These aren’t your pocket-friendly power banks, but they can be your lifeline when battery life runs short across multiple devices.

Given today’s power-hungry phones and tablets, any power pack under 20,000mAh shouldn’t be considered high-capacity. While the majority of these beefier backup batteries aren’t suited for storing in your pocket, they’re still compact enough to toss in a backpack, suitcase, or laptop bag for a quick charge when you need it. Check out these five power banks that provide enough battery to keep up with the most demanding tech-lover.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Quick Charge PowerCore+ 26800 PD
EasyAcc Monster 26,000mAh Power Bank
USB-C RAVPower 26800
ZeroLemon ToughJuice V3.0

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Quick Charge / PowerCore+ 26800 PD

Anker brings two versions of the PowerCore+ 26800 to the market, one with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and one with USB PD (Power Delivery). Both offer a whopping 26,800mAh capacity and are only 7.1 x 3.1 x .9 inches in size. This is a power bank that you probably can fit into your pocket!

The Quick Charge model also features PowerIQ so that non-Quick Charge devices can still charge at up to 3 amps and can be fully recharged in about 6.5 hours. It’s priced around $70.

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The USB PD model features a 30-watt USB-C port capable of charging laptops like a MacBook or Chromebook as well as your phone. It can be fully charged in about four hours and costs right around $100.

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EasyAcc Monster 26,000mAh Power Bank

If you’re after more than just a pair outputs to keep your phones and tablets charged up, the EasyAcc Monster packs a 26,000mAh capacity and provides four USB ports as well as two Micro-USB inputs on the side that can work in tandem decrease recharge time up to 50%. With a total output of 4.8 amps, the more devices connected means a slower charge, but the overall convenience, functionality, and capacity outweigh reduced charging times.

Next to the USB outputs is a built-in LED flashlight that’s handy for seeing in the dark, and on top are four tiny lights that indicate how much battery life remains in the power bank. EasyAcc has added plenty of safety features to prevent any damage to your connected devices, too. You’ll pay about $50 for the EasyACC Monster.

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USB-C RAVPower 26800

The new USB-C RAVPower 26800 can output 30 watts through its USB-C port and has two “regular” USB ports that feature its iSmart technology to charge at up to 2.4 amps each. RAVPower says that its iSmart 2.0 system will automatically sense the correct charging current so that your devices that don’t use a fast-charging standard will still charge as fast as they are able. The USB-C port charges – Source