If you want to keep your Galaxy S7 edge protected, check out these great options available!

The Galaxy S7 edge may not be the new kid on the block in 2017, but there are a lot of reasons to love Samsung’s former flagship. For one, it has a beautiful 5.5-inch QHD display that, even with the Galaxy S8 on the market, still looks great. And it has a front fingerprint sensor which may not seem like a big deal but, after using the GS8, it’s something we miss.

But like the GS8, the Galaxy S7 edge is all metal and glass, and can scratch fairly easily. If you’re looking for a decent case, we’ve rounded up the best ones out there, dividing the selections into two categories: Minimal & Sleek, and Protective & Bulky.

(Did you get the regular version and not the edge variant? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on the best cases for the Galaxy S7 as well.)

With that, let’s get started.

Minimal & Sleek

After publishing our first set of Galaxy S7 edge case choices, we heard from a lot of you (we do listen!) about our lack of thinner, sleeker case choices. Here are our picks in that all-important category since some people still want to show off the sleek design of the phone while protecting it at the same time.

Cimo Premium Slim Fit

A lot of people like this case, and for good reason: it’s both understated and protective, offering a matte, grippy back cover and subtle ridges that protect the Galaxy S7 edge’s glass screen from scratches and drops.

Cimo has built a reputation as a leading brand of modern, sleek cases, and the Premium Slim Fit promises to be shatterproof, made with “premium TPU” that won’t crack when the phone inevitably hits the ground. And it’s cheap — you can find it for as little as $8 on Amazon, and in one of ten colors.

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Spigen Thin Fit

Like Cimo’s minimalist case, the Spigen Thin Fit is one of my go-to cases for whenever a new phone comes out. It protects the back and adds a fair amount of side coverage, but Spigen opts to leave the volume and power buttons exposed, which may be a contentious decision depending on how frequently you drop your device.

Available in four colors and between $9.99 and $10.99, Spigen is a well-known and trusted brand that sells high-quality cases. Thin Fit is made of a rigid reinforced plastic and is unlikely to crack or flex.

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Ringke Precision series

Ringke is a brand that people often associate with thin and light, and the version for the Galaxy S7 edge is no exception. Like Spigen’s Thin Fit, it’s made of reinforced plastic and leaves the buttons exposed, but subtle design choices ensure that the open areas are still protected.

Ringke claims that its plastic is covered with a coating that – Source