What. Just. Happened.

In what may be the most unnecessary statement of the day, Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis used a sexist joke in an attempt to decry the state of the nation and criticize ESPN. He’s a troll, and he’s not even good at it.

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Wow I think Fox Sports Clay Travis is some Stern wanna be. What a total jackass! @BrookeBCNN #cnn #brookebaldwin #claytravis #foxsports pic.twitter.com/1sKNnNJC3f

— Alive In Philly (@AliveInPhilly) September 15, 2017

Travis appeared on CNN on Friday to discuss a controversy surrounding the White House and ESPN personality Jemele Hill, who called Trump racist on Twitter earlier this week. The White House and many Trump supporters want her fired, Trump tweeted about it, and ESPN …

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