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Galaxy Note8 to land in Australia on August 25, a Samsung document suggests

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is set to be unveiled on August 23 and will likely go on pre-order immediately (though sales will likely start in September). According to a Samsung document, the flagship will reach Australia soon after the US/EU reveal – August 25.

The document details the “Screen Assure Offer”, TL;DR: you get one free screen replacement in the first 12 months after buying the phone. This deal kicks off on Friday, August 25, making it the likley start of the pre-order campaign.

The salient details of the document

The document also helpfully lists the participating…

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Is the US Supreme Court decision regarding uniforms worth cheering for?

Imagine a Warhol painting. It’s an original work of art, protected by copyright. Now, imagine the painting printed on a shirt. Is it still a copyrightable work? Absolutely. Now, imagine the shirt came first. If you could magically remove the design to a canvas, would you still have a functional shirt? Of course. Read More

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Dude attempts to smuggle 3 king cobra snakes into U.S. via potato chip cans

A California man could face jail time for smuggling dangerous snakes into the U.S. via some dinky little potato chip canisters.

Per a statement from the Department of Justice, Rodrigo Franco of Monterey Park was taken into custody Tuesday morning for attempting to illegally bring three king cobras into the United States from Hong Kong.

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The United States Customs and Border Protection officials intercepted the package on March 2 and seized the venomous animals shortly thereafter. Each snake was about two feet in length, though king cobras can grow to measure …

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Yeast could hold the key to custom-built DNA

Scientists have been playing with DNA for a long time, but now researchers are taking things a step further by building DNA from scratch in a bid to conquer life’s blueprint. An international team of 11 labs from four continents are working together… – Source

Roku is beating Apple TV, Google, Amazon in the battle for your TV attention, study claims

It’s been about 10 years since the debut of the Roku streaming media player, and in that short time, the company has gone from a total unknown to now beating all the tech giants competing to be your TV streaming device of choice, a new report claims.

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The analysis comes from market research company eMarketer and was published on Wednesday, putting Roku ahead of Google (Chromecast), Amazon (Fire TV), and even Apple (Apple TV).

According to the study, which is focused on U.S. residents using an internet connected TV at least once a month, Roku leads the pack with 38.9 million users, followed by Chromecast with 36.9 million users, Fire TV with 35.8 million users, and Apple TV with 21.3 million users. …

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These cheap phones come at a price — your privacy – CNET

How much do you value your privacy and security? Researchers at Black Hat found a series of phones that are secretly sending data to Chinese servers. – Source

5 reasons why you’ll want a smart pet door – CNET

These superconvenient pet door features will make you howl with delight. – Source

Master WordPress and own the internet

Did you know that 28% of the internet is powered by WordPress? I’m using it right now. If you want to build your own website, blog or online shop, WordPress is your first port of call. And PressShack University WordPress Training does a lot more than just show you the ropes.

When I started using WordPress I was flabbergasted by the sheer number of settings and features. If you’ve tried it then you’ll know what I mean. It’s like being put in the cockpit of a plane. You’re not going to be able to fly it without a bit of training, and you’re going to need a lot of training to fly it well. I strongly suspect WordPress has more buttons and dials than a plane.

It’s super easy to keep up to date with all the latest whizz-bang features.

This comprehensive library of courses is a huge and growing resource covering all the how-to guides that you’ll need. Expert instructors will show you how to set-up a professional looking website, then how to get it running super efficiently. Experts are also on hand to respond to any questions that you send.

Once you sign up to PressShack you get lifetime access. Not only does that mean that you can get into it at your leisure, but as WordPress evolves, new courses are added to the library at no cost to you. So it’s super easy to keep up to date with all the latest whizz-bang features.

This bumper learning kit has a tasty 96% discount on retail value right now, so while it lasts you can get the lot for just $39. That’s $1 for each of the 39 hours of content.

The access might be for lifetime but this offer certainly isn’t, so grab it while you can by hitting the button below.

check it out!
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Instagram is down for some users

Instagram seems to be down for some users. According to the live outage map on Down Detector, the service is not performing well for some folks in the U.S. and Europe. While it went down for me for a hot second, it’s back up and running now. That said, Twitter is still freaking out, so it seems it may not be functioning properly for everyone at this time. Instagram has yet to say… Read More

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Varys whispers to Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’ episode 3 photos

It’s the middle of the week, which means it’s time to pore over the latest batch of Game of Thrones photos and figure out what Sunday has in store. Without further ado, let’s take our first look at “The Queen’s Justice.”

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First we have Varys and Melisandre facing off on a cliffside — all that’s missing are the lightsabers.

‘It’s time for the Lannisters…to end.’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

At what we can safely assume is her first meeting with Jon Snow, Daenerys takes whispered advice from Varys, her own personal Gary from Veep. …

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Twitter adds updates about interesting links, trends and accounts to its Notifications tab

Your Notifications tab on Twitter might be getting a little more busy. The company recently added a new feature to this section on both mobile and web, which aims to clue you into what people you follow are up to – including whether they’re tweeting about a particular Twitter trend, sharing a link to a buzzing news article, or even following another user’s account. If this… Read More

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Lupita Nyong’o cosplayed at Comic-Con and had more fun than anyone

Sometimes, you just have to dance. And sometimes, when you’re a celebrity at San Diego Comic-Con, you just have to dress up like the Pink Ranger (and still dance).

That’s what Lupita Nyong’o did at San Diego Comic-Con. She hid from her adoring fans in plain sight, and — evidently — had an absolute blast doing it.

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Even in a freewheeling place like Comic-Con, Nyong’o looks like she’s having more fun than anyone. She probably was. Just … go look.

Did you see me at Comic Con?! #SDCC2017

— Lupita Nyong’o (@Lupita_Nyongo) …

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EasilyDo rebrands itself as Edison and renames its popular ‘Email’ app to ‘Edison Mail’

Earlier this year EasilyDo released a new app for Android, with the descriptive name ‘Email.’ It was basically a feature-clone of Google’s Inbox for non-Gmail accounts, giving you the same intelligent mail sorting, package tracking, travel bundling features on your third party accounts. It is a popular application. And, today EasilyDo is changing their name to Edison, and ‘Email’ will now be known as Edison Mail.

In addition to the rebranding effort, two new features are also coming to Edison Mail in the form of Smart Replies and a Security Assistant.

Read More

EasilyDo rebrands itself as Edison and renames its popular ‘Email’ app to ‘Edison Mail’ was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Explaining why perovskite solar cells are more efficient

Experimenters with a powerful ‘electron camera’ have discovered that light whirls atoms around in perovskites, potentially explaining the high efficiency of these next-generation solar cell materials and providing clues for making better ones. – Source

Trump says Apple has promised to build ‘big, big, big’ plants in the US (AB Extra Crunchy, Ep. 93) video – CNET

Adobe Flash is dead. We dive into the long history between Apple and Flash. Plus, the latest iPhone 8 rumors. – Source

5 trending topics to get you through the a.m. slump

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Trump says Apple has promised to build ‘big, big, big’ plants in the US (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 93) – CNET

Adobe Flash is dead. We dive into the long history between Apple and Flash. Plus, the latest iPhone 8 rumors. – Source

The first made-for-iPhone cochlear implant will help even more people FaceTime and listen to music

Apple does pretty well when it comes to accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The tech giant offers more than 50 models of hearing devices that, when linked to an iPhone, introduce a host of useful settings not available to the basic iPhone user.

But not everyone in the Deaf community uses a hearing aid. Many people rely on cochlear, or inner ear implants, which directly stimulate the hearing nerve and use an external sound processor to help people hear.

Cochlear implants and hearing aids are both essential to many in the Deaf community. That’s why it’s significant that the company Cochlear just introduced the first made-for-iPhone cochlear implant, which joins the hearing aids that could already be linked to the iPhone. …

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Airbnb and NAACP partner to boost minority-hosted rentals

Airbnb is doing everything it can to repair its image after a racist host cancelled a reservation earlier this month. The next step of that is to help people of color rent out their homes or spare rooms. “Under the new partnership, Airbnb and the NAA… – Source

A USC fertility clinic now uses VR to aid men with “extraction”

VR is taking men away from a cold, sterile clinic and into a world that makes the grand finale a little easier.

From the minute we saw our first VR headset, we knew porn production companies would be in love with the idea. Here’s a case where one such company is doing it for the greater good.

Motherboard (probably not safe for work) tells us that VR Bangers (age restricted and definitely NSFW) aims to provide standalone VR headsets chock-full o’ porn to fertility clinics so that men can feel more comfortable while they do the deed. The first clinic to use these headsets is USC Fertility(this one is safe for work), part of the Los Angeles-based University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

The clinic was provided with AuraVisor standalone headsets
stocked with 12 “premium” adult videos, and new videos can be added at any time by copying them directly to an SD card.

VR Bangers is said to be talking with other fertility centers and sperm banks to expand the program.

We’re behind any idea that can ease stress and help couples who are having difficulty becoming pregnant, but our first thought echoes one brought up by Motherboard: How will you see the cup?

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Michael Phelps blames you for your unrealistic expectations of his shark race

People were pretty annoyed when Michael Phelps didn’t risk his life by jumping in open water to race a shark that was expected to swim in a straight line on television.

Discovery Channel’s “Phelps vs Shark” might not have gone the way some folks expected it to, but if you’re one of the haters out there, Phelps is blaming you for your unrealistic expectations of the family man. The Olympian went on Facebook to discuss the race with fans in a live video, answer questions, and address those who didn’t love it as much as he did.


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Judge rules Anthony Levandowski can be called to testify in Uber/Waymo trial

In the latest hearing to define the scope of the upcoming trial between self-driving technology rivals Waymo and Uber, District Judge William Alsup said Anthony Levandowski, the star engineer at the center of the affair, could be called to testify in court. Read More

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DJ turns Sega Genesis sounds into a scratch masterpiece

Do you have fond memories of your Sega Genesis? Are you a fan of scratch DJs? This is a video to please both of those groups.

For his entry into the 2017 #GoldieAwards DJ Battle, DJ Vekked leaned heavily on vinyl bearing Genesis-era music and sound effects. This is a guy who, in 2015, was crowned the winner at that year’s DMC World DJ Championship (which is a big deal in scratch culture).

All of which is to say: he knows what he’s doing. This is hot shit. Give it a listen. …

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Hold the phone: Apple owes the University of Wisconsin $506 million for patent infringement

Apple has gotten itself into a bit of a pickle.

U.S. District Court Judge William Conley pounded the gavel on Monday ordering Apple to pay $506 million to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).

This court order adds $272 million to the $234 million amount Apple already owed WARF from a separate verdict in late 2015.

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And so the questions roll in. What is WARF and what on earth did Apple do to owe it so much money?

In short, WARF is a patent licensing part of the …

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Best multiplayer games for Gear VR

Games in VR are better when you get to play with friends.

Samsung Gear VR gives you access to tons of awesome games. If you’ve been hoping for games that you can play with your friends, you’re in luck too. There are a few awesome games that you can check out with friends or use to make new friends in VR. We’ve got all the details so you can jump right in and find the games you enjoy most.

Reas more at VRHeads

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Tech leaders respond to Trump’s ban of transgender people in the military

With Obamacare reform back from the dead and wending its way toward a substantive vote, the Trump administration has decided that two massive national policy controversies are better than one. In a set of tweets this morning, President Trump announced that he is banning transgender individuals from serving in any capacity in the U.S. military.
The decision, if implemented, would reverse an… Read More

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Isotopes in prehistoric cattle teeth suggest herding strategies used during the Neolithic

Analysis of strontium isotopes in teeth from Neolithic cattle suggest that early Europeans used different specialized herding strategies. – Source

Dawn of the cosmos: Seeing galaxies that appeared soon after the Big Bang

Astronomers have discovered 23 young galaxies, seen as they were 800 million years after the Big Bang. – Source

5 ways to flourish in the freelance economy with Natalie Zfat

More about Business, Mashable Video, Wework, Small Business, and Freelancing

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Apple must pay $506M for infringing university’s patent

Enlarge / Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation will be able to collect more than $500 million in royalties on Apple products that used the A7, A8, and A8X chips. That includes the iPad Air, pictured here in 2013. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A judge has ordered Apple to pay $506 million to the research arm of the University of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, or WARF, sued Apple in 2014, accusing its A7, A8, and A8X chips of infringing US Patent No. 5,781,752, which claims a type of “table based data speculation circuit.” The following year after a trial, a Wisconsin jury found (PDF) that Apple had infringed the ‘752 patent and that it should pay $234 million in damages.

Yesterday’s order (PDF), signed by US District Judge William Conley, more than doubles that amount. Conley awarded WARF $1.61 per unit for many of the iPad and iPhone devices that use the accused chips, up until the entry of judgment in October 2015. He also tacked on $2.74 per unit as a royalty payment covering the period from the date of judgment through December 26, 2016, which is when the ‘752 patent expired.

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