Many people, like myself, look at Google’s phones for one specific reason: they have an easily unlocked bootloader. That means when software support runs dry, or you get the itch to root/ROM, you can modify things without having to compound any potential security concerns with additional issues like exploits or undocumented software. If that’s your motivation, too, this news could be a small concern. Some Pixel 2s purchased directly from Google seem to have locked-down bootloaders.

If last year’s Pixels are anything to go by, typically it’s just the Verizon models that have locked bootloaders, lending some credence to the theory going around that Google may have inadvertently shipped some Verizon models in place of its own unlocked SKU, though hardware IDs don’t seem to agree.

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Bootloader unlocking appears to be disabled on some Pixel 2 phones purchased from Google was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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