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October 2017

Samsung Unveils New Management to Quell Leadership Crisis

The South Korean tech giant announced a fresh slate of top executives on the same day it reported record profits for the second straight quarter. – Source

Build adorable ‘The Last Jedi’ bears and porgs – CNET

Star Wars fans can make cuddly versions of Chewbacca, Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, a porg and more at Build-A-Bear Workshop. – Source

iPhone X unboxing: Here’s what you get inside – CNET

A phone isn’t exactly the only thing you get when you plunk down $999 for an iPhone X. Here’s everything you’ll find in the box. – Source

Eleven bleeds wax in ‘Stranger Things’ candle – CNET

Make Eleven’s nose bleed just by lighting a candle with this novelty collectible from Firebox. – Source

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Experience 6.1 update includes YouTube TV support and KRACK fix

Fresh off the back of NVIDIA’s games sale (which you still have a few hours to get in on), the SHIELD TV is now receiving a new update with a wealth of improvements. The SHIELD Experience version 6.1 update was announced yesterday over at the official site (via Android Police) with a feature list that includes upcoming YouTube TV support and better Google Assistant integration.

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With the new Assitant upgrades, you’ll be able to launch shows and control playback in HULU using just your voice, as well as pick up a Domino’s Pizza or order an Uber. That’s as well as assisted shopping at Costco, Target, Walmart and others.

Take a look at the full list of upgrades included in the update below:

YouTube TV – Coming This Week to SHIELD (US Only)
New Google Assistant features (US Only)
ITV comes to SHIELD TV (UK Only)
Added TV on/off over IR for SHIELD Remote (tap Home + Back)
Improved Logitech Harmony Hub setup over Bluetooth
Ability to update SHIELD controller firmware while charging over USB
Ability to scan both DVB-T and DVB-T2 channels on Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD
The latest monthly Android security updates including fixes for WPA2 protocol (KRACK)
SHIELD Remote upgrade to firmware v1.21 (headphone jack remote — no upgrade)

Meanwhile, NVIDIA also noted a number of fixes coming to the SHIELD TV, including:

Fixed issue where SHIELD controller would stop sending IR commands to TV/receiver
Fixed issue where SHIELD would sleep immediately after waking up
Fixed case where UK English keyboard displays Russian
Fixed case where VUDU app showed up in unsupported regions

The SHIELD TV remains a one-of-a-kind product following its introduction in summer 2015, and NVIDIA seems committed to improving it. If you’re yet to check it out, you can take a look at our review of the 2017 model here. It’s currently available for $179 or $199.99 with the controller.

– Source

8 things Alexa can’t yet do – CNET

Alexa devices come with a laundry list of features. But there are plenty of things Alexa isn’t capable of yet, and some of the missing features might surprise you. – Source

Amazon Fire HD 8 vs. Fire HD 10 — which should you buy?

When you think of Android tablets, it’s time to think of Amazon.

Amazon’s not overly flashy about it, but it’s got a couple of the better Android tablets available today. That’s perhaps damning with faint praise, but hear me out. The Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 perhaps get you the most bang for your buck. Certainly that’s true for Android-based tablets, and you could well argue it’s true of any tablet anywhere.

The basics: As the names imply, Amazon has an 8-inch tablet and a 10-inch tablet. They’re both running the “Fire OS” operating system, which is Amazon’s own version of Android. They get apps from the Amazon Appstore, and have full access to Amazon Music, Books, Video, Movies and everything else Amazon does.

And both are inexpensive. Not relatively inexpensive, but downright cheap. But they’re cheap without really feeling cheap, ya know?

What else do you need, right?

OK, you need to choose between the two. We can help. Here’s what I’d consider between the Amazon Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10.

See Fire HD tablets at Amazon

The Amazon Fire HD 10 ($149 at Amazon) and Fire HD 8 ($79 at Amazon).

Comparing Fire HD prices

As you’d expect, the larger Fire HD cost more than the smaller. But there’s more to break down here. Each is available with “special offers,” which means there are ads on the lock screen and in the notification pull-down. They don’t actually bother me too much. But they don’t really jack up the price of the hardware that much if you choose to go the other route.

You’ll also pay more (or less) depending on how much storage you opt for. Here’s the breakdown of the two tablets.

With special offers
Without special offers
Fire HD 8 (16GB)
Fire HD 8 (32GB)
Fire HD 10 (32GB)
Fire HD 10 (64GB)

So on the whole, the smaller Fire HD 8 is a little less than half as expensive as the larger Fire HD 10. But you also get more for your money if you get the model with the lower storage, as the price per gigabyte is a bit lower. Couple that with the fact that you can add in a microSD card to extend the storage, and you wouldn’t be wrong to go for the lower of the two sizes.

The best SD cards for Amazon Fire tablets

Which one’s better to use?

For the most part, using the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 gives you a relatively similar experience. They both run the same Fire OS operating system (slightly different version numbers, but whatever).

But the Fire HD 10 has better internals. It’s got a better processor and more RAM, and it definitely runs things a little more smoothly — though still not anything earth-shattering — than the Fire HD 8. These are – Source

Lexus’ next-gen safety tech steers around collisions, changes lanes automatically – Roadshow

We cruise the roads of Yokohama, Japan to test the Lexus Safety System+ A, the automaker’s next-generation of driver aid, before it hits the road in 2018. – Source

Hackers, trolls and other tech nightmares of 2017 – CNET

With so many scares and frights in the tech industry this year, it was hard to tell the difference between real life and B-movie horror flicks. – Source

Billy Eichner dresses as a banana and rants about Trump and Halloween

How best to protest the Trump administration? You send the president a fidget spinner, OR dress up as a banana.

SEE ALSO: Billy Eichner and Stephen Colbert help get puppies adopted by dressing them up for Halloween

Billy Eichner was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night and he strode on stage in a banana costume ready to kick some political ass.

“I hate Donald Trump so much,” said the comedian/actor/role-model. He went on to say “anybody celebrating Halloween this year is complicit.”

A hot take, but intriguing. May Eichner’s furious humour never fizzle. …

More about Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert, Billy Eichner, Culture, and Movies Tv Shows – Source

Sam’s Club prepares for Black Friday with a one-day sale event, here are all the deals

If you’re anxious to go on a shopping spree and can’t wait for Black Friday, which is just one month away, Sam’s Club might have you covered. The US retailer plans a one-day sale before Black Friday hits.

Although Sam’s Club hasn’t yet revealed too many details about the sale, we know it will take place on November 11 at 12:01 ET online and 7:00 AM ET in stores. We also have information on some of the best deals the retailer has to offer during the sale.

If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll be pleased to know that most iPad Pro models will be discounted by up to … – Source

The Nokia 2 is a very cheap Android phone with a huge battery

HMD continues to slide in more Nokia phones where it sees an opportunity. This time around? A very cheap smartphone that doesn’t look awful and has enough battery to go the distance. The Nokia 2, priced at 100 Euros (roughly $120) walks that fine lin… – Source

North Korea calls UK WannaCry accusations ‘wicked’

It comes after the UK said it was “as sure as possible” North Korea was behind a huge ransomware attack. – Source

Samsung Internet adds Night Mode, Tracking Blocker, and compatibility with Android 5+ devices

Samsung Internet, an alternative to Google’s Chrome browser, has received an update with a number of great features on board. The update, which entered public beta testing in August, is now hitting the stable channel.

Before looking at the features, let’s note that, with the latest update, Samsung Internet becomes compatible with virtually every modern Android devices (Lollipop or higher). Previously, the stable version of the browser was only compatible with recent Samsung devices, as well as Pixels and Nexus phones.

The first new feature is Night Mode and comes in handy when using your device in low-light conditions. The feature reduces the amount of bright light emitted by the display and shows white text on a dark background for a more enjoyable reading experience. A High Contrast mode is also available and is similar to Night Mode, but allows you to increase the screen’s brightness to see the text more clearly.

The new version of Samsung Internet also lets you download, install, and manage adblocking services from the updated Content Blockers section found in the browser’s settings. Additionally, you can keep your browsing habits private with the new built-in Tracking Blocker extension powered by Disconnect, which is enabled when you’re in what Samsung calls “Secret Mode”.

Editor’s PickSamsung turned 40 Galaxy S5s into a Bitcoin mining rig Vice

Whether you get a new phone every few years or every month, the question becomes what to do with your old one. Do you sell it on a site like eBay or Swappa? …

The update also allows you to sync bookmarks with Google’s browser thanks to the new desktop Chrome extension. What this means is that you can access your Samsung Internet bookmarks on a desktop PC (Chrome), and your Chrome bookmarks on a smartphone (Samsung Internet).

Other things worth mentioning are the Chromium engine upgrade that includes rendering engine improvements and support for CSS Grid. The company has also announced that starting in the US, Samsung Pay will be available to use with Web Payments, and that users of its browser will be able to earn reward points and spend them on everything from gift cards to Samsung’s latest products — see more details here.

Samsung Internet version 6.2 will be available in the next few days via the Play Store and Galaxy Apps store.

– Source

New nutrient drink may ward off Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have developed a nutrient cocktail which may slow down cognitive impairment in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have developed a nutrient cocktail aimed at treating what they consider is “the root cause” of Alzheimer’s – loss of brain synapses. – Source

Samsung posts record profits in Q3

After releasing its preliminary guidance two weeks ago, now Samsung has posted its official earnings for Q3 2017. The company registered KRW14.53 trillion in operating profit or $13 billion. This is a massive 179% growth year over year and a record, enabled by high demand for flagship mobile devices and memory chips for servers.

The revenue reported by Samsung is KRW62.05 trillion ($55.48 billion) which is an increase from KRW47.82 trillion ($42.75 billion). The net profit also increased drastically – an 89% jump from KRW4.54 trillion ($4.05 billion) in June-September 2016 to KRW11.19…

– Source

Twitter erupts in collective anger as judge accidentally tweets winner of ‘Great British Bake Off’

There are a few things that Britons treasure above all else. The art of queueing is one of these along with the Queen, naturally, and the gorgeous British countryside.

SEE ALSO: Mary Berry herded a flock of sheep across London Bridge and it’s about as British as British gets

If there’s one show that still magically sums up the British spirit is the Great British Bake Off, even after it left the BBC, even after legendary Mary Berry quit.

So it’s understandable why, just a few hours before this year’s final episode, the nation erupted into a collective fury as one of the show’s judges accidentally revealed the name of the winner in a tweet. …

More about Channel 4, Winner, Great British Bake Off, Gbbo, and Entertainment

– Source

Ellen dressed up as a Kardashian for Halloween and had Kourtney on her show

Remember Halloween 2015, when Ellen Degeneres dressed up as a forgotten Kardashian sister?

Well, she’s at it again — and this time she has company.

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In an Instagram preview for her Halloween show, Ellen shared the following clip of herself introducing a very special guest:

Huge surprises on my #Halloween show, but I had to tell you this one.

A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Oct 30, 2017 at 7:07pm PDT

Yep: “Karla” Kardashian is back, and this time she has actual Kardashian company.

According to the …

More about Ellen Degeneres, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, The Ellen Show, and Culture – Source

Humble Bundle’s Halloween selection includes 8 gruesome games

It’s Halloween everyone, and that means spooky treats galore. As well as gorging on candy, it’s also a time to indulge in scary films and TV shows (I know I’m going to continue binge watching Stranger Things). But what about games? Thankfully, Humble Bundle has got us covered with a Halloween-themed selection of discounted Android games. This is sure to be its most terrifying bundle yet.

You probably know the deal with the Humble Mobile Bundle by now, but just in case…

Read More

Humble Bundle’s Halloween selection includes 8 gruesome games was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

Game studio CCP scales back virtual reality development

Development studios will shut and jobs will go as CCP cuts work on games playable in virtual reality. – Source

Microsoft’s Surface Pro gets LTE Advanced option this December

Microsoft’s business customers will be able to get their hands on the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced from December, as rumoured earlier this year. In a blog post outlining the company’s vision for workplace technology, the company says the release is… – Source

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE coming December – CNET

The company’s connected tablet for businesses is slated to arrive at the end of the year. – Source

Fixed-odds maximum bet ‘could drop to £2’

Currently, some gambling machines allow punters to bet – and potentially lose – £100 every 20 seconds. – Source

Brits are making famous horror movies more British on Twitter

Supercalifragilisticexpiali— holy mother of god why is a guy in a mask attacking Mary Poppins?

SEE ALSO: The prime minister’s ‘British dream’ got savaged on Twitter and it’s genius

A new Halloween hashtag has been doing the rounds on Twitter inspiring people to put a British twist on classic horror titles.

#MakeAHorrorMovieBritish tapped into British people’s endless desire to denigrate their own country. Just take a look.

Snakes On A Bus Replacement Service #MakeAHorrorMovieBritish

— Rishabh Sharma (@im_srishabh21) October 30, 2017

The Tescos Chainsaw Massacre #MakeAHorrorMovieBritish

— CLAIRE X (@xxclurrrxx) …

More about Twitter, British, Horror Movies, Culture, and Movies Tv Shows

– Source

Scientist’s recipe keeps bagel toppings in place – CNET

A former Microsoft engineer figures out the perfect way to stick toppings on bagels without all the seeds falling off. – Source

How Apple’s iPhone X stacks up to the Galaxy Note 8

Here’s how Apple and Samsung’s best of 2017 stack up to one another.

If you’ve checked your YouTube subscription box over the past few hours, you’ve probably seen a heap of iPhone X unboxings, first impressions, and reviews. The hype for Apple’s latest flagship is real, and even if you’re not a fan of the iPhone/iOS, there’s no denying that this is one of Apple’s biggest products in a number of years.

Apple fanatics will likely be blown away by what the iPhone X has to offer, but how does the device stack up to other Android phones? More specifically, how does the iPhone X compare to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8?

One of our forum users posted this question, and here’s what some of you had to say in response.

10-27-2017 01:59 AM

I actually like the gestures and was a fan of Webos… If the camera turns out to be unbelievably amazing and only if Face ID works better than the Iris scanner- it would have to work at all angles regularly, the I’d probably get one. Otherwise I’m happy with my N8 powerhouse and Pixel 2


10-27-2017 03:35 AM

You lose significant screen real estate, the headphone jack, Samsung Pay, the S Pen, fast charging out of the box (no need to spend another $75 on the accessories for it), customization etc etc. No. That would be a huge step backwards.


10-27-2017 06:39 AM

Absolutely not. No iPhone or any other manufacturers aside from Samsung themselves can ever convince me to switch over. The Note8 is far superior and better in comparison to ANY new iPhone, especially the X. There is nothing offered on the X that could possibly even make me curious because all iPhones – Source

The all-screen BlackBerry we were promised is here… sort of – CNET

The BlackBerry Motion is the first water-resistant BlackBerry, really big, and headed for Canada. – Source

iPhone X first impressions, T-Mobile/Sprint merger dead video – CNET

The biggest stories in tech include first impressions of the iPhone X, the end of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger and impressive Nintendo Switch sales numbers. – Source

Mark Warner: Facebook, Twitter need to sack propaganda – CNET

The head Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee wants tech giants to work with Congress to stifle Russian interference in US elections. – Source

It’s the end of an era for this iconic iPhone feature

It’s the end of an era for the iPhone.

No, I’m not talking about iPhone X’s “notch” or even the fact that Apple’s most anticipated iPhone ever comes in the most boring color selection in recent memory — I’m talking about the home button.

SEE ALSO: How much it’ll cost to buy the iPhone X at Apple vs. the carriers

The button that, for 10 years, was one of the iPhone’s most iconic features. The feature that was instrumental in teaching us how to navigate the first real smartphone. The home button is about to go the way of the …

More about Tech, Gadgets, Apple, Iphone X, and Tech – Source

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