.1
NFC, GPS, Glonass, Galileo
Wi-Fi Calling, HD Voice, Video calling
Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 20, 28, 29, 30, 38, 39, 40, 41, 66
Water resistance
Fingerprint sensor
Iris scanning
151.89 x 74.93 x 9.91 mm
208.09 g
Meteor Grey, Titanium Gold

Every bit a GS8

Galaxy S8 Active Things you’ll love

The thing you’ll love most about the Galaxy S8 Active is that it’s simply a Galaxy S8 at its core. Every spec, every feature and every component is the same. That means you’re getting great performance, a whole boatload of software features and a camera that’s still in the conversation with the best in the industry. It’s water- and dust-resistant, of course, but that doesn’t come at the cost of any fewer ports — you still get a headphone jack and flap-less USB-C connector. You also get to look at a beautiful Super AMOLED display with great brightness, even outdoors, which I’d expect you’d want for a phone that’s this rugged.

The GS8 Active even keeps components like wireless charging, which you sometimes expect to lose with such a thick outer casing. That package of specs and features is a far shout from what you expect to get in most “rugged” style phones.

There is one spec change, though: the battery is now 4000mAh, a full 1000 larger than the Galaxy S8 and even 500 larger than the Galaxy S8+. As you’d expect, this offers excellent battery life. I ended most days with roughly 20-30% battery remaining, despite taking no measures throughout the day to limit usage or save precious capacity. – Source

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 preview: Ready for primetime

Xiaomi’s bezel-less phone is ready to take on the LG V30 and the Galaxy Note 8.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix was one of the most innovative products of 2016, but the main drawback with the phone was its availability. With the Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi is looking to change all that. The overall design of the phone is based on its predecessor, but Xiaomi made a few key changes that make the Mi Mix 2 a much better product.

Xiaomi retained the ultrasonic proximity sensor and the camera sensor at the bottom, but it made a few tweaks in other areas — the piezoelectric acoustic driver has been switched out for a standard earpiece, which sits in a narrow slit at the top of the phone. Xiaomi implemented the change after getting feedback from Mi Mix users that the piezoelectric driver wasn’t suitable for calls.

When it comes to the design, the ceramic back of the Mi Mix 2 curves gently to the sides to meet the frame, making it a lot easier to hold the device. Xiaomi also went with a four-sided curved design with rounded corners — much like what we’ve seen on the Mi 6.

The phone itself now features a 5.99-inch display, down from the 6.4-inch panel that was used in the first-gen Mi Mix. The decrease in display size makes a huge difference when using the phone one-handed, with the Mi Mix 2 slightly smaller than standard 5.5-inch phone.

The way Xiaomi is able to do that is by cutting down on the bezels — there is a still a chin at the bottom to accommodate the front camera, but the top portion is devoid of any sensors. The effect is quite striking, and makes the Mi Mix 2 stand out when compared to other bezel-less phones.

Xiaomi has also switched to an 18:9 display ratio, making it easier for content to scale on the Mi Mix 2. With the likes of the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8 boasting a similar ratio, it is looking more and more likely that square displays will be the standard going forward.

Xiaomi says it designed the Mi Mix 2 to be all about the content — the device itself falls away into the background, putting just the content on the screen into focus. In this regard, the Mi Mix 2 is unlike any other phone in the market today.

The panel also offers features sunlight mode, which selectively boosts contrast when outdoors, allowing you to view the screen under harsh sunlight. There’s a reading mode, which reduces brightness all the way down to 1nit, and a blue light filter as well.

The back is still made out of ceramic — and Xiaomi has retained that glossy look that it says is designed to look like jade — and there’s an aluminum mid-frame with antenna cut-outs at the top and bottom. The front camera sensor is harder to spot with the display off, and that’s – Source

PewDiePie in trouble once again for racist outburst

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is back in the headlines for, once again, expressing racist sentiment in one of his YouTube videos. During a stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the world’s most popular YouTuber said the n-word during an expletive-fi… – Source

Facebook fined €1.2M for privacy violations in Spain

Another privacy-related fine for Facebook in Europe: The Spanish data protection regulator has issued a €1.2M (~$1.4M) fine against the social media behemoth for a series of violations regarding its data-harvesting activities. Read More

– Source

[Update: A little late, but it’s starting] Nokia 3 will be updated to 7.1.1 by the end of August

Update 1: 2017/09/11 5:08am PDT

It’s starting a little later than promised by HMD global, but the rollout of the 7.1.1 update to the Nokia 3 is here for some…

It might not be available in the US just yet, but HMD Global is already preparing to update the entry-level Nokia 3 to Android 7.1.1. The phone launched with Android 7.0 Nougat, which isn’t too shabby, but 7.1.1 will bring with it a few new features.

Read More

[Update: A little late, but it’s starting] Nokia 3 will be updated to 7.1.1 by the end of August was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

‘Walkie talkie’ app Zello tops App Store during hurricanes

The app was downloaded one million times in a day as people sought rescue during the US hurricanes. – Source

Samsung working on 7nm and 11nm chipsets for 2018

The path at the end of Moore’s law is a winding one – today Samsung announced that it will be producing 11nm chips for high-end and mid-range phones. This is a Low Power Plus (LPP) process that is a scaled down version of the 14nm LPP process used for chips like the Snapdragon 660 and 630.

It promises up to 15% boost in performance with the same power use. The chip area will be reduced by 10%, meaning the manufacturing price of chips will fall. Expect the first 11nm chipsets to come out in the first half of 2018.

The premium phones of next year will be using the new 7nm LPP chips built…

– Source

France, Germany, Spain, Italy call for turnover tax for tech giants

Several of the European Union’s major economies are calling for tax reform across the bloc that responds to where tech platforms generate revenue, not just where they book profit — arguing that the current system allows digital giants to minimize tax liabilities by using subsidiaries sited in low-tax countries such as Ireland. Read More

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iPhone X: Software leak appears to confirm name, features, and specs

Enlarge (credit: Marques Brownlee)

Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone is called the iPhone X, according to information pulled from a leaked “Gold Master” of iOS 11, the operating system said to power the new phone.

The same software leak also reveals the existence of the iPhone 8 and and iPhone 8 Plus, which are based on a similar design to the existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to 9to5Mac, which was one of two blogs able to download iOS 11 before it was pulled from Apple’s servers, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature a faster processor, wireless charging, and a new glass back panel.

Unlike the iPhone 8, the iPhone X features an all-new design with an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display that removes the chunky bezels and home button. The design—which was originally shown in a separate software leak earlier this year—is a dramatic departure from iPhones to date, which have largely kept the same front-facing aesthetic since the launch of the original in 2007. By shrinking the bezels, much like Samsung did with the Galaxy S8, Apple can cram a larger display into a smaller body, making the device more comfortable to use with one hand.

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Miss Texas gives a far better answer on Charlottesville than Trump

Is anyone aware of any, uh, provisions in the Constitution that will allow Miss America to replace the current President of America?

The Founders *clearly* did not prepare for a time when a minor contestant at a national pageant had far greater judgement and understanding than our Commander-in-Chief. Alas, that time is here.

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Just look at what Miss Texas, otherwise known as Margana Wood, had to say about Charlottesville during last night’s event.

Unlike the President, Wood understands that there is no such thing as a good Nazi. I know, I know, it’s complicated. …

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Tesla remotely extends the range of some cars to help with Irma

The door handles, seen here flush against the body, extend as the driver approaches with key in pocket (if the car is equipped with the tech package, that is—otherwise, they’ll extend when lightly pressed). (credit: Steven Michael)

As Floridians in the path of Hurricane Irma rushed to evacuate last week, Tesla pushed out a software update that made it a bit easier for certain Model S and Model X owners to get out of the state.

Tesla sometimes sells cars with more hardware battery capacity than is initially available for use by customers, offering the additional capacity as a subsequent software update. For example, Tesla has sold Model S cars rated P60D—the 60 stands for 60kWh of energy storage—that actually have 75kWh batteries. Owners of these vehicles can pay Tesla $9,000 to unlock the extra 15kWh of storage capacity.

But last week, Tesla decided to temporarily make this extra capacity available even to Floridians who hadn’t paid for the upgrade to ensure they had enough range to get out of Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma. A Tesla spokesperson confirmed the change to Eletrek. The extra 15kWh should give the vehicles an additional 30 to 40 miles of range.

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Get ready for a new, much more powerful Apple TV

The current Apple TV is nearly two years old. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that Apple has been working on a new device for a while. This weekend, an upcoming build of iOS 11 for the next iPhone was leaked and contains a ton of information about unreleased products, including the next Apple TV. A previous leak of the HomePod firmware already indicated that Apple was… Read More

– Source

Follow our iPhone liveblog tomorrow at 10AM PT / 1PM ET!

Welcome to one of the busiest weeks in a tech journalist’s year. Tomorrow Apple unveils the new iPhone (and Watch, even) and Engadget is ready. Senior editor and smartphone expert Chris Velazco will be on the ground at Apple’s new spaceship of a camp… – Source

Red iPhone 8 briefly glimpsed on video

All iPhone 8 rumors so far have shown off the color scheme trinity – White, Black and Gold – but now a new video shows a unit painted in a bold red color. This won’t be the first red iPhone but it will be the first time Apple offers a red unit from the get go.

This video was sent to us by a tipster who says it was shot Guangzhou in what appears to be a showroom (or perhaps a QA facility).

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 appears more burgundy and the iPhone 7 (7s?) behind it is a brighter red. And the gold color continues to not look like the precious metal, but closer to…

– Source

Peak Design Everyday Sling is a great daily carry bag for more than just photographers

I rarely leave the house without a bag on my shoulder.

Like many, I enjoy the security of knowing I have necessary gear with me (think laptop, battery, cables, camera) everywhere I go, and I understand that that means I also have to deal with that gear — typically in a bag. Size, comfort, flexibility (physically and conceptually) and style are all factors when choosing one. I’ve tried a lot of different bags for this sort of “daily essentials” set of stuff I carry on most days, and my current favorite is the Peak Design Everyday Sling.

You may recall that I previously used a different messenger-style bag from Timbuk2, and I actually still do! That’s a great general-purpose messenger bag that can hold a whole lot of stuff and do a whole bunch of different things. But what I love about the Everyday Sling is that it isn’t as multi-purpose oriented — it’s small, structured and doesn’t have a ton of expandability. It’s just the right size for the things I need to carry every day, and that’s it.

See at Amazon

Peak Design, as a company, is primarily focused on photographers — but the features and quality of the products in produces are often applicable to more than just that small set of people in that specific use case.

The compact size and structure of the Everyday Sling has many benefits. First and foremost is comfort. With a bag this small, I’m never tempted to load it up with more than I should carry. That’s because the bag just simply won’t hold that much stuff, and that keeps the weight down and my shoulder happy. The frame of it is relatively structured with little stretch or play, meaning you can’t even force more into it if you wanted to. At the same time, that structure makes sure your things are safe inside if you get bumped when standing on the train or walking down the street.

The tight size and structure of this bag is exactly what I need to keep from killing my shoulder.

Peak Design markets the Everyday Sling as being 10 liters in size — but thinking about a bag in terms of liters doesn’t always equate. Here’s what I typically carry in my Everyday Sling: a 13-inch MacBook Pro (just barely), a micro four-thirds camera with an extra lens, a bundle of a couple cables and a small backup battery, and a few knick-knacks like keys, business cards, a pen and a pair of earbuds. That’s basically all this thing can hold, and that’s exactly why I love it.

The main compartment has a slot for a laptop or tablet, and then two of Peak Design’s amazing padded separators. If you haven’t seen them in action, basically they’re stiff foam dividers (positionable with velcro) that are split down the middle that can be folded down in various configurations to properly secure and separate items in the bag so they – Source

Microsoft Teams adds guest access and support for more developer tools

Microsoft today announced that 125,000 organizations in 181 markets now use Teams, its Slack competitor for Office 365 subscribers. That’s up from the 30,000 organizations in 145 markets that had adopted the service by the end of January. In addition to this momentum update, the company also announced a number of feature updates to the service. Starting today, you can add anyone with… Read More

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