Adman and filmmaker Dalbir Singh started SikhPark, his take on the popular series South Park, back in 2007 to talk about his experiences as a Sikh living in the US and Canada after 9/11. Eight years later, SikhPark’s light-hearted portrayal of daily life in India has a dedicated fan following on Facebook.

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In the beginning, the webcomic highlighted the racial profiling of Sikhs in the post 9/11 world. “I had gone through this at the airport, where I had to go through double and triple screening,” he says. Singh began the series for his friend’s website SikhChic and initially hosted it on Myspace. He wanted to name the strip Karol Park, after a Delhi neighbourhood known for its Punjabi residents, but eventually settled on SikhPark because of its broad appeal among the NRI community. …

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