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12th November 2017

Where to buy the LG V30

When and where can I get the LG V30?

The LG V30 is one of the most interesting devices of the year so far. It’s got a big, near-bezelless design that eschews many of the design characteristics of its predecessors, the V10 and V20, but maintains their focus on high-quality audio and unique camera features.

The V30 is getting a wide release in North America, with a number of carriers supporting the product.

Let’s break it down individually by country and carrier.

U.S. carriers


T-Mobile is now selling the V30 starting at $80 down and $30 per month for 24 months, or an outright cost of $800. Like Sprint, you also get a free Daydream View and content pack with purchase.

The V30 is T-Mobile’s first phone to support its nascent 600Mhz spectrum, which will give the phone better performance in low-density rural areas.

T-Mobile is offering a pretty great deal for the V30, too: buy a phone on a new or existing line and get a $500 rebate when purchasing a second V30 with a second new line. When buying with an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), users get an LG G Pad X or G Pad X2 PLUS for free with purchase.

T-Mobile has also announced that it is going to carry the LG V30+, the version with 128GB of storage, starting November 17. It will cost $130 down and $30 a month over 24 months, with a retail price of $850.

See at T-Mobile


The V30 is now available at AT&T online and in-store. It costs $27 per month for 30 months on AT&T Next, or $810 in total. AT&T has a deal for a “free” second V30, but there are a lot of conditions:

“For a limited time, buy an LG V30 and get one FREE when you add a line and buy both on AT&T Next with monthly eligible wireless and have eligible DIRECTV service.”

It works on the company’s so-called 5G Evolution network, which is equivalent to the fastest 4G LTE speeds today. That’s because the V30 takes advantage of new technologies like 4x carrier aggregation, 256QAM modulation, and 4×4 MIMO antenna placements, as well as unlicensed spectrum standards like LTE-U and LAA.

See at AT&T


The LG V30 is now available at Verizon for $35 per month for 24 months, or $840 outright. Verizon is giving away a $200 prepaid credit card and a free Google Daydream View with every purchase, which is nice.

See at Verizon


Sprint is one of two U.S. carriers selling the LG V30+, which is the 128GB version of the regular LG V30. It’s now available for $0 down and $38 per month for 24 months, which works out to $912 outright. Like AT&T, users signing up for a second account and service will get a second LG V30+ for free.

Sprint is going deep on the V30+, too. It’s offering a free Daydream View headset and “Top VR content bundle” with every unit, and is the only carrier bundling LG’s – Source

10 times typos almost ruined your life

Everything we do rides on a few stokes of the keypad.

Unfortunately, sometimes our minds and our fingers are not always on the same page.

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The dreaded typo can be harmless. They can be caught by your spellchecker or edited out by some simple proofreading, but in this day and age of fast communication, typos can make or break your destiny.

OK, maybe it’s not all that bad.

But at work, in love or even in a tweet, a simple typo can make all the difference.

1. When you try to put your best foot forward, and end up with your foot in your mouth. …

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– Source

Guardzilla 360 review – CNET

The $230 Guardzilla 360-degree indoor security camera delivers — if you want to spy on an entire room. – Source

What to do if your brand-new iPhone drowns like ours did – CNET

Cameras on “waterproof” phones shouldn’t look like this. – Source

Need help with your Thanksgiving sides? Try these countertop gadgets – CNET

Turkey gets all the spotlight, but let’s not forget about the side dishes. Here are some appliances to help round out your meal. – Source

Tiffany Haddish crushed her hilarious ‘SNL’ monologue, and she made history in the process

Saturday Night Live guest host Tiffany Haddish kicked off her evening with an uproarious opening monologue that touched on the news of the day (Trump and other awful men), her wardrobe (she’s very passionate about her Alexander McQueen dress), and her hit summer 2017 comedy, Girls Trip.

Less funny was the context around her hosting gig.

This Saturday, 11/11 on #SNL!! Can you believe I will be the very #first black female comedian…

— Tiffany Haddish (@TiffanyHaddish) November 7, 2017

“Can you believe I will be the very #first black female comedian host?!?”

Technically, Maya Rudolph — also a comic — beat Haddish to the punch here when she hosted in 2012, but Rudolph is also a former cast member. Even cutting out the “comedian” part of that equation, we’re left with a very small list across more than 830 episodes. …

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Ben Heck’s mini pinball game: Designing the PCB

In tackling another prototype-to-production design, Ben uses Autodesk Eagle to recreate Felix’s printed circuit board layout. Learn with Ben how to create your own parts in Eagle and ensure that the board’s components are laid out correctly, bear… – Source

‘SNL’ Weekend Update drags sexual predators with workplace training from HR

There are some strong Trump burns to kick off the latest edition of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, but the real highlight is the sketch’s takedown of sexual predators in Hollywood and beyond.

OK fine, here’s one Trump joke: “Well, it’s Veteran’s Day. And Donald Trump celebrated by finally going to Vietnam.”

Really though, the heart of this sketch is Cecily Strong’s turn as “Claire from HR,’ who visits the Weekend Update set to run through a sexual harassment training seminar.

It’s good stuff. Headache-inducingly obvious, sure, but we’re also living in a world where some adult men think it’s OK to date 14-year-olds while others think it’s perfectly fine to use an exposed, erect penis as a form of greeting. …

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Germophobes would love this bacteria detecting towel

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Our smartphone predictions for 2018

Some thoughts on where it’s all going.

We’re not yet done with 2017, but we’re about to wrap up the last few big phone launches of the year. So, with a mostly complete picture of the current year in smartphones, it’s time to look ahead to the next generation. Here’s what I think we’ll see out of Android, and the smartphone world in general, in the next twelve months.

Basically everything will be 18:9

As taller, less bezelly panels become more attainable to makers of mid-tier phones, expect the Android landscape to become increasingly tall in the coming year, with ever slimmer borders. The look that Xiaomi and Samsung pioneered will become the new standard. That, in turn, will push everyone in the high-end to differentiate in other ways.

Big batteries in more things

We’re already seeing this in the phones of late 2017 — devices like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, HTC U11+ and BlackBerry Motion — but as phones get taller and battery experts figure out how to pack more milliamp-hours into smaller spaces, phones with 4,000mAh cells will become increasingly common. That’s great, because as we’ve seen this year, that number is about the sweet spot for easy two-day battery life.

Someone will emulate the iPhone X’s stupid notch

Of the bigger names, my money would be on Oppo, if anyone. Although dumb, Apple is going to (successfully) turn the notch into a status symbol of sorts, so expect the usual copycat vendors in China to have plenty of lower-priced clones ready for sale by spring 2018.

Someone will figure out — and ship — in-display fingerprint

The holy grail of biometric authentication will finally happen, and it’ll happen probably in the second half of 2018. Rumor-mongers and analysts already point to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a possible trailblazer for this new technology, which over time should prove easier to develop than Apple’s Face ID.

Wireless charging everywhere

As sales of iPhones 8 and X climb, and the big players in the Android space look to reach feature parity with Apple, wireless charging will become a table-stakes feature for flagships, just as water resistance is now. Expect to see a lot of glass flagships as a result in the coming year, at least until someone figures out how to deploy wireless charging through metal in a commercial product.

A slow burn for AI

The arrival of Android 8.1, with new neural networking APIs, will see slow but steady growth in apps using AI features as a differentiator. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 is rumored to include some kind of AI hardware, and Google and Huawei are already shipping it in existing products. But Android is a big ship, and any new app features that require both hardware and OS upgrades is inevitably going to take time to propogate.

HTC and LG will make more Pixels

Despite the Pixel 2’s panel being trashed (sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly), Google’s hardware partnerships won’t change for the coming third-gen Pixels. HTC is, AC understands, contracted for at least another year of Pixel production, and the – Source

Enceladus heats up because its core is like a sponge

Enlarge (credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech)

On Earth, the heat that drives geology is partly leftover from the planet’s formation and partly the result of radioactive decay. For the smaller bodies of our Solar System, neither of these should be big factors. Yet many of them are geologically active, thanks to heat generated by gravitational interactions. Uneven gravitational forces throughout a moon’s orbit leads to internal flexing, generating enough heat to power geysers and volcanoes.

Or we think. In the case of Enceladus, Saturn’s geyser-riddled moon, calculations suggest that the heat generated by orbital torques would only be enough to keep the moon’s internal ocean liquid for about 30 million years. And, once its sub-surface ocean freezes, the moon’s ability to flex goes down, which means less internal friction to warm it back up again. So why does Enceladus have an ocean at all, billions of years after it formed?

According to new research published in Nature Astronomy, that ocean survives because the core of the moon isn’t a solid sphere of rock and metal; instead, it’s a porous, loosely aggregated hunk of rock. Its sponge-like nature allows tidal heating to warm up its water to roughly 90°C.

Read 7 remaining paragraphs | Comments

– Source

10 useful gift ideas that also make great stocking stuffers

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Back away from the Yankee Candle. This holiday season, let’s vow to get a little more creative (and practical) with our stocking stuffers. Pick up these gifts instead — we guarantee that they won’t end up in a regift pile. And remember: use coupon code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout to get an extra 15% off any of these products.

Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods & AirPods

This holiday season, tell your loved ones, “Hey, you’ve got weird ears, but that’s ok.” This two-pack of Earhoox will keep the Apple EarPods or AirPods from falling out, thanks to silicone attachments that create a snug fit. …

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The Leslie Jones-Kyle Mooney love match on ‘SNL’ takes a violent turn

The sweet love story of Saturday Night Live cast members Leslie Jones and Kyle Mooney has been chronicled in detail on the weekly series. We were there when the two met and formed a connection, and we were there months later when their relationship was tested.

Now, the focus shifts to Mooney’s college pal and fellow cast member Beck Bennett. Beck is distraught over the rift that’s formed between him and his old friend, so he seeks out help from someone who also wants to get between Kyle and Leslie: Colin Jost.

Their plan plays out at the annual SNL masquerade ball — which is totally a thing, sure — but it doesn’t quite work out the way they imagined. The sketch ends with an emotional showdown, and a joke that was …

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Roll your own sushi rolls at home with this $13 device

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Making sushi is an art. It takes many hours (even years) of training to become a master at crafting those delicate rolls.

If you don’t have the patience to take classes and are craving some homemade sushi, then this device could help.

SEE ALSO: Make your own Egg McMuffin at home with this kitchen device

The …

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– Source

Learn how to build Raspberry Pi computers with this $15 online class

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

A partnership between Broadcom and the University of Cambridge, the U.K. based Raspberry Pi Foundation creates credit card-sized computers that promote learning how to code and educational research. Since the computers went on the market in 2012, Raspberry Pi has sold over eight million models and is the United Kingdom’s best-selling computer.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi is easy. Simply plug in a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and install the computer.


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Weekly poll: What is the best screen aspect ratio?

A couple of weeks ago, we detailed the history of aspect ratios, now we want to hear what you think. Is 16:9 the golden mean, suitable for both apps and multimedia? Or are you on board with 18:9?

16:9 is currently the dominant aspect – on phones, computer monitors, TVs. That in turn means most videos come in 16:9, certainly when it comes to TV shows and YouTube videos. Anything else leads to a blank area, be it pillar-boxing or letter-boxing.

Games benefit from a wider screen, it essentially creates a wider field of view for the player. The taller screens also allows app designers to be…

– Source

Taylor Swift sang on a jewel-encrusted snake microphone at ‘SNL’ because of course she did

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, but the new one was more than happy to pick up when Saturday Night Live came calling.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift hit 30 Rock as a musical guest for the first time since 2009, bringing her reputation with her.

SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift’s new album ‘reputation’ confirms she’s mad as hell (and in love)

Swift began with a fierce performance of “… Ready for It,” singing into a gold microphone with a jewel-encrusted snake wrapped around it.

Later in the show, Swift toned things down for a lovely acoustic version of “Call It What You Want.” …

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OnePlus 5T unboxing video leaks ahead of official announcement

We’re less than a week away from the official reveal of the OnePlus 5T, but pictures of the upcoming flagship have already leaked online just a few days ago.

Today, we have a 5-minute unboxing video that compares OnePlus’ current flagship with the OnePlus 5T. The video was uploaded to YouTube by a vlogger but has since been pulled since any information, articles, and videos about the OnePlus 5T are under embargo.

The good news (or bad for OnePlus) is someone else uploaded the video somewhere else and it’s unlikely that it will be pulled anytime soon.

Well, … – Source

Google Contacts for Android updated with action buttons, large contact photos, more

Google recently updated the Contacts app for Android devices with several improvements that are supposed to make it much easier to use.

There aren’t any new features added in the update except for the action buttons in the contacts, which will make it easier to call, text, and do other needed stuff.

The developers also announced that they have listened to user feedback and have decided to bring back the large contact photos. Furthermore, the latest version of Contacts will now allow users to merge all their duplicate contacts at once.

Also, you can … – Source

Top 10 trending phones of week 45

The F5 is seemingly a homerun for Oppo as the interest in the smartphone just refuses to die down and it held onto the top spot in our trending chart for a third week in a row.

The Apple iPhone X saw its popularity increase significantly over the past seven days, but not quite enough and it has to settle for second once more. Xiaomi Redmi Y1, on the other hand, jumped 5 spots to complete the podium.

What follows is a trio of handsets that sit exactly where we left them last week – Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi A1 and Samsung Galaxy Note8 take positions four to six.

Nokia 6…

– Source

Daimler and HPE want to power green data centers with hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel cells have mainly been used to power vehicles so far, but they could soon find another use: the server farms powering your internet services. Daimler, HPE, Power Innovations and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are expanding fue… – Source

Counterclockwise: tracking batteries growth over the years

As smartphones replaced feature phones, battery endurance went in the gutter. And even after so many years, a day of between charges is what most people get – at least the people that don’t want to live with battery anxiety.

However the data proves that battery tech has progressed greatly. In fact, it won’t be wrong to describe a modern smartphone as a battery with a screen and motherboard tacked on.

We picked the Top 50 most popular phones from our database for each year and averaged the ratio of battery capacity to phone volume. In short, the chart below shows how many milliamp hours…

– Source

I watched 1,000 hours of YouTube Kids’ content and this is what happened…

What do you get if you endlessly recombine Spiderman and the Joker with Elsa from Frozen and lashings of product placement for junk food brands like McDonalds? Read More

– Source

Microsoft CEO Nadella insults two iPad owners; “Get a real computer,” he says

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently took a trip to India where he happened to run into pair of journalists who were both sporting Apple iPad tablets. “You need to get a real computer, my friend,” the executive said to one of them. Other Microsoft executives earlier this year said that Apple copied the Surface Pro with the iPad Pro. Ryan Gavin, General Manager of the Surface line, was a bit more specific when he stated that the iPad Pro was the result of Apple copying Microsoft in the 2-in-1 category.

There are those who say that there are many similarities between the two devices. Both … – Source

‘SNL’ takes Roy Moore to task with some Alabama sensibility, courtesy of Kate McKinnon

Another week, another 34,989 sexual assault and harassment stories in the news (that’s an official number). On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live tackled the highly icky report that Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a minor with the man whose seat he’s filling: Jeff Sessions.

This week’s cold open started with a sensible Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) counseling Judge Moore (Mikey Day) on the best course of action. His counsel: Stepping aside isn’t the worst thing in the world, if you look at it the right way.


More about Snl, Saturday Night Live, Kate Mckinnon, Jeff Sessions, and Roy Moore – Source

Uber’s new Asia chief wants to work with governments and taxi firms not against them

New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been vocal in pledging to reform Uber’s toxic culture to take the business to the next level — and ultimately an IPO — but, over in Asia, another recent arrival is presiding over a revamped approach which includes turning those who were once enemies into friends. Brooks Entwistle, a former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Southeast Asia, joined… Read More

– Source

Weekly poll results: the Razer Phone is a clear fan favorite

Here’s some good news for the fledgling smartphone maker – the people love the Razer Phone. People were surprisingly excited about the audio features of the phone – like the stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos – even though one would think it’s the 120Hz screen that’s the star of the show.

The lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack was a common complaint, but the THX-certified audio dongle goes a long way. Plus HTC, Motorola, Google and Huawei also skipped the analog jack.

The 120Hz screen did get some love too, though most commenters don’t consider the Razer a purely gaming phone (and we agree)….

– Source

Google Pixel 2 XL has another problem with the screen (VIDEO)

The Google Pixel 2 XL continues to have problems with the screen. Besides concerns about burn-in on the OLED panel, the other day we told you that some Pixel 2 XL users are seeing the screen flash when they unlock the phone. This morning, there is talk about the latest bug that is preventing Pixel 2 XL users from enjoying the phone like they should be. It appears that on some units of the Pixel 2 XL, the edges of the screen are unresponsive.

The Pixel User Community website has some threads about the issue, including one from a Pixel 2 XL owner who claims to have spoken to Google … – Source

Apple iPhone X tips & tricks

Whether you’ve got your iPhone X, are still waiting for your pre-order or just biding your time, let us share with you some tips and tricks that will help you make better use of it.

In fact, some of those are general iOS 11 tips, so they might be of interest to other iPhone owners too.

iPhone X New Gestures and Button Combos

iPhone X buttons & lock screen layout

Waking your phone: In addition to pressing the now enlarged side button and Raise to Wake, you can now tap the screen to wake the iPhone X. Enabled by default, go to Settings > General > Accessibility select Tap to…

– Source

[Deal Alert] Philips Hue White A19 LED Starter Kit is $59.99 ($40 off) at Best Buy and Amazon

Philips makes some of the best smart light bulbs on the planet, but they can get pretty expensive. Just one of those fancy colored bulbs costs $50. If you don’t care for the fancy color-changing bulbs, the A19 Starter Kit is $40 off at Best Buy and Amazon.

This kit has four A19 LED light bulbs and the required Philips Hue hub. That’s a pretty great deal when you consider that just two bulbs without a hub cost nearly $20.

Read More

[Deal Alert] Philips Hue White A19 LED Starter Kit is $59.99 ($40 off) at Best Buy and Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

– Source

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