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11th September 2017

This new solid-state thermal vision sensor could improve self-driving tech

A new Far Infrared (FIR) sensor from Israeli company AdaSky could help bring vehicles with Level 3, 4 and 5 autonomy features to market faster. The solution is the first to offer an FIR camera with built-in machine learning software for processing the results, in a solid-state form factor with no moving parts, at a cost that AdaSky says is “suited for mass market” use.… Read More

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Data Artisans announces commercial Application Manager for open source Apache Flink

Data Artisans, the business arm of open source tool, Apache Flink, announced an early-access release of the commercial version of their platform today that includes a new tool for managing streaming applications.
Kostas Tzoumas, CEO at Data Artisans, says managing applications on a real-time streaming product presents some serious challenges for customers, and the new Application Manager is… Read More

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Google appeals against huge EU anti-trust fine

The firm was fined 2.4bn euros for promoting its own shopping services over others. – Source

Uber Advanced Technologies Group hires Oculus platform lead Jon Thomason

Uber’s Advanced Technology Group has hired Jon Thomason, who most recently acted as Head of Mobile and Product at Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality company. Thomason will lead ATG software teams across Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, working on ATG’s advanced software projects, including autonomous driving and trucking. Thomason joined Oculus in 2016 as Head of… Read More

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EE is upgrading its 4G network by polishing up old 2G spectrum

Ofcom’s upcoming spectrum auction will help some UK carriers improve their 4G services, and allow all networks to start preparing to launch next-gen 5G. Three began legal proceedings against Ofcom just last week, as it’s not happy with the regulator’… – Source

Google offers free Pixel replacements to Hurricane Harvey victims

Many were disappointed by the lack of water resistance on Google’s Pixel smartphone when it was launched last year, but it may have proved to be a far more significant caveat than we first thought.

The tragic floods that hit Texas last month following Hurricane Harvey have had devastating consequences, including fatalities and the destruction of many homes and personal items; the lack of water resistance on Google’s phones means that they are among the devices more likely to have been taken out by the waters. But we do have some positive news.

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Repair company uBreakiFix has partnered with the search giant to offer free device repairs for those with Pixels damaged through Hurricane Harvey. Until September 30, Pixel and Pixel XL owners can stop by at one of the uBreakiFix stores in the locations listed below to get their phone fixed:

The Heights
Rice Village
West Chase
Sugar Land

Though the terms of this haven’t been laid out, we presume those with phones that can’t be repaired will get a replacement device, but we’ve reached out for clarification on this.

Of course, a broken phone is a minor detail in the context of all the other terrible news, but it’s a nice gesture from Google and uBreakiFix all the same. If this affects you, be sure to visit one of the stores in the next couple of weeks — and pass on the word to any other Pixel owners out there.

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Best LG V30 cases and covers you can get right now

The new LG V30’s announcement was done and dusted a day before the IFA expo officially started, but as long as price and release date are concerned, we only have third-party evidence to chew on.
While LG is still inking the fine print on carrier release contracts, case makers aren’t twiddling their thumbs, but are rather in the know that a launch might be imminent, and have already prepared their wrappers for the phone.
If you are already decided on the V30, and want to have it clad in some extra protection the … – Source

You can win an Essential Phone and $5,000 in cash from Sprint

Not long after it started accepting pre-orders for the
Essential Phone, Sprint is now giving customers the chance to win the handset
for free. Thanks to a Sweepstakes dubbed “Rake in the Cash”, Sprint
customers can win a total of 21 prizes – a grand prize including $5,000 in cash
plus an Essential Phone with a 360-degree camera, and 20 prizes consisting of
an Essential Phone (with 360-degree camera) each.

You can enter Sprint’s new Sweepstakes via the carrier’s
official website (see the first source link below), or via Twitter. To enter on
Twitter, you’ll have to follow @Sprint, … – Source

Tesla helps folks escape Hurricane Irma by boosting the range of some cars

Tesla pushed an emergency over-the-air update to some cars in the southeast U.S., extending the electric cars range to help owners evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Electrek first reported on the news, and it was later confirmed by a Tesla spokesperson.

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Tesla could do this because some Tesla cars are sold with battery capacity locked to a lower figure by the car’s software. For example, a Tesla Model S 60 only has access to 60kWh battery capacity, despite having a larger, 75kWh battery. Owners can pay for an upgrade, which can cost as much as $9,000, but Tesla offered the upgrade for free to everyone in the mandatory evacuation zone. …

More about Tesla, Florida, Hurricane, Tesla Model S, and Hurricane Irma – Source

Row over AI that ‘identifies gay faces’

Researchers and LGBT groups clash over facial recognition tech that supposedly spots gay people. – Source

John Oliver hammers Donald Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio in blistering rant

If you were still 50/50 on Donald Trump’s decision to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, just have a watch of the latest clip from Last Week Tonight.

See if John Oliver can’t change your mind.

SEE ALSO: People are outraged Trump hid behind a hurricane to pardon Joe Arpaio

In the 15-minute rant above, Oliver breaks down all the things “America’s toughest Sheriff” has done while in power — from forcing prisoners to wear pink underwear to live-streaming them going to the toilet.

“Arpaio broke the rules he was sworn to uphold — rules that are put in place to protect citizens from a government going out of control,” concludes Oliver. …

More about Uk, Funny, Donald Trump, John Oliver, and Last Week Tonight

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Tesla begins Supercharger network city expansion with Chicago and Boston

Tesla is ramping up its deployment of Supercharger stations across the U.S. and internationally as part of its commitment to addressing growing demand, especially in light of the Model 3 beginning production. Now, it’s moving to get Superchargers in more populated city centers, in addition to highway and travel destination spots outside of metropolitan areas. Tesla revealed today that… Read More

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Essential Phone review: Essentially okay

Anyone who reads Android Police probably has a good idea who Andy Rubin is—he founded Android before it was acquired by Google, and was in charge of the platform for a number of years. After leaving Google, he dabbled in a few ventures, as very wealthy people are wont to do. Eventually, Rubin started Essential, a company that has now launched its first Android smartphone. The hype train got started earlier this year when Rubin posted an image of the phone showing off its impossibly small bezels, but they hid the unusual cutout in the teaser.

Read More

Essential Phone review: Essentially okay was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Drones won’t be delivering weed in California any time soon

In the near future, your pizza, Big Mac, and groceries could all be delivered autonomously. But, the good Cali folk out there expecting their newly legalized batches of pot to arrive in the same manner, are in for a bummer. The California Bureau of C… – Source

[Update: Live for Flex cam] Canary introduces 2-way talk, new web app, and enhanced livestreams to its connected security cams

Update 1: 2017/09/11 6:42am PDT

September is here and so is the update for the Canary Flex. All these features that were introduced last month have now come to the wireless Flex camera.

Despite trying out many brands, Canary is still one of my favorite connected cams but its software keeps advancing at a very slow pace and competitors are starting to catch up. That’s why I was happy today to see several new features coming to Canary…

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[Update: Live for Flex cam] Canary introduces 2-way talk, new web app, and enhanced livestreams to its connected security cams was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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One more thing… New iPod discovered in iOS 11 Gold Master code?

If you’ve been following in the past couple of days, you are probably well aware that the Gold Master build for iOS 11 was just recently leaked. That’s the version that should be the “official” update to be released to all users within the next days.

Of course, snoopers got to digging in the new software and discovered interesting things like animoji (animated emoji, yes), an AirPods 2 namedrop, a new wallpaper, the Face ID menu, and other tidbits. But what wasn’t originally revealed was a new iPod.

Today, leakster Benjamin Geskin claims that one of the strings for within … – Source

Google Play Music family plan and Google Play family library come to 9 more countries

Over the weekend, many of you tipped us telling us you were surprised when you launched Google Play Music and noticed a banner saying you’re now eligible for the family plan and that also gives you access to the Google Play family library.

According to Google’s support pages and the tips we’ve received, it looks like the countries that now have access to both features are these 9:

Czech Republic
South Africa

If you live in any of these 9 countries, you can now sign up for a family plan on Google Play Music.

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Google Play Music family plan and Google Play family library come to 9 more countries was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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How to bring the Note 8’s App Pair split-screen shortcuts to any Android phone

Samsung popularized the split-screen multitasking on Android with its popular Multi-window mode before Google went out and appropriated the feature, integrating it into stock Android builds with the Nougat update. Debuting on the Note series, Multi-window was in its exact place on these big-screen phones with S Pen stylus that could resize the windows and pinpoint actions to take with precision better than what your fat fingers were capable of.
With the Note 8, Samsung one-upped stock Android again, and introduced App Pair – the ability to make custom shortcuts … – Source

Deal: Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact for £400 (it’s normally £500)

Okay, this is probably a mistake but the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact is available for pre-order at £400 at Argos UK – not £500 as Carphone Warehouse is charging. True, you don’t get a pair of fancy headphones, but this is a killer price for the super mini. The large XZ1 is £600 as usual.

Again, this may be a wrong price from Argos. You can also see that the black model is listed as “XZ1″ (not Compact) even though it says 4.6” screen in the specs below (Source 2 link). That is to say that it’s not clear if Argos will honor this price if you hit “pre-order”.

We poked around some other…

– Source

Google teams up with uBreakiFix to offer free Pixel repairs to those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Google partnered with electronics repair chain uBreakiFix when the Pixel launched last year to provide same-day repairs for basic issues like cracked screens. Now, Google and uBreakiFix are looking to relieve at least a little stress for Pixel owners in the Houston area who have been hit by Hurricane Harvey. If you live in Houston and have a broken Pixel, uBreakiFix will fix it for free.

uBreakiFix doesn’t say in its announcement that the damage to your phone needs to be water-related, but that seems like a safe bet in Houston.

Read More

Google teams up with uBreakiFix to offer free Pixel repairs to those affected by Hurricane Harvey was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF spotlights fresh founders, not just hotshot CEOs

The challenges of startup life don’t get the same attention as the funding rounds and blockbuster exits. We often only see tech executives on stage once they’ve already made it big. But it’s the leaders of fledgling startups, currently in the trenches fighting to survive, that can teach some of the most important lessons for fellow entrepreneurs. That’s why… Read More

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Fake Shakespeare Facts is the kind of fake news we can get on board with

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Or shall I just post #fakenews on Twitter?

For reasons that are not entirely clear, Twitter has been blowing up with the hashtag #FakeShakespeareFacts. They’ve appeared just ahead of season two of the BBC sitcom Upstart Crow, starring David Mitchell (of Peep Show fame) as the bard himself. It seems Twitter has hurled itself onto the Shakespeare comedy bandwagon.

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Some posts referred to the specifics of his plays:

Yorick wasn’t poor. He was a millionaire#FakeShakespeareFacts

— Shea Browning🎈 (@SheaBrowning) …

More about Twitter, Shakespeare, Fake News, Culture, and Web Culture – Source

The new iPhone will be boring. Get over it – CNET

Commentary: As a longtime Apple fan, I can say confidently the new phone isn’t going to be earth-shattering. And yes, I’m probably going to buy it. – Source

Using mirrors to improve the quality of light particles

Scientists have succeeded in dramatically improving the quality of individual photons generated by a quantum system. The scientists have successfully put a 10-year-old theoretical prediction into practice. With their paper, they have taken an important step towards future applications in quantum information technology. – Source

Biosensor detects adulteration of horse in beef meat within one hour

Fraud in meat products has become, in recent years, a battle of the food industry and public health. Although there are numerous strategies to detect it, they are not sufficiently selective and sensitive to differentiate close animal species. A collaboration of experts has developed an electrochemical biosensor capable of detecting, in just one hour, processes of adulteration of beef with horse meat. – Source

Desert locusts: New risks in the light of climate change

The desert locust is an invasive species that is both well known and feared because of the large-scale agricultural damage it can cause. It is particularly closely monitored, to prevent the risks of outbreaks and invasions. Climate change could modify its distribution area, meaning a new threat to agriculture, according to a study. – Source

Ancient wetlands offer window into climate change

Environmental researchers have uncovered a wealth of information about a unique part of Australia that offers never-before-seen insights into climate change since the last ice age. – Source

Fire ant venom compounds may lead to skin treatments

Solenopsins, the main toxic components of fire ant venom, chemically resemble ceramides, which are lipid-like molecules essential for maintaining for the barrier function of the skin. Solenopsin analogs can reduce skin thickening and inflammation in a mouse model of psoriasis, scientists have shown. – Source

We’re listening to: ‘You Must Remember This’ and Brand New

Welcome back to IRL, our series dedicated to the things that Engadget writers play, use, watch and listen to. This week, we’re focusing on music and podcasts, with new albums from Queens of the Stone Age and Brand New. Sandwiched between the nostalgi… – Source

Best S-Pen apps for the Galaxy Note 8

So, you got your hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 and are on the look for new apps that make use of the phone’s S-Pen? Or maybe you’re on the fence still and are looking into what the stylus and software on the Note 8 are capable of? Either way, what we have for you today is a list of our favorite apps to use with the S-Pen! It is by no means a complete list, but it does contain all of the highlights that we’ve experienced while scribbling and doodling away at the Note 8!
We are including both productivity- and creativity-oriented apps in our list, … – Source

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