How does your phone tell you good morning?

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. They’re more than just another a tool and we use them for almost everything and reach for them many, many times throughout each day.

For many, our phones are also part of our morning routines. Now we’re not saying this isn’t just a little bit obsessive. We are smartphone and technology enthusiasts from top to bottom. And we’re not ashamed. And when we wake each morning here’s how our phone fits in.

Jerry Hildenbrand

This is an easy one. I reach over and check Allo Messenger every morning to see the daily photo my daughter sends me of the newest member of the family. It’s the perfect way to start the day, and taking 30 at a time for a Google Photos printed photo book is pretty cool, too.

Sorry if you were expecting me to log into servers and scan logs from my bed (I do that after breakfast). I’m just a softie for kids, especially when I get a chance to spoil them and promote bad behavior. I hope that makes me a great Grandpa!

Andrew Martonik

Generally, the day starts by wading through a mound of notifications that came in, which takes enough time for it to act as a wake-up routine. For me, that means right off the start tapping the jam-packed Gmail notification for my personal account, then doing the same for my work account. I quickly archive what I know I don’t need to read, then save the rest unread for when I can actually comprehend the content.

Then it’s onward to the usual rounds, going through the rest of the notifications. Usually, that means Twitter, Facebook, and Slack (everyone’s been awake and chatty for a couple hours by the time I wake up) need to be checked. After that, I’ll check the Twitter timeline to see what’s happening, and I’m up and out of bed at that point.

Now and then I’ll fire up Pocket Casts and listen to whatever ongoing podcast I have for the handful of minutes I’m triaging notifications, just to get my brain functioning a little bit.

Ara Wagoner

My phone wakes me up thanks to Tasker turning on Google Play Music, and once the music draws me out of dreamland, there’s usually one of three things I do with my phone. The first is checking my notifications, if there’s anything pressing like a missed call or text message, I can see it and reply. If my notifications are blissfully empty, there are a few apps I’ll check depending on my mood. If I’m feeling playful or groggy, I’ll open Disney Emoji Blitz to play a few rounds of my favorite match-three game.

If I’m feeling more productive or inquisitive, I’ll open – Source