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Yubico’s new $60 YubiKey 4C Nano is insanely small and uses USB Type-C

We’re putting USB Type-C connectors on everything these days: phones, tablets, laptops, accessories – you name it. The latest USB-C product on the market comes in the form of the YubiKey 4C Nano, an astonishingly tiny authentication key that retails for $60. If you’ve got a laptop with a USB-C port and like to have additional security, this is absolutely worth taking a look at.

Yubico already sells a USB-C-equipped key called the YubiKey 4C, but it’s enormous compared to the new Nano, and it doesn’t look like it’d be particularly practical to carry around on something like a laptop.

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Yubico’s new $60 YubiKey 4C Nano is insanely small and uses USB Type-C was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Maps and Lyft could soon be waaay more accurate thanks to this new GPS chip

Tired of your Lyft driver not knowing exactly where you are? A new extremely accurate GPS chip could help solve that problem — all while consuming half the power of current chips.

Broadcom’s BCM47755 chip will allow smartphones to be accurate within 30 centimeters, the company said at a conference in Portland, according to IEEE Spectrum. That’s compared to the current standard of 3 to 5 meters, the company said. Broadcom also said the BCM47755 would be more effective in cities than older chips.

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All of this would make them very useful for location-based apps. …

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Twitter tries to explain why Trump’s posts aren’t like others

So if Twitter’s rules ban “violent threats,” then surely a tweet indicating that a country “won’t be around much longer” from a user with the ability to make that happen would be deletion-worthy, right? As the company was forced to explain today, not… – Source

Twitter says it hasn’t deleted Trump’s provocative North Korea tweet because of “newsworthiness”

After North Korea’s top diplomat described President Donald Trump’s recent tweets about the country as a “declaration of war,” Twitter explained why it hasn’t deleted the offending tweets. Read More

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Fitbit Ionic smartwatch releasing worldwide Oct. 1 for $299.95

Fitbit’s first smartwatch is hitting worldwide markets on October 1.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wearing a new wearable, and while it looks a little bit like something I’ve worn before, it’s quite different — and a lot more ambitious. No, I’m not talking about some new Android Wear watch but the Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit’s first smartwatch and an honest-to-goodness hit.

The reason for its success will inevitably be the five-day battery life which exists despite a very capable operating system, bright LCD display, and plenty of fitness-tracking features.

While the so-called App Gallery will be sparse at launch, with just a handful of apps including Starbucks, Strava, Pandora, and Weather Channel, there will be plenty of others by year’s end, thanks to the upcoming Fitbit SDK.

Fitbit Ionic will be available on October 1 at Amazon, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, Macy’s, REI, Target and Verizon for $299.95.

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Fitbit is also releasing its first Bluetooth headphones, the Ionic, on the same day. The $129.95 headphones are sweat-proof and highly customizable, and in my short time with them have proven very capable.

See at Fitbit

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Dad tells cops he was speeding home to, um, well you know

We’re sure drivers cook up all sorts of excuses when they’ve been pulled over by a cop, but this reason is certainly earnest, to say the least.

Dalwallinu Police from Western Australia shared a photo of a speeding ticket via Twitter on Monday, showing a truck driver who had driven 37 kilometres per hour (23 miles) over the speed limit.

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The driver’s excuse to police for speeding? “I needed to shit, kids have given me gastro.” Nope, we’re not making this up, here’s the ticket:

Two in 25 min. Loss of

— Dalwallinu Police (@DalwallinuPol) …

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JD X taps Nvidia for drone deliveries, rescue and agricultural use

GPU maker Nvidia has announced that it will work with retail giant to help with an outdoor robotics initiative that sprung out of JD X, the commerce company’s innovation lab. JDrone and JDrover are two new robots, the former aerial and the latter ground-based, and both Nvidia’s Jetson platform for embedded AI-based navigation intelligence. JDrover is going to be put to use… Read More

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Trump basically blamed Puerto Rico for the devastation from Hurricane Maria

It’s been five days since President Donald Trump last tweeted about Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico. And his new tone-deaf comments Monday aren’t going over well.

One would think if it takes that long to further comment after a Category 4 storm wracked a U.S. territory of 3.4 million people with hurricane-force winds and 40 inches of rain, the tweets would be a thoughtful response to an island in ruin. Wait, we’re talking about Trump. Never mind.

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Trump seemed to blame Puerto Rico for the devastation in a series of three tweets sent out Monday night. He negs all over Puerto Rico, from its infrastructure to financial issues, as he describes the disaster. …

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Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google

Looking at Instagram’s growth numbers, SAP is buying Gigya for $350 million, Apple’s Siri switches from Bing to Google for web searches and Google and Levi’s connected jackets now on sale. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Nvidia picks up Alibaba and Huawei as partners for smart city platform

Nvidia’s Metropolis AI smart cities platform sounds like a story arc for DC’s superman comics, but it’s actually a GPU-based intelligent monitoring tool that can enable things like easing traffic congestion, allocating city services and even finding lost individuals. To that end, Metropolis has picked up two new partners in Alibaba and Huawei, and Nvidia’s also… Read More

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Researchers can use the size of your heart to unlock a PC

Most biometric security has one inconvenience: you have to take an active step to sign in, whether it’s putting your finger on a pad or staring at sensors. Wouldn’t it be nice if simply being near your device was enough? It might happen. Researche… – Source

Oxygen OS v4.5.0 rolling out for the OnePlus 3/3T, with some OnePlus 5 features in tow

The OnePlus 5 may have come out, but that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten about the 3 and 3T. Earlier today, the two phones were updated to Oxygen OS 4.5.0, introducing a pile of new features like “lift up display,” Gaming Do Not Disturb, low priority notifications, and OnePlus’ Slate font. Most of the changes in this release were already available on the OnePlus 5, but it’s great to see them trickle down onto older hardware.

The OTA update is hitting devices now, and it’s 197MB in size.

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Oxygen OS v4.5.0 rolling out for the OnePlus 3/3T, with some OnePlus 5 features in tow was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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What’s on TV: ‘Forza 7,’ ‘FIFA 18,’ ‘Inhumans,’ ‘Def Jam’

This week we have too many premieres and finales to mention them all as the fall TV season gets into full swing, but we will highlight the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and the series premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans (despite its tepid reviews… – Source

Twitter explains leaving up Trump’s North Korea threat – CNET

Trump tweet apparently threatening violence allowed to stay up despite apparently violating Twitter rules. – Source

Package delivery startup Doorman is shutting down

Doorman, a startup delivering packages when you schedule them will be no more after October 6th, 2017.
The startup sent a letter over the weekend letting customers know it would no longer be in business in two weeks, saying it was “joining forces with a larger team.”
We’re not sure if this joining of forces means Doorman has been acquired or if it’s some other structure. Read More

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Australia will establish its own space agency

Australia is very much a participant in the space industry with about 11,500 people working in the field. However, it has never had its own space agency — and that may put it at a disadvantage next to the US, Canada and other countries that have co… – Source

Firefox 56 will drop support for Adobe Flash on Android

Remember when being able to run Adobe Flash was a selling point for Android devices? The plugin was never officially supported past Android 4.1, but various hacks kept it alive for a while longer. Some browsers continued to support the plugin for devices that could run it, including Firefox. But the next major Firefox update, v56, will finally drop the plugin on Android.

Adobe Flash on Firefox for Android (source)

Mozilla previously said that v56 would kill support for Flash on Android, as part of the company’s plan to drop Flash on all platforms by 2020.

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Firefox 56 will drop support for Adobe Flash on Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Bill Gates goes Android, still won’t use an iPhone – CNET

Commentary: The Microsoft co-founder admits in an interview on Fox News that he’s recently switched to an Android phone. – Source

More accurate and efficient GPS chips coming to 2018 smartphones

GPS chips in 2018 phones will be more accurate and use 50% less battery.

While bezel-less displays and dual-camera systems are visual upgrades that are easy to get excited about, an upcoming GPS chip from Broadcom will soon allow future smartphones to provide more accurate mapping features and less battery drain when using services like Google Maps, Waze, etc. Late last week, the IEEE Spectrum announced that this new chip is finally ready for mass-production for consumer-facing products and that we should be able to see this latest advancement in GPS technology make its way to smartphones set to be released in 2018.

More accurate turn-by-turn directions and the ability to have a little extra battery at the end of the day undoubtedly sounds quite nice, but the extent of the upgrades that have been made here is seriously impressive. Current GPS chips in smartphones provide a location accuracy within 5-meters (or 500-centimeters) of your actual location, but with Broadcom’s latest and greatest (the BCM47755), that will be dwindled down to just 30-centimeters. Along with the improved accuracy, the new GPS chip should also perform better in cities and other urban locations where there are a lot of tall buildings and other concrete structures.

As for the upgraded power-efficiency, the BCM47755 will use 50% less power than what GPS chips in current smartphones require. This has been achieved thanks to moving the chipset to a 28-nanometer design, using a brand-new radio architecture, and by taking advantage of a dual-core sensor hub that was designed specifically for the BCM47755.

In addition to the advancements made with the chip itself, this will also be the first GPS system in smartphones that can connect to L5 satellites that are capable of kicking out a more accurate signal that’s less prone to distortion than the older L1 satellites. The BCM47755 will connect to both L1 and L5 systems to provide the best possible results, and although there have been devices capable of using L5 in the past, this will be the first time that the technology will make its way to consumer products.

Although we don’t know exactly which handsets will come outfitted with the BCM47755 GPS chip, it has been confirmed that smartphones slated for release in 2018 will be outfitted with this new technology. A new GPS chipset might not be as exciting as a phone display with hardly any bezels to speak of, but if the BCM47755 works the way it’s being advertised, we’re going to be in for a real treat once phones actually start shipping with this new silicon.

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Quitting daily aspirin therapy may increase second heart attack, stroke risk

Stopping long-term, low-dose aspirin therapy may increase your risk of suffering a cardiovascular event, research indicates. Risk increases shortly after stopping and does not appear to diminish over time. – Source

‘America’s Team’ kneeled before the national anthem on Monday Night Football

The Dallas Cowboys are about as American as American football gets, and even they kneeled before their game Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

To be clear, “America’s Team” — along with its famous billionaire owner Jerry Jones — kneeled before the national anthem on Monday Night Football.

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— Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) September 26, 2017

That’s not quite the same as kneeling during the anthem. Still, some fans booed the team after the gesture was over.

Fans in Arizona booing the Cowboys for kneeling before the anthem

— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) …

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British Airways pushes planes with remote-controlled vehicles

From renewable fuels to eco-friendly airplane tugs — British Airways is interested in decreasing its ecological footprint. The airline has just announced the roll out of five new Molotok remote-controlled electric vehicles that can push back aircraf… – Source

iPhone X is a sad joke, according to ‘Silicon Valley’ cast – CNET

Commentary: A new “Funny or Die” video offers a glimpse into the tech industry disdain for Apple’s “smartphone of the future.” – Source

It’s not just you: Android Messages’ notifications seem broken for some

Apps like Android Messages can feature all the bells and whistles they want, but if they fail at something as basic as notifying you of an incoming message, then what good are they? Apparently not very for some folks, who are reporting a lack of notifications with the latest version of Android Messages.

Folks have taken to Google Play and the Android subreddit to report that Android Messages no longer notifies them of incoming messages. No number of reboots and resets would fix the issue, which left folks with no other option but to uninstall the app and opt for something else.

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A smaller number of people have reported other notification issues with Android Messages, such as receiving duplicate notifications, not letting you know when a message failed to send, and not receiving any messages at all. Someone suggested deleting the contact you are not receiving notifications from as a temporary fix, but we have not tested it ourselves.

It is just a bit depressing that Google looks to have rolled out an update to its widely-used messaging app that broke part of its functionality. Android Messages is featured in millions of devices out there, and while not every one of their owners actually use it, there is still a considerable number of people that rely on it for their messaging needs.

Google will surely push out an update that will address Android Messages’ broken notification system, but in the meantime, it might be best to download another messaging client. You can check out what we deemed to be the 10 best texting and SMS apps for Android if you are looking to do just that.

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OnePlus 5 128 GB now comes with free Bullets headphones (limited time offer)

Planning to buy a OnePlus 5 128 GB in the near future? You may want to do it before September 30, as OnePlus is currently throwing in a free pair of own-branded Bullets V2 headphones with handsets that are being bought until then.

Only the OnePlus 5 with 128 GB of storage space and 8 GB of RAM (priced at $539) is included in this deal. As for the OnePlus Bullets V2 headphones that are bundled with the smartphone, these normally cost $19.95 – it’s not an impressive gift by any means, but, hey, free stuff is always welcome.

As you may know, the … – Source

Twitter finally breaks silence on why it’s never suspended President Trump

Twitter finally has an answer for critics who claim that the social network gives President Donald Trump a pass on his inflammatory tweets.

A company spokesman said Monday that it takes into account “newsworthiness” and potential public interest when deciding whether or not a particular tweet violates the company’s rules for appropriate conduct.

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The statement came in response to calls for Twitter to take action against the president’s account for a tweet threatening North Korea this weekend. The North Korean government …

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WhatsApp is now blocked in China

China has a long history of blocking or limiting access to websites, especially social networks and Western-owned sites. Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many Google services are currently blocked in mainland China. WhatsApp has been partially-blocked in the past (for a while, video chats and some other functionality wasn’t working), but now the entire service seems to be non-functional.

The new block is disrupting all aspects of the service, including normal text messaging.

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WhatsApp is now blocked in China was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon pulls quietly Wear24 smartwatch after four months – CNET

LTE-connected smartwatch featured a robust battery with wireless charging. – Source

Zuck and Bezos back seed stage scout fund Village Global

Product Hunt’s first employee Erik Torenberg is ready to fund fresh new startups, not just reveal them to the world. Today is the soft launch of Village Global, a seed and pre-seed early stage venture capital fund looking to connect entrepreneurs to cash as well as all-star mentors. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman,… Read More

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Password-theft 0day imperils users of High Sierra and earlier macOS versions

(credit: Koichi Taniguchi)

There’s a vulnerability in High Sierra and earlier versions of macOS that allows rogue applications to steal plaintext passwords stored in the Mac keychain, a security researcher said Monday. That’s the same day the widely anticipated update was released.

The Mac keychain is a digital vault of sorts that stores passwords and cryptographic keys. Apple engineers have designed it so that installed applications can’t access its contents without the user entering a master password. A weakness in the keychain, however, allows rogue apps to steal every plaintext password it stores with no password required. Patrick Wardle, a former National Security Agency hacker who now works for security firm Synack, posted a video demonstration here.

The video shows a Mac virtual machine running High Sierra as it installs an app. Once the app is installed, the video shows an attacker on a remote server running the Netcat networking utility. When the attacker clicks “exfil keychain” button, the app surreptitiously exfiltrates all the passwords stored in the keychain and uploads them to the server. The theft requires no user interaction beyond the initial installation of the rogue app, and neither the app nor macOS provides any warning or seeks permission.

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