Set your digital movies free!

Before there was Android, before there was Google Play, there were movies on iTunes and Amazon, and there were digital copies of movies that were redeemed on iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu. Well, we can free them from their unused services and bring them all together on Movies Anywhere, adding them to your Google Play library and making them watchable just about anywhere!

Getting set up is a breeze, and you can get 5 free movies for doing it, so what are you waiting for?

Movies Anywhere is the multi-studio successor to Disney Movies Anywhere, and the setup works exactly the same, which is simple and you can do most of it straight from your phone after downloading the Movies Anywhere app.

Open Movies Anywhere.
Tap Get Started.

Tap the account you wish to log in with. On Android, Google will connect with the account set up on the device.

Agree to the Video Data Sharing agreement, which is required for the various studios and video services to talk to each other and share your library information.
Tap the checkbox next to the terms of use for the service to agree. You can also opt out of the marketing and promotion emails from Movies Anywhere and its studios by unchecking the opt-in boxes below the terms of service.

Tap I Agree.

If you already had a Disney Movies Anywhere account linked to the same email you used for setup, you’ll be prompted to import all your Disney movies. Tap Agree & Continue.
Tap Finish.

Tap the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

Tap Manage Retailers.
Tap Google Play to link your account to Google Play.

Choose a Google account to link your account to.

Tap Allow to allow Movies Anywhere to add movies to your account and see what movies you own that are Movies Anywhere eligible.

You’ll receive the first two promotional movies. Tap Connect Retailers to link another account.

You can easily link Google Play and Amazon via the Movies Anywhere app. Vudu was experiencing issues connecting – Source