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4th November 2017

Half of UK road speed cameras are switched off

Police forces admit many fixed speed cameras are off, with four areas having no active cameras. – Source

It didn’t take much to break the iPhone X video – CNET

We put a brand new iPhone X through some durability tests to find out how much, or in this case, how little it can handle. – Source

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. Did you get the iPhone X? Our full review is up if you need help making a decision, but first, we’ll take a look back at some of the week’s biggest stories, including the latest updates o… – Source

A timeline of the rogue Twitter employee’s last day at work before deleting Trump’s account

This post is a part of Mashable Humor. It is not real. We drew the bird, though, and think it’s pretty good.

A Twitter customer support employee is responsible for temporarily deactivating the account of President Trump for 11 minutes on Thursday night, just before 7:00 p.m. EST. According to a statement from the company, it was said employee’s last day, and they acted without the approval of anyone else at Twitter.

What follows is a comprehensive timeline of the “rogue” employee’s infamous last day at Twitter HQ.


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Buy AppleCare+ or a case for your iPhone X — or else – CNET

You may thank us later. – Source

The iPhone X cracked on the first drop – CNET

We subjected our brand new iPhone X to a scratch and drop test to determine how much this glass and stainless steel phone can handle. – Source

Our staff’s favorite gadget gifts of yore – CNET

CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide launched this week, and we thought it would be fun to ask people around the office what were their favorite gadget gifts growing up. – Source

This is what the OnePlus 5T could look like – CNET

Slim bezels, no fingerprint reader on the front, and yeah, a headphone jack. – Source

Top Knot Detective finds 2017 absurdity in ‘90s TV’s samurai crossover hits

The trailer for the documentary, Top Knot Detective

AUSTIN, Texas—“Documentary” Top Knot Detective ostensibly tells the behind-the-scenes story of a Japanese-samurai-show-turned-Australian-cult-classic of the same name. Don’t bother Googling the series, however. It doesn’t exist. (As the film’s Fantastic Fest description put it, this tale is “complete and total bullshit.”)

Sometimes, you simply need an over-the-top mockumentary about an extremely obscure and non-existent bit of pop culture to shine a light on the absurdity of our current entertainment industry. And as funny as Top Knot Detective will be for a certain kind of niche obsessive, the film works equally as well slinging one-liners about everything from the neverending race to become a content creator to the insanity of a traditional TV crossover.

It’s Sutaffu’s world; we just buy in it

In the real world, Apple makes computers, but it also held music festivals and now wants into original TV content. Facebook started with a website for connecting with others, but it tried a phone and now also wants into original TV content. Amazon sold books online and now…. well, you get the idea. Original creative content with the potential to spawn devoted fanbases (and endless sequels, merchandise, marketing opportunities, etc.) has become the must-do corporate activity of today.

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– Source

How civil rights activists harnessed the power of Amazon when America needed it most

More about Facebook, Twitter, Conversations, Science, and Social Good – Source

Apple iPhone X hits stores, tech giants face US Congress video – CNET

In this week’s wrap-up, Apple’s hotly anticipated phone causes people to line up at Apple Stores around the world. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google and Twitter face a frustrated US Congress in a series of hearings investigating the impact of Russian-linked ads on the 2016 election. – Source

5 moments when ‘Stranger Things 2’ was perfectly channeling Harry Potter

Stranger Things pulls from a known library of classic ‘80s movies, but it’s also a classic story of a ragtag team of scrappy heroes fighting the battle of good versus evil. That’s a tale as old as time —and the secret behind some of Hollywood’s most successful and resonant stories.

There are a lot of things you’d compare Stranger Things to before Harry Potter, but Season 2 has the kind of similarities that won’t escape an observant Potter fan. They’re not terribly obvious references, but that’s what makes them even more fun to spot and appreciate.


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Hidden Agenda for PS4 PlayLink review: Choose carefully or suffer the consequences

An innocent man might be put to death for a crime he didn’t commit. Unless you can find the truth.

A convicted serial killer says that he didn’t commit the crimes that he confessed to 5 years ago. First responders are being murdered via booby traps left on bodies. And a corrupted city that has too many secrets to keep. Hidden Agenda is a cinematic adventure game that has you unraveling interconnected mysteries to get to the truth about a serial killer. It’s also one of the first Sony PlayLink titles, which requires a companion smartphone app to play.

Will you make the right choices to find the truth?

See at PlayStation

Gripping story

While you control a variety of different characters during the events of Hidden Agenda, they’re all following clues of the story. Five years ago a serial killer was caught red-handed with a victim and put behind bars. With only 48 hours until his execution though, the convicted murderer is claiming that he didn’t actually do any of what he had confessed to.

Your job is to try and hunt down the truth and figure out what was actually going on five years ago. Hidden Agenda is a cinematic adventure game, which means that your choices in investigation and conversation will set the story on its path. In many games from this genre, not every choice matters so much.

Every choice that you make will affect what comes next.

That isn’t the case here though. Every choice that you make, from whether you are aggressive in conversation to which locales you investigate first, will affect what comes next. Depending on these choices, you may end up skipping entire chunks of the game, or even ending the game early. There are multiple endings, and while I’ve beaten the game in about 90 minutes I know for a fact that I ended it early with a bad choice.

The story is gripping, weaving together a tragic past, human errors, and a corrupt city into a tale that will have you trying to figure out exactly what is going on while you play.

Fun mechanics

While a significant amount of the gameplay in Hidden Agenda is based on conversation choices, there are also two different type of mini-games that you’ll run into. When investigating scenes related to the crimes in the game, there is a hidden object game, and you’ll run into quick time events that require you to react quickly to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Searching for clues in crime scenes is easily one of the most important aspects of the game. When this feature triggers, you’ll see three items at the top of the screen that you ought to be aiming to find. These clues can be photos of characters, pieces of technology, and in one case, the way into a hidden room. These clues are important to uncovering exactly what is going on in the city, and while not finding one doesn’t – Source

Looking back at the OnePlus One (and cheaper flagships generally)

Remember the OnePlus One? Chances are, anyone who owned the phone remembers it fondly for a number of reasons (if you need a refresher, check out my OnePlus One review).

In 2015, flagship smartphones started around $600, much like today. Samsung had just released the Galaxy S5, a premium device with what many considered to be a less than premium design and overall experience.

Seemingly out of nowhere, OnePlus burst onto the scene. It stirred up a lot of news after many of its members broke off from a big Chinese manufacturer, Oppo, to form the young company. That notoriety, and an aggressive guerilla marketing campaign, brought the company a ton of eyeballs when it announced a device it called the ‘flagship killer.

The OnePlus One ticked a lot of ‘flagship’ boxes. It had a Snapdragon 801 SoC, a high quality display, an above average battery, and an accessible version of Android. OnePlus managed to go above and beyond with a larger storage option and an extra gigabyte of RAM than its biggest Android competitor: the Galaxy S5. If a company that no one had ever heard of could out-spec Samsung for less money, it was worth paying attention to.

The phone had a fairly unique design too. Baby Skin white (which is still a weird name), Sandstone Black and replacement shells added even more uniqueness and gave the phone a measure of personalization. It wasn’t without its issues, like the beleaguered invite system, but it was clear how much people wanted this phone once it was revealed it didn’t also have a premium price.

The base model cost $299, with the 64 GB storage option priced at $349. Normally these kinds of prices meant getting something closer to a feature handset than a flagship. It meant users who were okay with sacrificing some of the more specialty features that Samsung or LG phones included could get a premium experience at almost half the price.

Don’t forget that the phone got cut down another $50 too, making it one of the most affordable flagship phones of all time.

So, why are we bringing this up? With the recent leak of a new OnePlus device, we wanted to look back at the company’s original flagship and see where it came from. Also, a couple of pieces came out on Android Authority recently which dive into a problem OnePlus tried to address back in 2015 with the One: rising smartphone prices.

The average smartphone price has gone up by 7% in the past year. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember the ‘average’ price is lowered by the midrange and the lower end markets. In just the flagship market, we’ve seen prices get close to (or even surpass) the $1000 mark with phones like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While it can be argued from both of those companies that there are additional features which justify the prices, it’s still a lot of money.

Robert Triggs posits that these high – Source

Federal report says humans are the cause of climate change

Today, over a dozen federal agencies released the Climate Science Special Report, which is a product of the National Climate Assessment — a congressionally mandated review that takes place every four years. In it, hundreds of scientists from dozens… – Source

Horse steals a bride’s spotlight by posing with the biggest smile

Typically on a bride’s wedding day, the last thing she wanta is to share the spotlight. However, there might be a few exceptions, especially if you’re an adorable horse.

Bride Patti Womer loves her two horses, Dutch and Cricket, and wanted the pair to play a part in her September wedding. But one of the horses stole the show as they all posed for wedding photographer Tony Bendele.

SEE ALSO: Here’s what animals would say if they could complain about work

Image: tony bendele photography

Sure, Womer looks lovely smiling happily in her wedding gown, but it’s Cricket’s toothy grin that really shines. …

More about Animals, Bride, Weddings, Smile, and Wedding Photos – Source

Kevin Spacey out at ‘House of Cards,’ Netflix says it won’t work with him

Netflix is done with Kevin Spacey.

The actor was suspended from House of Cards, and production on the show’s sixth and final season has been shut down. Although Spacey hasn’t returned to the set for work since reports of sexual misconduct first surfaced, producer Media Rights Capital made the suspension official on Friday evening.

SEE ALSO: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ actor alleges Kevin Spacey made an ‘advance’ toward him as a teenager

A source “close to the production” told Variety that …

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Beyoncé recreated five Lil’ Kim looks and they’re all flawless

You thought Halloween was over four days ago? Oof, sorry. According to Beyoncé, it was actually Halloween yesterday.

The singer dazzled Instagram on Friday when she shared five — five — separate looks from her Lil’ Kim costume this year. We’re not exaggerating when we say that each is executed perfectly, from the hair to the accessories to the poses.

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“Hip hop would not be the same without our original Queen B,” Beyoncé’s official website reads.

And the original Queen B thought Bey’s outfits were on point. “the resemblance is crazy!! Match made in heaven 👯 ,” Lil’ Kim wrote on Instagram. “Every single detail is on point!” …

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Here is a picture of the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T stacked together

OnePlus is readying yet another flagship smartphone for the remainder of the year. Although initial reports claimed the Chinese company there won’t be a OnePlus 5T model this year, in light of the new teasers published by OnePlus, there’s no doubt such a smartphone exists and will be announced very soon.

To make things even more obvious, OnePlus posted a picture of its current and upcoming flagships stacked together. What you see in the picture is the rear side of the OnePlus 5, which hides the entire silhouette of the OnePlus 5T.

The only thing we can tell … – Source

What people in 1900 thought life would be like in the technological paradise of 2000

More about History, Retronaut, Future, Future Tech, and Futurism – Source

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could be coming to Sprint too

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active appears to be headed for Sprint, judging by a tweet by @evleaks. That would bring the number of carriers in the US to offer the rugged smartphone to 3 after the Active launched on AT&T and a recent post by the same leakster suggested T-Mobile will follow.— Evan Blass (@evleaks) November 4, 2017

Samsung’s Active versions of the flagships have typically been exclusive to AT&T in the US, but this is set to change this year.

Oddly, the chronology of the tweets is a bit off – the T-Mobile one came out first, and the screenshot…

– Source

iPhone X passes bend test with flying colors

Hardly an industry standard for testing, JerryRigEverything’s torture routine has become a great source of insight on just how scratch and bend resistant you can expect your next phone to be. Well, in comes the X.

The Apple iPhone X is the latest to come out of Cupertino, and like the more pedestrian iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is a glass sandwich with a metal frame all around, only here the metal is steel and not aluminum, so it scratches with a different (still painful) sound. The display won’t get damaged by keys and coins, but beware of pocket sand and granite countertops.

There’s a plastic…

– Source

Transform your TV viewing experience with these trippy backlights

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

The secret cabal of television industry leaders and tastemakers has gotten together and decided that the next big thing in TV technology is 4K. But 4K isn’t really that innovative. Sure, it’s a slightly higher resolution and it makes already really blue water look a little bit bluer, but HD resolution is already pretty good and most content isn’t even available in 4K yet.

However, there is a brand new technology that dramatically improves the TV watching experience and doesn’t even require buying a new TV set: the …

More about Mashable Shopping, Shopping Stackcommerce, Shopping Solo, Dreamscreen Kit, and Dreamscreen

– Source

Master the entire Microsoft Office Suite for less than $40

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Ok, let’s all just admit it. We’ve all had Microsoft Office under “skills” on our resumes for the last decade. And once we actually get an assignment that requires it, then the Googling starts. And the panicking. And the sweating.

If you want to actually learn Microsoft Office (and not in the sweaty, panicky, Googling way), take a gander at …

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A pressure cooker oven is definitely a thing and you need one

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Binge-watching a couple episodes of Iron Chef America won’t instantly turn you into a professional cook (unfortunately), but using gadgets approved by the show’s prestigious alumni just might.

SEE ALSO: Want to make better French fries? Start with a mandoline slicer.

Enter: the …

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This Life: App Time for Nap Time: The Parennials Are Here

The much-examined generation born between 1980 and 2000 are now having children of their own, and parenting very differently from their forebears. – Source

MediaTek to provide approved Android builds and Google Mobile Services to smartphone makers

It looks like MediaTek is under the radar from multiple giants of the smartphone industry. After Apple showed interest in its modem chips, Google allowed the Taiwanese company to offer pre-tested, pre-certified, and fully compliant builds of Android and Google Mobile Services (GMS) to smartphone makers.

MediaTek announced that it’s the first SoC (system-on-chip) manufacturer that becomes a partner for GMS Express, a special program that’s meant to offer device makers approved Android software solutions such Google Mobile Services and Google Compatibility Test Suite … – Source

This is why I’ll never shop at OfficeMax again—even if everything is free

Enlarge (credit: Mike Mozart)

I’ve often remarked to anyone who would listen that robots are becoming more like humans, and humans are becoming more like robots.

When it comes to the latter, nowhere is that more true than in my recent dealings with cashiers, managers, and so-called “customer service” agents at the merged office-supply powerhouse of Office Depot and OfficeMax.

“I do apologize” or words to that effect was the robotic mantra I received literally dozens of times when speaking to company employees on the phone, and in person, about OfficeMax’s absolutely asinine corporate return policy, and the company’s inability to actually carry out that asinine corporate return policy.

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Nokia 2 pre-orders are now live

The Nokia 2 was made official by HMD Global earlier this week at an event in India. And now, pre-orders for the entry-level device have gone live. Specifically, Russia has become the first country where the phone can be pre-ordered.

As for price, the handset costs RUB 7,990, which currently translates into around €117. This, if you compare, is a tad higher than the €99 tag HMD officially revealed for the phone when it was unveiled. Official release time frame for the Nokia 2 is mid November.

Source | Via

– Source

Amazon to add second Vancouver office and 1,000 more jobs by 2020

While Amazon has yet to reveal where in North America its second headquarters will be, the Seattle headquartered ecommerce behemoth has got Canadians excited by announcing it’s opening a second corporate office in Vancouver. Read More

– Source

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