OxygenOS offers plenty of customization options.

OxygenOS is one of the best implementations of Android currently available — it’s on the OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 & 3T, and OnePlus 5 — with OnePlus adding a few useful features on top of a near-stock user interface. While you may not be able to change entire elements of the UI, there are several customization options available to make the device truly yours.

Note: These features are all available on the latest version of OxygenOS 4.x and up. Older versions of OxygenOS may not support all of these features.

Night Mode

Night Mode activates a blue light filter, which reduces fatigue when viewing the screen at night. The feature debuted last year, but on the OnePlus 5 you can set it to automatically engage from sunset to sunrise, or select a custom time range.

The feature works by altering the color temperature of the display, giving the panel a yellowish tint that eliminates blue hues. While the screen no longer shows accurate colors, it does reduce the strain on your eyes, particularly if you’re interacting with your phone a lot at night.

OxygenOS also allows you to set the intensity of the effect — you can choose to eliminate blue tones completely, or select a setting that doesn’t alter the color temperature of the screen too much.

Reading Mode

Reading Mode is a new feature that was introduced with the OnePlus 5. Like Night Mode, the feature automatically calibrates the color temperature of the display, making it conducive to reading.

Instead of switching to warmer colors, Reading Mode creates a monochrome effect that’s great for reading text. You can activate the mode manually or set it to automatically launch for specific apps. For instance, if you have the Kindle app installed on your OnePlus 5, you can enable Reading Mode to launch automatically whenever you open the app, leaving the rest of the user interface unchanged.


OxygenOS offers a range of gestures that make it easier to interact with the phone. The three-finger screenshot gesture, for instance, allows you to take a screenshot just by swiping down anywhere on the screen with three fingers.

You also have double tap to wake the screen, and the ability to control music playback — two-finger swipe down for play/pause and symbols to move forward or back in a playlist.

There’s also the option to launch the camera by drawing an O, and toggle the flashlight with a V gesture. These gestures are predetermined on the OnePlus 3T, but you can customize actions for up to five gestures on the OnePlus 5, including launching an app, opening the front camera, accessing the Shelf, and more.

Launcher customization

The latest iteration of the OnePlus Launcher has a lot of similarities to the Pixel Launcher — you can slide up from anywhere from – Source